Two Sides to Every Story: Ethics, Dilemmas and Points of View. Discussion, Writing, Improvisation. Grades 5-9

Two Sides to Every Story: Ethics, Dilemmas and

Students will not only enjoy reading these tales of mystery, danger, comedy and humor; they'll also learn a lot from them. Included are discussion questions, creative suggestions for improvisation, role play and writing, and opportunities for students to write their opinions and feelings about each tale. Each story has a surprise ending and will get students discussing and expressing their viewpoints to answer some difficult questions. The author says literature captures the essence of human behavior. As students read and discuss the tales in this book, that illustrate a variety of human behaviors, they will learn to ask and answer questions, assess information, consider other people's viewpoints, make decisions and set standards for ethical behavior.

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Glimpses of Heaven

Glimpses of

Bestselling authors Kay Warren, Gordon MacDonald, Liz Curtis Higgs, Mark Buchanan, Virginia Stem Owens, and Ben Patterson are among the 50 contributors to this collection of brief, inspiring stories. These seasoned writers recount experiences from their own lives and interpret them through the eyes of faith with passion and insight. Kay Warren spontaneously joins a welcome-home celebration for soldiers at an airport and witnesses the power of encouragement. Gordon MacDonald helps a friend struggle through a long hike and discovers the meaning of true friendship. Liz Curtis Higgs befriends a young fellow passenger but learns something from him about her “baggage.” Readers will love these engaging stories and will learn that their own everyday lives are brimming with significance. The goodness of God, the value of every person, and the importance of meaningful relationships are just a few of the truths that flow from these first-person accounts from master storytellers.

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