LAPCO Uni-Flow Piston Housing for Tippmann Cyclone Feed

LAPCO Uni-Flow Piston Housing for Tippmann Cyclone

Lapco Paintball Uni-Flow Piston HousingLAPCO is proud to introduce the world to the LAPCO Uni-Flow Piston Housing. The patent pending design utilizes a smooth bore for faster action and longer piston seal life. The LAPCO design has precisely optimized the venting timing, location and volume. The unique Uni-Flow� design rapidly vents the gas at just the right moment, but does not allow dirt or paint to be pulled into the housing on the reverse stroke. This innovative design prevents dirt clogging and piston seal wear.FeaturesThe LAPCO Uni-Flow� Piston Housing eliminates skipped shots caused by air flow problems stemming from high rates of fire or low pressure operation.Each LAPCO Uni-Flow� Piston Housing is precision machined from high-grade aluminum.Every housing is laser engraved and finished using an extra-hard black anodizing process for an extremely durable finish.Made 100% in-house in the USA.This product carries the legendary LAPCO Lifetime Warranty.

  • Brand: LAPCO
  • ASIN: B004A9N2AC
  • UPC: 829669056209

RPM Piston Rebuild Kit for A5 and X7 Cyclone Feeds

RPM Piston Rebuild Kit for A5 and X7

This is a complete kit to rebuild your Cyclone Feeder's stem assembly. This kit saves you money by bundling these items together and includes genuine manufacturer's spec items, along with RPM orings. This RPM Piston Rebuild Kit is compatible with Tippman

  • Brand: Reliable Performance Modifications
  • ASIN: B01BKYS47K

TECHT Fat Hose Kit (Green) for Tippmann Phenom Markers

TECHT Fat Hose Kit (Green) for Tippmann Phenom

The FAT HOSE Kit for the Tippmann Cyclone Feed is the best and easiest way to get more from your loader. With the FAT HOSE Kit your loader will perform better at lower pressures. The larger hose gauge allows more air to reach the Cyclone Feed Actuator Piston (AKA Lightening Rod). More air to the piston = more reliable and faster actuation. Faster Actuation leads to faster loading. Not only allows for more air flow, but its also made from 100% Stainless Steel Fittings. The stainless steel is more durable and will never corrode or oxidize.

  • Color: Green
  • Brand: TECHT Paintball
  • ASIN: B00P87MUWG
  • UPC: 616316862210

TECHT Paintball Cyclone Feed QEPH [98,A5,X7] - Black

TECHT Paintball Cyclone Feed QEPH [98,A5,X7] -

To ensure your loader keeps up with the speed of your marker, TechT's Quick Exhaust Piston Housing (QEPH) exhausts air in front of and behind your piston to eliminate the buildup of back pressure.

  • Brand: TechT
  • ASIN: B002H0PKFG

LAPCO Uni-Flow Piston Housing for Cyclone Feed

LAPCO Uni-Flow Piston Housing for Cyclone

Supercharge your Cyclone Feed with a LAPCO Uni-Flow Piston Housing! The LAPCO Uni-Flow Piston Housing is an instant upgrade for your Tippmann Cyclone Feed. The LAPCO UFPH achieves a faster retraction of the piston, which improves the operating speed and ultimately the number of balls fed into the marker per second. LAPCO's famous attention to detail and superior metal polishing technique leaves a mirror-smooth finish on the interior surface of the LAPCO Uni-Flow Cyclone Feed Piston Housing. The less friction exerted between the housing and the piston, the faster it will operate and the longer the seals will last. LAPCO has eliminated the major weakness of other competitor's piston housings. Their exhaust holes expose the inside of the housing, allowing dirt, sand, paint, and any other debris to enter the housing, hurting the seals, thus building friction and slowing the piston's movement. This issue is aggravated by the creation of a vacuum in the housing as the piston retracts, to load a ball, sucking in even more dirt. LAPCO engineered an exhaust groove and added an o-ring. The O-Ring acts like a seal in a valve, opening to release pressure and closing on the return. The vacuum created by the return does NOT suck in dirt. With a clean housing for the piston to ride, the player ...

  • Brand: LAPCO
  • ASIN: B001R1QPM8
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