The Compendium of Fantasy Art Techniques: The Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Fantasy Worlds, Mystical Characters, and the Creatures of Your Own Worst Nightmares

The Compendium of Fantasy Art Techniques: The Step-by-Step

Artists interested in graphic novels, comic book illustration, or computer game graphics will find a veritable course load of instruction in this mega-fantasy art manual. Combining the best of three of Barron's top fantasy art titles, The Compendium of Fantasy Art Techniques presents easy-to follow instructions and step-by-step illustrations that will teach readers the essential techniques for creating the fantasy world of their dreams. Included is content from:Drawing & Painting Fantasy Landscapes and Cityscapes--Award-winning science fiction and fantasy artist Rob Alexander instructs readers on creating landscapes that evoke myths and legends, lost empires, futuristic planets, dramatic dreamscapes, underwater worlds, and subterranean cities. Drawing & Painting Fantasy Beasts--Kevin Walker covers basic anatomical forms of animals in nature, then teaches the reader how to distort these shapes to create fantastic beasts from literature and legend, double-headed sea monsters and serpents, satyrs, centaurs, dragons, and demons. Drawing & Painting Fantasy Figures--Noted fantasy artist Finlay Cowen coaches students in the creation of heroes and heroines, villains and wizards, dragons, and manlike beasts with techniques for drawing characters with special attention to their faces, bodi...

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Masters and Legends of Fantasy Art, 2nd Expanded Edition: Techniques for Drawing, Painting & Digital Art from Fantasy Legends (Fox Chapel Publishing) Dozens of In-Depth Interviews & Workshops

Masters and Legends of Fantasy Art, 2nd Expanded

Uncover the secrets of the fantasy art masters! 17 interviews and 24 workshops from the biggest names in the genre Step-by-step tutorials on everything from painting in watercolor to getting a traditional look digitally Featured artists include Frank Frazetta, H.R. Giger, Syd Mead, Boris Vallejo, and more Expanded new edition adds 2 new artist interviews and 3 new workshops Core skills section offers basic training on techniques Masters and Legends of Fantasy Art, 2nd Expanded Edition is the ultimate guide to fantasy, sci-fi, and comic art techniques, advice, and theory. Packed with in-depth interviews and amazing workshops from the biggest names in the genre, you'll learn everything you need to know to paint like these fantasy art masters, with advice from legendary talents like Frank Frazetta, H.R. Giger, Syd Mead, Boris Vallejo, and more. Discover how to create classic fantasy, imaginative sci-fi, and comic art, with advice on how to tell visual stories, make inspired illustrations, and create strong characters. You'll also learn how to paint better spaceships, faeries, aliens, and elf rangers, with plenty of tips about creating a traditional or modern look using digital techniques, as these star artists reveal their secrets for designing and painting classic fantasy illustr...

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Fantasy Art Book

Fantasy Art

200 pages collection of Digital Art, pencils, sketches and digital painting processes done by the artist Javier Charro.Important: This Artbook is included in Allwënn: Soul & Sword - Full Edition.


Fantasy Art Drawing Skills: All the Art Techniques, Demonstrations, and Short Cuts You Need to Master Fantasy Art

Fantasy Art Drawing Skills: All the Art Techniques,

This self-teaching course instructs beginning and intermediate artists in methods for creating fantasy characters of all kinds, from the classic fairy princess, to witches, wizards, monsters, and aliens from outer space. As important as the fantasy characters themselves are the worlds where they live, whether on space stations, in enchanted forests, dream castles, or on alien planets. This book opens with advice on tools, materials, and media, and then presents practical lessons in basic draftsmanship. Detailed instruction covers lighting and shadows, creating surface textures, capturing the illusion of movement, exaggerating human features to produce fantasy characters, placing characters in lifelike poses, and telling stories with pictures. The text is complemented with more than 150 instructive color illustrations.

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Drawing Fantasy Creatures

Drawing Fantasy

Little grabs people’s imaginations more than fire-breathing dragons, magical elves, and other fantastic creatures. Now with this ebook, fantasy fans can learn to draw their favorite creatures and learn more about them at the same time. Simple, step-by-step instructions team up with lively creature descriptions to teach young artists how to draw dragons, orcs, dwarves, and many other fantastical creatures.


How to Draw Fantasy Art and RPG Maps: Step by Step Cartography for Gamers and Fans

How to Draw Fantasy Art and RPG Maps:

The power of creation is at your fingertips!Orcs prepare for battle against high Elves, Dwarves retreat to the mountains and men march to the sea to reclaim crumbling fortresses. Fortunes are decided. Kingdoms are lost. Entire worlds are created. This book will teach you to bring your fictional realm to life with simple step-by-step instructions on how to draw authentic fantasy maps. Set the stage for adventure by illustrating domains, castles and battle lines, mountains, forests and sea monsters! Learn to create completely unique and fully functional RPG maps time and time again on which your world can unfold.All the skills necessary to create awe-inspiring maps are covered!Landscapes. Add depth, balance and plausibility with rocky coastlines, towering mountains, dark forests and rolling plains.Iconography. Mark important places--towns and cities, fortresses and bridges--with symbolic iconography for easy-to-understand maps.Typography. Learn how to place readable text and the basics of decorative script. Bonus instruction teaches you to create fonts for Orcs, Elves, Vikings and dragons.Heraldry and shield design. Depict cultural and political boundaries with shields and colors.Advanced cartography. Includes how to draw landmarks, country boundaries and political lines. Build roa...

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Fantasy Art Drawing For Beginners: Drawing Fantasy Creatures With Simple Instructions (Fantasy Drawing) (Volume 1)

Fantasy Art Drawing For Beginners: Drawing Fantasy Creatures

+ FREE BOOK Buy this book and get BOOK for FREE Fantasy Art Drawing for Beginners - Drawing Fantasy Creatures with Simple Instructions is the ultimate guidebook aimed at people who wish, but don’t know how to draw interesting drawings of legendary creatures. The step by step guide will help you learn how to draw from scratch. You have an opportunity to learn how to draw several mythical beings, including a griffin, elf, gnome, centaur, mermaid and the eye of a dragon. Why start drawing in the first place? Like any other type of art, drawing is an amazing hobby, which helps you forget about the life’s problems. Once you get in the “flow”, you will forget about everything that has been pressing you and focus totally on creating art. Apart from stress fighting attributes, drawing is also great to open up your mind and broaden your thoughts. Producing art is not possible if your mind is closed. If you think about it, you will see that a huge majority of artists were extremely open minded, some even so much that people considered them strange, like Salvador Dali or Vincent Van Gogh, for example. Another good reason to start learning to draw right away is that it may turn out that you’re very good at it. Who knows – you might be the next Jackson Pollock, just you still ...

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The lost art of how to draw fantasy females

The lost art of how to draw fantasy

A step by step, fun and easy, informal guide to drawing the fantasy female figure, for the beginner .The author has put forth a simplified presentation of an uncomplicated approach to drawing the female fantasy form . It is filled with lots of easy to follow diagrams and drawings . It also includes advice , practical tips and instruction on how to draw the fantasy female , using a basic three step method . This book shows you how to develop your own technique and personal creative style of drawing .

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Fantasy World-Building: A Guide to Developing Mythic Worlds and Legendary Creatures (Dover Art Instruction)

Fantasy World-Building: A Guide to Developing Mythic Worlds

When artists and designers explore or create a fictional setting, the milieu must be completely fleshed out, explained, and designed. In this book, comic and gaming art veteran Mark A. Nelson explores and demonstrates his methods for fashioning visually stunning, believable environments for fantasy creatures and characters. Scores of images and step-by-step examples illustrate how variation and experimentation lead to fresh, original designs for otherworldly beings, their environments, and their stories. Nelson discusses how to find ideas and borrow from history to add the strength of realism to a fantasy world. In describing the best ways to establish a habitat, he offers specifics about climate, terrain, flora, and wildlife. He shares insights into founding societies in terms of their means of survival, manner of warfare, spiritual practices, style of dress, and levels of technology. All visual creatives who work with imaginative material — illustrators, comic artists, and writers — will take a lively interest in this source of inspiration and practical knowledge. "In sixteen breezy-yet-surprisingly-concise chapters he covers everything from visual problem solving to spirituality to warfare to transportation, not with the idea of giving the reader lessons to copy by rote ...

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The Lost Art: Volume 2 How to Draw Fantasy Female Faces

The Lost Art: Volume 2 How to

A step by step guide on how to draw beautiful fantasy female faces.This book is filled with diagrams and charts that are aimed at the beginning artist.There are over a 100 inspiring and technical illustrations.This book teaches you how to explore your imagination and develop your artistic techniques and skills.

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