Building the Great Pyramid in a Year: An Engineer's Report

Building the Great Pyramid in a Year: An

Work smarter, not harder? Most archaeologists feel that 25,000 workers spent 20 years building the Great Pyramid in Egypt over 4000 years ago. However, by closely examining the clues and artifacts left behind, and by assuming that the Egyptians were clever and intelligent, it is found that 10,000 workers could have built the Great Pyramid in about 385 days. This book, for high school readers and up, shows how, even at a more realistic, relaxed building schedule, the project could have been completed easily within four to six years by just 4000 workers. Gerard Fonte presents the construction of the Great Pyramid as a wonder indeed, while challenging our cherished notions of the arduous labor and extreme human costs required for the project. Starting with his knowledge of project management, the properties of basic materials, and common sense, and giving the Egyptians credit as a sophisticated and well-run society, he shows step by step how they may have built great edifices and enhanced social cohesion at the same time. He posits that some of the implements found at archeological sites were clever labor-saving devices, and using experiments, models and tests he illustrates some ingenious techniques that were well within the scope of Egyptians' technical knowledge. Photographs and ...

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Taksa Toys Arch•Kid•Tech Egyptian Pyramid – Architectural Building Blocks Set for Learning History and Ancient Building Techniques

Taksa Toys Arch•Kid•Tech Egyptian Pyramid – Architectural Building

The Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans are cited as the master architects of the past. Thousands of years ago they invented the fundamental elements of buildings that modern-day architects still adopt, such as columns, arches and domes. What's remarkable about these lasting architectural innovations though are that they were invented in much simpler times. So how did they get these massive structures to hold? Ancient builders relied on the basic of gravity and alignment to create their great civilizations, and with this kit, you and the little one can experience that with your own eyes & hands! Taksa Toys ArchKidTech is the ancient architectural building blocks set packed with educational benefits for children and adults. In each of the series, understanding of classic structures happens as you place and move pieces. Playing naturally becomes an activity of concentration AND precision. After the first few trials of following the steps, you're infinitely free to tweak and invent your own classic structures. Who knows? Maybe your children will be the next great builder that come up with something the Greeks, Romans, or the modern-day creators haven't. The set of ArchKidTech Egyptian Pyramid will make the kids understand why the Pyramids were built and how. It will also let them ...

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The Secret of the Great Pyramid: How One Man's Obsession Led to the Solution of Ancient Egypt's Greatest Mystery

The Secret of the Great Pyramid: How One

The Secret of the Great Pyramid is a thrilling intellectual adventure story about the most exciting discovery in Egyptology in decades. Bob Brier, along with French architect Jean-Pierre Houdin, tells the remarkable true story of Houdin’s obsession with Egypt’s Great Pyramid, one of the Seven Wonders of the World: how, in an ancient agrarian society not long removed from the Stone Age, such a remarkable structure could have been envisioned and constructed. At once the story of Houdin’s determined search for answers to the puzzle that have eluded scientist and Egyptologists for centuries and a fascinating history of the planning and building of the magnificent edifice, The Secret of the Great Pyramid is an extraordinary work that puts the mystery to rest, once and for all.

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Soaring Stones: A Kite-Powered Approach to Building Egypt's Pyramids

Soaring Stones: A Kite-Powered Approach to Building Egypt's

It's an unforgettable sight: innovation expert Maureen Clemmons can lift and "fly" massive objects, including five-ton stones, with little more than a steady wind and a good kite. But did the ancient Egyptians do the same thing when hoisting immense obelisks and pyramid stones? Egyptologists say no. Clemmons, backed by a decade of field tests and a Caltech aeronautics team, isn't so certain--especially when she learns the Egyptologists will not consider evidence from anyone outside their insular field. Buoyed by grassroots support and determined to show her children that science is for everyone, she launches into a series of stunning, block-heaving experiments that draw national news coverage... and open up a dangerous opportunity to try lifting a sixteen-ton, twenty-five-foot-tall megalith as the History Channel's documentary cameras roll. Can a backyard scientist lift such a massive stone using wind? Clemmons' unrelenting efforts not only advance a simple "Eureka!" moment to the halls of academia but prove an important point: you don't need a degree, just an inspired idea and some passion, to be a good scientist.Written by Time science contributor Dan Cray.

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LEGO Ramses Pyramid (3843)

LEGO Ramses Pyramid

LEGO Ramses Pyramid (3843)

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The Stones of the Pyramids: Provenance of the Building Stones of the Old Kingdom Pyramids of Egypt

The Stones of the Pyramids: Provenance of the

During the Egyptian Old Kingdom (2650-2135 BC), the most impressive of all monuments were built in the form of the pyramids and their associated temples. The provision of enormous quantities of stone from suitable quarries was the most important requirement for their construction. This volume comprises short archaeological descriptions of the pyramids and their enclosures and determines the exact origin of the building material (above all limestone) from a total of 26 pyramids through a petrographic and geochemical comparison with samples from other quarries.

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If You Were a Kid Building a Pyramid

If You Were a Kid Building a

Thousands of years ago, the people of ancient Egypt began constructing enormous buildings called pyramids. Many of them still stand today. Have you ever wondered how they were built? Readers will follow the story of Khalid, Merti, and Sabu as they get a firsthand look at the construction of these amazing structures. They will discover what materials were used, what kinds of tools workers used, and much more.

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HJRHH-R Architecture Egypt Pharaoh Pyramid Building Blocks Sets Bricks Classic City Skyline Model Kids Toys Compatible

HJRHH-R Architecture Egypt Pharaoh Pyramid Building Blocks Sets

Type:BlocksCertification:3CPlastic Block Shape:Self-Locking BricksBarcode:No3C:CertificateGender:UnisexPlastic Type:ABSMaterial:PLASTICAge Range:> 6 years oldCertificate Number:643 PcsWarning:JX LELE BELA LOZ DECOOL SY For Children GiftModel Number:WANGE World Famous Building 4210 7327Attention: The size is Asian Size, it is smaller than EU/US/UK size, please check the measurement chart carefully before you buy the item.

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DK Eyewitness Travel Guide Egypt

DK Eyewitness Travel Guide

DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Egypt is your in-depth guide to the very best of the oldest tourist destination on Earth.Take day trips and excursions to see ancient pyramids, visit the monuments of the Nile Valley and the souks, mosques and madrassas of Islamic Cairo, experience local festivals and markets, and don't miss out on the delicious street food.Discover DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Egypt.   • Detailed itineraries and "don't-miss" destination highlights at a glance.    • Illustrated cutaway 3-D drawings of important sights.    • Floor plans and guided visitor information for major museums.    • Guided walking tours, local drink and dining specialties to try, things to do, and places to eat, drink, and shop by area.    • Area maps marked with sights.    • Detailed city map of Cairo includes street finder indexes for easy navigation.    • Insights into history and culture to help you understand the stories behind the sights.    • Hotel and restaurant listings highlight DK Choice special recommendations. With hundreds of full-color photographs, hand-drawn illustrations, and custom maps that illuminate every page, DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Egypt truly shows you this country as no one else can.Recommended: For a pocket guidebook t...

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PLAYMOBIL Pharaoh's Pyramid


Unlock ancient secrets and mysteries inside pharaoh's pyramid. The five chambers within hide precious treasures protected by tricky puzzles and sneaky traps. Discover the room filled with jewels and golden riches or climb the stairs to enter the tomb chamber complete with Mummy. Just watch out for the booby trap waiting to drop you below! remove the pyramid walls to discover even more ways to play. You can sneak through the revolving door but be careful, there might some skeletons or spiders hiding in the shadows. Set includes three figures, tomb, Mummy, two skeletons, treasures, spiders, fire pots, hieroglyphics, and many other accessories. Recommended for ages six and up. Dimensions: 18.1 x 14.8 x 10.6 in (LxWxH).

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