Solar Charge Controller 80A, Solar Panel Regulator 12V 24V Auto with Load Timer, 12V /960W, 24V/1920W with LCD Display USB 5V Used for Lead-Acid Batteries

Solar Charge Controller 80A, Solar Panel Regulator 12V

Delivery time only: 3-8 days, still delivered by Amazon The Solar Panel Regulator is suitable for various off-grid solar applications. It protects the battery from being over-charged by the solar modules and over-discharged by the loads. Solar Controller Feature: 1. All the Various Real-time data show on one display, convenient user to check. 2. Suitable for various specifications of solar panel 3. Common positive grounding design 4. Multi-function LCD displays system information intuitively ( Volt, Amaps, %, ℃) 5. Automatically identifying 12V / 24V DC system voltage 6. Rated charge current: 80A 7. Max Input Power: 12V @ 960W | 24V @ 1920W 8. Max.PV open circuit voltage: < 48V 9. Battery type selection: lead-acid (Gel, Sealed, Flooded) 10. User programmable for battery types, load control, dual timer setting 11. Charge mode: three stages (constant current, constant voltage, floating charge), it prolongs service life of the batteries. 12. Power terminals: 8 AWG 13. Dual USB 5V Output for phone charging Package: 1* 80A controller 1* Manual

  • Color: 80A
  • Brand: PowMr
  • ASIN: B07K47TPCX

PowMr 30A 24V 12V Solar Charge Controller for Lithium Battery,Lead Acid Battery Upgraded Solar Panel Charge Intelligent Regulator with USB Port,Overload Protection Temperature Compensation

PowMr 30A 24V 12V Solar Charge Controller for


  • Color: 30A 12V /24V
  • Brand: PowMr
  • ASIN: B07H86ZP6C

60A MPPT Solar Charge Controller DC 12V24V48V Auto Battery Regulator PV 150V Input MPPT Charge Controller for Lithium, Sealed, Gel, and Flooded Batteries

60A MPPT Solar Charge Controller DC 12V24V48V Auto

Photovoltaic module load voltage (recommend data): 12V System best mppt working voltage range (18V-60V); 24V System best mppt working voltage range (36V-72V); 36V System best mppt working voltage range (54V-144V);48V System best mppt working voltage range (72V-144V).

  • Color: Yellow
  • Brand: Onesolar
  • ASIN: B07GW57RN5

MOHOO 30A Solar Charge Controller Solar Panel Intelligent Regulator with Dual USB Port PWM LCD Display 12V/24V

MOHOO 30A Solar Charge Controller Solar Panel Intelligent

Charge Regulator Function: 1.Large LCD display 2.Support light control and time control 3.Dual USB 5V 3A output(5V/1.5A each) 4.System voltage 12V/24V automatic identification 5.Intelligent PWM charging mode 6.Battery reverse discharge protection 7.Battery overvoltage protection 8.Battery undervoltage protection 9.Dual bottom design, easy to setup Charger Controller Specification: (1)Rated charging current:30A (2)Rated load current:30A (3)Working voltage:12V/24V auto (4)Float charging voltage:13.8V/27.6V(Adjustable) (5)Undervoltage protection:10.7V/21.4V (Adjustable) (6)Over voltage protection:16.5V/33V (7)Low voltage recovery:12.6V/25.2V (Adjustable) (8)Solar panel charger controller voltage:≤50V (9)Boost voltage:14.4V/28.8V (10)USB Output:5V/1.5A each (11)No-load loss≤10mA (12)Waterproof:IP32 (13)Short circuit or overload (1.25 times rated current in 60 second or short circuit): battery icon flashes, regularly try to restore automatically (14)Charge Mode: 3 kinds of charge control (directly charge, boost charge, floating charge) (15)Temperature Compensation: -4mV/Cell/°C (16)Installation line number: ≤5# AWG(6mm2) (17)Operating temperature -35 ℃ -60 ℃ (18)Storage temperature -40 ℃ -70 ℃

  • Color: 30A solar controller
  • Brand: MOHOO

Solar Charge Controller 30A, Solar Panel Battery Controller 12V/24V PWM Auto Paremeter Adjustable LCD Display Solar Panel Battery Regulator with Dual USB Load Timer Setting ON/Off Hours

Solar Charge Controller 30A, Solar Panel Battery Controller

Tips:This product belongs to Y-Solar brand, there are some unreliable follow sellers who sell counterfeit, please be careful. Features: 12V/24V auto work LCD screen display Two USB output Easy operation interface PWM charging mode short-circuit protectionBattery reverse discharge protection Battery reverse polarity protection open-circuit protection Overload protectionParameters: 1. Floating charge Voltage(HVD 13.3V-15V) 2. Recovery after under Voltage(LVD 11V-13.5V) 3.Under Voltage protection (RVD 9V-12.3V) 4.Load Mode(24hours,1-23hours,0hour) 5.Battery Option (GEL,LEAD-ACID,FLOODED) Batt voltage: 12V/24V auto Charge current: 30A Discharge current: 30A Max Solar input:

  • Color: R-30A
  • Brand: PowMr
  • ASIN: B06W5NP5JR

ZEALLIFE Solar Panels Charge Controller, 8A Battery Regulator for 12V Solar Battery Charger, Solar Battery Maintainer and 12 Volt Batteries Power Kit Safe Protection

ZEALLIFE Solar Panels Charge Controller, 8A Battery Regulator

ZEALLIFE 8-Amp Solar Charge Controller will prevent overcharging of batteries by regulating the voltage from a 12-volt solar panel to a safe level for charging 12-volt batteries. A solar charge controller is required for any solar array of 20-Watt or higher. Designed for use with 12-volt solar panels, this solar charge controller is safe for use with up to 8-amp or 130-Watt from a solar array. A simple two LED display shows that the solar panel is functioning and whether your battery is charging or fully charged. The solar controller will also prevent a battery from losing power through the solar panel at night. Solar charge controllers should be installed close to the battery in a dry and ventilated area. Protection: Over-load protection; Short circuit protection; Lightning protection; Under-voltage protection; Over-charging protection; Reverse Polarity protection Specification: Rated voltage: 12V Rated charging current: 8A Rated load current: 8A Cut-in Voltage:13Volts Cut-out Voltage:14.2Volts Adjustable controlling parameter of the system Suitable for Home, Industrial, Commercial etc Note: Never deeply discharge your battery Never let your battery voltage pass below 11.0 volts Use a DMM(DIGITAL MULTI-METER) to measure your battery's voltage Connect charge controller t...

  • Color: classic style
  • Brand: ZEALLIFE
  • ASIN: B07F85CDM6
  • UPC: 674551458469

GHB 20A 12V 24V Solar Charge Controller Auto Switch LCD Intelligent Panel Battery Regulator Charge Controller Overload Protection Temperature Compensation

GHB 20A 12V 24V Solar Charge Controller Auto

What Makes GHB Solar Charge Controller Different! Adopts the advanced digital techniques and operates fully automatically. With output switch, intelligent control, easy to operate. LCD screen display makes all much more clear. Power-efficient, Microcontroller digital accuracy. Double USB Port, available for DC lamp and phone charging. Use PWM&WPC mode, improve system efficiency and prolong the life span of the battery. It has various unique functions and quite easy to use. Speicifications: Overload/Short Circuit Protection: 1.5 Times by Rated Current Voltage of Battery: 12V / 24V Automatic Rated Charge/Discharge Current: 20A USB Output Voltage: 5V Total USB Output Current: 3A DC Output Voltage: 12V Total DC Output Current: 2A Short Circuit Recovery Time: 10s Open Circuit Voltage of Solar Panel: 40V No Load Loss: 0.05W Over Voltage Protection: 15V; x2/24V Float Charge Voltage: 14V; x2/24V Discharge Recovery Voltage: 12V; x2/24V Over Discharge Voltage: 10.5V; x2/24V Control Mode: Software Intelligent Control Working Temperature: -35~55°C Item Size: 135 * 100 * 25mm / 5.31 * 3.94 * 0.98in (L * W * H) Protection: 1. Over-load protection 2. Short circuit protection 3. Lightning protection 4. Under-voltage protection 5. Over-charging protection 6. Reverse Polarity protection Package L...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: GHB
  • UPC: 611864444666

EPEVER MPPT Charge Controller 40A, Solar Panel Charge Controller 12V/24V Auto, Max Input 100V PV Negative Grounded Solar Regulator, with Backlight Display for Lead-Acid and Lithium Batteries

EPEVER MPPT Charge Controller 40A, Solar Panel Charge

SpecificationMultiple load control modes: manual control, lighting ON/OFF, light On+TimerAdvanced Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology, with efficiency no less than 99.5%Wide MPPT operating voltage range12/24VDC automatically identifying system voltageLCD display design, dynamically displaying tool's operating data and working conditionAvailable for PC monitoring and external display realizing real-time data checking and parameters settingFeaturesUltra-fast tracking speedAccurately recognizing and tracking of multiple power pointUser programmable for battery types, load control etc.Rated charge current:40ABattery voltage range: 9V~32VMax.PV open circuit voltage:100VDC PV short circuit / PV reverse polarity /Battery over voltage /Battery over discharge /Battery reverse polarity /Load overload protectionAdded Features:●Blacklight LCD Display ●Common Negative Ground●Support lithium Battery●More Safety ProtectionMT-50Compatible with EPever Tracer-A,Tracer-AN,Tracer-BN, LS-B, LS-BP, VS-BN, eTracer, iTracer series controllersAutomatic identify the controller, and display the type, model and relevant parameter dataLarge-screen multifunction LCD displays all the operational data and system working statusReal-time energy statistics recordingLonger communication distance ...

  • Color: 4210AN+MT50+Ts-r+K
  • Brand: EPEVER
  • UPC: 615150301602

SUNER POWER Waterproof Solar Charge Controller - Intelligent12V/24V Solar Panel Battery Regulator

SUNER POWER Waterproof Solar Charge Controller - Intelligent12V/24V

The controller is a new series of intelligent, multi-purpose solar charge controllers. Its innovative structured design makes it easy to install and more reliable to use. Optimized charging and discharging management enables the service life of batteries to be greatly boosted. What's more, various light control can be flexibly set to fully meet your various application requirements. The waterproof intelligent charge controller features PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) technology to help maintain higher charging efficiency. Build-in over charge protection, over discharge protection, reverse protection, over-load protection, more safety for using, suitable for home, industrial, commercial etc. Features Adopting brand MCU chip to realize fast intelligent control and ultra-low standby power consumption; The series PWM circuit is used for charging, and the three-stage charging algorithm is improved to improve the charging efficiency; LED charge and discharge status indicator, battery power indicator, the status is clear; Waterproof design of aluminum shell to prevent components from oxidizing into water, effectively prolonging the service life of controller; Has the battery under-voltage, over-voltage, output overload, battery, solar panel anti-back connect and other protection funct...

  • Color: BLack
  • Brand: SUNER POWER
  • ASIN: B07GPM98Q3

Binen 12V/24V Solar Charge Controller 10A Charge Regulator Intelligent, USB Port, LCD Display Overload Protection (10A-Blue)

Binen 12V/24V Solar Charge Controller 10A Charge Regulator

☀️Suitable for farm solar power system, solar street light, solar patio light, solar billboards, outdoor camping solar system, ship solar system. Specification: *Batt voltage: DC 12V/24V Auto *Charge /Discharge current: 10A *Over discharge Protection: 10.7V/21.4V *Charge recover voltage: 12.6V/25.2V *Overcharge Floating charge: 13.7V/27.4V *Over discharge Protection: 10.7V/21.4V *Equalization: B01: sealed 14.4V / B02: Gel 14.2V / B03: flood 14.6V Intelligent solar controller: The product can automatically manage the working of solar panel and battery in solar system. For protecting the lifespan of your battery, once the voltage of the battery drop below 8V, the solar controller will turn off automatically (LCD will be unavailable at the same time). Easy to operate and installation : Wiring STEPS: Screw the adjustment screw counter-clockwise until the plates move down. Insert the wire into the new opening between the plate and the "top" of the Terminal hole, not under it. Screw the adjuster clockwise and the plate will move upwards thereby squishing the wire in the Terminal hole. Installation STEPS:Connect the system in the order of 1.Battery > 2. Load > 3.PV Array in accordance with Figure, and disconnect the system in the reverse order 3. 2 .1. Note: Please keep it in co...

  • Color: 10A-Blue
  • Brand: Binen
  • ASIN: B073WQC558
  • UPC: 606462138116
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