In Defense of Food

In Defense of

Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants. With those seven words, journalist Michael Pollan distills a careers worth of reporting into a prescription for reversing the damage being done to peoples health by todays industrially-driven Western diet. Pollan offers a clear answer to one of the most urgent questions of our time: What should I eat to be healthy?

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The Best Defense - Season 1

The Best Defense - Season

The Best Defense teaches self defense through knowledge, preparation and awareness for men and women alike. The show features defense methods that involve both firearms and unarmed defensive situations. The series travels the United States, visiting law enforcement academies and military training facilities where guest hosts and experts, including veteran law enforcement trainers and published personal defense authors, demonstrate life-saving techniques for self-defense in the home, at the office, on a plane or even when lost in the woods.

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NFL: A Tradition of Defense - The Chicago Bears

NFL: A Tradition of Defense - The Chicago

The Chicago Bears - they just sound mean. Try and score on them and they'll tear you apart limb by limb. And for almost 90 years, that's pretty much been the case. Bears Football means defense. George Halas started a dominant defensive tradition in the 1920s, and it continues today. The Bears have won nine NFL Championships on the shoulders of the team's identity as a big, strong, attacking defense. In this exclusive two-disc DVD set, the Emmyr award-winning storytellers of NFL Films reveal the greatest defensive players in Chicago Bears history and unveil an all-time starting 11 Bears defensive legends. Watch the Galloping Ghost, Red Grange, make one of the greatest defensive plays in football history. Relive Hall of Famer Doug Atkins leading the "Monsters of the Midway" to the 1963 NFL Championship. See the development of the "46 Defense" under coordinator Buddy Ryan, and the men who led that innovation on the field, Mike Singletary and Gary Fencik. We'll examine the Bears' defensive legacy, from Bulldog turner to Dick Butkus to Brian Urlacher. A Tradition of Defense: The Chicago Bears will document the greatest defensive players of one of the NFL's most storied franchises. It is a must for any Windy City football fan.

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Mastro Defense System Seminar Instructional Series Volume 1

Mastro Defense System Seminar Instructional Series Volume

This DVD was shot in Los Angeles in January 2017 in front of a sold out crowd of dedicated Martial Artists who came from as far New York, Montréal, Baltimore, Phoenix and San Fransisco to experience Fred in action. It showcases Fred's No-Nonsense approach to real life situations and his ability to adapt to any scenario. Each technique is explained and applied in such a way that the viewer can get the most out of the technique. It will take the viewer through "conditioning drills", various techniques and of course the famous "Fred Mastro Handshake" and the Funker Tactical Challenge. The Seminar Instructional Series Volume 1 DVD is the 1st ever produced DVD for MDS in this new series. The Educational DVD Series will also be available soon.

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Deacons for Defense

Deacons for

They were defiant. They were determined. They were not going down without a fight. With the whole world watching, these men stood up to the Ku Klux Klan and changed their lives, their town, and their country forever . . . the moving, inspirational,

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Defense of the Realm

Defense of the

"Taut, extremely entertaining" (Leonard Maltin) and laden with suspense, this fast-moving chiller stars Gabriel Byrne as a Cold War reporter who discovers that free speech comes at a deadly price. Co-starring Greta Scacchi and Denholm Elliott, Defense of the Realm is "electrifying, terrifying" and will leave you "limp from controlled tension" (Los Angeles Times)! When a tawdry sex scandal links a high-ranking British politician to a Russian KGB agent, ambitious newsman Nick Mullen (Byrne) swiftly gets the story on Page One. But when his scoop-of-the-decade begins to unravel the cover-up-of-the-century – involving military secrets, nuclear weapons and government murders – Mullen and the politician's beautiful secretary (Scacchi) finds themselves ensnared in a web of deadly intrigueÂ...where every move could be their last!

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Coaching Team Defense (3rd Ed.), w/ DVD

Coaching Team Defense (3rd Ed.), w/

The first edition of Coaching Team Defense was printed over 20 years ago. Yet, the lessons within it remain vital for football coaches to this day. In fact, the lessons contained in this book may be more important to today's football coach than they were even at the time of the first printing of the book.Coaching Team Defense is widely regarded as one of the best defensive football manuals ever written. The book reinforces the belief that Fritz Shurmur was a mastermind in building great defensive teams. A proponent of coaching with simplicity, this revised edition delves into team defense basics and the guiding principles of team defense. Coach Shurmur's ability to think beyond the traditional envelope has inspired and guided football coaches for decades. This revised edition of this classic book offers several new features, including a DVD in which Coach Shurmur shares his insights and observations on the key factors involved in coaching sound team defense.Topics covered in this book include:Goals and ObjectivesPersonnel: Physical QualificationsPersonnel: Mental QualificationsDefending the RunDefending the PassPass CoverageZone Pass CoverageMan Pass CoverageNickel DefensesPractice OrganizationScouting the OpponentScouting Forms

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Baseball the Ripken Way: The Fundamentals of Defense

Baseball the Ripken Way: The Fundamentals of

Bill Ripken and Cal Ripken, Jr. have developed a method of baseball instruction based on their combined 33 years of major league experience and the teachings of their father, Cal Ripken, Sr. The Ripken Way is based on the following principles: Keep It Simple, Make It Fun, Explain Why and Celebrate The Individual. This unique series of instructional programs explores how to play baseball the "Ripken Way". Actual footage of professional baseball players is used to illustrate each lesson. Understanding and applying the "Ripken Way" can help youth baseball players improve all aspects of their game. Featuring: Cal Ripken, Jr., Bill Ripken, John Habyan

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Championship Productions Pat Narduzzi: Stopping the Pass with the 4-3 Over/Cover 4 Defense DVD

Championship Productions Pat Narduzzi: Stopping the Pass with

With by Pat Narduzzi, Michigan State University Defensive Coordinator; 2010 Big Ten Co-Champions. In 2010, Pat Narduzzi's ball hawking defense recorded 17 interceptions, its highest total since 2004. Their entire secondary received All Big-Ten recognition. Coach Narduzzi's defenses are almost always nationally recognized for their excellence. Like Coach Bear Bryant said, "Offense sells tickets, but defense wins championships." In this DVD, Narduzzi presents the philosophies, principles and alignments for the 4-3 Cover 4 Defense. Now your defense can improve its pass coverage the same way Narduzzi elevated Michigan State's defense to one of the top units in the country ranking 23rd in the nation for Turnovers and Takeaways. Utilizing Cover 4 and aggressive player techniques has allowed Michigan State to become one of the conference's top defenses. Using high quality game footage, Narduzzi teaches how to utilize Cover 4 versus a variety of formations and passing concepts. This video is a great learning tool for the intermediate to advanced level coach who wants to improve their 4-3 defenses pass coverage scheme. Michigan State's 4-3 Cover 4 begins with corner play. Narduzzi's corners use press coverage which is unique in Cover 4. Intense press coverage will force opposing receivers...

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Best Defense


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Mastro Defense System Seminar Instructional Series Volume 2

Mastro Defense System Seminar Instructional Series Volume

This DVD was shot in Baltimore in May 2017 in front of a sold out crowd of dedicated Martial Artists who came from as far New York, Montréal, Baltimore, Phoenix and San Fransisco to experience Fred in action. It showcases Fred's No-Nonsense approach to real life situations and his ability to adapt to any scenario. Each technique is explained and applied in such a way that the viewer can get the most out of the technique. It will take the viewer through "conditioning drills", various techniques. The Seminar Instructional Series Volume 2 DVD is the 2nd DVD for MDS in this new series. The Educational DVD Series will also be available soon.

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Best Defense


Best Defense

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Knife defense - Traditional Techniques (YMAA) Dr Yang

Knife defense - Traditional Techniques (YMAA) Dr

Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming teaches techniques designed to defend against dagger attacks, which include the four essential categories of traditional martial arts training: punching, kicking, chin na, and wrestling. It is important to be aware that knife fighting is deadly and can often lead to serious consequences, including time in prison. If you are attacked with a knife, the best option is to keep your distance and attempt to escape. Even with expert training, there is a high risk of sustaining an injury during a knife attack. Dr. Yang instructs and demonstrates knife defense techniques. He also provides corrections for common mistakes as students perform each application. Special attention is given to key defensive concepts. -Learn to use items at hand for defense -Learn how to maintain distance from an attacker -Understand angling, and intercepting an attack -Develop strategies for successful escapes -Numerous distance, angling, and intercepting training drills are taught -Over 30 traditional techniques are presented in detail It is crucial to train the skills of intercepting often and with many training partners, for it to be effective as a defense. Extensive training of these defense applications can significantly help you avoid knife injuries if you are attacked outside of a...

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In Defense of the Pre-Trib Rapture

In Defense of the Pre-Trib

An in-depth presentation by Dr. David R. Reagan, founder and senior evangelist of Lamb & Lion Ministries. Were all the people involved in the development of the Pre-Trib Rapture doctrine either immoral in character or spiritually unorthodox, or both? Was the doctrine held by any of the Church Fathers? Is the doctrine too new to be true? Does the doctrine rob the Church of Its responsibility to proclaim the Gospel to all the world? Is there any biblical evidence that the Rapture will be an event separate and apart from the Second Coming? Are there any scriptures that indicate that the Rapture will occur before the Tribulation begins? These questions are answered in detail in this 1 hour and 32 minute program that features interviews with Bible prophecy experts Tommy Ice, Andy Woods, Mark Hitchcock, William Watson, Charles Ryrie, and Tim LaHaye.

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Secret Defense (State Secret)

Secret Defense (State

A counter terrorism thriller following the interconnected lives of an undercover agent and the terrorist she's following. Diane, a language student, is recruited by the French secret service. Pierre, a troubled young man, falls under the influence of an Islamist fanatic who believes that terrorism is a legitimate means to achieve his objectives. Trained and indoctrinated for missions which are beyond them, they are both drawn into a chain of events from which they seem incapable of escaping...

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Florida DUI Defense: The Law & Practice with DVD

Florida DUI Defense: The Law & Practice with

For even the most seasoned attorney admitted to practice in the State of Florida, defending DUI cases has always presented special challenges. Today mounting a successful defense is more difficult than ever. Now you have the advantage with Florida DUI Defense: The Law and Practice. This text and supplementary DVD contains the most important information to help you attain a successful verdict. Written by Alan S. Bernstein and James Nesci, both members of the National College for DUI Defense, Florida DUI Defense: The Law and Practice ensures that you understand the chemical, biological and technological concepts and issues underlying DUI prosecution and defense in the State of Florida. The authors provide the most up-to-date information available on key areas of DUI law in Florida including: DUI Investigations, Driving and Field Sobriety Testing, Drug Recognition, Evaluation and Chemical Testing, Blood Alcohol Calculations, Pre-trial Investigations and Motions, Practice, Plea Offers and Agreements, DUI Trial Procedures, and more. Many practical tools and applications designed to streamline and simplify the complex DUI defense process have been developed along with this book. They are all included on a bonus DVD--so you can locate, review and print them out in a matter of seconds. T...

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The Best Defense: Survival! - 2009

The Best Defense: Survival! -

Outdoor Channel's The Best Defense: Survival! features defense methods and survival techniques to help men and women quickly analyze and respond to some of the most dangerous and unimaginable situations imaginable. As a companion show to the hit Outdoor Channel series The Best Defense, this survival edition of that series travels the United States visiting military and civilian training centers to educate viewers about life-threatening scenarios, including terrorist attacks, natural disasters and other large-scale emergencies.

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The Killer Dutch - Chess Video on DVD

The Killer Dutch - Chess Video on

Grandmaster Simon Williams, the world's leading exponent of The Classical Dutch, introduces his debut DVD where the viewer explores the spectrum of exciting opportunities that Black will encounter when playing this opening. With a running time of over 6 hours, this innovative chess tutorial DVD is serious value for money.

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Self-Defense for Women, with Tayah Kansik: Beginner self defense classes, Personal defense technique instruction

Self-Defense for Women, with Tayah Kansik: Beginner self

Created by Tayah Kansik, personal trainer and self-defense expert, Self-Defense for Women is a beginner-level program teaching effective self-defense tactics in a dynamic non-stop, non-partner workout format. Tayah's program is rooted in the proven personal defense techniques of boxing and mixed martial arts. Moves are easy to follow and doable for a wide range of ages and fitness levels. Each move and sequence of defensive actions is explained step-by-step, demonstrated with a partner and practiced solo. In addition to all the self-defense techniques, Tayah's workout includes a warmup, mobility exercises, stretches, and a cooldown. Tayah's self-defense Technique Workshop (35 minutes) includes jab and cross, hooks, uppercuts, elbows, pushkicks, knee strikes, and body kicks. Partner demonstrations focus on understanding target strike areas, directions, and angles while keeping the pace of the workout. The Applications section (25 minutes) strings the moves learned in the Technique Workshop into combinations and matches them to real-life situations of confrontation. Tayah teaches how to evade and deflect punches using boxing blocks combined with elbow and knee strikes and kicks. Attack-defense scenarios include grabs (hair grabs, clothes grabs, head lock), takedowns, and ground fig...

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Championship Productions Chris Mack: Drills to Build The Pack Line Defense DVD

Championship Productions Chris Mack: Drills to Build The

With Chris Mack, Xavier University Head Coach; 2010 A-10 Coach of the Year; 2-time A-10 regular season champs; 2009 Basketball Times Rookie Coach of the Year. In this on-court clinic presentation, Chris Mack shares everyday drills that are the backbone of his aggressive pack line defensive system. Coach Mack teaches the defensive basics using individual and team drills that will: Create extreme ball pressure; Keep the ball out of the middle of the court; Force the offense to take contested jump shots "away from the box"; Develop excellent help defense and improve communication on defense. These drills emphasize "discouraging the shot, but playing the drive" through positioning, closing out with high hands, building walls, closing gaps and jumping to the ball. After building the basics, Mack breaks down post defense from initial positioning on the floor to positioning after the offensive catch in the post. You will see his wall up technique for post defense that will create "the toughest 3-foot shot to make." Bringing all of the basic defensive concepts and rules together, Mack demonstrates his 3-out, 1-in (unguarded post) drill, his 3-on-3 identity drill and 3-out 1-in identity drill (4-on-4 with a post) to train the players in a game-like tempo. Coach Mack's Xavier teams are kno...

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