The Original Bialetti Moka Express Made in Italy 1-Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker with Patented Valve …

The Original Bialetti Moka Express Made in Italy

Adding eclectic character to the kitchen stovetop, this polished-aluminum coffee pot features a unique octagon shape that was first designed in Italy in 1933. The unit makes one 2-ounce espresso cup of coffee in just four to five minutes and is extremely simple to use. Just fill the lower chamber with water and the top filter with fine-ground coffee. Then place the pot on the stove and heat until the water boils. Through a pressurizing process, espresso moves to the upper chamber of the pot, ready to be served. Other highlights include a flip-up top with an easy-grip knob, a stay-cool black plastic handle, and a side-pour spout. When finished using the unit, wash it by hand with warm soapy water and rinse clean. Made in Italy. Aluminum, stovetop espresso maker produces 1 demitassse cup of rich, authentic Italian espresso in just 4-5 minutes.

  • Color: Brushed Aluminum Silver
  • Brand: Bialetti
  • ASIN: B0001SJH2I
  • UPC: 076753068574

Primula Maker-Aluminum-for Bold, Full Body Espresso – Easy to Use – Makes 1 Cup

Primula Maker-Aluminum-for Bold, Full Body Espresso – Easy

Primula Aluminum Espresso Maker - Aluminum - For Bold, Full Body Espresso – Easy to Use – Makes 1 Cup

  • Color: Aluminum
  • Brand: Primula
  • ASIN: B002R0EXP4
  • UPC: 741393118179

IMUSA USA B120-41V Aluminum Espresso Stovetop Coffeemaker 1-cup, Silver

IMUSA USA B120-41V Aluminum Espresso Stovetop Coffeemaker 1-cup,

IMUSA stovetop espresso makers allow you to be a barista at home! This stovetop espresso maker brews under a mild pressure, forcing hot water up from the base through ground coffee then into the top carafe in just minutes! You will love the rich, full-bodied flavor produced by this stovetop method, made popular in Europe and Latin America

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Imusa
  • ASIN: B0018E6DO4
  • UPC: 094046200180

Bialetti: Musa Restyling 1-Cups [ Italian Import ]

Bialetti: Musa Restyling 1-Cups [ Italian Import

The Bialetti Musa Restyling 1 Cup polished stainless steel espresso maker is by the award-winning design team of Guido Bergna. The fashionable stainless steel design focuses on stylish elegance. It is suitable for use on most hobs - gas, electric and pyroceramic hobs EXCLUDING induction The Musa also features a new elegantly shaped knob which makes it easier to open the lid. The 1 Espresso Cup is equivalent to 60ml/2 fl.oz (maximum boiler capacity).

  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Brand: Bialetti
  • ASIN: B004AE1XYE

Primula 8931 Harold Import Co Espresso Maker 1 cup Silver

Primula 8931 Harold Import Co Espresso Maker 1

Make espresso like it's made in Europe, with this stovetop espresso maker. Stovetop espresso makers are popular because they are easy to use, less expensive than electric espresso machines, take up little kitchen space and … they make utterly fantastic espresso. That's why stovetop espresso machines have been well loved and well used all around the world. To use simply add water to the lower part of maker, add ground coffee beans to the basket and place unit on stovetop burner. And voile! fresh and tasty espresso for lattes, mochas, cappuccinos or drinking straight. This espresso maker is made of strong and long lasting aluminum and has a one cup capacity.

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Primula
  • ASIN: B001U7W8Y8
  • UPC: 741393118179

Bialetti 1 cup coffee maker with spare gasket and filter set.

Bialetti 1 cup coffee maker with spare gasket

High quality stove top coffee maker, polished aluminum construction, unique octagon shape, handle and flip top for easy serving. Designed and manufactured by famous Bialetti. Each cup, by coffee maker size, will make 2 oz of Cuban or espresso coffee. Cafetera de alunminio pulido de alta calidad, terminacion de primera. Diseñada y fabricada por la casa Italiana Bialetti, una de las mas reconocidas en el mundo. Tapa y mango diseñadas para servir con facilidad. Por cada taza del tamaño de la cafetera, produce una taza de cafe de 2 oz

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Bialetti
  • UPC: 799599864376

Bialetti 4961 Rainbow Espresso Maker, Red

Bialetti 4961 Rainbow Espresso Maker,

In Italy, where the kitchen is the heart of the home, where cooking is a passion and where meals bring friends and family together, Bialetti is found in nine of ten households. Why? because like every true Italian, cooking is in our soul. And just as alfonso Bialetti Moka express revolutionized the art of Coffee brewing, we've been crafting innovations that advance the art of cooking for nearly a century. Bialetti began in Italy, but has become a leading brand around the world because our high-quality products bring simplicity, functionality and beauty to the kitchen. Our advanced technology and distinctive styling combine to create cookware that's simple to use and simply beautiful. Today, the Bialetti family of products has grown. We bring a multitude of styles and colors to market. But our Italian heritage and passion for cooking live on in every line.

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Bialetti
  • ASIN: B072VL2TL8

Espresso Cup and Saucer - (1 PC Set) 3-Ounce Demitasse for Coffee, Vibrant Color Choices, Durable Porcelain (Sunflower Yellow)

Espresso Cup and Saucer - (1 PC Set)

Enjoy all your favorite espresso coffee beverages in style with a fun and modern Espresso Cup and Saucer from Easy Living Goods. Whether you love an espresso in the morning or appreciate an espresso drink after a meal with a friend, a colorful cup and saucer make it all a little more interesting and satisfying. That's why we created a Single Espresso Cup and Saucer set in a choice of colors. The set includes 1 Espresso Cup and 1 Saucer in matching colors. Crafted with high quality porcelain, this eye-catching espresso cup and saucer features appealing and inviting colors of your choice. The unique raised saucer rim is perfect for holding your favorite treat. Microwave and dishwasher safe, you'll love how our bright and cheerful espresso cup and saucer adds enjoyment to your coffee drinking experience. Product Details -Includes; 1 Espresso Cup and 1 Saucer in a matching color of your choice -Premium Porcelain -Microwave and Dishwasher Safe -Cup Capacity: 3 ounces; (90 ml) -Satisfaction Guaranteed Click 'Add to Cart' now to enjoy an espresso in color!

  • Color: Sunflower Yellow
  • Brand: Easy Living Goods
  • ASIN: B071HDJ2TC
  • UPC: 647356888700

Original Bialetti 1-Espresso Cup Moka Express | Espresso Maker Machine and Genuine Bialetti, Six Replacement Gaskets and Two Bialetti Replacement Filter Plates Bundle (1-cup, 2.0 fl oz, 60 ml)

Original Bialetti 1-Espresso Cup Moka Express | Espresso

The Original Bialetti Moka Express The Bialetti Moka celebrates more than 80 years of classic design elegance and technological simplicity. From the early 1950's to the present day, Bialetti has manufactured over 200 million coffee makers. In particular, the Moka Express has become iconic and has allowed millions of consumers to enjoy great Italian coffee. The Moka produces a rich, authentic espresso in just minutes. The aluminum pot features Bialetti's distinctive eight-sided shape that allows it to diffuse heat perfectly to enhance the aroma of your coffee. Steps: Add Water Fill the lower chamber with cold water just below the valve. Add Coffee Insert the funnel and fill it with ground espresso (do not tamp). Remove any coffee grounds on the edge of the funnel. Tightly screw the upper part of the pot on to the base. Avoid using handle for leverage. Add Heat Select burner size to fit bottom of pot. For gas stove-top, make sure the flame is not larger than bottom of pot. The flame should not come around the sides of the pot. Heat until the water boils and coffee begins to come out of the center post. There will be a gurgling sound during this process. Enjoy When the top of the pot is full of coffee, remove from stove. Before pouring coffee, stir it in the upper chamber with ...

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Bialetti
  • UPC: 729798512518

Bialetti Replacement Gaskets and Filter for 1 Cup Moka / Break / Dama / Mini Express Espresso Makers (1-CUP Size)

Bialetti Replacement Gaskets and Filter for 1 Cup

Set consisting of original Bialetti parts: 3A replacement seals and a metal filter for 1A cup Bialetti coffee maker.

  • Color: Aluminium, Blanc
  • Brand: Bialetti
  • ASIN: B01D1CL0FC
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