Baby Born Surprise Collectible Baby Dolls with Color Change Diaper, Multicolor

Baby Born Surprise Collectible Baby Dolls with Color

Unwrap Baby Born Surprise, the cute little bundle of joy! Unbox the adorable package wrapped in real fabric blankie. Each baby is bundled up in an adorable snuggly swaddle, sewn in a surprise design theme such as pink flower or an adorable Unicorn. Use water to wake baby up and reveal her eye color. Unwrap the swaddle to uncover baby's unique hairstyle, and baby's bottle color tells if it's a boy or a girl. Feed baby water and they pee to reveal the color change diaper pattern. Baby's arms and legs move, so they can sit up or lay down. There are so many adorable babies, cute swaddles, and color change diapers to collect! Includes a collector's guide with surprise games to help find baby's name, birthday, and favorite food. Also, includes a birth Certificate to fill out.

  • Color: Multicolor
  • Brand: Baby Born
  • ASIN: B07MC979CP
  • UPC: 689202916601

Magic self-Dissilient Dinosaur Egg (1). Color: SILVER, with Hatchery Dome Kit Ready to Hatch a New Born Baby Dinosaur.

Magic self-Dissilient Dinosaur Egg (1). Color: SILVER, with

DIRECTIONS: 1.Remove lid to add about X cups of fresh cold tap water. 2.Rumble starts the hatching and birthing of the baby dinosaur. 3.In 20 minutes change water for thirsty infant dinosaur. 4.Infant will drink up the water to grow to about 8Xs size.

  • ASIN: B00G1RGNS4

Magic Immortal (Dragon Born Awakening Book 3)

Magic Immortal (Dragon Born Awakening Book

Spirit Warrior and supernatural enforcer Naomi Garland has fought hell beasts and magical miscreants. She has thwarted warlords’ schemes and plunged into the deeper reaches of hell. None of that has prepared her for this.Following a mass demon breakout from hell, Naomi and her Dragon Born lover set out to hunt them down. But this time, it isn’t just about saving the world. The demons have infiltrated Naomi’s inner circle—and to defeat them, she must join forces with her sworn enemies.Magic Immortal is the third and final book in the Dragon Born Awakening urban fantasy series.The Dragon Born SeriesThe Dragon Born series can be read together or independently. Each series features a different protagonist (Sera, Alex, Naomi) and has its own story arc. There is also a larger story arc that connects all of the Dragon Born series together. If you enjoy seeing how the story lines work together, try the following reading order:Mercenary Magic (Dragon Born Serafina, Book 1)Magic Edge (Dragon Born Alexandria, Book 1)Magic Games (Dragon Born Serafina, Book 2)Magic Nights (Dragon Born Serafina, Book 3)Blood Magic (Dragon Born Alexandria, Book 2)Magic Kingdom (Dragon Born Alexandria, Book 3)Fairy Magic (Dragon Born Awakening, Book 1)Rival Magic (Dragon Born Serafina, Book 4)Shadow Worl...


Goodnight Moon



The Happiest Baby on the Block; Fully Revised and Updated Second Edition: The New Way to Calm Crying and Help Your Newborn Baby Sleep Longer

The Happiest Baby on the Block; Fully Revised

Never again will you have to stand by helplessly while your little baby cries and cries. There is a way to calm most crying babies . . . usually in minutes!    Thousands of parents, from regular moms and dads to Hollywood superstars, have come to baby expert Dr. Harvey Karp to learn his remarkable techniques for soothing babies and increasing sleep. Now his landmark book—fully revised and updated with the latest insights into infant sleep, bedsharing, breastfeeding, swaddling, and SIDS risk—can teach you too! Dr. Karp’s highly successful method is based on four revolutionary concepts:   1. The Fourth Trimester: Why babies still yearn for a womblike atmosphere . . . even after birth 2. The Calming Reflex: An “off switch” all babies are born with 3. The 5 S’s: Five easy steps to turn on your baby’s amazing calming reflex 4. The Cuddle Cure: How to combine the 5 S’s to calm even colicky babies   With Dr. Karp’s sensible advice, parents and grandparents, nurses and nannies, will be able to transform even the fussiest infant into the happiest baby on the block!   Praise for The Happiest Baby on the Block   “Dr. Karp’s book is fascinating and will guide new parents for years to come.”—Julius Richmond, M.D., Harvard Medical School, former Surgeon General ...

  • Brand: Harvey Karp, M.D.
  • ASIN: 0553393235
  • UPC: 787721947769

I Am Enough

I Am

A New York Times bestseller and Goodreads Choice Awards picture book winner!This is a gorgeous, lyrical ode to loving who you are, respecting others, and being kind to one another—from Empire actor and activist Grace Byers and talented newcomer artist Keturah A. Bobo. This is the perfect gift for mothers and daughters, baby showers, and graduation.We are all here for a purpose. We are more than enough. We just need to believe it.

  • Brand: HarperCollins
  • ASIN: 0062667122

Tangled in Time (The MacCarthy Sisters)

Tangled in Time (The MacCarthy

A time-travel romance for fans of Diana Gabaldon and Hazel Hunter.To set him free from an ancient curse, she must travel to a time of myth and legend…Regan MacCarthy’s ability to see ghosts is a gift inherited from her Irish ancestors, but it’s one she’d dearly like to give back. In an attempt to return her powers to their source, she travels to Ireland to harness the ancient magic that still permeates the mystical site of Newgrange. Instead, something far more unexpected awaits her: a strapping, gorgeous stranger who insists he’s a centuries-old Celtic warrior.Fáelán was one of Fionn MacCumhaill’s elite soldiers before being cursed by a resentful fae princess. The only way to free himself is to fall so deeply in love that he’d sacrifice his life. Not an easy matter when he’s invisible to most. Yet Regan sees him—not just the proud, handsome warrior on the surface, but the complex man beneath. Only when it’s too late does Fáelán realize that drawing this beautiful mortal into his world has endangered them both, and may destroy the happiness he’s waited an eternity to claim…

  • ASIN: B0718W2PZJ

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Book 6)

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Book

  • Brand: Scholastic
  • ASIN: 0439784549

Boundary Crossed (Boundary Magic Book 1)

Boundary Crossed (Boundary Magic Book

After her twin sister’s brutal murder, former US Army Sergeant Allison “Lex” Luther vowed to protect her niece, Charlie. So when two vampires try to kidnap the baby, it quickly turns into a fight to the death—Lex’s death, that is.She wakes up to two shocking discoveries: she has miraculously survived the fight, and baby Charlie is a “null,” gifted with the ability to weaken supernatural forces...and a target for creatures who want to control that power. Determined to guarantee her niece’s safety, Lex makes a deal with the local vampires. She sets out with the mysterious—and undead—“fixer” Quinn to track down whoever’s responsible for the kidnapping, sharpening her newfound magic skills along the way. But the closer she gets to the truth, the more dangerous her powers become.Boundary Crossed is a dark, thrilling journey into a world where the line between living and dead isn’t nearly as solid as it appears...

  • ASIN: B00O4FK872

Hanish: House of Storms (Dragon Guardians Book 6)

Hanish: House of Storms (Dragon Guardians Book

To come together, they'll have to let goAn English NannyPrim and proper JoJo Morris needs a new position. As one of the world greatest nannies, she has plenty of options. But the sexy, American captain makes her an offer she can't refuse.A Dad in NeedCaptain Hanish needs a nanny, but only the best will do. When the austere little woman arrives, he gets much more than he bargained for. She might be the most infuriating woman he's ever met, but that doesn't stop his inner dragon from screaming that she's his mate.A Perfect MatchFalling hard for JoJo, Hanish still hesitates to tell her the truth of his origins. But when vampires attack, Hanish finds out JoJo has secrets of her own. When an old relationship comes back to haunt her, she is determined to leave it in the past. But Hanish decides to take matters into his own hands. Can a bossy nanny and a cocky captain work together or will their differences tear them apart?

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