Swordsaxe Berserker Viking Warrior Axe - Functional Hand Forged HC Steel

Swordsaxe Berserker Viking Warrior Axe - Functional Hand

Splinter shields, helmets, and split chainmail open, that is the historical outcome of a Viking Axe used in battle. It was the mainstay of the giant warriors, who were unstoppable for centuries, and feared by empires. The Berserker is a warrior that would fight in a wild frenzy and became very strong due to the circumstances of battle. You might say a Berserker becomes excited during a fight, well, the term originated with the Vikings and the Hurstwic (axe) is the epitome of that sentiment. This is a full sized version and it is completely hand forged by a blacksmith using techniques which match the historical construction of the Viking Axe. Yes, it is functional, but we ship this axe with an angled edge that is not sharpened, so we leave the decision to sharpen it up to you. The handle is real hardwood that is sanded completely smooth and stained or rubbed down to preserve a uniform protective finish. Each piece is hand made and may contain slight variation from the picture upon careful study, due to the nature of hand forging this historically accurate piece. Specifications Overall Length: 16.125 Inches Bit Length: 6.35 Inches Bit Width: 4.05 Inches Bit Thickness: 36.5mm & 15.5mm Tapered Bit Blade: Hand Forged High Carbon Steel, Tempered, Quenched, Historically Accurat...

  • Brand: Swordsaxe
  • ASIN: B00P89EKHC
  • UPC: 635346085239

RMJ Tactical Berserker Axe Hyena Brown 3D G-10 Handle Full Tang

RMJ Tactical Berserker Axe Hyena Brown 3D G-10

RMJ's Berserker, an all-steel integral design, is based on a 9th century Viking wood axe.

  • Brand: RMJ Tactical
  • ASIN: B07CJLT4Q3
  • UPC: 651866910196

Danish War Axe

Danish War

40.75" overall. 8.13" black finish stainless axe head with 10" cutting edge. Wood handle. Brown leather sheath.

  • Brand: CAS Hanwei
  • ASIN: B00AQ6AO04

Swordsaxe Odin's Viking Axe Bearded Medieval Carbon Steel Berserker Raider War God Blade

Swordsaxe Odin's Viking Axe Bearded Medieval Carbon Steel

This authentic looking Viking warrior axe is beautifully handcrafted from high-quality materials in a fashion similar to the way it was done by the Vikings. The bit is forged from carbon steel out of a single piece, and left with a hammered texture, and a black protective finish. The haft is smooth polished solid hardwood with a natural stained finish in rich red-brown. This is a great addition to all kinds of medieval costumes. Note: This item is hand made, and may have slight variations or imperfections. Specifications Overall Length: Approx. 24 Inches Blade Length: Approx. 7 Inches Bit Width: Approx. 6.75 Inches Bit Material: Hand Forged High Carbon Steel Bit Sharpness: Angled Edge, Unsharpened Handle: Hardwood, Smooth Sanded, Naturally Stained Historically Accurate Replica, Functional After Sharpening All Specifications Are Approximate

  • Brand: Swordsaxe
  • UPC: 762432352286

Swordsaxe Bearded Viking Axe Carbon Steel Camping Tool Solid Hardwood Handle Hatchet

Swordsaxe Bearded Viking Axe Carbon Steel Camping Tool

This is an awesome medieval style bearded axe perfect for realistic Viking and Footman reenactments and costumes. The axe head is made of one solid piece of steel, and it features awesome rustic textures on the cheeks. The handle is handmade from solid hardwood, finished with a semi-gloss stain. This is a great item for anyone interested in historical themed tools, or for those who love the outdoors. Note: Due to the handmade nature of this product, slight imperfections and variations may exist Specifications Overall Length: Approx. 18 Inches (Without Sheath) Bit Length (Blade): Approx. 5.5 Inches (Linear) Bit Width: Approx. 5.5 Inches Bit Material: Solid Cast Metal, Stainless Steel Bit Sharpness: Factory Sharp, Can Be Honed To A Razor Edge Handle: Hardwood, Smooth Sanded, Naturally Stained Haft: Approx. 16 Inches, Contoured Wood Shape Includes: Genuine Leather Sheath All Specifications Are Approximate

  • Brand: Swordsaxe
  • UPC: 762432352194

Norse Legendary Berserker Psycho Battle War Foam Axe

Norse Legendary Berserker Psycho Battle War Foam

Beserkers are Norse warriors that are human but in battle enter into a nearly uncontrollable, trance-like fury, and transform into beasts. They are characterized as having bloodshot eyes, incredible strength, and endurance. Various Scandinavian kings used berserkers as part of their army or as hired men and royal bodyguards. This is where the term go berserk originated from. The Norse Legendary Berserker Psycho Battle War Foam Axe is constructed from high quality Polyurethane foam with a 10 mm inner core. Hand painted and antiqued to show years of abuse in battle. The handle simulates bone that has been tarred with the bottom wrapped with human muscle tissue and tendons then pained gold. A human skull has been crudely jammed on the pick axe at the top of the blade with the tongue protruding from the skulls jaw. A diamond crest adorns the bit cultivating the four points of elemental magic.Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire. This magic balances the rage and enables the Berserker to return to its human state after the battle rage is no longer needed. Dont hold in your fury. Let it loose and see what you become with the Norse Legendary Berserker Psycho Battle War Foam Axe.

  • Brand: MedievalDepot
  • ASIN: B01I4N2WLE
  • UPC: 648260866006

When the Axe Falls (The Omega War Book 7)

When the Axe Falls (The Omega War Book

The clouds of war continue to build…and not everyone is blind…Bjorn Tovesson III, the owner of Bjorn’s Berserkers, is a man tied to the past, but who’s not afraid to innovate. Whether it is new tactics or new equipment, Bjorn is willing to try anything, once, in an effort to grow his company into the status of the fabled Four Horsemen.Looking to the future with his eyes open, though, he has seen a series of unfortunate occurrences running through the ranks of Earth’s mercenaries. Companies in financial troubles, some taking huge losses on contracts…and others not returning from their contracts at all. His father always taught him to prepare, and Bjorn is working to diversify his operations, including moving the company to a planet with a sizable portion of aliens who are already members of the Galactic Union. Nothing bad could happen to them there, right?But as the storm clouds continue to gather, his past is on a collision course with the present, as another of Earth’s mercenary companies is out to get him…and with the support of the Mercenary Guild, they have the forces to overwhelm him! Will Bjorn’s preparations keep the Berserkers safe, or will they become yet another unfortunate occurrence?

  • ASIN: B07L4CZ412

NFL Minnesota Vikings Men's Bruiser Long Sleeve Tee, Small, Grape

NFL Minnesota Vikings Men's Bruiser Long Sleeve Tee,

Complete your throwback look with retro NFL apparel from '47 Brand. '47 Brand lets you show off your old school team pride , or just rock a really cool vintage fashion logo.

  • Color: Grape
  • Brand: '47
  • UPC: 053838413481

Berserker Viking T Shirt With Vikings Axes North Heritage

Berserker Viking T Shirt With Vikings Axes North

This Berserker TShirt has a Viking skull of the fiercest north warrior with the Berserker rune, great gift for Norse warriors fans. Viking warrior that love Vikings grab this distressed shirt for Christmas or birthday, or for your Valhalla shirts. This Berserker Shirt is a great Viking apparel for those warriors who love Odin and North gods, Viking axe, and Norse shirts. Great design for men and women, with a vintage, distressed Viking skull with the berserker rune and two axes.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Norse Viking T Shirts Co.

Stonehaven Dwarf Berserker Miniature Figure (for 28mm Scale Table Top War Games) - Made in USA

Stonehaven Dwarf Berserker Miniature Figure (for 28mm Scale

This 33mm tall male Dwarf Berserker has a great amount of detail for dungeon-crawling, RPGs and table top war games. Miniature could be used as a Barbarian, Fighter, Warrior, Bloodrager, Dual Wielding, Berserker. This Dwarf Berserker is equipped with Heavy armor, dual broad axes, skull belt buckle, spike boots and shoulder caulders. 25mm diameter slotted round plastic base included. Figure is made of 100% lead free pewter. Miniatures come unassembled and unpainted, some filing may be needed to clean up excess flashing, or sprue. The pictures of the painted miniatures are for inspiration and are only examples, these ship unpainted. Base tab on the miniature may be smaller than the slot in the provided base, some filing may be required. Choking hazard - Not suitable for Children 10 and under. Please note, some base tabs on the miniature may not fit perfectly to the base. To resolve this, you can simply bend the base tab into a shallow "V" so it touches each side of the base slot. Then drip a small amount of superglue onto each point that the tab contacts to the base. To cover the open areas of the base slot, you can glue in small pieces of construction paper over them. To give the base a more natural look, you can spread craft glue over the whole base and dip in in some dirt or san...

  • Brand: Stonehaven Miniatures
  • UPC: 849230064082
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