Airborne 44: 12 inch Allied D-Day Paratrooper Figures

Airborne 44: 12 inch Allied D-Day Paratrooper

The scenes reconstituted and revisited by Frederic Bouteiller and Pierre-André Dupuis, all inspired by real events and veterans’ recollections, fill in a gap left by the official photographs. History is relived with these 12“ figures.Action figures, the modern heroes of this Norman saga, have written a new page of the legend. Adjusting the harness, smoking the last cigarette in the C-47, hitting the ground, drowning in the marshes with death stalking behind the hedges, the return... Just as many pictures left buried in the memory of the veterans alone.

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Airborne all-stars;: Paper flying models of famous aircraft

Airborne all-stars;: Paper flying models of famous

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British Airborne Soldier vs Waffen-SS Soldier: Arnhem 1944 (Combat Book 42)

British Airborne Soldier vs Waffen-SS Soldier: Arnhem 1944

Operation Market Garden was an Allied plan to try and end the war before the end of 1944, and relied on landing airborne troops to secure bridges over the Rhine bridges in the Netherlands. Critical to this plan were the glider troops of Britain's 1st Airlanding Brigade. Short on heavy weapons and not trained in street fighting, the glider troops were meant to secure and defend the Allied perimeter around Arnhem as the parachute brigades fought their way into the city. Facing the airborne forces were understrength Waffen-SS units that were hastily formed into ad hoc battle groups, some supported by armour. The troops on both sides would have their tactical flexibility and powers of endurance tested to the limit in the bitter actions that ensued. Employing first-hand accounts and drawing upon the latest research, David Greentree tells the story of the glider troops' dogged defence of the Allied perimeter at Arnhem, and the Waffen-SS forces' efforts to overcome them.

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Digital Elevation Model Technologies and Applications: The DEM Users Manual

Digital Elevation Model Technologies and Applications: The DEM

This book is your guide to 3D elevation technologies, products and applications. It will guide you through the inception and implementation of the U.S. Geological Survey’s (USGS) 3D Elevation Program (3DEP) to provide not just bare earth DEMs, but a full suite of 3D elevation products using Quality Levels (QLs) that are standardized and consistent across the U.S. and territories. The 3DEP is based on the National Enhanced Elevation Assessment (NEEA) which evaluated 602 different mission-critical requirements for and benefits from enhanced elevation data of various QLs for 34 Federal agencies, all 50 states (with local and Tribal input), and 13 non-governmental organizations. The NEEA documented the highest Return on Investment from QL2 lidar for the conterminous states, Hawaii and U.S. territories, and QL5 IfSAR for Alaska.

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The 101st Airborne in Normandy: June 1944 (Casemate Illustrated)

The 101st Airborne in Normandy: June 1944 (Casemate

101st Airborne Division was activated in August 1942 in Louisiana, and its first combat mission was Operation Overlord. On D-Day—June 6, 1944—101st and 82nd Airborne dropped onto the Cotentin peninsula hours before the landings, tasked with capturing bridges and positions, taking out German strongpoints and batteries, and securing the exits from Utah and Omaha Beaches. Things did not initially go smoothly for 101st Airborne, with cloud and antiaircraft fire disrupting the drops, resulting in some units landing scattered over a large area outside their designated drop zones and having to waste time assembling—stymied by lost or damaged radio equipment—or trying to achieve their objectives with severely reduced numbers. Casualties were high in some areas due to heavy pre-registered German fire. Nevertheless, the paratroopers fought on and they did manage to secure the crucial beach exits, even if they only achieved a tenuous hold on some other positions. A few days later, 101st Airborne were tasked with attacking the German-held city of Carentan as part of the consolidation of the US beachheads and establishment of a defensive line against the anticipated German counteroffensive. The 101st forced their way into Carentan on 10 and 11 June. The Germans withdrew the following ...

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United States Airborne Divisions 1942-2018 (Images of War)

United States Airborne Divisions 1942-2018 (Images of

In 1942 the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions were formed and three more followed. 17th and 92nd (All American Division) and 101st (Screaming Eagles) fought in Sicily, D-Day, Market Garden, and the Rhine Crossing (VARSITY). The 11th served in the Far East. The 13th did not see combat.Only the 82nd survived the postwar cull. The Screaming Eagles were reactivated in 1956 and both divisions served in Vietnam with the 101st becoming a helicopter delivered ‘airmobile’ division in 1968 before being re-designated an ‘air assault’ division in 1974.As this superbly illustrated book describes, both 82nd and 101st earned their reputations as ‘crack’ divisions at the forefront of US operations and military interventions, be it Grenada (Urgent Fury), Panama (Just Cause), the Gulf Wars and most recently Afghanistan (Enduring Freedom).Thanks to the Author’s knowledge and research, this Images of War book gives the reader a full insight into the battles and the men and their equipment that have made these divisions the elite of the US Army.

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Review and developments of dissemination models for airborne carbon fibers

Review and developments of dissemination models for airborne

Dissemination prediction models were reviewed to determine their applicability to a risk assessment for airborne carbon fibers. The review showed that the Gaussian prediction models using partial reflection at the ground agreed very closely with a more elaborate diffusion analysis developed for the study. For distances beyond 10,000 m the Gaussian models predicted a slower fall-off in exposure levels than the diffusion models. This resulting level of conservatism was preferred for the carbon fiber risk assessment. The results also showed that the perfect vertical-mixing models developed herein agreed very closely with the diffusion analysis for all except the most stable atmospheric conditions. Elber, W. Langley Research Center NASA-TM-80216 RTOP 543-03-23-01 ATMOSPHERIC DIFFUSION; CARBON FIBERS; MATHEMATICAL MODELS; PREDICTION ANALYSIS TECHNIQUES; ANALYSIS (MATHEMATICS); DIFFUSION; DISPERSING; HAZARDS; MAXIMUM LIKELIHOOD ESTIMATES; NORMAL DENSITY FUNCTIONS; RISK



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Aprilaire 501 Replacement Filter for Aprilaire Whole House Electronic Air Purifier Model: 5000, MERV 16 (Pack of 1)

Aprilaire 501 Replacement Filter for Aprilaire Whole House

Air quality matters. That’s why you trust Aprilaire to keep your home environment safe for you and your family. This genuine Aprilaire 501 Air Air Filter Replacement is rated MERV 16. That means it makes the air in your home fresh and healthy so your family can breathe easy. It’s proven to prevent 98% of particles between 3.0 and 10.0 microns from passing through your home’s heating and cooling system. That includes dust, pollen, and mold spores, which can irritate allergies and worsen asthma symptoms. Annual air Air Filter replacements are a great way to keep your home and family protected. Aprilaire makes it easy to know what you’re breathing

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Airborne Combat: The Glider War/Fighting Gliders of WWII (Stackpole Military History Series)

Airborne Combat: The Glider War/Fighting Gliders of WWII

Comprehensive look into the dangerous world of glider warfareStories of elite glider troops in the thick of battleCovers all significant glider operations of the war, including Eben Emael, Crete, Sicily, Normandy, Arnhem, Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge, the Eastern Front, and moreDetails on the glider craft of both sidesImpressively illustrated with photos of gliders and their crews

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