Kegel Fit - Pelvic Floor Exerciser/Toner - Incontinence Relief - Programs clinically Proven.

Kegel Fit - Pelvic Floor Exerciser/Toner - Incontinence

  • Brand: Tens Care
  • ASIN: B06XKJC59V

Chattanooga Stabilizer Pressure Biofeedback

Chattanooga Stabilizer Pressure

The Chattanooga Stabilizer Pressure Biofeedback is an easy to use device that provides a visual indication of whether you are working the correct postural muscles, in the right manner, when performing specific exercises. Intended for the prevention and treatment of back pain, neck pain, and to improve core stability. The Chattanooga Stabilizer provides muscle re-education using biofeedback, so the clinician and patient can determine if the patient is able to selectively isolate and maintain contractions of the cervical or lumbopelvic core stabilization muscles. The measuring range is 0-200 mmHg analog pressure with an accuracy of +/- 3 mmHz pressure. Use with exercise to protect and stabilize joints, prevent and treat lower back and neck pain, improve core stabilization exercises, and enhance home exercise programs. with continuous and proper use, you can improve your quality of life by improving muscle function, decrease pain symptoms, and subsequently decrease anti-inflammatory medications. Common aliments for use include facet syndrome, slipped disc, lower back pain, sciatica, spondylolysis, and spondylolysthesis.

  • Brand: Chattanooga
  • ASIN: B010E7MCJU
  • UPC: 764442747533

iReliev TENS + EMS Combination Unit Muscle Stimulator for Pain Relief & Arthritis & Muscle Strength - Treats Tired and Sore Muscles in Your Shoulders, Back, Ab's, Legs, Knee's and More

iReliev TENS + EMS Combination Unit Muscle Stimulator

iReliev TENS + EMS combines two therapies in 1 device the footprint of a credit card. TENS blocks Pain, EMS strengthens and helps muscle recover and heal quicker. Use What the Pro's Use. Get the Competitive Edge with On Demand Pain Relief, Muscle Strength & Performance. Great for Arthritis! Athletes & Performers have long benefited from two clinically supported therapies to help relieve pain (TENS) & improve muscle performance, strength & recovery (EMS). You can too, now with the iReliev Strength & Recovery Dual Channel EMS + TENS Combination Unit. This highly innovative device offers 14 pre-set therapy modes making this system extremely easy to use & versatile. The integrated TENS modes (P1-P8) generate a safe & effective output sensation that helps block pain or increase endorphins, a natural pain reliever. The EMS programs (P1-P6) deliver rhythmic massage-like impulses that help increase blood flow to promote muscle recovery, strength & performance. PHYSICAL THERAPIST ENDORSED: I, Joe Noel, PT, licensed Physical Therapist in the State of Florida and having practiced as a PT for the last 24 years do hereby recommend the iReliev TENS + EMS unit for treating pain & increasing muscle strength. I have used TENS & EMS in my clinical practice & recommend for home use. I believe i...

  • Brand: iReliev
  • ASIN: B011J79PNK
  • UPC: 853635002365

FDA cleared OTC HealthmateForever YK15AB TENS unit with 4 outputs, apply 8 pads at the same time, 15 modes Handheld Electrotherapy device | Electronic Pulse Massager for Electrotherapy Pain Management -- Pain Relief Therapy : Chosen by Sufferers of Tennis Elbow, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Arthritis, Bursitis, Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, Sciatica, Back Pain, Fibromyalgia, Shin Splints, Neuropathy and other Inflammation Ailments Patent No. USD723178S

FDA cleared OTC HealthmateForever YK15AB TENS unit with

Directions for use: Press the wire plug to the output port at the top of the unit; Connect the electrode pads to the electrode wire by inserting pins to the female pin electrodes; Make sure each part connected firmly. Remove the protective film and place the electrode pads on the targeted area, making sure that both pads are attached on the skin tightly and not overlapping; Turn on the unit via the on/off switch; it will automatically start from mode 1 and level 1; Change the modes by pressing one of the 15 different mode buttons displayed on the front of your device; To Control your A1/A2 ports use the intensity buttons located on the left hand side of the device. Increase the intensity by pressing intensity (+) button for the channel A in use; Please increase the intensity gradually and gently to test your acceptance level of the intensity; to decrease the strength, press the (-) button for the channel A in use; To control your B1/B2 ports use the intensity buttons located on the right-hand side of the device. Gradually increase the intensity by pressing intensity (+) button for the channel B in use; to decrease the strength, press the (-) button for the channel B in use; Intensity should be set at a level where you will experience some muscular vibration and involuntary mu...

  • Brand: HealthmateForever
  • ASIN: B00O7CM12W

Mueller Tape Wrap Premium,

Mueller Tape Wrap

U-Control is an easy to use single channel SEMG trainer to retrain pelvic floor muscles for incontinence. It enables users to self-train with prescribed exercises using either our vaginal, rectal or surface sensors.

  • Brand: Thought Technology
  • ASIN: B07B5686ZF

tDCS Device - TheBrainDriver v2. tDCS Digital Precision + Safety Features. (Everything Included. Ready-to-Use).

tDCS Device - TheBrainDriver v2. tDCS Digital Precision

tDCS - Safety Designed Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) Device with 4 Selectable Current Levels, Advanced Circuitry, LED Lit Screen for Safe Nighttime Use. TheBrainDriver Deluxe tDCS System Includes Everything You Need to Get Started; Main Unit, Comfortable Electrode Positioning Headband, Color-coded Wire set, 2 Color-coded Electrodes, 2 Pairs of Sponges, 9 volt Battery, Storage Case. Device Output Selections; 0.5mA, 1.0mA, 1.5mA, 2.0mA. Plus, Numerous Safety Features; Battery Level Indicator, 20 & 30 Minute Timer with Automatic Shut-Off at End of Session, Automatic Shut-Off When Not In Use, Automatic Shut-off when Not Properly Attached, Overload Protection. Pocket-Sized & Very Portable for Easy Travel!

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: TheBrainDriver
  • ASIN: B018AE2CV2
  • UPC: 798154088172

Kegel Exerciser with APP & Vibration: Doctor Recommended Kegel Balls for Tightening & Pelvic Floor Exercises for Beginners & Advanced - Women can Regain Bladder Control Now with Kehel by Joy ON Toys

Kegel Exerciser with APP & Vibration: Doctor Recommended

Kehel is a pelvic trainer keegle with APP (bluetooth for Android & iOS) designed for vaginial tightener and toning your pelvic floor muscles like kegel tens unit and electric device to exercise pelvic muscles. Doing goal exercises has never been so pleasure! Are you tired of sneezing, running toes or laughing?- Do you want to prepare for childbirth or recover from it?- Would you like to feel confident in the bedroom?- Have a pessary?- Do you find traditional kegal weights for women and vaginal cone boringKehel by Joy ON is the ultimate Kegel Exercise Machine and lady care device menopause to regain strength, tightness and bladder control with real time biofeedback via its interactive App ♥ Kegel balls for Beginners & Advanced♥ Noticeable Results even in the First Weeks of Use 15 minutes a day♥ Antibacterial, Body-Safe Silicone 3.3cm / 1.3in ø balls♥ Waterproof 100%♥ Incredibly Soft & Comfortable design♥ Manual Mode or via Kehel App♥ 4 Adjustable Therapeutic functions♥ 4 hours of Battery life♥ Easy clean-up & long-term DurabilityJOY ON KEHEL APP, EFFECTIVE TRAINING, REAL TIME BIOFEEDBACK-AUDIO GUIDED INTRODUCTION - Audio guided help system to assist you to learn how to correctly do the exercises.-EVALUATION - Evaluate the conditions of your pelvic muscles.-ENJOY...

  • Color: Pink
  • Brand: Joy ON
  • ASIN: B074S53CM1
  • UPC: 655222342683

K-fit Kegel Toner - Electric Pelvic Muscle Exerciser for Automatic Kegels for WOMEN

K-fit Kegel Toner - Electric Pelvic Muscle Exerciser

K-fit is an EMS device designed for women who are seeking a fast, effective way to tone and tighten their pelvic floor. Whether you're battling the disruption of age related pelvic floor weakening or the struggle of regaining tone after childbirth, K-fit can work for you. K-fit doesn't require great effort or mind numbing concentration to get amazing results. Just insert the ergonomically designed vaginal probe, clip the toning handset to your belt and go about your day! Did you know...? Pelvic toners have been prescribed to hundreds of thousands of women in the UK. They recognize that squeezing thin air isn't as effective as squeezing against resistance. The meager dozen or so clenches recommended by most ladies' magazines are ineffective compared to the hundreds produced by an EMS machine. A woman can utilize about 40% of her muscles when practicing a regular Kegel, whereas an EMS unit can activate up to 90%. Women worry about size as much as men do. Approximately 10 million women in the US are battling urinary incontinence, and for most of them the first treatment suggested by their doctor is Kegel exercises. What does it feel like...? After inserting your probe and selecting the settings that best suit your needs, your workout will begin. As you exercise, you will feel your m...

  • Brand: K-fit
  • UPC: 606860950983

Pure Enrichment PurePulse Duo EMS and TENS Combo Device with LCD Display, 8 TENS Modes, 6 EMS Programs, Adjustable Timer and 2 Channels - Includes 3 AAA Batteries, 6 Electrode Pads and Storage Bag

Pure Enrichment PurePulse Duo EMS and TENS Combo

PurePulse Duo from Pure Enrichment is an innovative, pocket-sized TENS and EMS combo device that naturally helps reduce pain, increase blood circulation and stimulate the muscles. By using PurePulse Duo just 15 minutes a day, you can save money and get doctor's office-quality pain relief in the comfort of your home. PurePulse Duo is backed by Pure Enrichment's industry-leading 3-Year Warranty so your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Two Therapy Modes Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is a safe and scientifically proven pain treatment that sends a low-voltage electric current to the skin via electrode pads. The sensation of the electric current blocks pain signals to the brain and helps to relieve persistent, chronic pain. Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) uses electric impulses to contract your muscles. The targeted stimulation is perfect for exercise prep, recovery, endurance building, and muscle strengthening. It can also be used to maintain or increase range of motion, increase local blood circulation and even treat muscle spasms. 3 Ways TENS & EMS Treatments Benefit Users Boosts Workout Recovery Time: Help your tired muscles recover more quickly with a pre-workout EMS treatment and a post-workout TENS treatment. Relieves Muscle Tension Caused by Stress or D...

  • Brand: Pure Enrichment
  • ASIN: B0109BBQMK
  • UPC: 853975005231

K-fit Kegel Toner Loop Adaptor for Prolapse

K-fit Kegel Toner Loop Adaptor for

The K-fit Loop Adaptor for Prolapse works with the K-fit Kegel Toner. It is 1 1/8" in diameter at its widest point. To connect to other devices, you must have two 2.5 mm pin connectors on a lead wire from your machine. PROBE DOES NOT COME WITH CONNECTING WIRE. The K-fit Loop Adaptor for Prolapse directs energy to the pelvic floor to facilitate toning, muscle strengthening, and general wellness, and is suitable for women with rectal prolapse. The K-fit Loop Adaptor for Prolapse cannot be used; while pregnant, if you have been fitted with an implanted insulin pump, or if you have a pacemaker. Please use caution if you are attaching the K-fit Loop Adaptor for Prolapse to an EMS or TENS device that is not intended for pelvic floor work.

  • Brand: K-fit
  • UPC: 725835973328
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