Disney FAN January 2019

Disney FAN January

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LIFE Inside the Disney Parks: The Happiest Places on Earth

LIFE Inside the Disney Parks: The Happiest Places

The Happiest Places on Earth! Walt Disney spent his life dreaming impossible dreams—and making them a reality! His vision had no equal: from Steamboat Willie, the first animated short with synchronized sound, to 1937's Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, the first full-length animated feature, which became the most successful American film up to that point. By the early 1950s, Disney’s dreams had reached the height of ambition, and he set out to build the amusement park to end all amusement parks: Disneyland.This new Special Edition from the Editors of LIFE, Inside the Disney Parks, takes you through the tumultuous design process and building of Disneyland: from the inception of the idea, stemming from Walt's obsession with model trains, to the nerve-wracking and over-budget construction—everything in the name of perfection!—the “impossible dream” endured. Despite all obstacles and a disastrous opening day, Disney created a fantasyland with such great appeal that it could be nothing but an overwhelming success: a dream that paved the way for Walt Disney World, several other parks around the globe, and helped turn Disney into a brand that became a worldwide phenomenon—changing popular culture forever.Please note that this product is an authorized edition published by ...

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LIFE Walt Disney: From Mickey to the Magic Kingdom

LIFE Walt Disney: From Mickey to the Magic

Disney World is often referred to as the “happiest place on earth” and the character Mickey Mouse is long ingrained in our collective memory. The Walt Disney Company is one of the largest and most valuable companies in the world. But behind all of that was one ambitious small-town farm boy who failed as often as he succeeded, and finally found worldwide fame – thanks to a cartoon mouse.Throughout the rise of Walt Disney, LIFE magazine was there, covering everything from the first Mickey merchandising to the launch of Walt Disney World in 1971, and now in this all-new special edition, LIFE revisits both the man and the magic in LIFE Walt Disney: From Mickey to the Magic Kingdom. Very few people know that as a young entrepreneur, he struggled with bankruptcy, borrowing money until he had a hit with the Mickey Mouse cartoons in the late 1920s. Beloved movies of today – Pinocchio, Fantasia, and Bambi – bombed when first released, and it wasn't until the astronomical success of Disneyland in 1951 that finally put his company into the black.From early days to troubled times, and successes and failures too numerous to count that bring us all to the World of Disney that we all know and love today, LIFE Walt Disney is a fitting tribute to a creative force that has and will conti...

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Star Wars: Darth Vader Vol. 4: End of Games (Darth Vader (2015-2016))

Star Wars: Darth Vader Vol. 4: End of

Collects Darth Vader #20-25.Darth Vader has been secretly pursuing his own agenda, but now it is time for the End of Games. As Inspector Thanoth returns with some startling information, it seems that Vader may have passed his master's tests. But even after finding favor in the eyes of the Emperor, the Dark Lord's schemes may yet prove his undoing. While killer droids Triple-Zero and Beetee wreak havoc in their own homicidal adventure, the Empire's dreadnought The Executor moves closer to launch. But Vader faces tumultuous battles with the cybernetic Cylo — and himself! Lost in visions of the Force, is he now more machine than man? Or can he fight his way back from the brink to see his missions and machinations finally come to fruition? The imperial march of the dark side reaches a crescendo!


LIFE Mickey Mouse: LIFE Celebrates an American Icon

LIFE Mickey Mouse: LIFE Celebrates an American

For over ninety years, one of the world’s greatest entertainers has technically never been alive. Conjured from the imagination of Walt Disney and brought to life by artist Ub Iwerks, Micky Mouse has starred in some of the most enduring movie classics of our time (though not as many as you’d think), has interacted on stage and screen with some of the past century’s greatest figures, including Elvis Presley, Queen Elizabeth II, and every U.S. President since Truman (except for Lyndon Johnson). His image has been emblazoned upon countless watches, t-shirts, hats, and every other manner of clothing, and sometimes has been present when you weren’t even looking. Additionally, he is the mascot of the Walt Disney Company, and of the multitude of parks that bear his creator’s name. Now, in this special edition from LIFE, Mickey Mouse, we trace this iconic character’s birth and his rise to fame and dominance worldwide. Learn how Mickey helped Walt Disney and his company become the entertainment behemoth that it is today and learn about Mickey’s influence in sports and arts, among other spheres. This thoroughly entertaining special edition will remind you that even if you weren’t paying attention, Mickey has been there entertaining and inspiring. Please note that this produ...

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Ultimate Sticker Book: Disney Pixar Cars 3

Ultimate Sticker Book: Disney Pixar Cars

A colorful sticker book packed with more than 60 stickers featuring characters and stills from the animated movie.Disney·Pixar Cars 3: Ultimate Sticker Book is the perfect partner to Cars 3, the third installment of Disney·Pixar's Cars franchise. This Ultimate Sticker Book will feature all the memorable characters, including race car Lightning McQueen, key locations, and iconic moments from the movie. With beautiful, bright stickers and lively and informative captions, Ultimate Sticker Book is a must-have companion to Disney·Pixar's Cars 3.© 2017 Disney/Pixar

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Private investigator John Blacksad is up to his feline ears in mystery, digging into the backstories behind murders, child abductions, and nuclear secrets. Guarnido's sumptuously painted pages and rich cinematic style bring the world of 1950s America to vibrant life, with Canales weaving in fascinating tales of conspiracy, racial tension, and the "red scare" Communist witch hunts of the time. Guarnido reinvents anthropomorphism in these pages, and industry colleagues no less than Will Eisner, Jim Steranko, and Tim Sale are fans!Whether John Blacksad is falling for dangerous women or getting beaten to within an inch of his life, his stories are, simply put, unforgettable.* Dark Horse is very proud to present the first three Blacksad stories in a beautiful hardcover collection, completely relettered to the artist's specifications and with the latest album, Red Soul, in English for the very first time.* This internationally acclaimed series has won nearly a dozen prestigious awards — including the Angoulême Comics Festival prizes for Best Series and Best Artwork-and is a three-time Eisner Award nominee.

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Marketing the Moon: The Selling of the Apollo Lunar Program (The MIT Press)

Marketing the Moon: The Selling of the Apollo

One of the most successful public relations campaigns in history, featuring heroic astronauts, press-savvy rocket scientists, enthusiastic reporters, deep-pocketed defense contractors, and Tang.In July 1969, ninety-four percent of American televisions were tuned to coverage of Apollo 11's mission to the moon. How did space exploration, once the purview of rocket scientists, reach a larger audience than My Three Sons? Why did a government program whose standard operating procedure had been secrecy turn its greatest achievement into a communal experience? In Marketing the Moon, David Meerman Scott and Richard Jurek tell the story of one of the most successful marketing and public relations campaigns in history: the selling of the Apollo program. Primed by science fiction, magazine articles, and appearances by Wernher von Braun on the “Tomorrowland” segments of the Disneyland prime time television show, Americans were a receptive audience for NASA's pioneering “brand journalism.” Scott and Jurek describe sophisticated efforts by NASA and its many contractors to market the facts about space travel―through press releases, bylined articles, lavishly detailed background materials, and fully produced radio and television features―rather than push an agenda. American astronaut...

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Silly Symphonies Volume 2: The Complete Disney Classics

Silly Symphonies Volume 2: The Complete Disney

This second of four volumes presents the spectacular Sunday pages from 1935 to 1939, featuring the first comic strip adaptation of a feature-length film―Snow White…the original Donald Duck series, plus the Three Little Pigs (and the Big Bad Wolf, of course), Elmer the Elephant, Pluto, Goofy, and the Three Little Kittens. The artwork for these rare strips has come straight from the Disney vaults, each page meticulously colored using as a guide the original file copies that belonged to Walt Disney himself!

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Walt Disney's Donald Duck: The Sunday Newspaper Comics Volume 1 (DONALD DUCK Sunday Comics)

Walt Disney's Donald Duck: The Sunday Newspaper Comics

From the Disney Vaults―the original Donald Duck color Sunday comics collected in a book series for the very first time! After a try-out as part of the Silly Symphonies series, Donald was given his own Sunday comics page in late 1939 and it became an instant hit. This premiere volume includes more than three full years of rare Sunday comics, from the first strip from December 10, 1939 through the end of 1942. Drawn by Al Taliaferro and written by Bob Karp, the comics are reproduced from pristine original material in the Disney Vaults!

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Walt Disney's Treasury of Classic Tales Volume 1

Walt Disney's Treasury of Classic Tales Volume

From the early 1950s through the late ‘80s, the Disney studio created Sunday comics adaptations of more than 120 of their animated and live-action films that were currently in movie theaters. The chronological all-star line-up in this first volume is an almost embarrassment of riches: the animated Peter Pan, Lady and the Tramp, Peter and the Wolf, and two precursers to the series, Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland! The live-action adaptations are: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Robin Hood, The Sword and the Rose, Ben and Me, and Rob Roy. Disney stalwarts Manuel Gonzales and Dick Moores drew the cartoon adaptations, while the live-action stories were illustrated by legendary Tarzan artist Jesse Marsh!

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Silly Symphonies Volume 1: The Complete Disney Classics

Silly Symphonies Volume 1: The Complete Disney

After more than 80 years―the complete Silly Symphony newspaper strips are collected in English for the first time ever! The artwork for these rare strips has come straight from the Disney vaults. Each page has been meticulously colored using, as a guide, the original bound file copies that belonged to Walt Disney himself! This first of four volumes includes all the strips featuring Bucky Bug, the first Disney character to be originated in newspaper comics. The book also includes the very first Donald Duck newspaper strip―an adaptation of The Wise Little Hen. Other classic adaptations are Birds of a Feather, Penguin Isle, The Boarding School Mystery, The Robber Kitten, and Cookieland. Plus, the “Mickey Mouse Movies” bonus toppers!

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Star Wars: Phonics Boxed Set

Star Wars: Phonics Boxed

Learn to read with STAR WARS! This amazing boxed set includes ten books, two workbooks, and foil on the cover!Learn how to read with all your favorite Star Wars characters! Perfect for reluctant readers, each book is illustrated with full-color images from the blockbuster Star Wars movies.This incredible boxed set focuses on short and long a, e, i, o, u sounds and includes ten books and two workbooks.

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Marvel Comics: The Untold Story

Marvel Comics: The Untold

The defining, behind-the-scenes chronicle of one of the most extraordinary, beloved, and dominant pop cultural entities in America’s history -- Marvel Comics – and the outsized personalities who made Marvel including Martin Goodman, Stan Lee, and Jack Kirby.  “Sean Howe’s history of Marvel makes a compulsively readable, riotous and heartbreaking version of my favorite story, that of how a bunch of weirdoes changed the world…That it’s all true is just frosting on the cake.”  —Jonathan LethemFor the first time, Marvel Comics tells the stories of the men who made Marvel: Martin Goodman, the self-made publisher who forayed into comics after a get-rich-quick tip in 1939, Stan Lee, the energetic editor who would shepherd the company through thick and thin for decades and Jack Kirby, the WWII veteran who would co-create Captain America in 1940 and, twenty years later, developed with Lee the bulk of the company’s marquee characters in a three-year frenzy. Incorporating more than one hundred original interviews with those who worked behind the scenes at Marvel over a seventy-year-span, Marvel Comics packs anecdotes and analysis into a gripping narrative of how a small group of people on the cusp of failure created one of the most enduring pop cultural forces in c...

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Disney fan (Disney Fan) December, 2009 # # # # [Magazine]

Disney fan (Disney Fan) December, 2009 # #

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Disney FAN September 2017

Disney FAN September

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Trump: The Complete Collection (Essential Kurtzman)

Trump: The Complete Collection (Essential

--Nominated for a 2017 Eisner Award for Best Archival Collection/Project-- TRUMP was a lavish color satire magazine Harvey Kurtzman created for Hugh Hefner after leaving MAD magazine acrimoniously in 1956. With a star-studded cast (Mel Brooks, Will Elder, Jack Davis, Wally Wood, Al Jaffee) and Playboy's money and clout, TRUMP should have been huge. But for complex financial reasons, Hefner pulled the plug while the third issue was in production. For six long decades, the legendary TRUMP has never been collected . . . until now. With never-before-seen art, including the surviving contents of ithe third issue, this long overdue collection will blow the minds of fans of Kurtzman, satire, and 1950s American pop culture.

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The Surface Breaks: a reimagining of The Little Mermaid

The Surface Breaks: a reimagining of The Little

Please Read Notes: Brand New, International Softcover Edition, Printed in black and white pages, minor self wear on the cover or pages, Sale restriction may be printed on the book, but Book name, contents, and author are exactly same as Hardcover Edition. Fast delivery through DHL/FedEx express.

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Disney Villains Wall Calendar (2019)

Disney Villains Wall Calendar

Celebrate the most deliciously evil characters of Disney’s repertoire in this 2019 wall calendar. Featuring celebrated baddies, such as Ursula, Maleficent, and Cruella de Vil, this calendar is sure to unleash the inner rogue.Features a full-sized planning grid. Printed on a glossy paper stock suitable for pen and pencil note taking. This calendar is 12" wide x 12" tall when closed and 12" wide x 24" tall when open, and features 13 full-color images. Includes 4 extra planning grids for September through December of 2018, plus full pages for January through December of 2019. Also includes a bonus downloadable digital wallpaper for both desktop and mobile devices.

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Mickey Mouse: The 90th Anniversary Collection

Mickey Mouse: The 90th Anniversary

Celebrate Mickey's big anniversary with this epic anthology featuring some of his most exciting adventures spanning from the 1930s to the present day."Oh, fer gosh sakes!" Mickey's celebrating and he's joined by all the gang! Goofy, Minnie, Peg-Leg Pete, and Atomo Bleep-Bleep are all here to celebrate his big day in style!Includes the thrilling "Sacred Spring of Seasons Past," "Boxing Champion," "Return of the Phantom Blot," and more! Brought to you by fan-favorite creators such as Floyd Gottfredson, Romano Scarpa, Paul Murry, Byron Erickson, Andrea "Casty" Castellan, and more.

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