Flexible Magnetic Strip - 1/2 inch x 10 Feet Magnetic Tape with Strong Self Adhesive - Perfect Magnetic Roll for Craft and DIY Projects - Sticky Anisotropic Magnets

Flexible Magnetic Strip - 1/2 inch x 10

X-bet MAGNET - Flexible Magnetic Tape Can Be Used Anywhere!What Makes Our Magnetic Strip Best Ever:Practical Magnetic Roll Dimensions - Length 10 feet, Wide 1/2 inch & Extra-Thick 2mm (0.08") ready to be used for all your needs.Super Holding Power - 675 Gauss - stronger than most brands out there.Strong TESA Adhesive Backing does not leave any mark.Our Magnetic Rolls don't lose their power.X-bet company satisfies the requirements of ISO 9001. We spend a significant part of our time researching, developing, and controlling the quality of our Magnetic Tape.Where To Use: Perfect for use on porcelain tiles, plastic, metal, and other smooth surfaces.Ideal for craft projects, home, graphics, banners, signs, display, white, dry erase boards, automotive, tools, kitchen, bathroom, garage, living rooms, classrooms.Other uses include shelf labels, arts and crafts, commercial and industrial use, creative kid projects, office organization.How to use:Flexible Magnetic Tape can be cut with a simple pair of scissors.After cutting to your desired length, flatten the tape by adhering it to a metal surface for up to 24 hours.Attaching three strips to the object or surface you wish to apply the Magnetic Tape will ensure a maximum strength hold that won't let you down.Warning:Magnetic Tape rolls are...

  • Brand: X-bet MAGNET
  • ASIN: B078SVG2CC
  • UPC: 604714261490

Adhesive Magnets ! Tape sheet of 90 Magnetic squares for crafts 20x 20x 2mm Anisotropic stronger Magnet (Hold up to 3 Ounces) Mini Thin Small and Sticky ! Used as Magnetic roll, strip and stickers

Adhesive Magnets ! Tape sheet of 90 Magnetic

Our new Anisotropic rubber magnets are 25% stronger then the rest of the rubber magnets! Great for DIY Office Kitchen Bulletin RefrigeratorGlue & tape leave things too fixed to their spot so it’s messy work to reorganize. Our square self-adhesive magnets are easy to put-up & pull-awayso you can update your boards and fridge quick & hassle-free. Click ADD TO CART now to keep your memo board up-to-date & uncluttered today.OTHER TRICKS YOU CAN DO WITH SQUARE MAGNETS: Use for manipulatives & laminates in camps or classes. Hang prints without drilling holes into your walls. Build transformer bots with your kids from used soda & beer cans. Send personalized souvenir magnets using your photos & cards. Create a no-pins memo board on your wall with mini square magnets & magnetic paint! WILL THE MAGNETIC SIDE STICK TO EACH OTHER? The magnetic sides do attract each other, but not so strongly as these are small & flat magnets. They create better pull on your fridge door & surfaces with magnetic material or coating.  WILL THIS HOLD FABRIC? The adhesive side pretty much sticks to anything, but there are certain types of fabric such as wool that do not stick well to any type of adhesive.  If you don’t feel satisfied for any reason, don’t worry you're covered by our 100% Money Back D...

  • Brand: OP LABS
  • ASIN: B0762VJP5V
  • UPC: 767223286818

Magnet Tape - 3/4"W x 25 Ft. Roll; Adhesive Back; Brown; no. DO-735001

Magnet Tape - 3/4"W x 25 Ft. Roll;

25 foot roll of extra thin magnet strip with adhesive backing. Just pull off what's needed and tear easily on serrated edge of dispenser!

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Dowling Magnets
  • ASIN: B000NNQ1CK
  • UPC: 094051350016

Roll-N-Cut Flexible Magnetic Tape Refill - 1/16 thick x 1/2 wide x 15 feet. (1 roll)

Roll-N-Cut Flexible Magnetic Tape Refill - 1/16 thick

Perfect for making flat lightweight items magnetic. Magnet requires direct and full contact with steel for maximum hold, therefore it is best to make sure that magnet is flat. Magnet & adhesive work best when applied at above 60 degrees Fahrenheit or 15.56 degree Celsius. For best results: 1)Allow magnet to reach room temperature then cut magnet with heavy duty scissors or hobby knife. 2)Apply magnet's dark gray side to large metal surface for several hours to flatten curl. Do not roll magnet strip in opposite direction to remove curl. 3)Clean applicable surface for adhesive with isopropyl alcohol and allow to dry. 4)Peel back liner from the adhesive and place item on adhesive. 5)Apply adhesive to surface with firm pressure 6)Allow adhesive to cure for a minimum of 24 hours or 72 hours to reach maximum bond with surface.

  • Brand: Small Parts
  • ASIN: B005HYDC68
  • UPC: 095421075188

Gimars Anisotropic Strong Magnet Magnetic Strip Tape with Prime Sticky Adhesive - Ideal 1 Inch x 10 Feet Magnetic Roll for Craft and DIY Projects

Gimars Anisotropic Strong Magnet Magnetic Strip Tape with

Rubber Magnet Roll

  • Color: Black.
  • Brand: Gimars
  • ASIN: B07C3MQ86M
  • UPC: 799637092877

XFasten Flexible Magnetic Tape, 1-Inch x 10-Foot

XFasten Flexible Magnetic Tape, 1-Inch x

The XFasten magnetic strip is an adhesive strip that is coated with a thick multi-layer magnetic layer/bar. It is flexible and can be cut easily, making it easy to install on porcelain tiles, plastic or metallic surfaces and on many smooth surfaces. How Does it Work? It has a strong a a magnetic strip that induces a strong flux to metallic objects. The first step on installing the strips is through cutting your desired length and attaching the magnets on a metal surface for at least 24 hours to flatten and uncurl the magnets. Attach at least 3 strips on the object or surface which you wish to install the magnets. This is ensure maximum holding strength for the objects that are to be attached with the magnets. The magnets will then induce a strong flux for a long time, making it convenient for you to attach objects for easy access or good organization. How Strong are the Magnets? The magnets can hold up to 5 pounds per linear foot however it is best to apply at least 3 strips on the edges and middle of the surface to ensure maximum holding potential. The adhesive layer is compatible on porcelain, silicone, cloth, textile, wood, metallic, plastic and concrete surfaces. Why Purchase the XFasten Magnetic Tape? We spend much time on research, development and quality assurance rather t...

  • Brand: XFasten
  • ASIN: B01HR3J3CI
  • UPC: 602401715653

Xyron XSDT002 3/4-inch Wide Magnet Tape, 25-feet

Xyron XSDT002 3/4-inch Wide Magnet Tape,

Some works of art deserve to be displayed on the refrigerator, free from the distraction of a drugstore magnet. For these special pieces, and so many other items, use Xyron Magnet tape. Unit includes 25-feet of 3/4-inch tape in a convenient dispenser. Thinner than other magnets, yet remarkably strong. Economical, as you only use what you need. When full magnet coverage is needed, or for larger projects, use the 5-inch or 9-inch Creative Stations from Xyron, which can apply a full layer of magnet material to items up to 9-inches wide, while laminating the top of the item.

  • Color: .75"x25'
  • Brand: Xyron
  • UPC: 608931001730

Magnetic Tape for DIY Refrigerator Magnets - 70 Square Adhesive Magnets with Strong 3M Tape - Best Small Fridge Magnets for Crafts Kids Photos & Lightweight Objects

Magnetic Tape for DIY Refrigerator Magnets - 70

70 PREMIUM RUBBER MAGNETIC TAPE SQUARES with STRONG 3M ADHESIVE TAPE 💥Best home hack for organizing & decluttering lightweight objects💥Use sticky magnets on smooth flat surfaces (NOT on fabric or rounded items, eg. beads/pens) 💥5.5in x 7.8in magnetic sheet, each individual magnet is .78 x .78in and holds ~.4oz (a postcard) 💥Small magnets attract each other 💥Flexible magnets are easy to cut with scissors MAGNETIC INSPIRATION 💖 Make a magnetic calendar or create refrigerator magnets to showcase important appointments, emergency contacts, shopping list, chore chart💖 Make your own alphabet letters or refrigerator puzzle 💖 Memorable fridge magnets made from photos, crafts and art projects make the best gift for grandma grandpa mom and dad 💖 Organize office USBs and scissors 💖 Declutter the bathroom and magnetize makeup, hair clips, tweezers, nail clippers, hair scissors, bobby pins and more 100% HAPPINESS GUARANTEE 🙌 As a mom of 2, I am committed to providing high quality products to busy moms on a budget that make LIFE EASIER & the HOME CLEANER. 🌻💥ORGANIZE YOUR HOME with the BEST MAGNETIC ADHESIVE TAPE NOW!💥

  • Color: Black Rubber Magnetic Tape Squares With Strong 3m Adhesive
  • Brand: Savvy & Sorted
  • ASIN: B0796MKVS8
  • UPC: 860334000813

Sticky Back Magnet Roll - Super Strength - 1 x 60 inches

Sticky Back Magnet Roll - Super Strength -

Super strength adhesive back magnet roll. 1 x 60 inches per package. Magnet roll is flexible and can be cut to any size with scissors for a variety of crafts.

  • Brand: Darice
  • ASIN: B00FI39DIE
  • UPC: 082676723377

Magnefic! Magnetic Squares, 1 tape sheet of 70 magnetic squares (each 20x20x2mm), magnet on one side, self adhesive on the other side. Perfect for fridge organisation, DIY art project, vision board

Magnefic! Magnetic Squares, 1 tape sheet of 70

Is there a picture, photo or document that you really want to save or cherish? Look no further. These adhesive magnetic squares will make it easy to save this object and stick it to multiple surfaces such as whiteboards, blackboard, bulletin boards, team boards, kitchen, fridges and so on. These are the perfect magnetic sheets that you have been looking for. These magnetic squares can be used to decorate your home or for your office. This works great for smaller projects and lots of creative ideas such as building or creating collages. You can easily make a refrigerator magnet out of your favorite family photo, or use this for business cards or name tags you don't want to lose. They are recommended by teachers, crafters and office workers around the country. Peel the adhesive side of these handy pre-cut squares and stick them to accents, cutouts, photos, business cards and student artwork. Then, stick the magnetic side on to file cabinets, metal doors, whiteboards, or any other magnetically receptive surface. The factory warranty is only available from authorized seller: Blueshift US. Only limited supply. Click Add to cart now!

  • Brand: Magnefic
  • UPC: 863399000330
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