Aalto: Alvar Aalto Furniture

Aalto: Alvar Aalto

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Alvar Aalto: Second Nature

Alvar Aalto: Second

Described by the architectural critic Sigfried Giedion as the “Magus of the North,” Alvar Aalto (1898–1976) is the best-known Finnish architect of his generation and a leading proponent of a more human modernism. His buildings such as the Paimio Sanatorium (1933), the legendary Villa Mairea (1939) and the church of the Three Crosses in Vuoksenniska (1958), embody a masterful interplay of organic volumes, forms and materials. From door handles and lighting fixtures to built-in furniture, Aalto frequently designed complete interiors down to the smallest detail. With his plywood chairs, the master builder additionally became one of the most significant designers of the twentieth century. His Savoy Vase represents the quintessential qualities of Finnish and organic design. This richly illustrated book is the first in many years to offer a comprehensive and current overview of Aalto’s oeuvre as an architect, designer and urban planner. Ten authors, including the renowned architectural historians Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen and Akos Moravanszky, and MoMA curator Pedro Gadanho, address central aspects of Aalto’s work. Particular attention is paid to Aalto’s dialogue with important artists of his day, including Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Jean Arp, Alexander Calder and Fernand Léger, as wel...

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Alvar Aalto: Objects and Furniture Design By Architects

Alvar Aalto: Objects and Furniture Design By

Alvar Aalto (1898-1976) is the most prestigious Finnish architect of the last century, and the father of Nordic Modernism. He once said, "God created paper for the purpose of drawing architecture on it. Everything else is at least for me an abuse of paper." In the U.S. Aalto's critical reception began with his design for the Finnish Pavilion at the 1939 World Fair in New York: Frank Lloyd Wright described it as a "work of genius." After World War II, Aalto also designed MIT's student dormitory. Prior to this, the architect's Paimio Sanatorium (1929) and Viipuri Library (1935), both in Finland, had already attracted international praise. He was also an outstanding town planner, painter and sculptor. Aalto's Modernism entailed the use of natural materials, warm colors, and undulating lines, and he is considered an important early exponent of Organic Design as a result. Of his design work outside of architecture, Aalto's vases, lamps, glassware and laminated bent-plywood furniture (pioneered and produced through the design company he co-founded, Artek) are equally esteemed. Iconic pieces include the Savoy Vase, the Paimio Chair and the Beehive Lamp. This monograph on Aalto's highly collectible furniture designs expands our understanding of the diverse abilities of this influential a...

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Artek: Alvar Aalto Furniture

Artek: Alvar Aalto

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Alvar Aalto: Furniture

Alvar Aalto:

A book devoted to the furniture of the noted Finnish architect Alvar Aalto (1898-1976) is long overdue. Aalto's furniture designs are a superb example of the uncompromising spirit that has managed to overcome the boundaries of style and taste, fashion and social class. Many of his creations—some approaching their first half century—are now in greater demand than ever before and are among the outstanding examples of 20th-century furniture. The nearly 300 illustrations in this book, many in full color, document Aalto's furniture from his first known work to the latest bentwood variations by Artek Studio. Aalto's own working sketches are reproduced on tracing paper. The text opens with a preface by Juhani Pallasmaa. Igor Herler then discusses Aalto's early furniture and interior designs, including some that were previously unknown. Göran Schildt studies the evolution of Aalto's "trademark," the bentwood furniture; and Marja-Liisa Parko writes on Aalto's relation with Artek and some technical aspects of production. Elissa Aalto, Aalto's wife and partner, and Marja-Riitta Norri conclude with an essay on his fixed interior design work as an organic extension of his designs for standard furniture in a number of building types. The book also includes excerpts from Aalto's articles...

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Alvar Aalto: The Complete Catalogue of Architecture, Design, and Art

Alvar Aalto: The Complete Catalogue of Architecture, Design,

One of the masters of modern architecture, Alvar Aalto (1898-1976) was a prolific and influential architect, a gifted painter, and a talented, world-renowned designer. In this comprehensive catalogue all his known works from the early 1920s to his final designs in the 1970s are presented and described.With the full cooperation of the Alvar Aalto Foundation, Goran Schildt has explored its archives, and some 20,000 letters, memoranda and contemporary newspaper cuttings as well as many building models, to ensure that every work is included in this volume. It contains full descriptions, accompanied by abundant illustrations, of all of Aalto's realized and unrealized architectural projects: regional and urban plans, churches, theaters, libraries, museums, office and factory buildings, public housing, and private residences. Aalto's design skill is prominently featured in his furniture, light fixtures, glass, objets d'art, textiles, jewelry, graphic design, and stage sets.The present volume catalogues Aalto's vast oeuvre, including many projects never before seen by the public, and uncovers information about Aalto's competition entries, his clients and colleagues, that is crucial to a complete understanding of Aalto's visionary impact on modern architecture, art, and design.

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Furniture by Architects: From Aalto to Zumthor

Furniture by Architects: From Aalto to

Furniture by Architects surveys the twentieth-century tradition of innovative furniture design by architects, which stems into the present as architects continue to design movable furnishings for their buildings, creating aesthetically unified environments. The book poses such questions as: do architects design differently to product designers? Do they exhibit any consistent aesthetic preferences? Is there something typically architectural in their designs? Furniture by Architects features works by Alvar Aalto, Ron Arad, Gae Aulenti, Karl Bertsch, Emil Beutinger, Marcel Breuer, Pierre Chareau, Egon Eiermann, El Lissitsky, Norman Foster, Frank Gehry, Walter Gropius, Zaha Hadid, Marc Held, Josef Hoffmann, Arne Jacobsen, Le Corbusier, Daniel Libeskind, Gio Ponti, Richard Riemerschmid, Gerrit Rietveld, Eero Saarinen, Mackay Hugh Baillie Scott, O.M. Ungers, Mies van der Rohe, Otto Wagner, Frank Lloyd Wright and Peter Zumthor, among others.

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Aalto (Basic Art Series 2.0)

Aalto (Basic Art Series

Alvar Aalto (1898–1976) made a unique modernist mark. Influenced by both the landscape and the political independence of his native Finland, he designed warm, curving, compassionate buildings, wholly set apart from the slick, mechanistic, geometric designs that characterized much contemporary European practice.Whether a church, a villa, a sauna, or a public library, Aalto’s organic structures tended to replace plaster and steel with brick and wood, often incorporating undulating, wave-like forms, which would also appear in his chair, glassware, and lamp designs. An adherent to detail, Aalto insisted upon the humanity of his work stating: “Modern architecture does not mean using immature new materials; the main thing is to work with materials towards a more human line.”Many of Aalto’s public buildings such as Säynätsalo Town Hall, the lecture theatre at Otaniemi Technical University, the Helsinki National Pensions Institute and the Helsinki House of Culture may be seen as psychological as well as physical landmarks in the rebuilding of Finland after the ravages of war.

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Design: The Definitive Visual History

Design: The Definitive Visual

Design: The Definitive Visual History lays out the complete evolution of design, from its origins in early cultures to the contemporary design — physical and digital — of today. This comprehensive volume covers every major design movement, along with the iconic designers and manufacturers who influenced everyday life through the objects and buildings they created.Arranged chronologically, Design moves decade-by-decade from the 1850s onward to explore the cultural, social, political, economic, and technological forces in the world at large and shows how these factors influenced movements and styles in design. Gorgeous catalogues of objects demonstrate how design in turn has influenced the everyday life, through architecture, fashion, furniture, ceramics, glassware, lighting, fabrics, electronic equipment, and more.With profiles of famous designers such as Alvar Aalto, Frank Gehry, and Philippe Starck and stunning images of buildings and interiors, Design: The Definitive Visual History is a true celebration of classic design across the centuries.Produced in association with the Smithsonian Institution.

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Aalto: Alvar Aalto Furniture (1985-01-01)

Aalto: Alvar Aalto Furniture


Alvar & Aino Aalto: Design: Collection Bischofberger

Alvar & Aino Aalto: Design: Collection

In addition to being the most important Finnish architect of the twentieth century, Hugo Alvar Henrik Aalto (1898-1976) was also one of the most noteworthy furniture designers of the modern era. His complete system--including stools, chairs, armchairs and tea trolleys--is characterized by curving line formations that were considered exemplary. As early as 1938, Aalto's work was acquired by New York's Museum of Modern Art. His bentwood Paimio chair is celebrated in a family of furniture design that includes such luminaries as Marcel Breuer, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Charles Eames. In collaboration with his first wife, Aino Marsio, Aalto also designed organic, floral forms in glass. Their Savoy vase of 1936, created for the hotel of the same name, is legendary, and their group of bowls designed to be combined in a formation called the Aalto Flower has often been compared to the sculptures and paintings of classical modernism. this essential publication presents the pioneering furniture, glass objects and lamps of Alvar and Aino Aalto in a well-edited selection of photographs, paintings, drawings and sketches.

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Norwood Commercial Furniture NOR-1101AC-SO Plastic Stack Stools, 17.75" Height, 11.75" Width, 11.75" Length, Assorted Colors (Pack of 5)

Norwood Commercial Furniture NOR-1101AC-SO Plastic Stack Stools, 17.75"

Norwood Commercial Furniture’s Assorted Color Plastic Stacking Stool is a simple, portable seating option for schools and offices. This stackable stool’s light weight makes it easy to pick up and move. Comes with one red stool, one blue stool, one yellow stool, one green stool and one purple. Stack up to 10 high for storage.

  • Color: Assorted Colors
  • Brand: Norwood Commercial Furniture
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Artek and the Aaltos: Creating a Modern World

Artek and the Aaltos: Creating a Modern

The first English-language survey to focus on the Finnish Modernist design company Artek and its founders, Alvar and Aino Aalto The Finnish design firm Artek is best known as the producer and distributor of Modernist bentwood furniture designed by Alvar Aalto (1898–1976). However, its mission was more complex and multifaceted, grounded in the notion that art and design could enhance everyday life. Artek and the Aaltos showcases more than three hundred objects, including furniture, glassware, lighting, design sketches, drawings, textile swatches, and photographs. Most of the material is published here for the first time. It contextualizes the contributions of Artek, and those of its founders, Alvar and his wife, Aino Marsio Aalto (1894–1949), providing evidence for their close professional partnership as well as critical interpretations of their major projects. It also considers individuals such as Maija Heikenheimo, whose career at Artek spanned three decades.  In addition, this book examines the Aaltos’ advocacy for the use of standardized forms and shows how modern designers continue to work with the Artek product line and within the parameters of the company’s mission. Fully indexed appendices present new scholarship, including an inventory of the Artek product line (...

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Alvar Aalto: Furniture and Glass

Alvar Aalto: Furniture and

The catalogue for an exhibition of the work of Hugo Alvar Henrik Aalto, the Finnish architect, sculptor, painter, and designer of furniture, textiles and glassware. Text by J. Stewart Johnson. Staple-bound; 24 pages; 42 b&w reproductions; 10 x 10 inches. Checklist.

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Alvar Aalto: Furniture, 1929-1939

Alvar Aalto: Furniture,

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Aalto Bench 153A - Birch

Aalto Bench 153A -

Designed by Alvar Aalto in 1845, Bench 153 features Aalto's trademark bent legs. Available in two sizesSize A can seat two people comfortably and Size B can seat one personthe bench is both sculptural and light. The bench seat is a crisp rectangle that is softened by the curved legs on which it rests. With a slatted surface, the bench plays with light, and makes the furnishing feel open and airy. Bench 153 can be used at a dining room table, in an entryway, or as additional seating in a living room or home office. Simple and elegant, it will complement a variety of interiors from traditional to ultra modern.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Artek

Essential Modernism: Design between the World Wars

Essential Modernism: Design between the World

A beautiful and expansive look at Modernist design, representing iconic works including architecture, interiors, graphic design, and product design This wide-ranging survey showcases and analyzes the work of dozens of Modernist designers, from those who established the International Style in the 1920s and ‘30s through the groundbreaking practitioners of the mid-1940s. Modernism, with its powerful aesthetic and compelling philosophical framework, is the twentieth century’s most defining movement in design and the applied arts. International architects and designers such as Alvar Aalto, Marcel Breuer, Eileen Gray, Le Corbusier, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, and Frank Lloyd Wright revolutionized the built world and how we live in it. Their work rejected historical precedents, prioritizing function over tradition, and their experimentation with new forms, materials, and techniques transformed our living spaces and lifestyles and fundamentally changed the way we think about design.   This lively and accessible volume includes sections on furniture, lighting, ceramics and glass, industrial and product design, graphic design and posters, houses and interiors, as well as profiles of more than seventy influential creators. The encyclopedic scope facilitates unexpected connections and of...

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Bell Pendant Lamp

Bell Pendant

Bell Pendant Lamp Dimensions: Diameter 20cm x H 25cmBulb not included

  • Color: Gold
  • Brand: GFURN
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Women Design: Pioneers in architecture, industrial, graphic and digital design from the twentieth century to the present day

Women Design: Pioneers in architecture, industrial, graphic and

From architects and product designers to textile artists and digital innovators, Women Design profiles a selection of the most dynamic female designers from the modern era, showcasing their finest work and celebrating their enduring influence. Design throughout history has been profoundly shaped and enhanced by the creativity of women; as practitioners, commentators, educators and commissioners. But in a narrative that eagerly promotes their male counterparts, their contributions are all too often overlooked. Through 21 engaging profiles, Women Design rediscovers and revels in the work of pioneers such as Eileen Gray, Lora Lamm and Lella Vignelli, while shining a spotlight on modern-day trailblazers including Kazuyo Sejima, Hella Jongerius and Neri Oxman. Richly illustrated with archival imagery, this is a rare glimpse into the working worlds of some of the most influential forces in contemporary design.

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Alvar Aalto: Furniture (1985-04-07)

Alvar Aalto: Furniture

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Aalto: Architecture and Furniture

Aalto: Architecture and

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Architecture and furniture: Aalto.

Architecture and furniture:

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Anatex Wooden Sitting Stools (Set of 2)

Anatex Wooden Sitting Stools (Set of

ST5004 Features: -Made of polywood. -Great supplement to any of our selection of activity tables. -Made in the U.S.A. -Finished . Product Type: -Stool. Frame Material: -Manufactured wood. Country of Manufacture: -United States. Dimensions: Overall Height - Top to Bottom: -12". Overall Width - Side to Side: -12". Overall Depth - Front to Back: -12". Overall Product Weight: -10 lbs. Specifications: CPSIA Compliant: -Yes.

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The Hunt: Navigating the Worlds of Art and Design

The Hunt: Navigating the Worlds of Art and

"This is a must-read for anyone remotely interested (or deeply entrenched) in these fascinating worlds." —Surface“One of the top dealers in the world for cutting-edge contemporary design.” —The New York Times In this little gem of a book Patrick Parrish, of the eponymous Patrick Parrish Gallery in New York, offers advice, stories, gossip, and pointers on how to go about acquiring top-quality art and design from flea markets all the way up to the finest auction houses in the world. With over 25 years of hard-won experience in the trenches as a picker, collector, and dealer he tells you what to do, what not to do, and how to negotiate the often-confusing labyrinths that international galleries, auction houses, and even flea markets can present.Parrish holds nothing back, providing a unique outlook into what is sometimes, for good reason, a secretive and cliquish world. Often what you don’t do or say is more important than what you do, and Parrish has an insider’s perspective on what dealers and auction house experts want to see and hear from their prospective clients.

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Ittalla Aino Aalto tumbler Set of 2 11oz - 33cl

Ittalla Aino Aalto tumbler Set of 2 11oz

This pressed glassware tumbler made a splash when design legend, Aino Aalto, debut it over eighty years ago. Inspired by ripples in the water, the simple space-saving form permits stacking and versatility. A modern and classic design. Designer, Aino Aalto is also known for her own individual contributions which helped bring modern Finnish design to the international arena. Her architectural exhibitions for Artek received the Gran Prix at the 1936 Milan Triennial. Aino also won the gold medal at the same competition for her "Aalto Glasses" which were inspired by the circles created by throwing rocks in the water. Eighty years later, the versatile, stackable "Aino Aalto" glassware continues to be a timeless classic for Iittala. Aino Aalto also designed buildings, interiors, furniture and textiles

  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: Iittala
  • ASIN: B0000C8TNK
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Aalto Architecture and Furniture

Aalto Architecture and

  • ASIN: B000K19M44

Iittala Finlandia Vase Alvar Aalto, 1936

Iittala Finlandia Vase Alvar Aalto,

Aalto integrated the natural contours of the Finnish landscape into his free-form vase series. The Finlandia Vase, a new edition based on the original Aalto Vase which is in the Museum's collection and was introduced at the 1936 Paris World's Fair. It is taller and narrower than the classic Aalto vase, and allows for easy flower arranging. Each piece is mouth-blown of lead-free crystal into a mold and hand polished. Made by Iittala.

  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: Iittala
  • ASIN: B0000C8TKC

Alvar Aalto: Objects and Furniture Design By Architects Hardcover November 1, 2007

Alvar Aalto: Objects and Furniture Design By Architects


Alvar Aalto: Architecture to Read

Alvar Aalto: Architecture to

The Finnish architect Alvar Aalto (1898 - 1976), was one of the key exponents of Modernism and the International Style.He began his career in the 1920s with buildings in the Nordic Classical style, but was drawn to International Modernism by the end of the decade. Aalto’s Paimio Sanatorium (1929-1933) can be counted as a masterwork of the period in the global context.In the mid-1930s, Aalto broke away from the Modernist group known as CIAM to develop his own vocabulary of form in a more complex direction and he created the free-form approach to design for which his architecture became world famous. The best-known expressions of the free-form approach are the easy chair he designed for Paimio, the ‘Savoy’ vase and the Villa Mairea.Aalto’s rise to become a master of International Modernism stemmed from his humanitarian approach, which can best be seen in the scale of his buildings and in the way he used materials.

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Furniture by Architects: From Aalto to Zumthor (2012-08-31)

Furniture by Architects: From Aalto to Zumthor

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