Claritag Squeeze and Freeze Skin Tag Removal Device Home Skin Tag Remover Kit - 10 Treatment Set

Claritag Squeeze and Freeze Skin Tag Removal Device

The Claritag skin tag remover is the only home skin tag remover approved by Dermatologists to effectively and safely remove skin tags at home. Developed by dermatologists, and utilizes ‘Squeeze and Freeze’ patented technology to effectively remove skin tags in the comfort of your own home with professional results. Simply squeeze the skin tag with the device for twenty (20) seconds, and watch the skin tag fall-off on its own within fourteen (14) days. Only 1-2 treatments needed to remove the skin tag permanently. Extensively tested and clinically proven to safely and effectively remove skin tags. Unlike other brands, the Claritag Skin Tag Remover contains the freezing liquid inside the device, with absolutely no skin contact, and features a fully controlled freeze process. Treats up to ten (10) skin tags.

  • Brand: Clairtag
  • ASIN: B07B79249Y
  • UPC: 857733007901

General Wire CST2 Cold-Shot Pipe Freeze Kit Small Black and orange

General Wire CST2 Cold-Shot Pipe Freeze Kit Small

No need to drain water lines, sprinkler systems, or hot water systems before cutting pipe or tubing. The Cold-Shot keeps pressurized systems operating while you make repairs. It freezes all type of liquids in steel, copper, cast iron, aluminum, and plastic pipes ranging from 1/8" to 2" (10 mm - 60 mm) using carbon dioxide (CO2). Dip-tube type cylinders are available at all welding supply houses. The Cold-Shot is faster and less expensive than "refrigerator-type" units; faster and uses less CO2 than "bag-type" units. In five minutes you're ready to go to work on copper tubing, just three minutes for cast iron pipe. - 10 sets of freeze heads: 1/8" iron or 1/4" copper 1/4" iron or 3/8" copper 3/8" iron or 1/2" copper 1/2" iron or 3/4" copper 3/4" iron or 1" copper 1" iron or 1-1/4" copper 1-1/4" iron or 1-1/2" copper 1-1/2" iron 2" copper 2" iron

  • Color: Black and orange
  • Brand: General Wire
  • ASIN: B002JAZV8A
  • UPC: 093122118029

Skin Tag Remover Device by Claritag Painless Cryo-Freeze Skintag Treatment Kit for Home Use

Skin Tag Remover Device by Claritag Painless Cryo-Freeze

The solution is finally here.

  • Brand: Clairtag
  • UPC: 850001389167

Melling MPE-100BR Freeze Plug Kit

Melling MPE-100BR Freeze Plug


  • Brand: Melling
  • ASIN: B0080FZGOC
  • UPC: 729295608028

USA Freeze Deluxe Multi-use Medical Freeze Spray kit

USA Freeze Deluxe Multi-use Medical Freeze Spray

USA Freeze Deluxe multi-use Medical Freeze spray kit with 12 oz. adjustable aerosal trigger spray cannister

  • Brand: USA Freeze
  • UPC: 653981537968

Dr. Scholl's Dual Action Freeze Away Wart Remover 1 kit

Dr. Scholl's Dual Action Freeze Away Wart Remover

Dr. Scholl's Dual Action Freeze Away

  • Brand: Dr. Scholl's

OEMTOOLS 27208 Master Freeze Plug Kit

OEMTOOLS 27208 Master Freeze Plug

The OEM Master Freeze Plug Tool Kit is designed to remove and install freeze plugs used in liquid-cooled gas and diesel engines. Never have to remove head or manifold again. This set comes forged with high carbon steel and is fully-plated to resist rust.

  • Brand: OEMTOOLS
  • ASIN: B00825PZB4
  • UPC: 076812272089

PU Health Shape & Freeze Non-Surgical Weight Loss Kit for Slim and Fit Body

PU Health Shape & Freeze Non-Surgical Weight Loss

Give weight issues the cold shoulder with Shape Freezer and lose those extra kg's in no time. Using cutting edge lipolysis technology the Fat Freeze system helps Groupies lose an average of 20% of their fat cells with just one application a month by freezing fat cells and then letting the body naturally flush them out of the system. The process does not damage the surrounding tissue and causes no discomfort as it silently slims down bodies and helps Groupies get in shape. The Ultimate Shape-N-Freeze Body Sculpting Fat Freezer uses a scientifically approved technology which helps you to have a slim desirable figure by freezing fat cells. Regardless of your reasons for fatness, our slim belly belt will freeze belly fat and break the fat cells in your body and let them get disposed off through your body's lymphatic system. Cold Lipolysis works on the basis that fat cells are more vulnerable to energy extraction, in the case cooling, than the surrounding tissues. That means that Cold Lipolysis will break down the fat cells, but not the surrounding tissues. Adjustable belt can be wrapped around the midsection, arms, thighs, or buttocks. How to Use it: -Strap the machine to the treatment area -Plug it in (there will be a light buzzing sound) -Set the timer to 30 or 60 minutes. Operatin...

  • Brand: PU Health
  • ASIN: B0757JW399
  • UPC: 618194877317

Rothenberger 64004 Freeze Pak Pipe Freezing Kit

Rothenberger 64004 Freeze Pak Pipe Freezing

The FREEZE PAK is the ideal way to make quick repairs without draining or interruption of water supply. Quick Freeze spray produces a temporary ice plug in plumbing and heating systems that will last up to 30 minutes.

  • Brand: Rothenberger

TagBand Skin Tag Removal Device for Medium to Large Skin Tags (Original Version)

TagBand Skin Tag Removal Device for Medium to

TagBand's patent pending design is the only skin tag removal device available on the marketplace with its clever, innovative design allowing for quick and safe skin tag removal. TagBand works by stopping the skin tags blood supply and results can be seen within just a few days of applying a band. The bands are suitable for medium to large sized skin tags. The TagBand kit is suitable for skin tags with a widest point of 4mm-6mm. TagBand is designed to be used on skin tags on the face and body but we wouldn't recommend using it around the sensitive eye area. All orders come boxed and include 1 x TagBand cone, 1 x TagBand remover, 10 x TagBands, 10 x cleansing swabs and easy to understand instructions. Warnings: The bands contained within this kit are made of rubber and are not suitable for anyone with a rubber allergy. This kit is not intended for use on any other skin conditions such as, warts or moles. In all cases please consult a doctor before use. This product is not suitable for children.

  • Color: Original Version
  • Brand: TagBand
  • UPC: 799632983132
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