Complete Starter Guide to Whittling: 24 Easy Projects You Can Make in a Weekend (Fox Chapel Publishing) Beginner-Friendly Step-by-Step Instructions, Tips, and Ready-to-Carve Patterns for Toys & Gifts

Complete Starter Guide to Whittling: 24 Easy Projects

You can whittle just about anything—the only limit is your imagination! Inside this comprehensive whittler's starter guide you'll find:24 easy-to-make whittling projectsStep-by-step instructionsHow-to photosReady-to-carve patternsHow to whittle classic toys, useful gifts, and fun displaysWhittling techniques for twigs and branchesThe 4 basic knife cuts that most whittlers useWhat to look for when choosing a whittling knifeHow to sharpen your knife for safe and enjoyable whittlingIt's so easy to get started in this relaxing and rewarding hobby. All you need is a knife, a twig, and this book!We've assembled a team of 12 leading woodcarvers to bring you a complete starter's guide to whittling. They present 24 easy whittling projects that you can make in just a weekend, complete with step-by-step instructions, how-to photographs, ready-to-carve patterns, and helpful tips.Start off with fast and fun projects that build confidence and teach fundamental carving techniques, like a simple flying propeller or a 5-minute owl. Then move on to create whittled wonders like a musical frog or a slingshot. The authors show you how to whittle complex designs in easy steps, so that you'll soon be carving attention-getting favorites like chain links or the classic ball-in-a-cage.

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20-Minute Whittling Projects: Fun Things to Carve from Wood (Fox Chapel Publishing) Step-by-Step Instructions & Photos to Whittle Expressive Figures; Wizards, Gargoyles, Dogs, & More for Gift-Giving

20-Minute Whittling Projects: Fun Things to Carve from

Learn the fast and simple way to whittle in this fun introduction to woodcarving. Discover how to whittle in less time while you have more fun! Perfect entry-level book for anyone who wants to learn whittling Quick & easy projects to whittle wizards, gargoyles, ornaments, dogs, & more in 20 minutes or less Step-by-step instructions & photographs Essential advice on safety, basic cuts, sharpening, & finishing One of the joys of whittling with a pocket knife is that you can do it just about anywhere. You don't need any fancy equipment... and you don't even need much spare time. Author Tom Hindes demonstrates his easy-to-learn, quick-cut method for whittling expressive little figures from wood in just 20 minutes or less. With his friendly instructions and step-by-step photos, you'll learn to carve an endless array of charming wizards, gnomes, gargoyles, ornaments, dogs, leprechauns, and more. These super-short projects are perfect for learning basic caricature carving skills. They also make wonderful little gifts for random acts of kindness. Leave one along with your tip at the local restaurant, or give one to your favorite cashier. Children especially enjoy receiving them as souvenirs! This is the perfect entry-level book for anyone who wants to learn whittling. It provides an ac...

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Quick & Cute Carving Projects: Patterns for 46 Projects to Carve in One Day (Woodcarving Illustrated Books) (Fox Chapel Publishing) Easy, Beginner-Friendly Techniques for Caricatures In-the-Round

Quick & Cute Carving Projects: Patterns for 46

From snowmen and Santas to puppies, pigs, and pirates, even beginning carvers can make 46 charming animal, holiday, & fantasy carvings with Quick & Cute Carving Projects! Accessible introduction to woodcarving for beginners Learn the basics of carving "in the round" the quick and easy way Premade blanks and simple cuts give new carvers instant success, are less frustrating, and help make first projects fast & fun Make charming animal, holiday, and fantasy caricatures with patterns for everything from a happy dog to a magical wizard 44 ready-to-use patterns of farm animals, holiday themes, and fairy tale characters Special holiday patterns for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, & more Step-by-step carving and painting instructions, with color photos Author Lorie Dickie shows how to get started making adorable caricature carvings using just a blank basswood "egg" and a few simple cuts. Readily available at craft stores, pre-cut basswood eggs are a great way to learn the basics of in-the-round woodcarving. These premade blanks allow new carvers to achieve instant success, and help make the first project fast and fun. Lorie's clear carving and painting instructions walk you through the entire process with step-by-step color photographs. Ready-to-use holiday-themed patterns are inc...

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The Complete Book of Woodcarving: Everything You Need to Know to Master the Craft (Fox Chapel Publishing) Comprehensive Guide with Expert Instruction, 8 Beginner-Friendly Projects, and Over 350 Photos

The Complete Book of Woodcarving: Everything You Need

From making the first cut to applying the finish, this comprehensive resource covers every aspect of woodcarving! Eight classic projects that will help you confidently build your skills and refine your talents How to sharpen your tools like an expert, and how to fix improperly sharpened tools Fundamental and complex carving techniques, including the push cut, pull cut, stop cut, slicing cut, and chip cut Tools and shop setup: Learn the available carving tools and how to use them, plus how to design your carving workspace Learn every classic carving style, from incised to chip, to low relief, to flat plane Wood, paint, and finishes: Learn how and why to select certain wood for your projects; learn about the available paints and finishes and how to properly use them Expert instruction from author Everett Ellenwood, a nationally known carving instructor with nearly 40 years of carving experience If you're a woodworker expanding your talents, a seasoned carver brushing up on your technique, or a beginner newly introduced to this fun and fulfilling craft, you only need one carving book: The Complete Book of Woodcarving! Inside this comprehensive and fully illustrated reference, Everett Ellenwood, a popular and nationally known carving instructor, has packed 40 years of carving "know...

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How to Whittle: 25 Beautiful Projects to Carve by Hand

How to Whittle: 25 Beautiful Projects to Carve

The age-old woodworking technique, whittling, is growing in popularity. How to Whittle presents 25 beautiful whittling projects to make and is paired with advice on selecting the best wood for your projects and details on finishes, making these simple projects ideal for beginners. Full-color photography and step-by-step instructions guide whittling newbies through the process, from selecting and maintaining carving knives to mastering luxurious finishing techniques, ensuring success as they learn this craft. Serious woodworkers will love the creative dimensions that whittling introduces to their projects. Includes advice on selecting the best wood for your projects, selecting and maintaining carving knives to finishing techniques such as sanding, oiling, and curing surfaces. Projects can be made using just a couple of knives and a piece of wood!

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How to Carve Wood: A Book of Projects and Techniques

How to Carve Wood: A Book of Projects

Woodcarver Richard Butz teaches chapter by chapter whittling, chip carving, wildlife carving, relief carving, lettering, and architectural carving. In How to Carve Wood, the reader learns by doing, working through carefully illustrated and progressively more challenging exercises and projects. Butz provides scaled patterns for each project and ends each chapter with a gallery of additional projects using the techniques learned.

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Relief Carving Workshop: Techniques, Projects & Patterns for the Beginner (Fox Chapel Publishing) Comprehensive Guidebook from Lora S. Irish with Easy-to-Learn Step-by-Step Instructions & Exercises

Relief Carving Workshop: Techniques, Projects & Patterns for

If you want to master the art of carving in relief, this comprehensive guidebook will teach you all you need to know! Clear, in-depth instructions Step-by-step exercises How-to photographs 11 original projects Relief Carving Workshop takes you through every element of the relief carving process, from start to finish. Acclaimed carver and instructor Lora S. Irish shows you the easy way to learn, with step-by-step exercises on a practice board that introduce all of the essential cuts, contouring, and smoothing steps used in basic relief woodcarving. She reveals how easy it is to make each individual stroke, and shows how great relief carving simply involves using these same cuts over and over again. Clear, in-depth instructions and dozens of how-to photographs accompany eleven original new projects. You'll learn how to handle your tools, prepare a wood surface, follow a pattern, and apply a finish. With a few sharp tools, a smooth piece of wood, and this new book, you'll soon be confidently carving exquisite birds & animals, portraits, dragons, landscapes, wood spirits, flowers, borders, Celtic knots, and more.

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Tom Wolfe Carves Wood Spirits and Walking Sticks (Schiffer Book for Woodcarvers)

Tom Wolfe Carves Wood Spirits and Walking Sticks

Legend has it that the forest of the world are inhabited by elusive creatures known as "Wood Spirits." Tom Wolfe finds them everywhere and brings them to life in this delightful new instructional book. Using found wood such as driftwood, roots, and old beams from dilapidated barns, he leads the reader through the carving of wondrous, fanciful faces, that are both enchanting and beautiful. On a smaller scale, Tom also finds the Wood Spirits in walking sticks, creating treasures that are handsome and functional at the same time. Tom has been carving these Spirits for years, and they are constantly in demand. Now he leads the carver, step-by-step, through their creation, each step illustrated in beautiful color photographs. An extensive gallery is included, jam-packed with examples and ideas for the reader's own work.

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How To Carve A Wood Spirit

How To Carve A Wood

The How To Carve a Wood Spirit Book is a complete how to with step by step pictures. The how to carve a Wood Spirit book covers information on choosing the cotton wood bark, using the tools, and carving the wood spirit If you ever wanted the basics for caving here is your opportunity. Carving is fun and easy. With practice you can create your own creatures and Wood Spirits. Wood Spirits make excellent gifts for the person who has every thing. Learn from Betty Robertson who has taught local classes and has been carving years.

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Chainsaw Carving a Bear: A Complete Step-By-Step Guide (Fox Chapel Publishing) Beginner-Friendly Details and Easy-to-Follow Illustrated Instructions for How to Carve Realistic and Caricature Bears

Chainsaw Carving a Bear: A Complete Step-By-Step Guide

Discover the artistic side of your chainsaw! Step-by-step demonstrations for chainsaw carving both realistic and caricature bears Over 300 photos help you follow along as well as provide references of live bears Beginner-friendly advice and easy-to-follow instructions to help you get started 3 complete projects progressively build your skills Chainsaw carving is a popular hobby for woodworkers and a lucrative way to earn money selling carvings. Now you can learn the secrets to transforming an ordinary piece of wood into a striking work of art with the easy-to-follow instructions in this book! Inside Chainsaw Carving a Bear you'll find 3 step-by-step projects for carving realistic and caricature bears with a chainsaw, each project rich with photographic detail of every cut. Author Jamie Doeren covers tools, safety, layout, reference material, and basic chainsaw cuts, along with tips for designing your own chainsaw bear project. Follow along with the author as he guides you through 3 projects, starting with a beginner project (Cub in a Stump), then an intermediate project (Caricature Bear with Welcome Sign), and finally an advanced project (Growling Grizzly). As you work through each carving, you will sharpen your chainsaw skills and grow the confidence to start making your own m...

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Carve!: A Book on Wood, Knives and Axes

Carve!: A Book on Wood, Knives and

Hailing from Sweden, this comprehensive guide to woodcraft and the art of carving is the only handbook you will ever need. From identifying trees and picking the right wood to carving safety, necessary tools and how to care for them, Carve! is an inspiring blend of nature lore and good design. With charming and detailed step-by-step photographs and illustrations and more than a dozen fun and unique projects, the essentials are covered to get started and learn a new skill or hone an existing one. Projects include wooden utensils, vessels and boxes, jewelry, hair combs, musical instruments and even a muddler to complete your bar kit. Sure to be a classic for years to come!

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Block Print: Everything you need to know for printing with lino blocks, rubber blocks, foam sheets, and stamp sets

Block Print: Everything you need to know for

Learn to create classic block print patterns for greeting cards, wallpaper, book illustrations and more with Andrea Lauren's easy step-by-step instruction!Artist and Designer Lauren shows you simple techniques for creating your own printing blocks out of art-foam. With no cutting and chiseling, these art-foam blocks can be made into shapes and patterns using only scissors and a pencil. Use these printing blocks, or purchased stamps, to create repeat patterns or bundled groupings to get that classic block print look for wallpaper, book illustrations, framing prints, greeting cards, gift wrap, fabric prints, and so much more! Throughout the book, find inspiration from selected works of block print artists from around the world. The new, easy-to-use block printing materials are great for beginners and skilled artists alike. Make your mark with Block Print!

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Iwami Netsuke carve in wood Takumi tell: How carved netsuke he wanted to be able to

Iwami Netsuke carve in wood Takumi tell: How

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The Artful Wooden Spoon: How to Make Exquisite Keepsakes for the Kitchen

The Artful Wooden Spoon: How to Make Exquisite

Marvels of craftsmanship, beauty, and function, Joshua Vogel's hand-carved kitchenware is coveted far and wide. In The Artful Wooden Spoon, Vogel shares more than 100 gorgeous pieces from his workshop gallery, providing rich visual inspiration along with explaining the principles behind handcrafting spoons and sharing simple instructions and step-by-step photographs—no expertise and very few tools required. With more than 225 photographs of Vogel's stunning specimens, this visual introduction to the craft is an invitation to explore an age-old art and to create a timeless gift.

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Learn to Carve a Wood Spirit (Booklet): Companion Guide to Wood Spirit Study Stick

Learn to Carve a Wood Spirit (Booklet): Companion

Harold Enlow gives step-by-step instructions for carving a wood spirit in this full-color booklet.

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Carving Faces Workbook: Learn to Carve Facial Expressions with the Legendary Harold Enlow (Fox Chapel Publishing) Detailed Lips, Eyes, Noses, and Hair to Add Expressive Life to Your Woodcarvings

Carving Faces Workbook: Learn to Carve Facial Expressions

Pull up a seat next to Harold's carving bench as he teaches you how to carve faces with life and expression while sharing decades of carving tips and techniques! Learn from Harold Enlow, one of America's foremost caricature carvers:How to carve faces such as Cowboy, Santa, Wood Spirit, Witch, Ugly Faces, & moreHow to render highly-detailed features like eyes, lips, nose, hair, & earsHow to add life and expression to your carvingsClear, easy-to-follow instructionsDetailed patternsMasterful tips & techniques gathered over decades of carvingEach project is done in small steps that guarantee successFollow along as the legendary Harold Enlow, a founding member of the Caricature Carvers of America, teaches you how to carve faces with life and expression.Enlow shares his masterful woodcarving tips and techniques that make his carvings stand out in this information-packed book. You'll learn to carve a female face, a cowboy face, a Native American face, a Santa face, and more. Best of all, you'll discover Enlow's secret to success: Learning how to render highly detailed eyes, lips, nose, hair, and ears before moving on to carving a complete face.Inside this workbook, you'll find clear, easy-to-follow instructions and detailed patterns for carving a variety of faces. Each project is done i...

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How to Carve a Woodspirit in a Hiking Stick

How to Carve a Woodspirit in a Hiking

Learn to carve a woodspirit in a hiking stick by following step by step photos and text instruction. The book also includes sections for carving your woodspirit with an optional mustache and closed eyes. Sections also included are tool and stick selection and a gallery of finished woodspirits.

  • Brand: Brand: AlpineViews Publishing
  • ASIN: 0975300202

Cane Topper Woodcarving: Projects, Patterns, and Essential Techniques for Custom Canes and Walking Sticks (Fox Chapel Publishing) Step-by-Step Instructions and Expert Advice from Lora S. Irish

Cane Topper Woodcarving: Projects, Patterns, and Essential Techniques

Discover how to create unique and beautiful canes that will be treasured as useful works of art! 4 detailed step-by-step tutorials for creating expressive canes 6 joinery methods for strong and durable joints between cane topper and staff Expert advice on carving expressive cane toppers from basswood blocks Useful tips for adding joint covers, hand grips, and custom features Using found wood, learn how to source and prepare staffs, plus find a guide to basic cane construction techniques Legendary carving artist Lora S. Irish introduces you to all of the essential components and techniques of cane topper carving in this comprehensive guide. Chock full of important tips and tricks, Cane Topper Woodcarving will teach you how to take full advantage of this fun and rewarding carving genre. With step-by-step projects, ready-to-use patterns, and beautiful color photographs, Lora provides expert advice on sourcing, carving, joinery, finishing, customization, and more.

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Carving Undercover Santas: 12 Projects in Wood with Patterns and Painting Instructions (Fox Chapel Publishing) Carve Santa in Disguise as a Principal, Policeman, Fireman, Lifeguard, Coach, and More

Carving Undercover Santas: 12 Projects in Wood with

Make Santa a part of your decor all year long!12 projects for carving Santa in various off-season disguisesStep-by-step instructions to carve and paint each pieceSanta is disguised as a fireman, lifeguard, sport coach, policeman, and moreAuthor Russell Scott is a skilled wood carving artist known for his Santa caricaturesHe's always watching, but have you ever wondered how? While incognito, of course!Carving Undercover Santas features 12 projects for carving Santa in disguise, along with templates, step-by-step instructions, and painting tips. Create Santa as a principal, policeman, park ranger, lifeguard, basketball coach, fireman, and more!Author Russell Scott is an award-winning carving artist and instructor that is known for his distinctive style of caricature Santa carving.Carve Santa in all of his off-season disguises, and you can make him a part of your décor not just at Christmas, but all year round!

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Caricature Soldiers: From the Civil War to the World Wars and Today: Patterns and Techniques for 12 Woodcarving Projects (Fox Chapel Publishing) Learn to Carve Whimsical Marines, Flyboys, WACs, & More

Caricature Soldiers: From the Civil War to the

Discover the creative art of caricature carving, and start making your own whimsical versions of classic service personalities! 12 patterns for interesting characters from the Marine Corps, Air Force, Navy (including Shore Patrol), and Army (including WACs) Step-by-step carving and painting instructions—learn on a sailor pattern, then translate your new skills to every other pattern in the book Inspirational gallery of completed caricature soldiers and uniform trivia to spark your creativity More than 100 photos of step-by-step carving instructions and finished pieces Learn the basics of wood selection, tools, and finishing, including a step-by-step tutorial on carving & painting expressive eyes Throughout human history, ordinary soldiers have demonstrated their character and done their duty. Now you can learn to make your own whimsical versions of these expressive wooden warriors! Award-winning carving instructor Floyd Rhadigan takes you step-by-step through the entire process of carving and painting a memorable, fun, and gallant military figure. Patterns are provided for both modern and historic service personnel, from the Civil War, WWI, and WWII to the present day. You'll learn to carve interesting characters from the Marine Corps, Air Force, Navy (including Shore Patrol)...

  • Brand: Design Originals
  • ASIN: 1565239059

Relief Carving Wood Spirits, Revised Edition: A Step-By-Step Guide for Releasing Faces in Wood

Relief Carving Wood Spirits, Revised Edition: A Step-By-Step

With this book any carver can stand beside the workbench of acclaimed artist Lora S. Irish and learn everything she has to teach about creating an expressive wood spirit. Lora clearly explains the relief carving process from start to finish: every cut, every tool change, and every depth check. The entire craft is here, from preparing the wood to roughing out and detailing the wood spirit to applying a long-lasting finish. No step is left out and no technique is left unexplained. The author shares her tips for creating realistic and detailed facial features like eyelids, windswept hair, beards, and the ever-important mustache. Best of all, when the step-by-step project is complete, Relief Carving Wood Spirits, Revised Edition offers 20 more original patterns to keep any carver busy for seasons to come.

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  • ASIN: 1565238028

Carving Spoons, Revised Second Edition: Welsh Love Spoons, Celtic Knots, and Contemporary Favorites (Fox Chapel Publishing) 45 Full-Size Patterns & Step-by-Step Photos to Carve Your First Wooden Spoon

Carving Spoons, Revised Second Edition: Welsh Love Spoons,

Enter the fascinating world of spoon carving! 45 full-size patterns with dozens of mix-and-match designs including Celtic knots, hearts, words, flowers, and more Step-by-step instructions for carving your first spoon and a Welsh Love Spoon Practical tips on tools, sharpening, safety, wood, sanding, and finishing Inspiring photo gallery of beautiful finished spoons Short history on the Welsh Love Spoon and an introduction to Scandinavian spoon making Carving Spoons, Revised Second Edition is your introduction to the fascinating world of these hand-crafted objects of utility and sentiment. Spoons make fun, simple projects that develop your carving creativity and self-expression. Classic in simplicity of form, spoons can be carved in an endless assortment of shapes ranging from primitive to traditional to contemporary. In many cultures, love spoon designs also carry specific meanings for courtship, marriage, and even how many children you desire! This book shows how to elevate the humble wooden spoon from a utilitarian object to a love token or a work of art. Spoon carving instructor Shirley Adler will get you started making beautiful spoons to keep for yourself or give away. All you need are a few small scraps of wood and some common carving tools. Shirley provides step-by-step i...

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The Little Book of Whittling: Passing Time on the Trail, on the Porch, and Under the Stars (Woodcarving Illustrated Books) (Fox Chapel Publishing) Instructions for 18 Down-Home Style Projects

The Little Book of Whittling: Passing Time on

Unwind and relax the old-fashioned way as you whittle away time on your porch or under the stars! Inside, you'll find easy-to-follow instruction on:Convenient & portable 6" x 9" pocket sizeAdvice on tools and materials, including what wood is best to carveHow to get started, including choosing and sharpening the best knife18 projects including knives, forks, spoons, birds, animals, trees, flowers, whistles, & walking sticksAuthor Chris Lubkemann uses his 40 years' whittling experience to provide you with clear guidance on becoming an expert whittlerWith a friendly, down-home style, this guide encourages you to whittle away the hours! Whether you're a beginner looking for an easy way to get started in the most basic form of woodcarving, or an advanced carver looking for a relaxing way to spend your free time, The Little Book of Whittling will give you the how-to instruction you need to become an accomplished whittler.This instructional manual provides 18 projects, including knives, forks, birds, animals, trees, and flowers. Chapters detail the proper whittling tools and materials, including what woods are best to carve, and how to start projects by selecting and safely sharpening the best knife for each project.Whether on your front porch—or in the back woods—The Little Book o...

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Flexcut
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Chris Pye's Woodcarving Course & Reference Manual: A Beginner's Guide to Traditional Techniques (Fox Chapel Publishing) Relief Carving and In-the-Round Step-by-Step (Woodcarving Illustrated Books)

Chris Pye's Woodcarving Course & Reference Manual: A

A comprehensive guide akin to having a one-on-one course with a master carver! Learn step-by-step: Clear instructions and color photos take you through every step of the carving process, from grips to simple exercises to practice projects for carving in the round Workbench, tools, & wood: Learn the details of what to look for in a workbench and its accessories; what tools are available, what they each can do, and which ones you need to get started; and how to choose the best woods to carve Commission & sharpen: Learn how to commission your carving tools from gouges to bevels—simply being sharp is not the whole story Exacting cuts: Learn how to safely make precise cuts with your tools using different grips and angles, including running cut, stabbing cut, stop cut, sweep cut, slicing cut, and more Practice exercises: Learn how to execute a variety of techniques by applying what you've learned to various practicing activities designed to get you comfortable with using your new woodcarving tools correctly Relief and in-the-round projects: Step-by-step, you'll learn how to carve in low relief, high relief, and pierced relief, as well as a wren and a baseball cap in-the-round The first step into a new craft can be overwhelming: Where to start? What tools to buy? What...

  • Brand: Design Originals
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  • UPC: 858924001845

How To Carve A Wood Spirit

How To Carve A Wood

  • ASIN: B0018T1BZK

Carving: How to Carve Wood and Stone (Beginning Artist's Library)

Carving: How to Carve Wood and Stone (Beginning

Introduces the tools and techniques for carving wood and stone

  • ASIN: 0201091607

Manual of Traditional Wood Carving

Manual of Traditional Wood

Do you want to make an exact replica of a 16th-century carved table? Perhaps, an armchair in carved oak? Maybe, a misericord seat or a 17th-century chair. What about an Italian cassone or coffer, or an ornate 19th-century pipe rack? This book will show you how to make these and many other projects. The book combines practical instruction with numerous photographic illustrations and working diagrams. The summation of years of research and practical work, this volume is the definitive work in English on the craft of traditional wood carving.For the serious-minded beginner, the instructional content is well-organized, easy-to-follow, and very precise. The authors begin with the basics: what tools and appliances are necessary, what woods to use, instruction in the actual cutting of wood. There are chapters on how to translate your ideas into wood, how to design, trace or outline your project. The various methods of practical carving are described; incised, pierced, and chip carving; carving in the round; Gothic carving; styles of carved ornament; etc. Many specific projects are offered: from the simplest — small boxes, bread platters, chests, chairs and stools — to the more complex — tables, cupboards and cabinets, beds, sideboards, even staircases, or for that matter, almos...

  • ASIN: 0486234894
  • UPC: 800759234899

How To Carve A Wood Spirit

How To Carve A Wood

A complete How To Carve a Wood Spirit DVD. With step by step Instructions for Beginners DVD covers complete instruction on carving tools and carving the Wood Spirit beginning to end. If you ever wanted the basics for caving here is your opportunity. Carving is fun and easy. With practice you can create your own creatures and Wood Spirits. Wood Spirits make excellent gifts for the person who has every thing. Learn from Betty Robertson who has taught local classes and has been carving years. The Movie covers tools used and complete carving of the Wood Spirit

  • ASIN: B0014A88JK
  • UPC: 883629489636

Fine Art of Carving Lovespoons: Understanding, Designing, and Carving Romantic Heirlooms (Fox Chapel Publishing) 15 Patterns, Step-by-Step Instructions, & a Detailed History of Carving Spoons for Love

Fine Art of Carving Lovespoons: Understanding, Designing, and

Learn to create a hand-carved symbol of affection that has been popular for centuries: The lovespoon! Fine Art of Carving Lovespoons is a comprehensive guide to this captivating craft, including: 15 stylish patterns featuring a range of traditional lovespoon symbols 3 step-by-step projects with detailed instructions for carving a beginner, intermediate, and advanced lovespoon Over 300 helpful photos illustrating the whole process of carving a lovespoon from beginning to end The fundamentals of lovespoon carving, including wood selection, tools, sharpening, and carving techniques, plus tips for applying a long-lasting finish A detailed exploration of the rich history, symbolism, and evolution of the lovespoon carving tradition across cultures An inspiring gallery of gorgeous work from the world's best lovespoon carvers Romantic hand-carved expressions of devotion, wooden lovespoons have been given as tokens of love and affection for centuries. These beautiful ornaments have stood the test of time, and author David Western—a professional lovespoon carver and artist—has spent years perfecting the classic art. In Fine Art of Carving Lovespoons, Western offers the most complete guide available to studying and carving these timeless and treasured heirlooms. You'll find everything...

  • Brand: Design Originals
  • ASIN: 1565233743

Flexcut Carving Knives, Starter Set, with Ergonomic Handles and Carbon Steel Blades, Set of 3 (KN500)

Flexcut Carving Knives, Starter Set, with Ergonomic Handles

This Flexcut starter knife set includes three of the most popular knives whether you are just beginning or a professional wood carver. The set includes: The Cutting Knife (KN12) featuring a more rounded point, is extremely durable and its 1-1/4 inch blade is beveled, the Detail Knife (KN13) featuring very fine point for making narrow cuts and has a 1-1/2 inch straight blade and the Roughing Knife (KN14) featuring a longer, straighter blade and a rounded durable point for removing more stock. The knives have a high carbon blade that holds an edge extremely well

  • Color: 3-Piece Knife Starter Set
  • Brand: Flexcut Tool
  • ASIN: B003Z7XNUO
  • UPC: 033333483912

Getting Started with 3D Carving: Five Step-by-Step Projects to Launch You on Your Maker Journey

Getting Started with 3D Carving: Five Step-by-Step Projects

This book was written for people who have never used a 3D carving machine. It teaches the basics of designing and making things with Inventables' software (Easel) and 3D carving machines (X-Carve and Carvey). We'll take you step-by-step through five projects you can build yourself as a beginner: an inspiration tile, kitchen cutting board, custom block stamp, fidget spinner, and balsa wood glider. The book also features aspirational projects from makers in the community, like an electric guitar, to show what is possible through 3D carving. The design files and instructions for projects - ranging from beginner to expert - can be found on the Inventables website.

  • ASIN: 1680450999

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Whittling Book: 43 Easy Projects (Fox Chapel Publishing) Step-by-Step Instructions to Carve Useful & Whimsical Objects with Just an Original Swiss Army Knife & a Twig

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Whittling Book: 43 Easy

Expert craftsman Chris Lubkemann reveals his award-winning whittling secrets! 43 easy projects requiring little more than an Original Swiss Army Knife, a twig, & a few minutes of your time Beginner-friendly advice on getting started such as choosing your knife, the best wood for whittling, & basic cutting strokes Step-by-step instructions & photographs Useful & practical projects like forks, spoons, & knitting needles Cute animal projects like an owl, alligator, and bird Curl-carving projects like a rooster, flower, and squirrel Fun toys, jewelry trees, slices, and more A good knife is all you need to start whittling. Whether you're in front of a campfire or waiting for a bus, whittling is the creative way to unwind and have fun! In this book, world-famous whittler Chris Lubkemann shows you how to carve useful and whimsical objects with nothing more than an Original Swiss Army Knife, a twig, and a few minutes of time. Learn to choose your wood, sharpen your blade, and control your knife, with dozens of easy step-by-step projects. Published in collaboration with Victorinox AG, makers of the Original Swiss Army Knife. Victorinox Swiss Army's products represent a proud 130-year family-owned heritage of commitment to quality and innovation in both multifunctional and iconic design ...

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Carve in Wood

Carve in

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Carving Creative Walking Sticks and Canes: 13 Projects To Carve in Wood (Fox Chapel Publishing) Step-by-Step Instructions & Photos for Intermediate and Advanced Carvers, with Helpful Stickmaking Tips

Carving Creative Walking Sticks and Canes: 13 Projects

Put your wood carving skills to practical use! 13 creative projects for canes & walking sticks for intermediate and advanced woodcarvers Step-by-step instructions and photography, including painting and finishing instructions Projects include carving various animal heads on top of derby sticks, pistol-grips, lyre-shaped thumb sticks, gent's walking sticks, and more Helpful information on types of wood, joining heads and shanks, and more This must-have stickmaking book features 13 woodcarving projects with step-by-step instructions and photography for making creative and elegant walking sticks. Projects are included for both intermediate and advanced wood carvers. Painting and finishing instructions are provided, as well as helpful information on types of wood used for walking stick shanks, methods for joining a head to a shank, and more! From a simple lyre-shaped thumbstick and a gentleman's walking stick to derby sticks with the head of a fox, eagle, Labrador retriever, black swan, and other animals, you'll enjoy putting your carving skills to the test by creating these beautifully useful walking sticks and canes. Author Paul Purnell is a self-taught wood carver. He has been carving for 15 years and specializes in birds, animals, and other wildlife. His carving style includes ...

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Wood Carving For Beginners

Wood Carving For

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The Book of Wood Carving: Technique, Designs and Projects

The Book of Wood Carving: Technique, Designs and

"This is an absolutely first-rate book for beginners in wood sculpture, well thought out and well executed. It is exceptional in the quality of its illustrations, and contains many original and unusual conceptions and designs." — E. J. Tangerman.In answer to complaints from students that there was no concise, simple text on wood carving, Charles Marshall Sayers, a nationally famous teacher and craftsman, wrote this book. It is still the finest book for the beginning student in wood sculpture. In clear, straightforward language, Sayers carefully guides the reader through the fundamentals — what tools and materials to use, how to use them. There are lessons and designs for incised carving, relief carving, and other cutting methods. Sayers discusses woods suitable for carving, stains and finishes, preliminary and advanced methods of preparing woods for finishing, even how to make a  workbench.The 34 illustrated designs for over 34 projects encourage the student to build slowly and methodically a sound, practical technique while creating objects of beauty and utility. All of the projects employ only four tools (one straight parting tool, three different sizes of straight gouges). With this book you can make panels for cabinets, chests, and doors; borders; table aprons; chair and...

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Better Homes and Gardens Wood Apr/Jun 1991 Carve Cigar Sore Indian

Better Homes and Gardens Wood Apr/Jun 1991 Carve

Vintage Issue Of Better Homes andamp; Gardens WOOD Magazine April/June 1991 ABOVE AVERAGE Condition: Exterior shows light wear, interior is very clean. Probably Never Read. All Magazines Come Bagged And Boarded


Carve: A Simple Guide to Whittling

Carve: A Simple Guide to

Whittle a beautiful spoon, comb, pair of dice, and more with this fresh introduction to a folksy craft. Carve modernizes a mindful hobby that people have turned to for generations to help them slow down, relax, and connect with the outdoors. Choose from a dozen projects with bespoke details, all are designed to be useful at home or while camping. And because these objects are small, they require only a few hours and a tool or two to complete. You'll also learn how to choose the right knife and wood, helpful information on techniques and safety, and tips for refining, personalizing and maintaining your piece. Whether you're headed to the woods or just to the porch, this pocket-sized guide will have you carving your own unique designs in no time.

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Personalized Family Name Signs MOON CARVED Custom Wood Sign Last name Rustic Moon Wedding Gift Established gift for couple personalized sign Pine Tree Custom Carve housewarming outdoorsman gift

Personalized Family Name Signs MOON CARVED Custom Wood

YOU ARE LOOKING AT A 9.25" X 24" CARVED WOODEN SIGN-- Artwork as displayed in the picture. This can have the Surname-first names-date within the sign THIS IS DONE IN A BEAUTIFUL TWO TONE STAIN FINISH ON 3/4" SOLID PINE THAT WE FINISH WITH A SEALER. WE WILL ADD 2 SAW TOOTH HANGERS ON THE BACK FOR QUICK AND EASY HANGING *NOTICE THE 3D APPEARANCE WHAT A WONDERFUL GIFT FOR THAT SPECIAL COUPLE. ALL OF OUR SIGNS ARE TRULY ONE OF A KIND WITH THEIR OWN UNIQUE BEAUTY OF THE WOOD. WE DO NOT CONSIDER THE KNOTS AND GRAINS TO BE A FLAW OR DEFECT TO THE SIGN. IT SIMPLY SHOWS THE NATURAL CHARACTERISTICS OF THE WOOD On signs with the surname in the background-Names that are written similar to McName, we will write it as McNAME. It is Grammatically Correct to have the name written McName as McNAME and with these styles it will show up BEST THIS WAY. Please email if you have any questions PLEASE ALLOW 5-8 BUSINESS DAYS FOR COMPLETION OF THE SIGN AND 4-5 BUSINESS DAYS FOR DELIVERY within THE UNITED STATES VIA USPS *OUTDOOR SIGN STATEMENT**FINISHING OF SIGNS *We put an indoor/outdoor sealant on our signs but DO NOT recommend that they be placed outdoors in the direct elements. The harsh wind, rain, snow and sun can wear the finish off and damage the sign. If a person decides to place outside we sugg...

  • Color: brown wood tones
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Woodcarver's Workbook: Two Volumes in One!

Woodcarver's Workbook: Two Volumes in

Get started in woodcarving animals with these high quality patterns and illustrated instructions from Mary Duke Guldan. You only need a simple craft knife. Two volumes in one! Cougars, rabbits, wolves, dogs, whitetail deer, bighorn sheep, mustang, unicorn and moose all included.

  • Brand: Design Originals
  • ASIN: 1565237463
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