Foam Strips with Adhesive, High Density Soundproofing Window Insulation Foam Gasket Tape Weather Strip 1 Inch Wide X 1/8 Inch Thick X 33 Feet Long (1in 1/8in)

Foam Strips with Adhesive, High Density Soundproofing Window

Product performance: The foam seal strip has the advantages of good cushioning, shock resistance, heat insulation, moisture resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and so on. Non-toxic, non absorbent. Chloroprene rubber foam shear forming, its shockproof performance is great, and in line with environmental protection requirements. Shockproof packaging, the foam weather stripping can cut, molding; because of the density difference is larger, can also have a wider range of uses. Product use: The foam seal strip can be used in electronic products, mobile phones, household appliances, hardware tools, toys, handicrafts, tourist products, stationery, glass products, etc.. Product packaging Width: 1in Thickness: 1/8in, Length: 33FT One package includes 16.5FT * 2 pieces

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: MAGZO
  • ASIN: B071RDDC2R

XFasten Professional Aluminum Foil Tape, 3.6 mil, 2 Inches x 55 Yards HVAC Tape

XFasten Professional Aluminum Foil Tape, 3.6 mil, 2

The XFasten metal Aluminum Reflective Foil Tape combines the durable industrial repair properties of aluminum and the ease of use of ducting tapes. It has a butyl rubber acrylic adhesive that forms an airtight and water-resistant bond for both indoor and outdoor sealing, restoration and HVAC applications. The XFasten HVAC Dryer and Furnace Metallic Duct Tape can conform well to irregular surfaces due to its flexible material build and it can adhere to various smooth, textured, or rough surfaces thanks to its strong adhesive backing. Core Features: -Withstands temperatures from -30°C to 180°C. -Has a tensile strength of 30 pounds per square inch. -Does not stain and does not leave a sticky residue behind. -Lasts on a long term basis. -High coefficient of heat transfer allows it to be an excellent thermal insulator. -Adheres to rough, smooth, textured and uneven surfaces. -Can be used for general HVAC and ducting repairs and sealing. -Meets UL 273 standards for thermal and ducting repairs. Why Choose The XFasten Adhesive Aluminum Foil Duct Tape? Apipema, XFasten's umbrella organization, is by far one of the fastest growing USA-homegrown start-up companies in the field of adhesive solutions. Through investing on genuine research and development rather than mass productio...

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: XFasten
  • ASIN: B01F2UR2M6
  • UPC: 602401715714

Foam Seal Tape,High Density Weather Stripping for Door and Window Seal Insulation,1/2 Inch W x 1/8 Inch T Single Sided Closed Cell Foam Seal Strip,2 Pack Total 32 Feet Long

Foam Seal Tape,High Density Weather Stripping for Door

YIJU door seal strip is a high-density closed cell foam seal tape.The weatherstripping tape is made of EVA material,flexible enough,non-toxic.Weather seal foam tape is widely used in door and window seal insulation,such as sliding doors,glass door,plastic-steel window,aluminum window and so on.FeatureWater Resistance:closed cell structure,no water absorption,moisture resistanceCorrosion Resistance:corrosion of oil,acid,alkali and other chemicals,antibacterial,non-toxic,non-pollutingProcessability: no joints,and easy to process hot pressing,cutting,gluing,laminating,etc.Insulation:heat insulation,heat preservation and low temperature performance,can withstand severe cold.Sound Insulation:closed cells,good sound insulationYIJU foam seal tape,worthy of your trust1:You can say goodbye to energy waste,air draft,odor,moisture,dust and other unpleasant elements,blocking the cold wind in the winter,and bring a clean, healthy home environment to your family2:Foam weather strip tape,noise reduction,shock-absorbing,anti-skidding,reducing the damage caused by noise3:Perfect for industrial,commercial,and domestic use,this product is widely used in your life:furniture,electrical cabinets,cars,speakers,toy,handicraft,DIY,sports equiments,door frame seal, or use as hat size reducer foam tapePa...

  • Brand: YIJU
  • ASIN: B07MNW8QR1
  • UPC: 600380737949

Homemory Aluminum Tape/Aluminum Foil Tape - 2 inch x 150 feet (3.2 mil) - Good for HVAC, Ducts, Insulation and More

Homemory Aluminum Tape/Aluminum Foil Tape - 2 inch

Specification: Name: aluminum foil tape Material: pressure-sensitive Length: 2 inch x 50yard (50mm*45m) Thickness: 3.2mil Package included: 1 Roll Aluminum Foil Self Adhesive Tape Applications: The tape has a wide variety of uses and will perform perfectly when applied in the following roles: Resists flame, resists moisture, resists weather, resists UV degradation, chemical resistant tape, thermally conductive tape for heating and cooling efficiency, heat reflective tape Automotive, Aerospace, HVAC, Appliance, Military, Government, Defense, Marine, Metal Finishing, Electronics, Recreational Vehicle, Construction, General Industrial Masking, sealing, seaming, shielding, harness wrapping, joining, vibration damping, electroplating, plastic protection, chemical milling, heat shielding, heat reflecting, paint stripping

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Homemory
  • ASIN: B01M7S4APP

Reflectix BP24050 24-Inch-by-50-Foot Bubble Pack Insulation

Reflectix BP24050 24-Inch-by-50-Foot Bubble Pack

24 inch x 50', square edge roll double bubble foil both sides, reflective foil insulation, 5/16 inch thick with two outer layers of aluminum foil, each foil layer is bonded to a touch layer of polyethylene for strength, reflects up to 97% of the radiant heat with an R-value of up to 14.3 depending on application, excellent vapor barrier for below grade installation, class a/class 1 fire rating, approved by boca, icebox, sbcci, ccmc, ftc-compliant, is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, lightweight & can be installed with scissors, staples & tape, hundreds of applications: wall, roof & basement, garage door, camper, metal or pole barn, window Coverings, stables, hatcheries, etc, sell by linear foot or roll.

  • Brand: Reflectix
  • ASIN: B0009XCJA2
  • UPC: 716511320024

3M High Temperature Flue Tape, 15-Foot Roll

3M High Temperature Flue Tape, 15-Foot

3M High Temperature Flue Tape, 15-Foot Roll

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: 3M
  • ASIN: B00004Z4DS
  • UPC: 078433223792

Gorilla 6065016 6065001-2 Tough & Clear Mounting Tape, Double-Sided, 1" x 60", Clear, (Pack of 2), 2 - Pack, 2 Piece

Gorilla 6065016 6065001-2 Tough & Clear Mounting Tape,

Gorilla Tough & Clear Mounting Tape is a clear double sided tape that mounts in an instant, for a long-lasting, weatherproof bond. The crystal clear adhesive tape won’t yellow over time, and holds up to 15 pounds! Gorilla Tough & Clear Mounting Tape is perfect for indoor and outdoor projects and sticks to smooth and rough surfaces. Completing DIY projects is easy with this tough, double sided tape. Mount, build, and repair for a perfect finish, every time. Directions: Apply tape to back of object vertically, allowing for even distribution of weight. Avoid touching surface of tape. Note: Apply 4” of tape per 1lb of weight. Cut tape and press to secure tape to object. Remove clear liner and align object to desired placement. Press firmly, as Gorilla Mounting Tape conforms to the surface and creates a strong, PERMANENT bond. Once Gorilla Mounting Tape is used to mount an object, it is meant to be held in place permanently, and not be removed. Click on the Gorilla link at the top of this page to see other quality products from the Gorilla Glue Company.

  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: Gorilla
  • ASIN: B01MG65C24
  • UPC: 345802049353

Double Sided White PE Foam Tape-Outdoor and Indoor Heavy Duty Strong Weatherproof Adhesive Tape for Decorative and Trim,Car & Gap Filling Mountings,Home Decor, Office Decor(33 Ft Long,Wide 1.18 in)

Double Sided White PE Foam Tape-Outdoor and Indoor

White double-side PE foam tape, 1.18 inch x 33 feet, 1 rolls Product Features: . Strong adhesion, good workability, different shape specifications; strong folding resistance, temperature resistance and aging resistance. . Wear-resistant backing, adhesive coating for a variety of surfaces and unique pigmenting technology to meet the requirements of all smooth parts of the body, all car markings, automotive door and window combination and sealing. . The mounting tape is made of PE foam, the double sided adhesive provides viscosity, and the surface was covered with a layer of release paper, pasting fastening suitable for light and small objects. . Wall safe adhesive enables apartment renters and office workers to temporarily post objects on walls without the fear of damaging the surface finish or leave any sticky residue upon removal. . Can be cut to any width . Substrate: a variety of high-grade polyethylene foam, special acrylic adhesive. Specifications: the total length of each tape: 33ft/10m Width: 1.18 inch/ 3 cm Thickness: 0.11 inch/ 3 mm Colour: white Material: PE Foam Quantity: 1 rolls Package includes: 1 x Double sided foam tape roll Warm Tips: . Cleaning the adhesive surface prior to use makes the double-sided adhesive good. . Note that tearing the lime wall may damage...

  • Brand: ToLanbbt
  • UPC: 752868715342

3M Scotch 5952 VHB Tape: 1 in. x 15 ft. (Black)

3M Scotch 5952 VHB Tape: 1 in. x

3M 5952 Heavy Duty Mounting VHB Tape is black, double-coated VHB adhesive tape with an acrylic foam core. A modified acrylic adhesive is on both sides of very conformable foam which provides adhesion to the broadest range of substrates/surfaces, including most powder coated paints. Comes on a red film release liner. 3M VHB Tape provides the convenience and simplicity of a tape fastener and are ideal for use in many interior and exterior bonding applications. In many situations, they can replace rivets, spot welds, liquid adhesives and other permanent fasteners. Recommended to use 4 square inches of 5952 VHB tape for every 1 pound of load; although rough surfaces may require additional tape. These VHB tapes are made with acrylic foam which is viscoelastic in nature. This gives the foam energy absorbing and stress relaxing properties which provides these tapes with their unique characteristics. The acrylic chemistry provides outstanding durability performance and the tapes have excellent durability and excellent solvent and moisture resistance. See for videos showcasing the properties of VHB tape. Made in the U.S. NOTES: As with any adhesive tape product it is always the user's responsibility to determi...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: 3M
  • ASIN: B01BU7038A
  • UPC: 682821231414

XFasten Black Foam Seal Tape with Adhesive, 1/8-Inch-Thick, 1/4-Inch x 20-Foot (3-Pack), High-Density Weather Strip Tape for Window, Door, Pipe and AC Insulation- Neoprene Insulation Foam Strip Tape

XFasten Black Foam Seal Tape with Adhesive, 1/8-Inch-Thick,

The XFasten Black Foam Weatherstripping Tape is a heavy-duty foam seal tape that is designed to take a beating. Its secure adhesive is rated to last up to 5 years of constant exposure to harsh weather but will not damage the surface nor will it leave a sticky residue. The XFasten High-Density Closed Cell Neoprene Tape is a versatile foam tape that can be used on doors, sliding doors, glass, air-conditioning unit gaps, door bottom, plastic-steel and aluminum windows, cupboards, wardrobes, and shower rooms. This thick AC insulation strip tape is also a great vapor and odor insulator as it is waterproof and non-absorbent. It is also manufactured by XFasten, the leading creator of the bestseller carpet tape and other home improvement products on Amazon. Why Should You Have The XFasten Thick Foam Seal Tape? ● Say goodbye to odor, air drafts, moisture, dust or other hazardous and unpleasant elements as this weather strip is non-absorbent and weatherproof, which means that it repels dirt, grime, oils and odor even on a heavy-duty and industrial set-up. ● Easy to work with, manageable and can be cut and conformed to various shapes and sizes, making it a great foam strip to doors and windows. ● Shock and impact absorbent, making it ideal for heavy-duty applications. This Foam Seal...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: XFasten
  • ASIN: B07QYGN3C1
  • UPC: 731717946670
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