EPEVER MPPT Charge Controller 30A, Solar Panel Charge Controller 12V/24V Auto, Max Input 100V PV Negative Grounded Solar Regulator, with Backlight Display for Lead-Acid and Lithium Batteries

EPEVER MPPT Charge Controller 30A, Solar Panel Charge

SpecificationMultiple load control modes: manual control, lighting ON/OFF, light On+TimerAdvanced Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology, with efficiency no less than 99.5%Wide MPPT operating voltage range12/24VDC automatically identifying system voltageLCD display design, dynamically displaying tool's operating data and working conditionAvailable for PC monitoring and external display realizing real-time data checking and parameters settingFeaturesUltra-fast tracking speedAccurately recognizing and tracking of multiple power pointUser programmable for battery types, load control etc.Rated charge current:30ABattery voltage range: 9V~32VMax.PV open circuit voltage:100VDC PV short circuit / PV reverse polarity /Battery over voltage /Battery over discharge /Battery reverse polarity /Load overload protectionAdded Features:●Blacklight LCD Display ●Common Negative Ground●Support lithium Battery●More Safety ProtectionMT-50Compatible with EPever Tracer-A,Tracer-AN,Tracer-BN, LS-B, LS-BP, VS-BN, eTracer, iTracer series controllersAutomatic identify the controller, and display the type, model and relevant parameter dataLarge-screen multifunction LCD displays all the operational data and system working statusReal-time energy statistics recordingLonger communication distance ...

  • Color: 3210AN+MT50+Ts-r+K
  • Brand: EPEVER
  • ASIN: B071XP39BK

ZEALLIFE Solar Panels Charge Controller, 8A Battery Regulator for 12V Solar Battery Charger, Solar Battery Maintainer and 12 Volt Batteries Power Kit Safe Protection

ZEALLIFE Solar Panels Charge Controller, 8A Battery Regulator

ZEALLIFE 8-Amp Solar Charge Controller will prevent overcharging of batteries by regulating the voltage from a 12-volt solar panel to a safe level for charging 12-volt batteries. A solar charge controller is required for any solar array of 20-Watt or higher. Designed for use with 12-volt solar panels, this solar charge controller is safe for use with up to 8-amp or 130-Watt from a solar array. A simple two LED display shows that the solar panel is functioning and whether your battery is charging or fully charged. The solar controller will also prevent a battery from losing power through the solar panel at night. Solar charge controllers should be installed close to the battery in a dry and ventilated area. Protection: Over-load protection; Short circuit protection; Lightning protection; Under-voltage protection; Over-charging protection; Reverse Polarity protection Specification: Rated voltage: 12V Rated charging current: 8A Rated load current: 8A Cut-in Voltage:13Volts Cut-out Voltage:14.2Volts Adjustable controlling parameter of the system Suitable for Home, Industrial, Commercial etc Note: Never deeply discharge your battery Never let your battery voltage pass below 11.0 volts Use a DMM(DIGITAL MULTI-METER) to measure your battery's voltage Connect charge controller t...

  • Color: classic style
  • Brand: ZEALLIFE
  • ASIN: B07F85CDM6
  • UPC: 674551458469

GHB 20A 12V 24V Solar Charge Controller Auto Switch LCD Intelligent Panel Battery Regulator Charge Controller Overload Protection Temperature Compensation

GHB 20A 12V 24V Solar Charge Controller Auto

What Makes GHB Solar Charge Controller Different! Adopts the advanced digital techniques and operates fully automatically. With output switch, intelligent control, easy to operate. LCD screen display makes all much more clear. Power-efficient, Microcontroller digital accuracy. Double USB Port, available for DC lamp and phone charging. Use PWM&WPC mode, improve system efficiency and prolong the life span of the battery. It has various unique functions and quite easy to use. Speicifications: Overload/Short Circuit Protection: 1.5 Times by Rated Current Voltage of Battery: 12V / 24V Automatic Rated Charge/Discharge Current: 20A USB Output Voltage: 5V Total USB Output Current: 3A DC Output Voltage: 12V Total DC Output Current: 2A Short Circuit Recovery Time: 10s Open Circuit Voltage of Solar Panel: 40V No Load Loss: 0.05W Over Voltage Protection: 15V; x2/24V Float Charge Voltage: 14V; x2/24V Discharge Recovery Voltage: 12V; x2/24V Over Discharge Voltage: 10.5V; x2/24V Control Mode: Software Intelligent Control Working Temperature: -35~55°C Item Size: 135 * 100 * 25mm / 5.31 * 3.94 * 0.98in (L * W * H) Protection: 1. Over-load protection 2. Short circuit protection 3. Lightning protection 4. Under-voltage protection 5. Over-charging protection 6. Reverse Polarity protection Package L...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: GHB
  • UPC: 611864444666

MPPT 60 amp Solar Charge Controller 12V/24V Auto, 60A Solar Panel Charge Regulator Max 100V, 780W/1560W Input, for Lead-Acid Battery Load Timer Setting

MPPT 60 amp Solar Charge Controller 12V/24V Auto,

The Solar Panel Charge Regulator is a great choice for handle up to 750W of solar panels at 12 volts or 1500W at 24 volts. It automatically selects between 12 and 24 volts on the output. Solar Controller Feature: All the Various Real-time data show on one display ,Convenient user to check Suitable for various specifications of solar panel Advanced MPPT technology, high tracking efficiency no less than 99.5% Multi-function LCD displays system information intuitively Common positive grounding design Support 3 charging lead-acid battery options: Sealed, Gel, Flooded. Charge mode: three stages (constant current, constant voltage, floating charge), it prolongs service life of the batteries. NOTE: Always connect battery first, always disconnect solar panel first Ensure the battery voltage is enough.(>9V) Tight your wire with controller's port Never connect inventers/battery charger/inductive load to any port of the controller Never exceed the max input power/Voltage of your controller Technical Data: MPPT P60: 12V system : Open circuit voltage≤48V(Voc) Max .PV input Power:750W 24V system: Open circuit voltage≤96V(Voc) Max .PV input Power:1500W Nominal system voltage: 12/24VDC auto Rated charge / discharge current : 60A Maximum open circuit voltage of the solar panel (Voc): ...

  • Color: P60
  • Brand: PowMr

Rich Solar 20 Amp 12V/24V DC Input MPPT Solar Charge Controller Battery Regulator with LCD Display Negative Ground + Temperature Sensor

Rich Solar 20 Amp 12V/24V DC Input MPPT

Key Features Automatically detects 12V/24V DC system voltages High tacking efficiency of 99% Peak Conversion efficiency of 98% 4-stage charging with MPPT output Extensive electronic protections Diverse load control LCD screen with programmable charging parameters Charging data with storage of up to 1 year Die-cast aluminum design for heat dissipation Specifications Nominal system voltage :12V/24V Auto Recognition Rated Battery Current :20A Rated Load Current :20A Max. PV Input Short Current :25A Max. Battery Voltage :32V Max. Solar Input Voltage :100 VDC Discharge circuit voltage drop :≤ 0.15V Mounting Oval :0.30 x 0.18in Net Weight :3.08 lb. Overall Dimension:8.27 x 5.94 x 2.34in Warranty 1-year material warranty

  • Brand: Richsolar
  • ASIN: B079ZM9MR6
  • UPC: 795891141337

Renogy Rover 40 Amp 12V/24V MPPT Solar Charge Controller Battery Regulator Compatible with Lithium, Sealed, Gel, and Flooded Batteries Bluetooth Module

Renogy Rover 40 Amp 12V/24V MPPT Solar Charge

The Renogy 40A Rover PG MPPT Charge Controller is an intelligent positive ground controller. Built with protections against reverse polarity, short-circuiting, overheating, and more, this MPPT controller is also capable of self-diagnosing itself in the event of an error. Its durable shell protects against general wear and tear, and aluminum heat sink allows for heat dissipation. The Rover 40A PG can automatically detect 12V/24V systems and can handle various battery options such as GEL and Lithium. Pair this charge controller with the Renogy BT-1 and Renogy BT app to view your system's performance in real time and make parameter changes straight from your smart device.   Specifications Nominal Voltage:12/24V Auto Recognition Max PV Input Power: 12V/520W, 24V/1040W Enclosure: IP32 Dimension: 9.37x 6.81x 2.85 inch Rated Charge Current: 40A Max PV Input Voltage:100 VDC Terminals: Up to 8AWG Weight: 4.41lbs

  • Brand: Renogy
  • UPC: 816360026624

MOHOO 30A Solar Charge Controller Solar Panel Intelligent Regulator with Dual USB Port PWM LCD Display 12V/24V

MOHOO 30A Solar Charge Controller Solar Panel Intelligent

Solar Charge Controller Function: 1.Large LCD display 2.Support light control and time control 3.Dual USB 5V 3A output(5V/1.5A each) 4.System voltage 12V/24V automatic identification 5.Intelligent PWM charging mode 6.Battery reverse discharge protection 7.Battery overvoltage protection 8.Battery undervoltage protection 9.Dual bottom design, easy to setup solar charge controller Specification: (1)Rated charging current:30A (2)Rated load current:30A (3)Working voltage:12V/24V auto (4)Float charging voltage:13.8V/27.6V(Adjustable) (5)Undervoltage protection:10.7V/21.4V (Adjustable) (6)Over voltage protection:16.5V/33V (7)Low voltage recovery:12.6V/25.2V (Adjustable) (8)Solar panel solar charge controller voltage:≤50V (9)Boost voltage:14.4V/28.8V (10)USB Output:5V/1.5A each (11)No-load loss≤10mA (12)Waterproof:IP32 (13)Short circuit or overload (1.25 times rated current in 60 second or short circuit): battery icon flashes, regularly try to restore automatically (14)Charge Mode: 3 kinds of charge control (directly charge, boost charge, floating charge) (15)Temperature Compensation: -4mV/Cell/°C (16)Installation line number: ≤5# AWG(6mm2) (17)Operating temperature -35 ℃ -60 ℃ (18)Storage temperature -40 ℃ -70 ℃

  • Color: 30A solar controller
  • Brand: MOHOO

ALLPOWERS Dual USB 20A Solar Charge Controller 12V/24V Auto Paremeter Adjustable PWM LCD Solar Controller Regulator with Load Timer Setting ON/Off Hours

ALLPOWERS Dual USB 20A Solar Charge Controller 12V/24V

Clear stock, buy ASAP Change the default setting of solar controller, requires: 1. Disconnect the solar panel 2. ensure the remain voltage of battery no less than 12V Note: Please keep it in cool and well ventilated place to maintain good heat dissipation the regulator is only suitable for lead acid batteries: OPEN, AGM, GEL, not for nickel hydride, lithium, ions, or other batteries. Make sure your battery has enough voltage for the controller to recognize the battery before first installation. Indoor use only: the working temperature of this controller is -35°C to +60°C, during hot sunny days, the temperature outside might go up to 60-75°C. Please do keep the controller stay in cool and well-ventilated place to maintain good heat dissipation. When the battery voltage is too low, the controller will stop output(≦ 8V, controller turn off itself, LCD is blank,≦ 10.7V, 12Voutput ports are not available); after the solar panels charging, the battery will return to 12.6 V. It is a natural to output. Warm Tips: Only voltage reading in the screen of the solar controller, no amps or amp hours. Specification: *Voltage: DC 12V/24V *Self-consuming: 10mA *Rated Charge Current: 20A *Rated Load Current: 20A *Over Charge Protection: 14.4V/28.8V *Over Charge Floating Charge: 13.7V/27.4V *...

  • Color: 02-20A green
  • Brand: ALLPOWERS
  • UPC: 331516354289

Renogy Voyager - 20A Negative PWM Waterproof Charge Controller w/ LCD Display and LED Bar

Renogy Voyager - 20A Negative PWM Waterproof Charge

Descriptiom: The 20A Voyager is Renogy's first waterproof PWM charge controller. Featuring a sophisticated and comprehensive LED bar for charge state identification and a bright blue back-lit LCD for displaying system information including error codes, the Voyager was engineered to be of world-class quality. Suitable for 12V off-grid applications, the Voyager can charge up to 7 different battery types, including lithium ion! Ensure your batteries's longevity thanks to its advanced and efficient 5-Stage battery charging algorithm and stay worry-free as the Voyager is equipped with multiple electronic protections. Specifications: Grounding: Common Negative Nominal Voltage: 12 VDC Rated Charge Current: 20A Max. PV Input Voltage: 26V Self-consumption: ≤8mA Temperature Compensation Coefficient: -24mV/°C Operating Temperature: -40°F to 140°F Storage Temperature: -40°F to 185°F Terminals: Up to 10 AWG Enclosure: IP65 Dimensions: 6.38 x 3.82 x 1.34 inches Weight: 0.88 lbs

  • Brand: Renogy
  • ASIN: B075NSQ96Z
  • UPC: 816360025245

HQST 30 Amp 12V/24V PWM Solar Panel Regulator Charge Controller with LCD Display and 5V 1A USB Port for Mobile Phones, Tablets, Speakers

HQST 30 Amp 12V/24V PWM Solar Panel Regulator

Description: An upgraded 3-stage PWM charging algorithm is adopted. Application of an equalizing charge to the battery periodically or when over discharged, can effectively prevent the battery from non-equalization and sulfuration, thus extending the battery's service life (with the exception of GEL and lithium batteries. Specifications: Rated Current: 30A Overvoltage Protection: 16.0V Charging Recovery Voltage: 13.2V System Voltage: Automatic Recognition of 12V/24V Weight: 14 Oz Key Features: 12V/24V system voltages are automatically recognized. Charging program options for sealed, GEL and flooded lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries are available. An upgraded 3-stage PWM charging algorithm is adopted. Application of an equalizing charge to the battery periodically or when over discharged, can effectively prevent the battery from non-equalization and sulfuration, thus extending the battery's service life (with the exception of GEL and lithium batteries). With temperature compensation employed, charging parameters can be automatically adjusted (with the exception of lithium batteries). A wide range of load working modes facilitate the product's application to different types of street lights and monitoring devices. The product provides overcharge, over-discharge, overload pr...

  • Brand: HQST
  • UPC: 799475028830
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