Tripp Lite HDMI Over Cat5 / Cat6 Extender, Receiver for Video and Audio 1920x1200 1080p at 60Hz(B126-1P0)

Tripp Lite HDMI Over Cat5 / Cat6 Extender,

The B126-1P0 is a receiver unit that is used with the B126-002 and B126-004 transmitter units. It extends a 1080p (60Hz) signal to a monitor up to 50 ft. away using Cat5e/6 cable. To achieve maximum distance and resolution, use 24Awg Solid Wire Cat5e/6 cable. (Tripp Lite's N202-Series) No power is required, and its built-in HDMI male connector plugs directly into a monitor without the need for an additional cable. Supports 24-bit True Color (8-bits per channel), HDCP, 3D, and both stereo audio and 7.1 channel surround sound audio (7.1 channel surround sound signal will be Multi-Channel or PCM). Installation is simple. Connect the transmitter unit to an HDMI source using a Tripp Lite P568-Series HDMI cable (not included). Connect the built-in HDMI connector on the receiver unit directly to a display. Finally, connect the receiver to the RJ45 port on the transmitter using a single Cat5e/6 cable.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Tripp Lite
  • ASIN: B003VXV8G8
  • UPC: 071020043261

Tripp Lite VGA Over Cat5 / Cat6 Extender, Receiver, 1920x1440 at 60Hz (B132-100-1)

Tripp Lite VGA Over Cat5 / Cat6 Extender,

Tripp Lite's B132-100-1 works with a B132-002-1 or B132-004-1 local unit to extend a 1024 x 768 (60Hz) video signal up to 1,000 ft. from the source when using 24Awg, Solid Wire Cat5e/6 cable. For optimal video image quality between 500 and 1,000 ft., use Zero-Skew cable, such as Tripp Lite P524-01K. A maximum resolution of 1920 x 1440 (60Hz) is supported. Features built-in Equalization and Gain controls to adjust the video image. Includes mounting hardware that allows unit to be wall mounted, rack mounted or pole mounted. Ideal for digital signage situations, such as retail, schools, churches, etc. 1 year limited warranty.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Tripp Lite
  • UPC: 373321601264

OREI 164-Feet HDMI Extender Over Single CAT5/CAT6 upto 1080p, Full HD, Loop Out Option, with IR (EX-165C)

OREI 164-Feet HDMI Extender Over Single CAT5/CAT6 upto

Uses one piece of CAT6 cable to extend the HDTV display up to 164 feet (50 meters) for 1080p. It not only breaks the limitation of the HDMI cable transmission length but also has more flexibility and convenience in cable construction. It is equipped with HDMI (high definition multimedia interface) connector and is capable of supporting DVI (digital visual interface) equipment when used with an HDMI to DVI Adapter, providing greater flexibility and options when integrating several home theater components. Extender system consists of a sender and a receiver unit. Connect HDMI source such as a set-top box, DVD player, or gaming console connects to the Sender unit with the HDMI cable (not included in this order).

  • Brand: Orei
  • UPC: 682821015533

BAFX Products - CAT5 Adapter Kit for BAFX Products IR Repeater Kit - 1 Year Warranty

BAFX Products - CAT5 Adapter Kit for BAFX

Do you have the BAFX Products IR repeater kit and want to extend the length of the IR receiver or emitters using the existing CAT5 connections in your home? Sure, you can splice the IR receiver or emitters into CAT5 cable but that can be problematic. If the splices are not done PERFECTLY it can skew the IR signal and you have to do it all over again!Purchasing this CAT5 IR Repeater Adapter Kit will allow you to simply connect a few components together and plug it into your existing CAT5 jacks and your good to go!See our images for how it works!This kit includes: (2x) 3Ft CAT5 cables (2x) 10" CAT5 to 3.5mm adapters (1x) 3.5mm Male ot Male adapter (1x) Instructions Can be used to extend either IR receiver or emitters! 1 Year manufacturer warranty from BAFX ProductsWe can ONLY guarantee that this adapter kit will work with the BAFX Products IR Repeater Kit and it's components. Not all repeater kits are made equal and we CANNOT, in any way, promise this adapter kit will work with other brands of repeater kits or their components!Please also note that the CAT5 line you run the IR signal over must NOT be used for ANY other application such as an internet connection. This must be used with a dedicated CAT5 line.

  • Brand: BAFX Products
  • ASIN: B016VEFI00
  • UPC: 815523020004

gofanco 395ft 1080p HDMI Extender Over IP Kit - 1 to Many or Over Single Cat5e/Cat6/Cat7 Cable with Remote IR Control - Up to 395 feet (120m) Full HD 1080p (TX&RX Kit, Part# HDBitTExt)

gofanco 395ft 1080p HDMI Extender Over IP Kit

gofanco HDMI CAT5e/6 Extender with IR - 120m extends HDMI audio/video signals over one cost effective CAT5e/6 cable, while maintaining signal strength and superior audio/video quality. HDMI signal transmission can be delivered directly with 1-to-1 connection or with existing network Gigabit routers or switches. With HDBitT transport protocol, you can connect up to 30 Receivers per Transmitter to not only extend but split HDMI signals to multiple displays. IR remote control feature allows users to control the source device from a long distance, typically where the HDTV is located. Notes: - A good quality CAT5e/6 cable is essential in delivering quality content. CAT6 is recommended over CAT5e - Network setup with multiple Receivers requires unmanaged Gigabit Ethernet switches for best performance. Dedicated unmanaged Gigabit Ethernet switches are recommended - This package comes with one Transmitter and one Receiver. For one Transmitter to multiple Receivers setup over the network, 1080p Receiver(s) can be purchased separately Specifications - Video resolutions: 408i/480p @60Hz, 576i/576p @50Hz, 720p @50/60Hz, 1080i/1080p @50/60Hz - Audio support: Digital stereo audio - Transmission range: 1080p @60Hz up to 394ft (120m) - Transport protocol: HDBitT - Housing: Metal -...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: gofanco
  • UPC: 857847005725 VGA Over CAT5 Extender - 250 ft (80m) - 1 Local and 1 Remote Unit - VGA Video Over Ethernet Extender Kit (ST121UTPEP) VGA Over CAT5 Extender - 250 ft

This VGA over CAT5 extender (point to point) lets you connect a remote VGA display or projector up to 250ft. (80m) away from the VGA video signal source.Bundled SolutionThis VGA video extender comes conveniently as a bundled kit that includes both a local and a remote unit providing a complete end to end solution for a single source/display connection, transmitting the source VGA signal over a standard Ethernet cable (CAT5 or CAT6 UTP cable, terminated with RJ45 connectors).Offering convenient and cost-effective VGA distribution, the video over ethernet extender only requires one power adapter which can be installed at either the local or remote end of the connection, depending on what is most convenient for your application.Multi-Use FunctionalityThis VGA video extender features a solid aluminum enclosure that can be used in a variety of environments. It is ideal for applications like video conferencing in boardrooms or offices, projecting digital signage in restaurant or education sectors, as well as for use in industrial workplaces where there may be harsh elements.Easy to InstallDesigned to be a purely hardware solution, this VGA extender over CAT5 offers plug-and-play connectivity, with no need for additional software and drivers. To ensure a tidy installation, this video ex...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: StarTech
  • ASIN: B002KQ6ZD8
  • UPC: 778888184807

Sperry Instruments ET64220 Wire Tracker Wire Tracer, Audio / Video Installers Must-Have, for Coax, CAT 5, Speaker & Phone, Adapter plugs: RJ-45, RJ-11, Coax & More

Sperry Instruments ET64220 Wire Tracker Wire Tracer, Audio

Safety is the number one priority on any job site. Sperry Instrument's testing equipment can be put to good use ensuring that electrical equipment is properly installed and safe to operate. The condition of electrical installations can be established when contractors use test equipment. Any test unit that can be used to measure or review an application without coming in contact with a live conductor is a necessity. Testing equipment can be put to good use ensuring that electrical equipment is properly installed and safe to operate. Faulty installations can be lethal; the condition of electrical installations can be established when contractors use test equipment. Sperry Instrument is pleased to offer an innovative full feature line of test equipment designed to make electrical work faster and safer. This wire-tracer is a must-have tester for audio/video installer and data com technicians. This multi-purpose wire tracer is able to identify a variety of wires including CAT 5, coax, speaker, phone and any non-energized wires.

  • Color: Yellow and Black
  • Brand: Sperry Instruments
  • ASIN: B00279JLBQ
  • UPC: 666116002927

2pcs DMX512 DMX Dfi DJ Wireless system Receiver or Transmitter 2.4G for Stage Lighting Control

2pcs DMX512 DMX Dfi DJ Wireless system Receiver

Specification: 1. 2.4G wireless DMX512 R/T 2. 126 channels jumping frequency automatically, high anti-jamming ability. to ensure works reliability 3. 7 groups ID code settable,User can use 7 groups individual wireless net without any interfere 4. each other in the same place...(Tricolor LED displaying Indicators) 5. Input voltage:5VDC 500mA MIN 6. Communication distance: 400M (visible distance) 7. Work frequency section: 2.4G ISM,126 channels.frequency section 8. Max transmitting power rate:20dBm 9.Modulation: GFSK 10.Size: 21*2*2cm 11.Weight:375g Operating manual: ID code and LED color corresponding relationship: 1:RED 2:GREEN 3:RED+GREEN 4:BLUE 5:RED+BLUE 6:GREEN+BLUE 7:RED+GREEN+BLUE 1. Press momentary switch above the side led indicator to indicate ID setting 2. Press again to set IC,to the color ID desired,adding 1 each time you press the switch will advance the color ID code. 3. Working condition: LED constant lit up:No DMX or wireless signal. Red LED flash:Transmitting. Green LED flash:receiving 4. RF frequency 2.400 - 2.525G,total 126 channels,it's searching automatically, 5. ID Code "1-7" groups ID code,press 'KEY' for setting,it only can work under same ID code of transmitter and receiver. (Same LED Color) T...

  • ASIN: B00VM6F9T8
  • UPC: 701160710722

Gowoops 5 Sets of 433Mhz RF Transmitter and Receiver Link Kit for Arduino (2pcs/Set)

Gowoops 5 Sets of 433Mhz RF Transmitter and

Receiver module parameters : 1.Product Model: MX-05V 2.Operating voltage: DC5V 3.Quiescent Current: 4MA 4.Receiving frequency: 433.92MHZ 5.Receiver sensitivity:-105DB 6.Size: 30 * 15 * 7mm 7.External antenna: 32CM single core wire, wound into a spiral Technical parameters of the transmitter head: 1.Product Model: MX-FS-03V 2.Launch distanc

  • Brand: Gowoops
  • ASIN: B01J7NS0C0
  • UPC: 705586405101

NETGEAR Universal N600 Dual Band Wi-Fi to Ethernet Adapter (WNCE3001)

NETGEAR Universal N600 Dual Band Wi-Fi to

The NETGEAR Universal Dual Band Wireless Internet Adapter for TV & Blu-ray connects any device with an Ethernet port to your wireless home network. Dual Band provides maximum performance for video streaming when connecting your home theater device to the Internet. It can power via an existing USB port or a power adapter. What is in the Box: • Universal Dual Band Wireless Internet Adapter (WNCE3001) • Stand • Ethernet cable • USB power cable • Power adapter, localized to country of sale

  • Color: One Color
  • Brand: NETGEAR
  • ASIN: B005N6XBDO
  • UPC: 151903628539
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