Improved Meyer Lemon Tree- Dwarf Fruit Trees - Indoor/Outdoor Live Potted Citrus Tree - 3-4 ft. - Cannot Ship to FL, CA, TX, LA or AZ

Improved Meyer Lemon Tree- Dwarf Fruit Trees -

Now You Can Grow Delicious Sweet Meyer Lemons Anywhere in the Country! Do you love lemons, but find that store-bought lemons are often too tart? Try the Improved Meyer Lemon Tree, a hybrid lemon tree that produces sweet citrus fruits that are sure to be the most amazingly delicious fruit you've ever tasted. These lemons are not grown and sold commercially- you must have your own lemon tree to get this rare citrus fruit. Improved Meyer Lemon Tree fruit is naturally sweeter than most other lemon citrus tree varieties. If you've ever been to a state fair, you've probably tasted freshly-squeezed, ice-cold, sweet lemonade. That's what Meyer Lemons taste like! Your Meyer Lemon Fruit Tree produces fruit that is actually a cross between a lemon and a Mandarin orange. Because these lemons have the typical lemony flavor, but are more naturally sweet, they are a favorite of chefs and bakers all over the world. Indoor Fruit Tree or Outdoor - Your Choice! Now, you can grow your lemon tree in any part of the country. This improved variety is naturally pest and disease-resistant. In cold climates, just plant your lemon tree in a large pot and move it indoors during the winter. It will become your favorite houseplant because it adapts beautifully and becomes a great conversation piece. The brigh...

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Dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree - Potted

Dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree -

Meyer Lemon Trees from Lemon Citrus Tree are not grown from seed, they are grafted from mature trees onto a dwarf root stock so our trees are of blossoming and fruit bearing age. These Meyer Lemons are hardy enough to grow indoors or out. However when lows drop below 29 degrees Fahrenheit, the tree will need to be moved indoors to a southern facing window so they can continue producing abundantly. As the tree matures further it will bear larger quantities of fruit. Meyer Lemons are green when they are growing, then turn yellow as they ripen and this process can take several months. Meyer Lemons are much sweeter than the standard (grocery store) lemon. They are great for juicing as well as making Lemon Meringue pie. Another benefit is they can recover fairly easily from damage and pests with treatment and are highly adaptable to environmental changes. With the proper care, Meyer Lemon Trees are capable of producing fruit for over 30 years.

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Nearly Natural 5581 3' Lemon Artificial Plant, Green

Nearly Natural 5581 3' Lemon Artificial Plant,

At 3 feet tall, this lemon artificial tree features lush, smooth-edged green leaves that complement and surround the small bright yellow lemons nearly hidden in the foliage. Yellow and green paint a beautiful contrast that will highlight any space. Position this artificial tree next to your breakfast nook with other artificial fruit set on the table for a spring scheme.

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Bloomsz Lemon Tree in Decorative Planter

Bloomsz Lemon Tree in Decorative

Add the incredibly fresh, citrus scent of lemon blossoms to your home by growing a lemon tree! Fragrant white flowers bloom among attractive, glossy green leaves. Lemons begin to appear in the spring, and as they mature they help to provide visual interest for the remainder of the year. Lemon trees are extremely hardy and grow well indoors while providing edible fruit to enjoy in beverages, in cooking, and as garnishes. The included, color-coordinated metal pot with handles makes it easy to move your tree from one location to another. Fun and fast-growing. Self-pollinating, so only one tree is needed to produce fruit. Glossy evergreen foliage provides the background for vivid yellow fruit.

  • Color: Yellow
  • Brand: Bloomsz
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10 Seeds Dwarf Meyer Lemon Seeds Tree Indoor Outdoor Heirloom Fruit Seeds

10 Seeds Dwarf Meyer Lemon Seeds Tree Indoor

10 seeds dwarf meyer lemon seeds tree indoor outdoor heirloom fruit seeds

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TreesAgain Meyer Lemon Tree - Citrus meyeri - starter plug (See State Restrictions)

TreesAgain Meyer Lemon Tree - Citrus meyeri -

Healthy Meyer Lemon Tree - starter plug - not bare root. Thanks for looking! Please share this listing with your friends :) The plug is approximately 1 inch diameter by approximately 2.5 inches tall. No minimum plant size is guaranteed, but they are typically approximately 1 to 3 inches, sometimes a tad smaller. These are small, just-started, tree seedlings. So, please, no complaining that the trees are small. They are starter plugs. They're supposed to be small.

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3-4 Year Old Improved Meyer Lemon Tree in Grower's Pot

3-4 Year Old Improved Meyer Lemon Tree in

Patio Sized Meyer Lemon Citrus Tree At Last. Full sized, edible Citrus fruit can be grown anywhere inside or out of doors in a sunny location, in a container as long as the temperature is between 55F and 85F. Our select Citrus Trees will produce true to type. This lemon will quickly grow to a height of 2 to 3 feet when grown as a container plant. The size of the plant is determined by the size of the pot. These plants will happily spend their entire life in a 1 to 2 gallon pot indoors. If planted outdoors year-round, directly in the ground, these trees will get 5 feet tall. These trees will start bearing fruit within the next 12-18 months. This patio meyer lemon tree is grafted onto a well formed root system and is actively growing in its pot in a peat/soil growing mix and is 12-17 inches tall. Upon arrival in your home, it will need to be re-potted into a gallon container with drainage holes, using either cactus or well draining standard houseplant potting mix, within the next 60 to 90 days. DUE TO USDA LAWS No shipping to AZ, CA, FL, TX

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Brighter Blooms Nules Clementine Dwarf Fruit Tree - Large Trees - Grow Delicious Clementine Oranges Anywhere in The USA (Live Potted Plant) - 1-2 ft.

Brighter Blooms Nules Clementine Dwarf Fruit Tree -

Dwarf tree, perfect for patios Drought-tolerant, requires no additional water Pest & disease-resistant- that means no spraying Grow it organically! Adapts to many soils and conditions Often confused with mandarin oranges, clementines are either seedless or have very few. Nules Clementines are considered the best because of their sweet taste and premium flavor. This is a great citrus tree for even the smallest spaces. Clementines are heavy-yielding, even when maintained at a bush size. Your entire family will love this sweet, juicy citrus treat packed with important vitamin C. Enjoy them fresh as a snack, or in baking, canning or marmalades Nules Clementines make great landscape plants. From their thick canopy of large leaves to the ornamental brilliance of the late-season fruit ripening, they'll look amazing! Clementines will ripen in November and should be harvested right away. Like all citrus fruits, youâ€ll enjoy an excellent shelf life if you store your harvest of Nules clementines in a cool, dry place. The Clementine tree is rapid growing and easy to grow. Nules Clementine trees will readily adapt to most soils and a wide variety of regions in the warmer states. In cooler states you can still enjoy the sweet delicious taste of Clementine fruit when growing them in a conta...

  • Color: Green/Orange
  • Brand: Brighter Blooms
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Dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree 35 Seeds Produces Healthy Lemons

Dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree 35 Seeds Produces Healthy

Your Meyer Lemon Tree will love to be planted in an area that receives full sunlight, or at least six hours of sunlight a day. Make sure that the area isn't too windy and the temperatures consistently stay above 50 degrees. If you keep your Meyer Lemon Tree indoors place it by a big window that receives a lot of sunlight. Meyer Lemons Trees enjoy sandy, well drained, moist soil. Do not over water your tree, once your soil is dry two inches about two inches down it's time to give your tree a deep watering. Give your tree water until you notice water draining from the bottom of its pot. An organic or citrus fertilizer will make your tree happy. In the early Spring and late fall apply fertilizer to your tree every four to six weeks. Meyer Lemon Trees bloom twice a year and produce fruit year around. Once the flowers drop, fruit will fill in. Leave your lemons on your tree until then turn a shade of yellow that's close to the color of an egg yolk. Your Lemons will stay green for many months, and will not ripen until their color changes.

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