(Pack of 4) 13 Watt Double Tube - G24Q-1 (4 Pin) Base - 4100K Cool White - CFL Light Bulb. Replaces Sylvania 20667 CF13DD/E/841 - Philips 38328-1 PL-C 13W/841/4P/ALTO and GE 97597 F13DBX/841/ECO4P

(Pack of 4) 13 Watt Double Tube -

  • Color: Cool White
  • Brand: KOR
  • ASIN: B0711DH9RR
  • UPC: 817300020733

Luxrite F32T8/741 32W 48 Inch T8 Fluorescent Tube Light Bulb, 4100K Cool White, 2850 Lumens, G13 Medium Bi-Pin Base, LR20732, 6-Pack

Luxrite F32T8/741 32W 48 Inch T8 Fluorescent Tube

T8 Fluorescent Light Bulb - 48 Inch F32T8/741 - G13 Medium Base   Luxrite T8 Fluorescent Bulb uses 75% less energy then equivalent incandescent lamps. It has a long life of 13,000 Hours and it works with all G13 medium bi-pin sockets. Similar replacement to Triangle Bulbs F32T8/SP41, Philips 281576 F32T8/TL741/ALTO, Philips 281550 F32T8/TL841/ALTO.

  • Color: 4100K (Cool White)
  • Brand: LUXRITE
  • ASIN: B0178GXCHQ
  • UPC: 688713564448

Pack of 8 F39T5/841/HO 39 watt 34" Straight F39 T5 Mini Bi-Pin (G5) Base, 4,100K Cool White Octron High Output Fluorescent Tube Light Bulb

Pack of 8 F39T5/841/HO 39 watt 34" Straight

Linear fluorescent lighting offers long life and quality energy efficient task lighting in a broad range of colors and sizes to fit any décor. Whether you want to create a comfortable, pleasant atmosphere in your kitchen or bath or bring the outdoors in with a bright white light similar to natural outdoor light for any room in the home, Sterl Lighting's line of fluorescents can meet your needs. Most fluorescent bulbs are straight (linear) but some fixtures use circular (Circline) bulbs, while other fixtures use a U-shaped (U-bent) design. Fluorescent bulbs are available in many colors, or color temperatures, which create different light moods. Color temperature is a measure of the light bulb's color when illuminated, and is measured in degrees Kelvin. The higher the number, the whiter, and then bluer, or cooler the color. The lower the number, the more yellow, or warmer the color. The color of the light itself creates a mood in the lighted space.

  • Brand: Sterl Lighting
  • UPC: 603728930774

Sunlite FT40DL/841/RS/10PK FT 40W 22 Inch/1.8 Foot Twin Tube Fluorescent Ceiling Light Fixtures, 4-Pin (2G11) Base, 4100K Cool White, 10 Pack, 4100K-Cool

Sunlite FT40DL/841/RS/10PK FT 40W 22 Inch/1.8 Foot Twin

You can find Sunlite’s FT fluorescent lamps in kitchens, basements, garages, cafeterias, as well as corporate offices thanks to its significant cost savings when compared to an equivalent incandescent lamp. In addition to general purpose lighting, Sunlite’s fluorescent lights can be utilized for all manner of indoor video production since they emit a cooler light source than what you’ll get from a traditional halogen lamp while also using a high frequency ballast to prevent visible flicker furthermore producing a high color render index to imitate a daylight like color temperatures.

  • Color: 4100K - Cool White
  • Brand: Sunlite
  • ASIN: B01N4EP7Q7
  • UPC: 653703405216

(Pack of 4) 26 Watt Triple Tube - GX24Q-3 (4 Pin) Base - 4100K Cool White - CFL Light Bulb - Replaces Sylvania 20882 CF26DT/E/IN/841 - Philips 268250 PL-T 26W/41/4P/ALTO - GE 97617 F26TBX/841/A/ECO

(Pack of 4) 26 Watt Triple Tube -

  • Brand: KOR
  • ASIN: B07288MLQV
  • UPC: 817300020788

TriGlow T95542-6 (6-Pack) 5-Watt (40W Equivalent) LED Torpedo Bulb, DIMMABLE 4100K (Cool White Color) 325 Lumen E26 Medium Base LED Light Bulb, UL Listed, Pack of 6 Bulbs

TriGlow T95542-6 (6-Pack) 5-Watt (40W Equivalent) LED Torpedo

TriGlow 5-Watt Dimmable Candelabra LED Light Bulb The TriGlow LED candelabra light bulb was created using the latest LED technology available and features our classic cutting edge design. Save money on your yearly energy costs with this bulb; 5 watts will replace your 40 watt incandescent equivalant. These bulbs have elegant and overall classy look, giving your room a great warm color and a perfectly balanced ambiance. This LED bulb is solid-state, shockproof, and vibration proof; making this one of the safest and most reliable of options when it comes to LED technology. This bulb is truly the perfect choice to replace your conventional candelabra household bulbs. This bulb features a cool white glow (4100K) and high luminous efficiency with 325 lumen output which is sure to brighten any space. With an average lifetime of 25,000 hours, virtually zero maintenance required, and energy savings over 85%; the bulb will pay for itself!

  • Color: 4100K (Cool White)
  • Brand: Triglow
  • ASIN: B0784XVM68
  • UPC: 819418020070

Sylvania 20669 (4-Pack) CF26DD/E/841/ECO 26-Watt Double Tube Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb, 4100K, 1710 Lumens, 82 CRI, T4 Shape, 4-Pin G24q-3 Base

Sylvania 20669 (4-Pack) CF26DD/E/841/ECO 26-Watt Double Tube Compact

Sylvania Brand Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb saves you energy and money. Ideally for table lamps, enclosed fixtures, and general purpose use. This bulb has a cool white color, color temperature of 4100K, 82 CRI, and a long life of 12,000 hours. For use with electronic and dimming ballasts.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: SYLVANIA
  • ASIN: B0187MHMX0
  • UPC: 689043249913

(Pack of 4) 13 Watt Mini Spiral - GU24 Base - (60W Equivalent) - T2 Mini-Twist - CFL Light Bulb - 4100K Cool White

(Pack of 4) 13 Watt Mini Spiral -

(Pack of 4) 13 Watt Mini Spiral - GU24 Base - (60W Equivalent) - CFL Light Bulb - 4100K Cool White Color. Save 70% on your monthly electric bills with these 13W Compact Fluorescent GU24 bulbs that are as bright as the traditional 60W incandescent bulbs but consumes less energy. This 4100K Spiral CFL light bulb gives a crystal clear, steady glare-free, Cool White color and creates a Cool and Light ambience. It is perfect throughout your home and can be used with your desk/table lamps, floor lamps, and open pendant fixtures. They are ideal for use in any room in your home, including kitchens, living rooms, hallways, and bedrooms. Commercial grade quality makes these a perfect choice for any application ranging from residential, retail, hotels, museums, art studios, schools, hospitals, and other commercial and industrial needs. This 13W Spiral compact fluorescent bulb offers a long life compared to a regular 60-Watt incandescent bulb which makes it a maintenance free option to light your house or any lighting application. This CFL bulb is self-ballasted and has a GU24 base (also known as Twist & Lock) and will fit in any GU24 size socket.

  • Brand: KOR
  • ASIN: B073ZKTMZ9
  • UPC: 817300021037

(Pack of 4) 23 Watt Mini Spiral - GU24 Base - (100W Equivalent) - T2 Mini-Twist - CFL Light Bulb - 4100K Cool White

(Pack of 4) 23 Watt Mini Spiral -

  • Brand: KOR
  • UPC: 817300021129

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb T2 Spiral CFL, 4100k Cool White, 13W (60 Watt Equivalent), 900 Lumens, E26 Medium Base, 120V, UL Listed (Pack of 4)

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb T2 Spiral CFL, 4100k

These Xtricity Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs provide a beautiful and bright light while saving you time and money. Lasting up to 9.1 years (based on a use of 3 hours per day), these energy efficient CFLs will reduce the frequency of changing bulbs and cut costs on your energy bill. The compact design fits most locations in your home which makes it the perfect solution for your general lighting needs. The bulbs are suitable for indoor and outdoor use (in weatherproof fixture) and meet energy efficiency standards such as RoHS and UL while also being FCC compliant to reduce interference.   Key Features Instant On Long Lasting Energy Efficient Bright Light   Application Areas Ideal for general lighting application such as: Kitchens Bathrooms Living Rooms Dining Rooms Basements Closets Hallways Stairwells Elevators Garages   Technical Specifications Shape: T2 Spiral (A19 replacement) Dimmable: No Base: E26 (standard) CRI: 80+ Light Direction: Omnidirectional Operating Temperature: -10°F to +140°F (-23°C to +60°C) RoHS Compliant UL Listed FCC Compliant Important Contains mercury (dispose of accordingly) Do not expose to water Outdoor use requires weather protected fixture   Eco-Friendly Packaging The protection of the environment and energy efficiency is communicated...

  • Color: 4100K Cool White
  • Brand: Xtricity
  • ASIN: B071P4SCVR
  • UPC: 621139602110
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