Tortle Lucky Elephant Adjustable Repositioning Beanie, Corrective for Flat Head Syndrome (Medium)

Tortle Lucky Elephant Adjustable Repositioning Beanie, Corrective for

The Tortle is a head repositioning beanie that can help prevent flat head syndrome and alleviate associated symptoms should your baby girl or boy already have this condition. This is an effective method that helps to actively shape your baby's head as you both go about your day by providing an unparalleled consistency of care for 0 - 6-month-old babies that pillows and other techniques cannot provide. This head-shaping device can be used to help correct pre-existing conditions or to help prevent conditions from developing. Using it as a preventative measure early may help you to avoid using an orthotic helmet in some cases. We designed it from a comfortable cotton-lycra fabric material with an adorable elephant pattern that is machine washable for convenience. For sizing, be sure to measure your child's head before ordering to ensure you get the correct size. If your baby's head is close to 16" we recommend you size up, as babies heads grow so quickly. Alternate the placement of the roll so that the roll moves from side to side each time you place them on a firm surface such as a crib, car seat, stroller or bouncer. Place it on your developing baby's head at different intervals during the day, like while they nap or travel in their car seat on short trips. We do not recommend you...

  • Brand: Tortle
  • ASIN: B078J46NNQ
  • UPC: 819245011340

Baby Pillow for Sleeping, Infant Head Shaping Pillow Prevent Flat Head Syndrome, Easylife185 Memory Foam Newborn Round Pillow for 0-3T Baby Girl & Boy with Washable Cotton Pillow Cover (Giraffe)

Baby Pillow for Sleeping, Infant Head Shaping Pillow

Why Choose "EASYLIFE 185" 0-3T Baby Pillow?♥ Comfotabel and Gentle for baby ♥ Can help Prevent Flat-Head Syndrome ♥ For a deeper and longer Sleep♥ Soft and Comfotable♥ Baby's Breastfeeding Head Support ♥ Measuring 18x10x1.2inch, Sutable baby size, No worry about Slipping over the pillow get hurt; Adopt Memory Foam Cushion & 100% Cotton Case Easylife185 Baby Pillow is made of premium Memory Foam Cushion. It's also wrapped in 100% breathable cotton material that's soft and gentle enough for baby's sensitive skin; Wonderful Gift to Loved Ones EASYLIFE185 baby head pillow is a thoughtful gift for parents, and parents-to-be, whether it be for baby showers, gender reveal parties, birthdays, holidays, and more. If you're looking for a functional and premium present, then this pillow is one for the books! Care Instruction: Baby pillowcase Which is washable. Please don't immerse the memory foam pillow core, in water or put under the blazing sun, which will lead it tended to harden. You Can clean it with a damp cloth and then airing it under ventilated place.

  • Color: white (deer)
  • Brand: EasyLife185

Flat Head Baby Pillow with 2 White Washable Cotton Covers - Safe Baby Head Shaping Pillow with Neck Support for Newborn and Infant - Soft Memory Foam

Flat Head Baby Pillow with 2 White Washable

The problem: 47% of infants have flat spots on their heads - Official Journal of Pediatrics Babies are born with soft heads to allow for the amazing brain growth during the first year of life. Because infants sleep for so many hours on their backs, their head can flatten in one spot. Placing babies in devices where they lie down often during the day (car seats, strollers, bouncy seats) adds to this problem. The solution: a Head Shaping Pillow can help reduce flathead Cherish Baby Care pillow is designed to support your baby’s head and neck. The contour in the center relieves pressure to promote a natural round head shape. The anti-roll ergonomic design helps keep baby in the safest position – on their back. The antibacterial material promotes ventilation to keep baby cool and comfortable. Only the best for your baby: don’t settle for cheap pillows that smell like chemicals and are hard to clean. Cherish Baby Care uses the highest quality memory foam from Germany. Unlike other pillows, it has no chemical scent. Includes 2 removable and machine-washable cotton covers, plus a protective inner cover. Our babies drool and spit-up a lot, so being able to throw the cover in the wash is a must-have! Plus, always having an extra pillow case on hand is ultra-convenient. Your new fav...

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Cherish Baby Care
  • ASIN: B075RQR6ZH
  • UPC: 627843869702

Babymoov Lovenest Baby Head Support | The Worlds First Pediatrician Designed Pillow to Prevent Infant Flat Head (From 0+)

Babymoov Lovenest Baby Head Support | The Worlds

The Babymoov Lovenest was designed and patented by Dr. Manuel Maidenberg,  well-known Pediatrician, who noticed that a side effect of having babies lie on their back was the development of postural plagiocephaly, or flat-head syndrome, due to the weight of the baby’s head lying in the same position for a long period of time. The Lovenest’s unique ergonomic design helps to remove the pressure from the back of the skull and distribute it evenly, allowing the head to maintain its proper shape while the skull is still forming during the first year of a baby’s life.  The soft, breathable cotton fabric  ensures comfort  and ventilation, while baby sleeps.  The Lovenest can be used from birth – an added benefit to its design is that it creates a cocoon-like holding effect that soothes and reassures the baby. PROMOTES PROPER HEAD SHAPE: A baby’s head remains very malleable up until around the age of one year.  The patented tilt and special shape of the Lovenest combined with its unique breathable cotton fabric ensures even distribution of pressure across the baby’s skull, which helps maintain the proper head shape until the skull is fully formed.  The pillow can be used from birth to begin promoting healthy skull development beginning with the first days of your child...

  • Color: Gray
  • Brand: Babymoov
  • ASIN: B06XSFV4R6

Flat Head Pillow Include a Head Shaping Memory Foam and Extra Cool-max White Pillowcases. Protect Babies' Head Round of Plagiocephaly or Flathead Syndrome. Amazing Shower Gifts for Infants and Newborn

Flat Head Pillow Include a Head Shaping Memory

Anti-Flat Head Baby Pillow - Peace of Mind by Great Showers Gift for Newborn and Infant Do you know baby still take acknowledge while they are sleeping?  A good sleep is a begin of good growth so that you need this pillow for your baby because: Ventilated memory foam make your baby relax and comfort 2 pillow covers to keep hygienic + 1 inner case for easily dress off Perfect and innovated design to lift curve of cervical vertebra Positioning and shaping baby head to avoid flathead syndrome Safety and breathable pillow for baby using any where Durable and luxurious material of pillow cases is machine washable As parents ourselves, we always do our best to produce the best quality products those support all the baby through their fragile newborn and infant stages. We believe if you are mother, you must have this pillow for your baby because the deserve it. Our customers are satisfied at all and so do you.   No pillow can guarantee for 100% anti-flathead syndrome but this head shaping pillow can help to prevent and protect usefully. GET IT NOW TODAY. CLICK THE “ ADD TO CART “ TO BUY YOUR BABY PILLOW AND LET YOUR NEWBORN DESERVE HIS/HER LIFE BEFORE WE RUN OUT OF STOCK.

  • Color: White
  • ASIN: B076BVWN6B
  • UPC: 752913324239

Tortle Air Lightweight Newborn Beanie, Help Prevent Flat Head Syndrome, Adjustable

Tortle Air Lightweight Newborn Beanie, Help Prevent Flat

The Tortle Air is expertly designed with newborns and small infants in mind. It encourages healthy head and neck movement by naturally and safely repositioning your babies head. This machine-washable cap actively addresses the root cause of flat head syndrome and provides an unparalleled consistency of care for 0 - 2-month-old babies that pillows and other techniques cannot provide. Using this head-shaping device is a great preventative measure that may prevent the need for an orthotic helmet in the future, which is an expensive and not so comfortable option sometimes used after your child has already developed flat head syndrome. Follow your breastfeeding schedule to help remember which side to place the roll. If you start with the right breast, place the roll towards the right side of baby's head. Next feed, start with left breast and place the roll on the left side. The Tortle Air is an effective way to try to keep baby's head round as you both go about your day. We designed it from breathable cotton-spandex material (95% cotton, 5% spandex) and is machine washable for your convenience. For sizing, be sure to measure your child's head before ordering to ensure you get the correct size. Place the TortleAir on your developing baby's head whenever you put baby down on a firm surf...

  • Brand: Tortle
  • UPC: 819245010787

Simplicity Baby Infant Toddler No Bumps Safety Helmet Head Cushion, Star

Simplicity Baby Infant Toddler No Bumps Safety Helmet

Designed to cushion everyday bumps & bruises while your toddler learns to walkProtect your child's head from bumps and bruises while learning to sit, crawl, walk, and for children with special needsLightweight & breathable Washable, top quality cottonAdjustable fits from 18.8"-22" inches in circumferenceFits Toddlers to 6-60 monthsMaterial: 65% Cotton + 35% PolyesterSize: Circumference: 18.8"-22", Height: 2.75"Package Includes:1 x Baby Safety Helmet

  • Color: Star
  • Brand: Simplicity
  • UPC: 887415764839

Anti Flat Head Baby Pillow, KAKIBLIN Head Shaping Pillow for Infants Soft Head Support Pillow for 0-1 Year Old, Blue

Anti Flat Head Baby Pillow, KAKIBLIN Head Shaping

Please Note: This item was compressed, when you receive it, please open the package and pat it gently to get it back to its original shape. A Must Have Item for Your Baby! Having a baby truly is, the best time of your life. Every parents know that from day one, your baby's comfort is crucial.Ensuring baby sleeps well is essential for his/her daily development.And this Kakiblin baby anti flat head pillow is the best choice for new babies. This Kakiblin ULTRA SOFT pillow is a wonderful gift to all newborn babies, it correct and adjust the baby's sleeping posture, support for baby's head and natural head movements to prevent plagiocephaly and avoid pressure on the head, the anti-flat head pillow help shapes a perfect head form. Product Features: Super soft velvet cotton fabrics. The inner core 100% Premium Quality Cotton: environmental protection, fire-retardant. All materials are safe, soft and breathable that suitable all the season for your little one to lay his or her head on. It's lightweight and portable, you can use this bedding pillow whenever you baby is laying down, helping your baby sleep better with a concave in the middle. Multi-functional, one pillow for all,use this pillow in baby's car seat, swing, stroller, crib and more . Size: 10.6 * 8.3 inch, central hole...

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: KAKIBLIN
  • UPC: 783057362023

Babymoov Lovenest Plus Baby Pillow | Pediatrician Designed Infant Head and Neck Support to Prevent Flat Head Syndrome (Patented Design)

Babymoov Lovenest Plus Baby Pillow | Pediatrician Designed

The Babymoov Lovenest Plus was created and patented by a pediatrician to prevent flat-head syndrome which often occurs in the first weeks while the skull is still soft enough to be moulded. Very comfy in the form of a contoured pillow, the famous Babymoov Lovenest+ features a specific inclination to guarantee pressure is well distributed over the baby's skull. In this way your baby will keep a nice round head. Manufactured in a soft, breathable fabric the Babymoov Lovenest + is ideal to ensure an optimal comfort. Cool Max technology: a distinct fabric which eliminates perspiration and regulates temperature for maximum comfort. You can use the Lovenest Plus in any bouncer, carrycot and pushchair. All Babymoov products are life warranted if you register online. You have to register within 2 months from the date of purchase to benefit from this service.

  • Color: Gray
  • Brand: Babymoov
  • ASIN: B07FDN8TQ6

Babymoon Pod 4-in-1 Multipurpose Infant Pillow for Flat Head Prevention, Tummy Time, Nursing, Travel (Ivory)

Babymoon Pod 4-in-1 Multipurpose Infant Pillow for Flat

Parents and pediatricians alike recommend Babymoon Pod to help the 47% of babies who develop flat head syndrome (positional plagiocephaly). The breathable Babymoon Pod cradles your baby's head and distributes the pressure of lying down evenly to allow a rounded skull to form. The two arms securely attach to make a cradle for your baby's head and provide the support she needs. The Velcro attachment is adjustable to fit your baby as she grows. Head support use is recommended for babies 0-6months, or until baby starts rolling. There's no need to buy a second travel pillow. When your baby no longer needs head support, simply detach the arms to use the Babymoon Pod as neck support for your little one in strollers and car seats. The "Peek-a-Boo cover" design protects your baby's skin from Velcro when not in use for head support. Neck support use is recommended for babies over 6 months. Choose from a variety of attractive styles. Available with 100% cotton or plush polyester covers. Filling is 100% polyester. Machine wash and dry. Dimensions 10"x10"x2½". Made in the USA. Babymoon Pod is not a sleeping pillow and should not be used in cribs or for sleeping. Please use under parent supervision.

  • Color: Ivory Minky
  • Brand: BabyMoon
  • ASIN: B004LKNQF6
  • UPC: 013964254884
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