The Ed Wood Box (Glen or Glenda / Jail Bait / Bride of the Monster / Plan 9 from Outer Space / Night of the Ghouls / The Haunted World of Ed Wood)

The Ed Wood Box (Glen or Glenda /

Weird! Wild! Wood! The most legendary B-movie director of all time, Edward D. Wood, Jr. assaulted audiences worldwide with a string of bizarre, no-budget fusions of horror, science fiction, noir and comedy. Now his oddball legacy is finally collected in one indispensable box set! Feast your eyes on his first feature, the madcap Glen or Glenda? in which Eddie himself portrays a transvestite struggling with his addiction to angora while Bela Lugosi offers inscrutable narration. Blackmail, outlaws on the run, and plastic surgery collide in the surreal crime drama Jail Bait, featuring a young Steve Reeves (Hercules), while Bela returns to create the Bride of the Monster in a heady collision of atomic experiments, a rampaging octopus and clumsy assistant Lobo (played by wrestler Tor Johnson). Wood's indisputable disasterpiece, Plan 9 from Outer Space, offers pie-plate flying saucers, incompetent alien leaders, all-seeing psychic Criswell, goth favorite Vampira and a post-mortem appearance by Lugosi himself in his last film role. Then Lobo and a phony spiritualist usher in a Night of the Ghouls at a spooky marsh filled with shuffling undead and wailing ghosts. Finally, learn all about the man himself with The Haunted World of Ed Wood, a comprehensive disc packed with interviews, film c...

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The Ed Wood Collection - A Salute to Incompetence

The Ed Wood Collection - A Salute to

Edward D. Wood Jr. (1924-1978) remains one of the best-remembered, most talked-about directors in the history of cinema. He is a certifiable legend (well, he was "certifiable" anyway). This fun and fascinating collection throws a spotlight on the man whose work personifies the phrase "so bad it’s good." Here on two diabolical discs are six feature-length films written by and/or directed by and/or starring the unforgettable (or is it unforgivable?) Ed Wood. Plus the original documentary The Ed Wood Story, including exclusive interviews with such luminaries as Dolores Fuller, Bela Lugosi Jr., Martin Laudau and Johnny Depp, among others. Disc One GLEN OR GLENDA? (1953) – The cross-dressing classic that started it all, with Wood as a triple threat – writer, director, and star, along with future Plan 9 co-stars Bela Lugosi, Dolores Fuller, Lyle Talbot, and Conrad Brooks. JAIL BAIT (1954) – Ed Wood goes film noir with this cautionary tale of a naïve young man who is lured into a life of crime. Dolores Fuller and Lyle Talbot co-star once again, and future Hercules Unchained star Steve Reeves has his first speaking role in this film as a police lieutenant. BRIDE OF THE MONSTER (1955) – One of Wood’s, with Bela Lugosi as a mad scientist w...

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Deluxe Ed Wood Angora Box Set [VHS]

Deluxe Ed Wood Angora Box Set

Is Ed Wood the worst director who ever lived? His films are campy, clumsy, and hysterically inept, but their enthusiasm and good humor overcome incoherent scripts and wooden performances with heart, soul, and an infectious sense of fun. The jaw-dropping "documentary" Glen or Glenda? is a bizarre confessional starring Wood himself as a misunderstood transvestite and Bela Lugosi as a smirking godlike narrator. "Pull ze string!" shouts Lugosi as Wood reveals his angora fetish and love of women's underwear to the world. Lugosi returns as a mad scientist revenging himself on the world ("Home? I have no home!") in Bride of the Monster, a howler of a horror picture. Tor Johnson, the hulking Swedish wrestler turned B-movie icon, made his first Wood appearance as the lumbering beast Lobo (he almost knocks over the set in one scene!) tamed by the touch of angora. Finally there's Wood's "masterpiece," the clumsy, nearly incoherent, and ridiculously cheap Plan 9 from Outer Space. A tall, skinny, blond chiropractor subs for short, raven-haired Bela Lugosi (who died after a few days of shooting), cardboard gravestones wobble as the actors walk by, and night and day randomly come and go within the same scene. --Sean Axmaker

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Ed Wood Collection Vol One Bride of the Monster / Jail Bait

Ed Wood Collection Vol One Bride of the

In this cult classic, horror film legend Bela Lugosi stars as Dr. Vornoff, a scientist who performs experiments at his mansion on Lake Marsh. When the locals start disappearing, tabloid reporter Janet Lawton tries to investigate the good doctor. Will she crack the case, or is she doomed to become the next victim?

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Ed Wood's Dirty Movies

Ed Wood's Dirty

This is it! Cult movie auteur Ed Wood Jr. s (Plan 9 from Outer Space) very last film as writer-director. The Young Marrieds (1972) is also one of the rarest lost movies in cult filmdom---so rare it wasn t even known for sure it existed. But finally a print of Ed Wood s last 16mm masterpiecesurfaced, and After Hours Cinema is proud to present this extraordinary feature in a revealing DVD collection of Wood s declining years toiling in the adult movie industry of Los Angeles. The Young Marrieds is both a step deeper into the adult film world Ed Wood helped pioneer and, at the same time, hearkens back to Wood s very first feature, the infamous Glen or Glenda (1953) and its plea for tolerance of alternate sexual lifestyles and identities. Sporting numerous prop items from Wood s Necromania (1971) but trading its softcore-with-inserts format for full hardcore, The Young Marriedswill both shock and fascinate the millions of Wood fans around theworld.This one-of-a-king collection also includes Ed Wood on-screen in Nympho Cycler and Shot on Location.

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The Office: The Complete Series

The Office: The Complete

A favorite of critics and audiences alike, The Office is a hilarious documentary-style look at the humorous and sometimes poignant foolishness that plagues the 9-to-5 world. Relive every one of your favorite moments, including Michael's (Steve Carell) infamous encounter with a breakfast grill, Dwight's (Rainn Wilson) power plays, Jim's (John Krasinksi) pranks, Andy's (Ed Helms) struggles with anger management, and of course, Pam (Jenna Fischer) and Jim's evolving romance. Developed for American television by Primetime Emmy Award winner Greg Daniels, The Office: The Complete Series includes all 201 episodes on 38 discs, plus bonus commentaries, webisodes, blooper reels and over 15 hours of deleted scenes that are guaranteed to leave you satisfied and smiling. That's what she said!

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The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy (The Fellowship of the Ring / The Two Towers / The Return of the King Extended Editions) [Blu-ray]

The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture

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West Side Story: 50th Anniversary Edition Box Set [Blu-ray]

West Side Story: 50th Anniversary Edition Box Set

The greatest love story ever the most acclaimed musical of all time...on Blu-ray! Experience every sensational song, dazzling dance number and magical movie moment of West Side Story in sparkling high definition with pure 7.1 digital sound - along with fascinating special features created exclusively for this 50th Anniversary Edition! Winner of ten Academy Awardsr, including Best Picture, this electrifying musical sets the ageless tragedy of Romeo and Juliet against a backdrop of gang warfare in 1950s New York. Featuring an unforgettable score, exuberant choreography and powerful performances by Natalie Wood, Russ Tamblyn, Richard Beymer, Rita Moreno and George Chakiris,West Side Story will forever resonate as a true cinematic masterpiece.

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Inuyasha: Complete Deluxe Movies Box Set (Limited Edition)

Inuyasha: Complete Deluxe Movies Box Set (Limited

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The Ed Wood Angora Box Set With Pink Fuzzy Box (Glen or Glenda, Plan 9 From Outer Space, Bride of the Monster)

The Ed Wood Angora Box Set With Pink

  • ASIN: B000QC98V4
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