Keto Restaurant Favorites: More Than 175 Tasty Classic Recipes Made Fast, Fresh, and Healthy

Keto Restaurant Favorites: More Than 175 Tasty Classic

The ketogenic diet has taken the world by storm, and deservedly so: its results in helping people lose weight, manage chronic health conditions, and simply feel great are unmatched. Bestselling cookbook author Maria Emmerich sits at the forefront of the keto movement and has become the go-to source for high-fat, low-carb recipes that both please the palate and nourish the body. With Keto Restaurant Favorites, Maria delivers once again by putting a new and unprecedented twist on ketogenic cooking. Eating keto doesn’t mean that you have to give up the dishes you love! Instead, Maria shows you how to re-create those recipes, keto-style. Keto Restaurant Favorites answers the demand for a one-stop cookbook that allows you to easily replicate your favorite restaurant cuisine in your own kitchen. Maria’s recipes masterfully mimic the dishes you love using healthy, readily accessible ingredients. In addition to classic American fare, this book offers recipes for a variety of cuisines, including Italian, Chinese, Mexican, and Thai. Maria even includes favorites from the kids’ menu! Recipes include: •                Bacon cheeseburger •                Copycat Frosty •                Corn dogs •                Curry ...

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Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat

Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster

Make meal time even yummier with the Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat. Built-for-feeding features include a comfy seat with three height adjustments to custom fit any table, and front and rear seat straps to fit almost any chair. A dishwasher safe tray and insert plus easy to wipe clean surfaces make mealtime seem less messy! On the go? No problem. Just snap on the tray lid to keep baby’s feeding surface clean. Fold the seat back down, adjust the shoulder carry strap, and ... and you’re off and running with a portable toddler booster seat at hand. Do not use harsh or abrasive cleaners. Adjustable three-point restraint

  • Color: Blue/White
  • Brand: Fisher-Price
  • ASIN: B014D4H754
  • UPC: 887961266634

Cocinando para Latinos con Diabetes (Cooking for Latinos with Diabetes) (American Diabetes Association Guide to Healthy Restaurant Eating)

Cocinando para Latinos con Diabetes (Cooking for Latinos

People often think diabetes meal plans mean bland, tasteless foods and tiny portions. But did you know that you can still eat tasty dishes from classic Latino cuisine? Enjoy traditional meals from all over Latin America with Diabetic Cooking for Latinos.This bilingual Latino cookbook, with English and Spanish versions of each recipe, is chock full of healthy meals for people with diabetes. Readers can enjoy authentic, wholesome food and work to manage blood glucose levels at the same time! With more than 100 recipes full of the flavors of Latin America, complete nutrition information for each recipe, and diabetic exchanges, meal planning is a breeze. Each recipe is tested to meet the American Diabetes Association nutrition guidelines, ensuring that the recipes are healthy and suitable for any diabetes meal plan.Ever wonder what epazote is or the difference between guajillo chiles and habanero chiles? Go to the glossary! Feeling lost in the grocery store aisles? Check out the specialized shopping lists in the back! Want to know which chiles to use in an upcoming dinner party? See which chiles are the hottest in the chile chart! Ready to walk off some extra calories from these great meals? There's a 13-week walking program, too! Some of the delicious recipes include Sangria Sofrito...

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Eat Out, Eat Well: The Guide to Eating Healthy in Any Restaurant

Eat Out, Eat Well: The Guide to Eating

The average American will eat out at a restaurant five times this week, and while there are healthy choices available at restaurants, it's not always clear what they are. Fortunately, Hope S. Warshaw has created the ultimate guide to eating healthy—and eating well—in restaurants for people with diabetes, prediabetes, heart health, or those just looking to lose a few pounds. In Eat Out, Eat Well, Hope has created individual strategy guides for a wide variety of cuisines, ranging from everyday burger shops to ethnic choices. Each style of restaurant includes healthy meal options, which recommend certain dishes and portion sizes. There's information on what to avoid and how to go about the making special requests. Each restaurant style also includes nutrient counts to help identify healthy choices. For anyone trying to manage their diabetes but looking to have dinner out, this is an indispensable guide.

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Fast Food, Good Food: More Than 150 Quick and Easy Ways to Put Healthy, Delicious Food on the Table

Fast Food, Good Food: More Than 150 Quick

Winner of the IACP Health & Special Diet AwardDelicious, nutritious, quick, and easy recipes from bestselling author Dr. Andrew Weil's own kitchen.These days, fewer people than ever are cooking meals at home. Convincing ourselves that we don't have time to cook, we've forgotten how fast, simple, and wonderfully satisfying it can be to prepare delicious meals in our own kitchens for the people we love. In FAST FOOD, GOOD FOOD, bestselling author Dr. Andrew Weil reminds us, with more than 150 easy-to-prepare recipes for delectable dishes that are irresistibly tasty and good for you. These recipes showcase fresh, high-quality ingredients and hearty flavors, like Buffalo Mozzarella Bruschetta, Five-Spice Winter Squash Soup, Greek Style Kale Salad, Pappardelle with Arugula Walnut Pesto, Pan-Seared Halibut with Green Harissa, Coconut Lemon Bars, and Pomegranate Margaritas. With guidance on following an anti-inflammatory diet and mouth-wateringly gorgeous photographs, FAST FOOD, GOOD FOOD will inspire the inner nutritionist and chef in every reader.

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Super Size Me

Super Size


Lemons Fruits Healthy Eating Large Kitchen Restaurant Wall Decal - 18" x 17"

Lemons Fruits Healthy Eating Large Kitchen Restaurant Wall

Fall in love with your walls! This custom designed wall decal will add lots of personality to your space. Made from indoor use premium vinyl, the decal can be applied to interior walls, or any other dry clean flat surface, such as doors, mirrors, windows and more. Can be removed and used again to reposition or in a different room. Will not damage paint, or leave behind any sticky residue.

  • Brand: AK Wall Art
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Keto Comfort Foods: Family Favorite Recipes Made Low-Carb and Healthy

Keto Comfort Foods: Family Favorite Recipes Made Low-Carb

The ketogenic diet is all about nourishing and healing your body with nutrient-dense whole foods, as international bestselling author Maria Emmerich has demonstrated in her previous books, including The Ketogenic Cookbook (with Jimmy Moore) and The 30-Day Ketogenic Cleanse. But food is more than just nourishment; food is tradition, food is love, and most importantly, food is a celebration. The mere thought of eating a particular meal or the smell of a favorite childhood dish can evoke positive memories, whether it’s a simple Sunday dinner with family or a major life event. When you begin following the ketogenic diet, whether your goal is to promote weight loss, improve blood markers, or just enhance overall health and well-being, it’s easy to forget to enjoy food. Some people fall into a drab routine of consuming the same dishes over and over, which can lead to boredom and frustration—and ultimately to the desire to fall back into old, poor eating habits. With Keto Comfort Foods, Maria Emmerich reassures everyone on the keto diet that it isn’t difficult at all to recreate those favorite foods and meals in healthy ways—you just need to use a little creativity. By using clever low- or no-calorie substitutions for sugar and scrubbing all recipes clean of gluten-containing ...

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American Diabetes Association Guide to Healthy Restaurant Eating: What to eat in America's most popular chain restaurants

American Diabetes Association Guide to Healthy Restaurant Eating:

The information you need! Get counts for calories, carbohydrate, fat, and protein; know the exchanges/choices and serving sizes for every menu item; and find complete menus from America's most popular restaurants. Also contains tips and facts for healthier restaurant eating.

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Art of Healthy Eating - Slow Cooker Grain Free Low Carb Reinvented

Art of Healthy Eating - Slow Cooker Grain

This is the latest in my series of grain free low carb cookbooks. As with the other books in this series (Sweets, Kids and Savory) this is a full color cookbook with beautiful photos of every recipes. This is my first hardcover book and also has 198 easy recipes! Many of you know that our family has doubled in size a little over a year ago. With the growth of our family, Craig and I have been busier than ever. Not only do we have 2 more mouths to feed, we also are trying to enjoy being new parents, as well as keeping Maria Mind Body Health running. I now understand why eating the "healthified" way can be a struggle for a busy family! But since grain free and low carb eating is such a priority for us, Craig and I decided to put together this slow cooker book to make it easier to keep your family nourished even during busy times or on those hot summer days when you just don't want to turn the oven on. This book is filled with amazingly tasty, yet easy recipes like, lasagna, chicken Parmesan, fajitas, cashew chicken, cookie dough cupcakes, pumpkin custard, and many more to keep your family satisfied! There are also lots of valuable tips and tricks to help one along their journey as they learning how to eat as an art.

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Wall Sticker Vegan Kitchen Restaurant Sign Fork Spoon Healthy Eating Food Cafe Vinyl Mural Decal Art Decor SA3587

Wall Sticker Vegan Kitchen Restaurant Sign Fork Spoon

Thank you for visiting our store!!! Please read the whole description about this item and feel free to contact us with any questions! Vinyl wall decals are one of the latest trends in home decor. Vinyl wall decals give the look of a hand-painted quote, saying or image without the cost, time, and permanent paint on your wall. They are easy to apply and can be easily removed without damaging your walls. Vinyl wall decals can be applied to walls, doors, windows, cars, or any other solid,smooth or semi-textured surface. Please know that while these decals are removable and will not damage your walls or windows, they are intended as a one use only item. They are not meant to be removed and reused again. Please see color chart. Size showing on the picture is little bit bigger for showing purpose !!! Sizes are usually 22" X 35". BIGGER OR CUSTOM SIZES ARE AVAILABLE, MESSAGE DIRECTLY!!!

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: AratikDesigns
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DIRTY, LAZY, KETO Fast Food Guide: 10 Carbs or Less: Ketogenic Diet, Low Carb Choices for Beginners - Wanting Weight Loss Without Owning An Instant Pot or Keto Cookbook!

DIRTY, LAZY, KETO Fast Food Guide: 10 Carbs

Stephanie Laska has lost 140 pounds, or half of her body weight, following a DIRTY, LAZY, KETO diet. She is the author of the Amazon BEST SELLER -- DIRTY, LAZY, KETO Getting Started: How I Lost 140 Pounds which earned the #1 BEST SELLER AND #1 NEW RELEASE in 6 categories!What the heck does this girl eat? Stephanie is not ashamed to admit that her minivan is often littered with trash from McDonald’s, Starbucks, and various other fast food restaurants. Yep, that’s right. Surprised?You can eat on the run without any guilt, as long as you make INFORMED CHOICES. Ketosis and convenience are not contradictory. With DIRTY, LAZY, KETO Fast Food Guide: 10 Carbs or Less in your car, you can quickly and confidently order a keto-friendly meal or coffee. This robust guide walks you through the menus of 35 fast food and coffee restaurants to arm you with accurate nutritional information. Additionally, you’ll be entertained by the relentless commentary and keto judgement passed by the authors and field researchers.Learn which sandwich shop is like a “strip club for carb-addicts,” and what juice bar offers, “milkshakes in drag” from authors Stephanie and William Laska. You will even find out why the beloved Frappuccino is in the keto penalty box.DIRTY, LAZY, KETO Fast Food Guide: 1...

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Fast Casual Nation - Changing the way America eats

Fast Casual Nation - Changing the way America

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Panda Express Gift Card $25

Panda Express Gift Card

Founded in 1973, with close to 1,500 locations in 42 states, the privately-held Panda Restaurant Group is the world's leader in Asian dining experiences. Panda Express is best known for its wide variety of original recipes including their famous Orange Chicken, Beijing Beef, Honey Walnut Shrimp, and Shanghai Angus Steak.

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Food Network In the Kitchen

Food Network In the

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Hippy Gourmet - Travels to Oahu, Hawaii at Indigo Restaurant with Chef Glenn Chu!

Hippy Gourmet - Travels to Oahu, Hawaii at

On Oahu at Restaurant Indigo featuring Chef Glenn Chu! Arriving on Oahu we worked up quite an appetite. So we were so fortunate to have a warm invitation from Chef Glenn Chu at Restaurant Indigo! First Glenn gets his Wok ready and fires up some awesome Green Beans and Chilis. Then he uses the wok again to create a stellar recipe he calls Popos Tofu, which means Grandmother in Chinese. This Tofu dish is so flavorful that it makes the wok light up in flames! Then Chef Chu prepares a Chinese wok-style eggplant dish that is tangy, spicy and delicious! In this episode we also visit the Waimea Valley Audubon Center, where we get a tour from David Orr the Botanical Program Coordinator. David shows us around this vast Audubon Center and brings us to all of the flora and fauna that are edible and medicinal. The Waimea Valley Audubon Center, is a gorgeous and pristine oasis that has a stunning water fall and is open year round to visitors. The Hippy Gourmet waves Aloha to Hawaii!

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  • UPC: 883629485911

PURELL Cottony Soft Hand Sanitizing Wipes, 120 Individually Wrapped Wipes in Self-Dispensing Display Box - 9027-12

PURELL Cottony Soft Hand Sanitizing Wipes, 120 Individually

Replaces the Purell Premium wipe #3602 same quality 120 per display box, Generously sized wipe at 5 in x 7 in nice feel, Kills 99.99% of most common germs that may make you sick, Thick, textured wipe for better cleaning-Premium quality, Formulated with moisturizers, Vitamin A & E, and Aloe.

  • Brand: Purell
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  • UPC: 073852019865

OXO Tot Waterproof Silicone Roll Up Bib with Comfort-Fit Fabric Neck, 2 Pack, Gray/Aqua

OXO Tot Waterproof Silicone Roll Up Bib with

Make mealtime messes manageable with the OXO Tot Roll Up Bib. The soft, food-safe pocket is wide enough to catch virtually any stray pieces of food that miss baby's mouth. The fabric portion of the bib provides ample coverage to protect baby's clothes, and is shaped for comfort during mealtime. When you're out and about, simply roll the bib's fabric into the silicone pocket, secure closed and tuck into a diaper bag. The silicone pocket keeps the messy bib away from the contents of the diaper bag. Easy-To-Use Velcro closure is secure enough to resist tot's tugging (really.) and is adjustable as your little one grows. The bib's length and soft pocket won't interfere with the high chair tray or table. Both the fabric and silicone materials are easy to wipe clean. BPA, PVC, and phthalate free. OXO's Roll Up Bib is Patented in the US (D698,130) and in China (201330287771.)

  • Color: Gray/Aqua
  • Brand: OXO Tot
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Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes, 20 Count (Pack Of 10)

Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes, 20 Count (Pack

Wet Ones Fresh Scent Antibacterial Hand Wipes.New!Wet Lock seal.Kills 99.99% of germs.Cleans better than hand sanitizers.Hypoallergenic.Seal keeps wipes moist.

  • Brand: Wet Ones
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Ahawoso Mousepads Pattern Green Veggie Farm Fresh Vegetables Sketch Breakfast Food Drink Healthy Broccoli Eco Cabbage Oblong Shape 7.9 x 9.5 Inches Non-Slip Gaming Mouse Pad Rubber Oblong Mat

Ahawoso Mousepads Pattern Green Veggie Farm Fresh Vegetables

Ahawoso Mousepads Pattern Green Veggie Farm Fresh Vegetables Sketch Breakfast Food Drink Healthy Broccoli Eco Cabbage Oblong Shape 7.9 x 9.5 Inches Non-Slip Gaming Mouse Pad Rubber Oblong Mat Sale Offering Directly From Factory, 2Weeks Fasy Delivery, Free Returns & Easy Exchanges Decorate your desk with your favorite image or choose from thousands of designs that look great and protect your mouse from scratches and debris. Own A Unique, Beautifully Designed Case That Brings Luck To Your Life. NOTE:We also accept diy design with your images. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Custom Mouse Pads! Express yourself with our mouse pads!Decorate your desk with your favorite image or choose from thousands of designs that look great and protect your mouse from scratches and debris.Fine-textured surface improves tracking mouse movements, non-slip rubber undersurface firmly grips the desktop. Own A Unique, Beautifully Designed Case That Brings Luck To Your Life.Note: Because of the different monitors in each computer and the shooting light difference, the pictures and actual products will be slightly different.

  • Color: Multi 97
  • Brand: Ahawoso
  • ASIN: B07NPHK88T
  • UPC: 032528477552

BPA-Free White Disposable Sporks 50Pk. Recyclable, Eco-Friendly and Kid-Safe 2-in-1 Utensils Built Strong to Last Large Meals. Great for School Lunch, Picnics or Restaurant and Party Supply

BPA-Free White Disposable Sporks 50Pk. Recyclable, Eco-Friendly and

Give Your Guests the Best with Sturdy, BPA-Free Disposable Sporks! Our utensils are durably built, BPA-free and recyclable for environmentally-friendly folks. Forget doubling up on forks and spoons with these multipurpose sporks: scoop yogurt and stab fruit, slurp soup and cut chicken, and eat anything with ease. Great for school lunch, work events or camping cookouts. Quality Polymer Keeps Guests and the Earth Safe! Our sporks are BPA-free to keep kids and families healthy, and made of recyclable polypropylene plastic for eco-friendly eating. Strong Build to Last All Party Long. Unlike cheap, flimsy forks and spoons that bend or break under pressure, our pro-grade sporks will stand the test of time through every course. Serve meat and vegetables or fruit and ice cream with the same utensil, and feel confident that your cutlery will get the job done. Disposable Utensils Eliminate Cleanup. Especially at large catering events or to-go cafes, washing hundreds of utensils can add time, money and hassle. With these easy disposable sporks, cleaning up is a breeze. Plus, they're not individually wrapped to reduce unnecessary waste and space and add a clean, professional look to your table settings. Our Bulk Packs Save You Money. We connect customers directly with wholesale products at w...

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Avant Grub
  • ASIN: B07L5RR3TN
  • UPC: 817244029472

Six Seasons: A New Way with Vegetables

Six Seasons: A New Way with

Winner, James Beard Award for Best Book in Vegetable-Focused Cooking Named a Best Cookbook of the Year by the Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, Bon Appétit, Food Network Magazine, Every Day with Rachael Ray, USA Today, Seattle Times, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Library Journal, Eater, and more “Never before have I seen so many fascinating, delicious, easy recipes in one book. . . . [Six Seasons is] about as close to a perfect cookbook as I have seen . . . a book beginner and seasoned cooks alike will reach for repeatedly.”—Lucky Peach Joshua McFadden, chef and owner of renowned trattoria Ava Gene’s in Portland, Oregon, is a vegetable whisperer. After years racking up culinary cred at New York City restaurants like Lupa, Momofuku, and Blue Hill, he managed the trailblazing Four Season Farm in coastal Maine, where he developed an appreciation for every part of the plant and learned to coax the best from vegetables at each stage of their lives. In Six Seasons, his first book, McFadden channels both farmer and chef, highlighting the evolving attributes of vegetables throughout their growing seasons—an arc from spring to early summer to midsummer to the bursting harvest of late summer, then ebbing into autumn and, finally, the earthy, mellow sweetness of winter. Each chapt...

  • Brand: Artisan
  • ASIN: 1579656315

Nishiki Medium Grain Rice, 5 lb

Nishiki Medium Grain Rice, 5

Nishiki is a premium medium grain rice grown with the rich soil and crystal clear water of California. When flavor and texture of the rice is crucial in cooking, Nashik is the brand people look to. This along with consistent quality has made Nashik the most popular rice brand today. Sushi experts agree that Nashik is their number one choice.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Nishiki
  • ASIN: B00852ZN2U
  • UPC: 011152285894

Palo Alto Vegan

Palo Alto

  • Brand: Montgomery County Vegan

AndyTours Spill-Proof Table Cover,Garden Art,Organic Fresh Eating Healthy Living Theme Ornamental Tomatoes Vegetarian Diet,Party Decorations Table Cover Cloth,50x50 Inch Multicolor

AndyTours Spill-Proof Table Cover,Garden Art,Organic Fresh Eating Healthy

Shape: SquarePackage Includes: 1 x TableclothFeature:oilcloth,spillproof,wipeable,waterproof,reusable,Water ,Heat ,Wear-resistingThis tablecloth feature a stain, oil resistance treatment, fadeless and also available in various stages of Assembly,is great for indoor and outdoor use, like picnics; BBQ's; parties; dinners; restaurants; potlucks; weddings everyday and more.Kindly Note: Due to the different methods of measurement will be few deviation.

  • Color: Color01
  • Brand: AndyTours

Mountain House Breakfast Skillet

Mountain House Breakfast

Hash browns, scrambled eggs mixed with pork sausage, peppers and onions for breakfast while backpacking? Yes please! One of our most popular breakfast items to bring along on the trail, or to put in the pantry for a rainy day. Either way Breakfast Skillet is a delicious meal to start your morning off right. Who is Mountain House? For nearly 50 years, Mountain House adventure meals have consistently been the premier choice of campers, backpackers, and survival experts. Born out of freeze dried meals we make for the United States Special Forces, Mountain House food has a proven history of reliability and most importantly, delicious flavor. With just-add-water preparation and no-mess cleanup, Mountain House is not only the perfect camping or backpacking food, but also perfect for keeping on hand just in case of an emergency. Additionally Mountain House meals have incredible shelf life. With the longest proven shelf life in the industry and a to taste virtually indistinguishable from new for 30 years. Mountain House is the perfect emergency preparedness or survival food to keep on hand. From the bottom of the deepest ocean, to the tops of the tallest mountains, to the battlefield and back, Mountain House is the food people trust when failure is not an option. Consistently chosen as t...

  • Brand: Mountain House
  • ASIN: B0038NHGBM
  • UPC: 041133534826

Funny Potato Phone Case for iPhone 6+, 6S+, 7+, 8+ - I'm A - Vegetable Gifts

Funny Potato Phone Case for iPhone 6+, 6S+,

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Stuch Strength

HealthPro Titanium (TI) Super Strong Lightweight Professional Chopsticks with Storage Bag (4)

HealthPro Titanium (TI) Super Strong Lightweight Professional Chopsticks

Stop what you are doing and share a thought with us: think of all the times you used wood chopsticks. But more importantly think of all of the wood chopsticks that splintered, bent and broke, or refuse to pick up your food that you so desperately want to eat. The time has come, friends, to rebel against the wood chopstick. The time has come to raise your hand high and hold aloft chopsticks made of such a powerful material that it was named after the Titans of Greek Mythology. Noodles will shudder, meats and veggies everywhere will quake in fear when they see your new titanium chopstick. Viva La Revolución!And we have three or more reasons why you need Titanium chopsticks. First, titanium is tasteless and odorless, which means it won't affect your food's taste. The taste of wood chopsticks will be a thing of the past. Also, it has very low thermal conductivity, which means your Titanium chopsticks will resist getting too cold or too hot (depending on your food of choice). Titanium is also super strong and light weight, which means you can stab it right into the food you wish to eat (we prefer the traditional way to use chopsticks). We tried it with meats and vegetables and it worked well, however we don't recommend trying to stab people or rocks. Finally, you need Titanium chopst...

  • Brand: ProHealth
  • UPC: 813789777960

Pearl River Bridge Superior Dark Soy Sauce, Mushroom, 60 Ounce

Pearl River Bridge Superior Dark Soy Sauce, Mushroom,

Pearl River Bridge Mushroom Flavored Superior Dark Soy Sauce is a special dark soy sauce made with the extract of mushroom for a robust flavor profile. The Pearl River Bridge open-air, sunlit fermentation method provides exceptional flavor, color and consistency. Use in stir-fry both in the wok and poured over finished dishes, or as as you would as a condiment or dipping sauce. Also works great as a marinade. Note: "Dark" soy sauce denotes its color, not its salt content. Chinese chefs commonly choose "light" or "dark" soy sauce depending on the amount of color they want the sauce to impart on the dish.

  • Brand: Pearl River Bridge
  • ASIN: B0006806H8
  • UPC: 722337816054

Vegetables Healthy Eating Kitchen Restaurant Wall Decal - 36" x 5"

Vegetables Healthy Eating Kitchen Restaurant Wall Decal -

Fall in love with your walls! This custom designed wall decal will add lots of personality to your space. Made from indoor use premium vinyl, the decal can be applied to interior walls, or any other dry clean flat surface, such as doors, mirrors, windows and more. Can be removed and used again to reposition or in a different room. Will not damage paint, or leave behind any sticky residue.

  • Brand: AK Wall Art
  • ASIN: B00Q7B3QUC

Men's Health


Men's Health is an essential read for guys who want to look better, feel better, and live better. But Men's Health isn't just a magazine. It's the solution-for every bit of chaos, confusion, or suffering that the world can inflict on the male of the species. Belly fat. Fatheaded bosses. Exercise plateaus. Exercise excuses. Her boredom. His boredom. The fast-food menu. The wine list. We give men the tools, strategies, and motivation to handle all of this and more. Subscribe to the Kindle edition of Men's Health now to access the latest cutting-edge workouts, weight-loss strategies, health tricks, and tons of other useful stuff in every issue.

  • ASIN: B005WF5INW

Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair, Multicolor

Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair,

With the Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair, you get everything you love from a full-size high chair but in a portable size that fits easily on most dining and restaurant chairs. It has two height adjustments and three recline positions to keep your baby comfortable, and you can transform it into a toddler booster when your little one is ready. And, keeping this high chair clean is super easy, too. The deep-dish design helps keep your little one from pushing food off the tray, and the spill-resistant seat pad and harness are machine washable. Plus, the seat, tray and bonus tray insert are all dishwasher safe, so cleanup is a snap (literally). Where development comes into play Self-Confidence: High chairs help babies build confidence as they learn to feed themselves and participate in mealtime. Security & Happiness: High chairs allow babies to be at eye level with their caregivers, helping them to feel secure & happy. Plus, the cushioned seat and tray keep little ones comfy during mealtime.

  • Color: Yellow/Blue/Red
  • Brand: Fisher-Price
  • ASIN: B075MYG6L6
  • UPC: 887961557930

Zojirushi NS-TSC18 Micom Rice Cooker and Warmer - 1.8 Liters

Zojirushi NS-TSC18 Micom Rice Cooker and Warmer -

Zojirushi NS-TSC18 10-Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker and Warmer, Stainless Steel The Micom Rice Cooker & Warmer not only cooks flawless rice but also comes with a steaming basket to double as a steamer and a cake menu setting to bake cakes. This 10-cup rice cooker and warmer makes 20 cups of cooked rice and includes a variety of cooking functions including white rice/sushi, mixed rice, porridge, sweet, brown, cake, steam, and quick cooking. This unit uses a black thick inner cooking pan that provides even heating for better cooking and has an interchangeable melody and beep signal to indicate when the cooking cycle has ended. Other highlights include a detachable and washable inner lid, an easy-to-read LCD control panel, and automatic keep warm, extended keep warm and reheating cycle, delay timer with two settings and a built-in retractable power cord. The unit's clear-coated stainless-steel exterior not only cleans easily, but also matches any kitchen decor. Accessories include a spatula, a spatula holder, and a rice-measuring cup. The 820-watt rice cooker and warmer measures 11-1/8 by 15 by 9-7/8 inches. NS-TSC18 Product Features Micro computerized Fuzzy Logic technology Doubles as a steamer with its versatile steam setting Easy-to-clean clear coated stainless steel exteri...

  • Color: Stainless Brown
  • Brand: Zojirushi
  • ASIN: B006W22KF8
  • UPC: 798527613802

Melissa & Doug Sticker Pad - Make-a-Meal, 225+ Food Stickers

Melissa & Doug Sticker Pad - Make-a-Meal, 225+

Pick a place setting--picnic table, cafeteria or fancy dinner--then fill the page with stickers to create your dream dinner. Over 225 stickers include every food group, so it's easy to make a balanced meal and practice healthy eating . . . or pile a plate with doughnuts and ice cream for a meal that could only happen in stickers! Fifteen background pages in three colorful designs tear out cleanly and are big enough to "serve" at your make-believe restaurant.

  • Color: Multi
  • Brand: Melissa & Doug
  • UPC: 000772041935

Once Upon a Chef, the Cookbook: 100 Tested, Perfected, and Family-Approved Recipes (Easy Healthy Cookbook, Family Cookbook, American Cookbook)

Once Upon a Chef, the Cookbook: 100 Tested,

A Washington Post bestselling cookbookBecome the favorite family chef with 100 tested, perfected, and family-approved recipes.The healthy cookbook for every meal of the day: Once upon a time, Jenn Segal went to culinary school and worked in fancy restaurants. One marriage and two kids later she created Once Upon a Chef, the popular blog that applies her tried-and-true chef skills with delicious, fresh, and approachable ingredients for family-friendly meals. With the authority of a professional chef and the practicality of a busy working mom, Jenn shares 100 recipes that will up your kitchen game while surprising you with their ease.Helpful tips on topics such as how to season correctly with salt, how to balance flavors, and how to make the most of leftovers.Great recipes for easy weeknight family dinners kids will love, indulgent desserts, fun cocktails, exciting appetizers, and more.Jenn Segal is the founder of Once Upon a Chef, the popular blog showcasing easy, family-friendly recipes from a chef's point of view. Her recipes have been featured on numerous websites, magazines, and television programs.Fans of Chrissy Teigen, Skinnytaste, Pioneer Woman, Oh She Glows, Magnolia Table, and Smitten Kitchen will love Once Upon a Chef, the Cookbook.With 100 tested, perfected, and family...

  • Brand: Unknown
  • ASIN: 1452156182

Instinct Freeze Dried Raw Boost Mixers Grain Free Cage Free Chicken Recipe All Natural Dog Food Topper by Nature's Variety, 14 oz. Bag

Instinct Freeze Dried Raw Boost Mixers Grain Free

Top your kibble with raw – all natural nutrition made from pure animal protein, fruits, vegetables and other whole food ingredients! Instinct Raw Boost Mixers are made with 100% freeze dried raw. Our raw dog food toppers are natural, made from real meat and whole food ingredients, protein packed and minimally processed. Instinct Raw Boost Mixers are grain free dry dog food toppers made with responsibly sourced protein and non-GMO vegetables and fruits. Always made without grain, potato, corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors or preservatives. Instinct's raw, whole food ingredients are freeze dried to gently remove moisture, locking in nutrients and intensifying flavor. Use Instinct natural dog food toppers to add variety and excitement to every meal or as dog food treats for training - either way, Instinct raw dog food mixers are perfect for picky dogs and puppies. Available in a variety of raw freeze dried dog food topper recipes: All Natural Beef, Cage Free Chicken, Grass Fed Lamb, Cage Free Turkey. Made in the USA with the finest ingredients from around the world. Satisfaction guaranteed. Questions? Call Instinct at 888-519-7387.

  • Color: Chicken
  • Brand: Instinct
  • UPC: 769949602033

Pack of 3 - Bragg Organic Coconut Aminos Soy-Free, 10 FL OZ

Pack of 3 - Bragg Organic Coconut Aminos

Liquid All Purpose Seasoning. Use instead of soy sauce.

  • Brand: Bragg
  • ASIN: B0741TBDTD
  • UPC: 618020801738

Smad 12v Refrigerator Portable Freezer for Camping Car Vehicle Truck 54 Quart, Compressor Fridge Freezer 4℉

Smad 12v Refrigerator Portable Freezer for Camping Car

Company Profile Established in 1999,SMAD is a professional manufacturer of home appliance,integrating development and production together. Our main products include absorption refrigerator,car cooler,wine cooler,ice maker and other electrical products.We are also ready to supply more compective products to customers.We promises: reasonable prices, high quality products, quick delivery and satisfactory after-sales service. If you are interested in any of our products ,warmly welcome to shipping with us~ Product Description The refrigerator is suitable for cooling and freezing foods or drinks. The device is designed to be operated from a 12 V or 24 V on-board supply socket of a vehicle (e. g. cigarette lighter), boat or caravan. The cooling device is also intended to be used in household and similar applications. Using high efficiency compressor cooling and insulation materials without CFC to make sure the refrigerator to achieve rapid cooling performance. Using DC inverter compressor cooling technology, environment-friendly refrigerant, to achieve rapid cooling. With big capacity movable storage basket. Using microcomputer control, button/key pressing operation and LED display, accurately control the temperature, also indicate failure tips and temperature setting -0.4℉~50℉ Wit...

  • Brand: Smad
  • UPC: 710847592957

Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer - Accurate Electric Food Prob Thermometer for Grilling, Baking, Cooking and Smoker - Waterproof and Super Fast with Backlight LCD for Your Kitchen - Extra Battery

Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer - Accurate Electric

Why choose us? 93% of experts and chefs agreed that most cooks just need a regular food thermometer that must be fast, accurate and easy to use. To make sure you are using the best Food thermometer measuring your kids' food, Kitch'nStyle individual meat thermometer was launched after being tested vs 7 different thermometers, we found that Kitch'nStyle meat thermometer best meets the recommended requirements. We believe in our product so much that we are willing to provide Lifftime free replacment Warranty.Kitch'nStyle Kitchen Thermometer will serve you for indoor and outdoor cooking and will help you quickly and safely get the temperature of any cooked food At the end of use your Instant Digital Kitchen thermometer can be easily washed under running water as its waterproof rated and then can be hanged by its internal magnet. Full specification: ✔ 2-4 sec response time ✔ Accurate to ±1°F between -4ºF to 392ºF ✔ Backlight ✔ Back Magnet ✔ Calibration function ✔ MIN/MAX TEMP function ✔ HOLD function ✔ Auto Off / Auto On function ✔ 2 Button Battery (included) ✔ Display in F or C (default is F)✔ Fully Waterproof ✔ 3 YEARS FREE REPLACEMENT NOTICE: 1- Do not touch hot probe with bare hands 2- Do not leave the thermometer in the oven while cooking 3- Do not...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Kitch'nStyle
  • ASIN: B07F38F973

The Perfect Human Diet

The Perfect Human

  • ASIN: B071FQTL4S
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