Green Lantern Movie Masters Collect & Connect Parallax Figure-Head and Torso

Green Lantern Movie Masters Collect & Connect Parallax

Green Lantern Movie Masters Figure Collection: In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight! Characters based on the new hit superhero film, Green Lantern. With 100% authentic detail, deluxe articulation and supreme quality, the Movie Masters line offers fans the premium collecting experience. True-to-scale, these 6 Green Lantern figures are expertly crafted to ensure the highest standards for your collection. Each figure includes one Collect & Connect piece that can be combined with others in the collection to create a gigantic figure of the villain, Parallax. Complete assembly of Parallax requires purchase of all 12 Movie Masters figures, available throughout 2011. Collect them all!

  • Color: Multi-colored
  • Brand: Mattel
  • ASIN: B004IYJ3FW
  • UPC: 027084932454

The Guards Themselves

The Guards



  • ASIN: B005HFY4AU

2004 - CPM Manga- Treasure Hunter : Book 2 - Figurehead Of Souls - Manga - Paperback

2004 - CPM Manga- Treasure Hunter : Book

2004 - CPM Manga / CMX 65102G - Action / Adventure / Manga - Treasure Hunter : Book 2 - Figurehead of Souls - Story & Art Hitoshi Tomizawa - Original Manga - Characters: Jubei / Carpet / Pipilotta - Paperback - New - Comes bagged and boarded - The photos we provide are of the comic book you will receive - We do our own photography and never use stock photos!

  • ASIN: B06WP91FY4

An Omega's Awakening (Alpha's Woman Book 4)

An Omega's Awakening (Alpha's Woman Book

He didn't even know her name. She looked – and acted – more like a man than a woman. He wasn't looking for a new Omega.She didn't want what was happening to her, and it didn't help that the man who controlled her career – and thus, her life – was the very one who seemed to be bringing some kind of awakening to it.Neither of them wanted this, but he knew what he had to do.Publisher's Note: This steamy Omegaverse romance contains elements of power exchange and mature adult themes. While it is the fourth in the Alpha’s Woman series, it can be enjoyed as a standalone.

  • ASIN: B07LB7HB9P

Figurehead: Book 1 - Rise of a Legend (Volume 1)

Figurehead: Book 1 - Rise of a Legend

A teenage brother and sister playing on a beach along the Virginia coast discover a fully intact wooden figurehead from the sailing ships of old buried in the sand. Over twelve feet long and weighing almost three tons, the incredibly well-preserved figurehead is carved to resemble a gorgeous woman. The woman’s beauty, coupled with the mysterious markings carved into the folds of her dress, lead to the discovery that she once adorned the prow of The Avenger, a ship that went down more than three hundred years ago with more than eleven tons of gold and treasure aboard. Tourism in town explodes, and plans are developed to recreate The Avenger, with the figurehead on the bow. While the town bubbles with excitement, few notice that the figurehead seems to be restoring itself. She’s watching, observing, learning, and waiting. She’s waited for centuries to hear someone speak the words that will set her free, and unleash her terrifying power. A supernatural adventure tale spanning three centuries, Figurehead brings to life the great ships of Virginia in the 1600s, the men who sailed them, and the pirates who preyed on them in their quest for profit and treasure-laden holds. Leapfrogging from the past to the present, two tales intertwine to create a world where love transcends time,...

  • ASIN: 1511976365

Catch-22 (1970)


Catch-22 (DVD)]]>

  • Brand: Warner Home Video
  • UPC: 883929312443

Thirty Seven: Essays On Life, Wisdom, And Masculinity

Thirty Seven: Essays On Life, Wisdom, And

Quintus Curtius is an attorney, writer, translator, and former Marine officer. Expertly blending history, biography, philosophy, and the author's personal experience, this penetrating collection of essays achieves what one reviewer called “a perfect fluency in [a] dialogue with truth.”The unifying theme of the book is the nature of masculine identity, and how that identity has been manifested.The range of topics explored is diverse: the nature of human wisdom, courage in adversity, redemption through suffering, the endurance of hardships, educational development, character in history, the mystical experience, the fickleness of Fate, and the necessity of myths.Drawing on examples from history and using sources in their original languages, Quintus Curtius's soaring vision combines lucid explanation with a passionate intensity like few other writers. Erudite, thoughtful, and frequently moving, this unique book has been described as "inexplicably inspiring."

  • ASIN: 1502848279

Figurehead: Book 2 - Bite of the Jackal (Volume 2)

Figurehead: Book 2 - Bite of the Jackal

Silas Pike has returned to the sea to face and do battle with the fiendish pirate Jackal, and rescue his beloved, Francine Adams. Silas’s cunning and tactics have placed him on the verge of victory when the unthinkable happens. Badly damaged, Silas’s ship is forced to withdraw and let Jackal escape. The Ashford barely reaches home, and then Pike collapses from exhaustion and the weight of battle. He is led to his next mission through a bizarre dream. For him, retribution becomes more precious than gold. Flash forward to today. Anticipation and adventure follow each twist and turn as the construction of the replicated Avenger nears completion. Sally Ames, assistant to museum curator Fred Harper, soon discovers the secrets of the wooden figurehead on display. Somehow, the large and unsettling figure of a woman is connected to Avenger’s history. Little do Sally and her friends and colleagues know, this is only the beginning of what is to become a frightful tale of love lost, fortune-seeking peril and supernatural vengeance. Rock Lambert evokes mystery and intrigue, interweaving the past with the present—and placing you in the story and on the edge of your seat.

  • ASIN: 151731092X

Figurehead: Pact of the Ages (Volume 3)

Figurehead: Pact of the Ages (Volume

The Avenger was one of the deadliest ships on the seven seas, but its final resting place, along with millions in gold, was long lost to history. Then, the ship’s figurehead washes up on a beach, and the past comes to life for the Taylor family and their friends. When Avenger is reconstructed with the original figurehead, the new ship attracts ghostly pirates and dark magic. In Pact of the Ages, the thrilling third book in Rock Lambert’s Figurehead trilogy, Silas Pike has one final clash with the pirate Jackal, murderer of his beloved, Francine Adams. Pike, obsessed by the loss of his soul mate, begs an old friend, Kum, for help. Kum, a tribal holy man, agrees to bring Francine back but warns Pike that the consequences could be catastrophic. Kum transfers Francine’s soul to the figurehead of the Avenger, but in so doing, he also unleashes an evil spirit. Now the lovers must contend with both Jackal and the dada maovu, a dark spirit that has her sights set on Pike as her new agent of evil. Francine and Pike must wait for centuries and endure unbearable hardships if their love is to survive and save them.

  • ASIN: 1541216601
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