Great Chamber Music

Great Chamber

This collection of great chamber music brings together nine giants of music in works which reveal their most immediate and individual expressive worlds: proof if ever any was needed that less can be much, much more. The term 'chamber music' broadly implies music on an intimate scale performed by a limited number of musicians. The heart of civilized 18th-century European musical culture is best represented by that most perfect of forms the string quartet, developed by Haydn and Mozart into models of elegance and expressive balance. Embracing instruments new for his time, Mozart's chamber music also resulted in sublime masterpieces such as the Clarinet Quintet, but it was Beethoven who expanded the length and complexity of the string quartet to its limits. Beethoven left an indelible mark of progress and change on every genre of music, and both the 'Archduke' Trio and 'Kreutzer' Sonata are milestones in chamber music history.Beethoven s romantic independence of spirit and powerfully personal musical language was carried forward by Schubert and Mendelssohn, both of whom introduced emotion-enhancing literary sentiments into their expressive range. The symphonic proportions of Brahms's Clarinet Quintet places it at the pinnacle of the classical line through Mozart and Beethoven, but r...

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Chamber Music Favourites

Chamber Music


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Great Chamber Music

Great Chamber

10CD box set.

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Do You Believe in Heather? - Chamber Music by Stale Kleiberg

Do You Believe in Heather? - Chamber Music

Some of the most beautifully played and appealing contemporary chamber and piano pieces you're likely to hear"", said American Record Guide about the album Mezzotints Chamber Music by Ståle Kleiberg. And now there is a follow-up: a new string quartet, two trio constellations and the song cycle Do You Believe in Heather?, which has given the album its title. Ståle Kleiberg is often called a ""modern romantic"", and for good reason. We encounter a distinctive and highly individual alloy of modern and romantic elements in his music, whether it is characterized by a still, meditative lyricism or an energizing vitality. His String Quartet no. 3 encompasses this entire range of expression. The music speaks of summer. It is imbued with joie de vivre, and was composed with a full command of the genre and with considerable virtuosity. The flute-viola-harp ensemble is less common, but by no means unknown. Following Debussy's Sonata, several trios have been composed for this ensemble, and Kleiberg's Trio Luna is a fine and most welcome addition. The work's three movements capture the mood of three dissimilar outer and inner landscapes, all of them bathed in moonlight, albeit at different times of day and night. The Light Smith is also a trio; it is a song cycle for mezzo-soprano, clarinet...

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Brahms: Complete Chamber Music

Brahms: Complete Chamber

Brahms 24 major chamber-music works represent only a fraction of what he actually composed in the medium, but his strict self-discipline dictated that only the best survived here complete, in performances by musicians of the highest standards and artistry.

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Chamber Music Society

Chamber Music

Highly anticipated 2010 album from charismatic bassist, vocalist and composer Esperanza Spalding. The gifted 25-year-old's second recording for Heads Up International features pianist Leo Genovese and drummer Terri Lyne Carrington, with a multitude of string arrangements by Gil Goldstein and Spalding. Special guests include singer Gretchen Parlato and Brazilian legend Milton Nascimento.

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Mozart Chamber Music For Winds And Strings

Mozart Chamber Music For Winds And

A new Boston Symphony Chamber Players CD of chamber music by Mozart for winds and strings on the BSO's own label, BSO Classics.

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Brahms: Complete Chamber Music

Brahms: Complete Chamber

This extensive collection, often considered to be the finest offering of chamber music since that of Ludwig van Beethoven, comprises the complete chamber works of Johannes Brahms. Brahm's innovative tonality and expansive structures heralded an entirely new era of chamber music. Among many illustrious performers on this recording are the Brandis Quartet, Tokyo Quartet, and the Nash Ensemble, alongside a host of other stellar instrumentalists.

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Debussy/Saint-Saens: Complete Chamber Music for Woodwinds

Debussy/Saint-Saens: Complete Chamber Music for

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Chamber Music: A Listener's Guide

Chamber Music: A Listener's

Oxford's highly successful listener's guides--The Symphony, The Concerto, and Choral Masterworks--have been widely praised for their blend of captivating biography, crystal clear musical analysis, and delightful humor. Now James Keller follows these greatly admired volumes with Chamber Music. Approaching the tradition of chamber music with knowledge and passion, Keller here serves as the often-opinionated but always genial guide to 192 essential works by 56 composers, providing illuminating essays on what makes each piece distinctive and admirable. Keller spans the history of this intimate genre of music, from key works of the Baroque through the emotionally stirring "golden age" of the Classical and Romantic composers, to modern masterpieces rich in political, psychological, and sometimes comical overtones. For each piece, from Bach through to contemporary figures like George Crumb and Steve Reich, the author includes an astute musical analysis that casual music lovers can easily appreciate yet that more experienced listeners will find enriching. Keller shares the colorful, often surprising stories behind the compositions while revealing the delights of an art form once described by Goethe as the musical equivalent of "thoughtful people conversing."

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The Chamber Music Of Aaron Copland

The Chamber Music Of Aaron

The Chamber Music Of Aaron Copland by Music From Copland House

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Howells: Chamber Music

Howells: Chamber

Herbert Howells style, immediately recognizable for its long melodic lines, rhapsodic nature and rich harmonies, defined the sound of English cathedral music in the 20th century. His studies in London imbued his works with sophistication and a French influence, which were intertwined with a nostalgic heartache for the real Gloucestershire, as can be heard in String Quartet No. 3. The charming little character stories in Lady Audreys Suite tell of countryside and church, while the Piano Quartet in A minor is dedicated To the Hill at Chosen and Ivor Gurney who knows it, portraying a favorite local vantage point at different seasons as well as poignantly remembering a lost friendship.

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Walker: Chamber Music and Songs

Walker: Chamber Music and

Pulitzer Prize-winning African-American composer George Walkerenjoys exploring the possibilitiesoffered by different combinations ofvoice types and instrumentalsonorities. His songs belong amongthe finest of any contemporarycomposer, Lyric for Strings is one ofthe most frequently performedworks by an American composer,and Poem was declared amasterpiece after its premièrein 1987. Encouraged by NadiaBoulanger, Walker has assimilatedserialism, neo-classicism andAfrican-American music into apersonal style, gaining himrecognition as a true elder statesmanof contemporary classical music.

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Complete Chamber Music

Complete Chamber

12 Sonates à 3 parties - 10 Sonates à 4 parties - Musique de Chambre - Fantaisies pour cordes - Suites - Œuvres pour orgue... / Musica Amphion - Pieter-Jan Belder, clavecin & orgue

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Chamber Music [Explicit]

Chamber Music

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Mendelssohn: Complete Chamber Music

Mendelssohn: Complete Chamber

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Komitas: Piano & Chamber Music

Komitas: Piano & Chamber

A significant addition to the expanding Grand Piano catalogue of Armenian piano music. Born in Turkey to Armenian parents, Komitas was a priest, composer, musicologist and singer who used his Western training to develop a new approach to Armenian music. The Seven Dances for Piano evoke the specific timbres of Armenian instruments, while Msho-Shoror is one of the most ancient of all Armenian dances. The Crane is one of his best-loved pieces.

  • Brand: Grand Piano
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Brahms: Trio in A Minor for Clarinet, Cello and Piano , Op.114 / Quintet in B minor for Clarinet and Strings, Op.115

Brahms: Trio in A Minor for Clarinet, Cello

Brahms: Trio in A Minor for Clarinet, Cello and Piano , Op.114 / Quintet in B minor for Clarinet and Strings, Op.115 by Boston Chamber Music Society

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Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin Street 2

Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin Street

The Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin Street is a musical variety radio program which began on the Blue Network in 1940. The magazine Radio Life described it as "one of radio's strangest offsprings... a wacky, strictly hep tongue-in-cheek burlesque of opera and symphony." The series made an unknown regular vocalist named Dinah Shore a national recording and radio star. 1941-06-16 - First Song - Beale Street Blues 41-06-23 First Song - Black Eyes

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Max Reger: Chamber Music Vol. 3 - String Quartet Op. 109 / String Quartet Op. 121 - Mannheim String Quartet

Max Reger: Chamber Music Vol. 3 - String

  • Brand: New Arts International
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Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin Street 3

Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin Street

The Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin Street is a musical variety radio program which began on the Blue Network in 1940. The magazine Radio Life described it as "one of radio's strangest offsprings... a wacky, strictly hep tongue-in-cheek burlesque of opera and symphony." The series made an unknown regular vocalist named Dinah Shore a national recording and radio star. 41-06-30 First Song - Ida 41-07-07 First Song - Flying Home

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Celtic Roots


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Mozart: Chamber Music

Mozart: Chamber

Hours and hours of delicate masterpieces by the Viennese Classical master, Mozart! The Alban Berg Quartet, Markus Wolf (viola) and Alfred Brendel (piano) perform String Quartets K. 387; 421; 458 ("Hunt"); 428; 464; 465 ("Dissonance"); 499 ("Hoffmeister"); 575; 589; 590; 515 , and 516 , plus String Quintets K. 515 and 516; Piano Concerto K. 414 (arranged for piano and string quartet by Mozart), and Piano Quartet K. 493 .

  • Brand: Warner Classics
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Chambers' Music


Chambers' Music

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Elsner: Chamber Music

Elsner: Chamber

To celebrate the composers 250th birthday, this edition presents all available chamber music compositions by Josef Elsner in new recordings of historically informed interpretations. Joseph Elsner was born in the town of Grottkau (Grotków) in Silesia. He initially attended the Dominican monastery school in Breslau (Wroclaw) where he was trained as choirboy and violinist and afterwards the Jesuit School as well as the Leopoldinum where at first he studied theology and later medicine. Aged twenty he moved to Vienna and chose a musical career. Elsner finally ran the Main School for Music (Szkola Glówna Muzyki) at Warsaw University where his students included Frédéric Chopin, Feliks Ignacy Dobrzynski et al. Towards the end of his life Elsner compiled a comprehensively commented catalogue of his musical pieces the German original of which has unfortunately been lost. What remains is a Polish translation, nowadays considered the main source for Elsners life and work.

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Martucci: Music for String Quartet / Piano Trios / Piano Quintet

Martucci: Music for String Quartet / Piano Trios

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Verdi: La Traviata (Remastered)

Verdi: La Traviata

Drawn from the worldwide catalog holdings of Sony Classical, which includes both the Columbia/CBS and RCA Victor label imprints, the SONY Classical Originals, SONY Classical Masters Singles and Box Sets, SONY Opera and Opera House series offer an extensive selection of highly desirable and collectible EU (Germany) pressed import editions, smartly-designed and graphically-pleasing, featuring the most sought-after recordings by the worlds preeminent, legendary artists both past and present, with many titles newly re-mastered in 24bit High Resolution Audio.

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Borodin: Chamber Music

Borodin: Chamber

Moscow String Quartet - Borodin: Complete Chamber Music, Disc NM, Case NM, Format: Music CD, Brilliant Classics Records. Classical music CD release from Moscow String Quartet with the album Borodin: Complete Chamber Music. Released on the label Brilliant Classics Records. Classical music CD. This hard to find pre-owned music CD is fully guaranteed. This is a three CD set.

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The Complete Harry Potter Film Music Collection

The Complete Harry Potter Film Music

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Chamber Music: An Essential History

Chamber Music: An Essential

Intended for the music student, the professional musician, and the music lover, Chamber Music: An Essential History covers repertoire from the Renaissance to the present, crossing genres to include string quartets, piano trios, clarinet quintets, and other groupings. Mark A. Radice gives a thorough overview and history of this long-established and beloved genre, typically performed by groups of a size to fit into spaces such as homes or churches and tending originally toward the string and wind instruments rather than percussion. Radice begins with chamber music's earliest expressions in the seventeenth century, discusses its most common elements in terms of instruments and compositional style, and then investigates how those elements play out across several centuries of composers- among them Mozart, Bach, Haydn, and Brahms- and national interpretations of chamber music. While Chamber Music: An Essential History is intended largely as a textbook, it will also find an audience as a companion volume for musicologists and fans of classical music, who may be interested in the background to a familiar and important genre.

  • Brand: University of Michigan Press
  • ASIN: 0472051652

Simple Gifts


NEW YORK, NY - On September 9, 2016, CMS Live releases Simple Gifts: The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center at Shaker Village. The recording captures a historic moment in American history: the first performance of Aaron Copland's landmark ballet score Appalachian Spring in the heart of an authentic Shaker village, Kentucky's historic Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill. The album, which was recorded live in May 2015, is also being released on the same day as the program debuts as the season opening broadcast of Live From Lincoln Center on PBS (September 9, 2016, 9:00 pm on most stations).

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Max Reger: String Chamber Music

Max Reger: String Chamber

In 2016, the musical world commemorates the centenary anniversary of Max Regers death. With the exception of opera, Reger composed in all musical genres and for various instrumentations. While he is frequently remembered for his organ music, it was his chamber music, which Reger concentrated on the longest- right up until his final composition, the Clarinet Quintet, Op. 146. To promote Regers music, it is necessary to bring young musicians in contact with it. Thus, there was born a unique project in cooperation between querstand label and University of Music and Theatre Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Leipzig. 25 students have rehearsed chamber music works by Reger together with their internationally renowned teachers and recorded them at the University. The result is this release. This release provides an interesting insight into a part of Regers catalogue that can only rarely be heard today. Particularly notable is the inclusion of some rare cello works by Julius Klengel, a Reger colleague at the Leipzig conservatory and interpreter of Regers works, some of which were dedicated to him.


Saint-Saens: Chamber Music

Saint-Saens: Chamber

The wind instrumentalists here are members of Romes main orchestra, attached to the Accademia nazionale di Santa Cecilia, and their previous disc on Brilliant Classics with Akanè Makita, of chamber music by Henri Dutilleux (BC94738) won recognition both for the original combination of repertoire and the stylish performances: Francesco Bossone and Akanè Makita do the work proud, playing with real character and in excellent balance with each other (Musicweb International). Here they turn to the instant charms of the chamber music by Camille Saint-Saëns, centred around the three sonatas for oboe, clarinet and bassoon. All written within the year 1921, they are the work of a composer who was born 10 years after the death of Beethoven and whose lifetime overlapped with the dawn of jazz in Europe. Little wonder, then, that such pieces embody a remarkable synthesis of styles, to the extent that they hardly seem to be by the same composer as the highly embellished chamber music for strings or the grand statements of the symphonies. They do, however, retain a sense of dramatic dialogue that runs through the composers output, for Saint-Saëns was always a theatrical composer even when not writing for the stage. The constant stream of melodies speak of a master of refined simplicity and ...

  • Brand: Brilliant Classics
  • ASIN: B00X8SPE0W

The Chamber Music of Malcolm Arnold, Vol. 1: Sonatas for Violin & Piano, Viola & Piano, 2 Cellos / Piano Trio

The Chamber Music of Malcolm Arnold, Vol. 1:

The Chamber Music of Malcolm Arnold, Vol. 1: Sonatas for Violin & Piano, Viola & Piano, 2 Cellos / Piano Trio

  • ASIN: B000002ZIC
  • UPC: 034571161716

Roussel: Chamber Music Complete

Roussel: Chamber Music

Trio piano op.2, Sonate piano/violon n°1 op.11 & n°2 op.28, 2 poèmes de Ronsard op.26, Joueurs de flûte op.27, Sérénade op.30, Trio flûte, alto, violonc. op.40, Quatuor cordes op.45, Trio cordes op.58, Mus. pour Elpénor, op.59 / Paul Verhey, fl. & piccolo - Hans Roerade, hautb. - Frank van den Brink, clar. - Jos de Lange, basson - Jet Röling, piano - Herre-Jan Stegenga, violoncelle - Schönberg Quartet


Handel: The Complete Chamber Music

Handel: The Complete Chamber

That's a lot of chamber music, enough to fill 9 CDs but, in this case, not enough to empty your coffers (less than eight bucks a disc!). The Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields Chamber Ensemble and other distinguished soloists perform Handel's sonatas, trio sonatas and Fantasia (HWV 406).

  • ASIN: B00006IU8R
  • UPC: 028947089322

Sons of Bach: Symphonies Concertos Chamber Music

Sons of Bach: Symphonies Concertos Chamber

Four transitional and individualistic composers contributing to the newly flowering classical era, with hints of the romanticism to follow, this highly desirable 10-disc set includes works for solo harpsichord, varied instrumental concerti, symphonies and cantata. Historically-informed performance practices highlight these recordings spanning a period of 25 years. Booklet notes (in English) include biographical summations, work overviews and sung texts (in German and English).

  • Brand: CD

Greatest Hits [Disc 1](Digitally Remastered)

Greatest Hits [Disc 1](Digitally

Starting out as a popular gospel and folk group in Southern California in the mid-1950's, The Chambers Brothers became an integral part of the new wave of music that blended gospel and blues influences with the psychedelic sounds of the mid-1960's, reaching their peak in 1968 with their enormously popular 11-minute long song "Time Has Come Today," which became an anthem of the sixties counter culture. Presented here is a two disc set of the best of their early recordings including "People Get Ready," "Pretty Girls Everywhere," "House Of The Rising Sun" and many more. All selections newly remastered.

  • UPC: 886470054558

Saint-Saëns: Sonatas Nos. 1 & 2

Saint-Saëns: Sonatas Nos. 1 &

Saint-Saëns: Sonatas Nos. 1 & 2 by Andres Cardenes, Doris Stevenson

  • ASIN: B000000T7Q
  • UPC: 026724661921
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