BRITISH MYSTERIES Boxed Set: 350+ Thriller Novels, Murder Mysteries & True Crime Stories: Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot Cases, P. C. Lee Series, Father ... Cases, Eugéne Valmont Stories and many more

BRITISH MYSTERIES Boxed Set: 350+ Thriller Novels, Murder

This Boxed set of British mysteries consist of the greatest murder mystery novels, crime thrillers, detective tales, true crime stories and much more:Arthur Conan Doyle:Sherlock Holmes SeriesA Study in ScarletThe Sign of FourThe Hound of the BaskervillesThe Valley of FearThe Adventures of Sherlock HolmesThe Memoirs of Sherlock HolmesThe Return of Sherlock HolmesHis Last BowOther MysteriesTrue Crime StoriesEdgar Wallace:The Four Just MenThe Council of Justice The Just Men of CordovaThe Law of the Four Just Men The Nine BearsAngel Esquire The Fourth Plague or Red Hand Grey Timothy or Pallard the PunterThe Man who Bought LondonThe Melody of Death A Debt Discharged The Tomb of T'Sin The Secret House The Clue of the Twisted CandleDown under Donovan The Man who KnewThe Green RustKate Plus TenThe Daffodil MurderJack O'JudgmentThe Angel of Terror The Crimson CircleTake-A-Chance AndersonThe Valley of GhostsP.-C. Lee SeriesWilkie Collins:The Woman in WhiteNo NameArmadaleThe MoonstoneThe Haunted HotelThe Law and The LadyThe Dead SecretMiss or Mrs?R. Austin Freeman:Dr. Thorndyke SeriesOther MysteriesAgatha Christie:The Mysterious Affair at StylesThe Secret AdversaryH. C. McNeile:Bulldog DrummondThe Black GangG. K. Chesterton:The Innocence of Father BrownThe Wisdom of Father BrownArthur Morri...

  • ASIN: B074M98Z4C

Oscar (The Davenports Book 1)

Oscar (The Davenports Book

Oscar Davenport always wins. Always. He doesn’t come second, and he sure as hell doesn’t lose. He’s founded and sold three tech companies, netting him almost a billion dollars. He ran a hedge fund worth hundreds of billions—until he got bored. His latest project, Six, a nightclub in LA is another winner. It’s both a successful business and a playground full of playmates. He’s never met an obstacle he couldn’t overcome or a woman he couldn’t have. Until now. Grace Evans is the kind of girl you’d find curled up with a good book on a Saturday night—at least, usually. This Saturday night is different. This Saturday night she’s gotten all done up, in a dress she can barely breathe in and heels she can barely walk in. She had to. She had to venture into the lair of the enemy. The enemy is Oscar Davenport, and his lair is his swanky nightclub. When she lays eyes on him, she’s ready to believe he’s the devil incarnate. His wicked smile, his beautiful eyes—everything about him is an invitation to sin. He moves with the grace and arrogance of a big cat about to pounce. Unfortunately, he’s moving straight toward her. He’s singled her out as his prey. He’s moving in for the kill. Little does he know that she isn’t about to surrender; in fact, he’...

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Curious George Goes Camping

Curious George Goes

Curious George Goes Camping is an entertaining story of the Great Outdoors based on H. A. and Margret Rey’s popular primate and painted in the original watercolor and charcoal style. George tries to be helpful, but he of course just ends up upsetting a nearby camper. As he’s hiding in the woods, he meets a forest creature who catapults the mischievous monkey into a chain of even more outrageous events! For more monkey fun, investigate and discover all the latest on Curious George books, promotions, games, activities, and more!

  • Brand: HMH Books for Young Readers
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How to Manage Your Money When You Don't Have Any (Second Edition)

How to Manage Your Money When You Don't

Unlike many personal finance books, How to Manage Your Money When You Don't Have Any was specifically written for Americans who struggle to make it on a monthly basis. It provides a respectful, no-nonsense look at the difficult realities of our modern economy, along with an easy to follow path toward better financial stability that will give hope to even the most financially strapped households. Created by a financial expert who hasn't struck it rich, How to Manage Your Money When You Don't Have Any offers a first hand story of financial survival in the face of rough times. Rather than emphasizing wealth creation, How to Manage Your Money When You Don't Have Any teaches readers to do the best they can with their income no matter its size. Content rich, personal, and jargon free, the book is opinionated and at times humorous. Full of current everyday references, it is meant to be a quick read that will appeal to the average reader just struggling to make ends meet.


The New Bandsaw Box Book: Techniques & Patterns for the Modern Woodworker

The New Bandsaw Box Book: Techniques & Patterns

No woodworking project is more fun to make than a box. Requiring little material and offering lots of challenges, making a wooden box results in a satisfyingly functional project that is proudly used and displayed or given as a gift that will be cherished for years. It’s no wonder boxes rank as the most popular woodworking project by beginners and advanced craftsman alike. David Picciuto, aka The Drunken Woodworker, is a huge fan of making boxes, especially with his trusty bandsaw. His Bandsaw Box You Tube videos and his Weekly Woodworking Round-up are must see viewing among the woodworking community. In his first book, The New Bandsaw Box Book: Technqiues and Patterns for the Modern Woodworker, David presents a collection of beautiful boxes that can be easily made with a bandsaw, considered by most woodworkers as the most important, versatile, and easy to use stationary tool in the workshop. Each project is captured in a modern and fresh step-by-step style that makes learning easy while David’s engaging manner keeps the information accessible and light. In keeping with the younger, artisan mindset that is infiltrating the woodworking community, David concludes with his “raises a glass” toast that matches the perfect craft beer to compliment the wood and style of each com...

  • ASIN: 1940611326

Crafting with Wood Pallets: Projects for Rustic Furniture, Decor, Art, Gifts and more

Crafting with Wood Pallets: Projects for Rustic Furniture,

CREATIVE DESIGNS FOR ONE-OF-A-KIND, UPCYCLED PROJECTS USING THE WORLD'S MOST WIDELY AVAILABLE RECLAIMED WOODCrafting with Wood Pallets offers readers innovative new projects for transforming wood pallets into all types of beautiful, useful items for the home and garden. Packed with color photos and easy-to-follow instructions for over 25 DIY projects, this book shows how to build, paint, and finish unique gifts, decor, and furniture, including:• Cute jewelry organizer• Rustic coffee table• Chic wine bar• Family chalkboard• Inspiring word art• Handy step stool

  • Brand: Lamb Becky
  • ASIN: 1612434886

Wood-Frame House Construction

Wood-Frame House

First published in 1955 as U.S. Department of Agriculture Handbook No. 73, this highly popular guide presents sound, time-tested principles for wood-frame house construction, complete with expert advice on selecting suitable building materials. For this edition, it has been completely revised and updated to incorporate advances in home building brought about by the availability of new materials, use of more manufactured components, and changes in construction techniques. Chapter 1 covers the preliminaries that should be considered or dealt with before beginning construction ― financial planning, site selection, design, etc.Chapters 2–4 discuss laying the groundwork (including foundations, footings, and retaining walls), framing and closing in ― describing each step in the order it is usually completed. Chapters 5–7 describe later tasks that don't necessarily have to be done in the order they are presented. Topics include porches, decks, interior wall framing, plumbing, heating and electric installation, flooring, interior finishes, cabinets, and more. Chapter 8 covers special topics often associated with wood-frame construction: protection against decay and termites, energy conservation, all-weather construction, maintenance and repair, and other matters. Technical notes...

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The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters: A Guide to Creating, Quilting, and Living Courageously

The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters: A Guide

Forget step-by-step instructions and copycat designs. In The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters, Sherri Lynn Wood presents a flexible approach to quilting that breaks free of old paradigms. Instead of traditional instructions, she presents 10 frameworks (or scores) that create a guiding, but not limiting, structure. To help quilters gain confidence, Wood also offers detailed lessons for stitching techniques key to improvisation, design and spontaneity exercises, and lessons on color. Every quilt made from one of Wood’s scores will have common threads, but each one will look different because it reflects the maker’s unique interpretation. Featured throughout the book are Wood’s own quilts and a gallery of contributor works chosen from among the hundreds submitted when she invited volunteers to test her scores during the making of this groundbreaking work.

  • Brand: Abrams Publishing
  • ASIN: 1617691380
  • UPC: 499994241191

Iron Lake (20th Anniversary Edition): A Novel (Cork O'Connor Mystery Series Book 1)

Iron Lake (20th Anniversary Edition): A Novel (Cork

  • Brand: Atria Books
  • ASIN: B000FC0QBQ

The Kids' Building Workshop: 15 Woodworking Projects for Kids and Parents to Build Together

The Kids' Building Workshop: 15 Woodworking Projects for

Pass the hammer to a new generation! This kid-friendly guide covers the essentials of carpentry, including the proper way to drive a nail, the safe way to drill a hole, and the importance of measuring. You’ll be amazed at how fast your miniature carpenter acquires the skills to complete 15 projects that include game boards, play sets, lemonade stands, birdhouses, equine sawhorses, and more. Young crafters will be ready for the woodshop in no time.

  • Brand: Storey Publishing, LLC
  • ASIN: 1580174884
  • UPC: 037038174885

The Four Seasons Box Set: The Four Seasons Books 1-4

The Four Seasons Box Set: The Four Seasons

Bodyguard Gene is used to putting himself in the line of fire, but this time the target is the one who's aiming at his heart...Rowan escapes into the mountains with her gorgeous best friend, Hitch, only to discover there's only one cabin and one bed...Rhett fell in love with Neve a long time ago and was foolish enough to lose her. He's not going to make the same mistake again...When Bridget is jilted at the altar, Aaron is there to save the day. He's too much of a gentleman to make a move on her, but when he suggests she visit him up in the Bay of Islands, she decides a holiday fling might be just what she needs...The Four Seasons Box Set of contemporary romances will take you on a magical tour of New Zealand, from the snow-capped mountains of the South Island to the sub-tropical Northland.


The Complete Book of Birdhouse Construction for Woodworkers (Dover Woodworking)

The Complete Book of Birdhouse Construction for Woodworkers

Here is a complete, down-to-the-last-detail guide for building attractive, sturdy, and genuinely inhabitable wooden birdhouses that will add a touch of natural beauty to garden, backyard, or anywhere else they are placed. Step-by-step instructions, clear diagrams, and many helpful illustrations and tables are included. All designs can be adapted to the use of simple hand tools ― saw, hammer, screwdriver ― making these projects ideal for woodworkers of all ages and levels of experience. Includes clear, easy-to-follow coverage for these topics: the selection of woods, helpful construction tips and techniques, hanging and supporting birdhouses, inspection and cleaning, proper placement, construction of pest guards, and much more.More than just a collection of projects, this complete guide shows not only how to construct birdhouses, but also how to insure that birds will actually be able to nest in them. It even shows how to attract specific species: bluebirds, doves, finches, swallows, and many others. Included is much valuable and practical information not found in the usual craft book: nesting requirements for each species, proper size of entrance holes, data on the habitats and behavior of particular types of birds, and more.The rewards and satisfaction of building your own...

  • ASIN: 0486244075
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Dragons Adored Shifter Collection

Dragons Adored Shifter

Dive into this shifter compilation collection of adored dragons filled with passion, sexy shifters, and magic!Featured Books:Book 1- Anya's FreedomBook 2- Seon's FreeomBook 3- Ice BloodBook 4-Noely's DragonBook 5- Ailey's DragonOther Books in this collection: Captured by Kazak, Captured by Keric, Captured by Durza, Ronan-Night Wolves, Iris’s Guardian, Rescued by EmeryAUTHOR’S NOTE: These books are stand alone romances with an HEA. This ebook contains mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only.


Laura Ingalls Wilder: A Biography (Little House Nonfiction)

Laura Ingalls Wilder: A Biography (Little House

Dive into the world of the author of the beloved Little House series!From her pioneer days on the prairie to her golden years with her husband, Almanzo, and their daughter, Rose, Laura Ingalls Wilder has become a friend to all who have read about her adventures. This expertly researched, behind-the-scenes account of Laura’s life chronicles the real events that inspired her to write her stories, and also describes her life after the last Little House book ends.

  • Brand: Collins
  • ASIN: 0060885521

Victoria & Albert Museum William Morris Recipe Box

Victoria & Albert Museum William Morris Recipe

Keep favorite recipes at hand yet neatly filed in Galison's pretty and practical William Morris Recipe Box. A colorful William Morris floral print the collection of London's Victoria and Albert Museum decorates the matte-laminated sturdy cardboard recipe box with a hinged lid. Organize your favorite recipes on 4 x 6" two-sided recipe cards. Other William Morris flower patterns decorate the tabbed dividers, which allow you to organize your recipes by food group.

  • Color: multi
  • Brand: Galison
  • ASIN: 0735332630

Fear Familiar


When Eleanor Duncan rescues the unusual black cat from a university parking lot, she suspects he has run through at least eight of his lives. But it’s his ninth, and potentially last, that concerns her most. Alarming events appear to have followed him into her life. Eleanor is assaulted by a stranger and interrogated by the CIA. More terrifying is her husband’s seeming return from the dead.A trip to veterinarian Peter Curry reveals an even deeper secret. Familiar is an escaped research animal. The secret he carries opens the door to conspiracy, danger, and romance. Peter and Eleanor are determined to save the black cat’s life and prevent his return to the lab. Their decision to help Familiar turns their world upside down—and begins the saga of Familiar, the black cat detective.


Color Charts: A collection of coloring resources for colorists and artists

Color Charts: A collection of coloring resources for

COLOR CHARTS is a collection of coloring resources for colorists and artists. With over 60 single-sided color charts and practice pages, COLOR CHARTS has all you need to practice your coloring skills and to record your favorite color combinations. At 8.5 x 11 inches, this generously sized book will help you to organize and categorize your art supplies. A handy resource to keep on hand so you never forget which colors you used to make that perfect shade or blend! Loads of color charts for practice are included, covering a wide range of subjects! Practice coloring skin, hair, eyes, clothes, flowers, foliage, everyday items and much more! Color different surfaces and textures, from metal to hair to fabric. Perfect for users of colored pencils, artist markers, gel pens, crayons, and more! Single-sided pages ensure that any media can be used for coloring without worry. Sharpen your coloring skills with COLOR CHARTS!Revised edition, now with more pages for recording your color collection with! Created by Yasmeen Eldahan, aka YamPuff, a coloring book and digital stamp artist whose art has been colored in by colorists around the world!

  • ASIN: 1535552999

Victim Zero (The Fall Book 1)

Victim Zero (The Fall Book

The plague was born from hope. It was meant to change the world. To cure the incurable and rebuild the broken. When the world ended, the weight of its dead fell on the shoulders of the man at the heart of it all. For Kell McDonald, survival is not enough. Alone and surrounded by enemies, he must find a way to do what only he can: find a cure, and perhaps redemption. Set in the world of Living With the Dead, Victim Zero tells the story of how The Fall began.


The Family Handyman's Best Organizing Solutions: Cut Clutter, Store More, and Gain Acres of Closet Space

The Family Handyman's Best Organizing Solutions: Cut Clutter,

A resource with more than 150 projects provides organizing ideas for all areas of the home, including the garage, kitchen and bathrooms, family workshop, laundry room and closets and the yard, in a book with full-color photos and a bonus section on shelving projects. Original.

  • Brand: Family Handyman (COR)
  • ASIN: 1606521705

Great Outdoor 2 X 4 Furniture: 21 Easy Projects To Build

Great Outdoor 2 X 4 Furniture: 21 Easy

Provides plans and instructions for constructing outdoor furniture using basic tools and modestly-priced lumber

  • Brand: Brand: Lark Books(sterling Publ Co
  • ASIN: 1579900364
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