Opening Repertoire: The French Defence (Everyman Chess)

Opening Repertoire: The French Defence (Everyman

The French Defence provides a good choice for players who want to create a dynamic, unbalanced situation out of the opening but baulk at the level of study required to master the ferociously complex Sicilian Defence. The French is one of Black's soundest defences to 1 e4 and is very popular at all levels. White often advances with the space-gaining e4-e5 which, in principle, will generate a small advantage. However, when this structure arises there are no clear points to attack in the black camp and Black has ready-made plans in the form of ...c7-c5 and ...f7-f6, moves that seek to undermine the white centre. In this book, renowned author Cyrus Lakdawala creates a repertoire for Black and navigates through the main lines of the French, providing the reader with well-researched, fresh and innovative analysis. Each annotated game has valuable lessons on how to play the opening, and contains instructive commentary on typical middle-game plans. Carefully selected questions and answers are designed to keep you actively involved and allow you to monitor your progress as you learn. * Presents a complete French Defence repertoire for Black. * Thorough explanations of typical pawn structures and piece manoeuvres. * Utilizes an ideal approach to chess study.

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Play the French (Cadogan Chess Books)

Play the French (Cadogan Chess

The wait is over. Finally it’s here... the much anticipated 4th edition of John Watson’s Play the French  – the must-have book for all French Defence players for over 20 years!Watson’s highly acclaimed work presents a repertoire for Black in the French Defence against all of White’s recognized options. Just as in previous editions, Watson often arms the reader with not just one but sometimes two – or even three choices – against the main lines. He also provides a thorough grounding on the positional and tactical aspects of the opening and outlines the typical plans for both White and Black. Watson is renowned for his creativity and expertise in the opening, and once again this edition features an abundance of innovative ideas for Black. Watson also provides an update of many other lines he considered in previous editions. * A French Defence repertoire for Black* State-of-the-art coverage of the key lines* Packed with new ideas and critical analysis

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First Steps: The French (Everyman Chess)

First Steps: The French (Everyman

The French Defense is a highly reliable response to 1 e4 which is popular at all levels. With the first two moves, Black creates a solid foundation in the center and seeks to put pressure on White’s position in the early middlegame. In this book, International Master Cyrus Lakdawala explains the basic ideas in the French and examines the important variations. The key ideas are emphasized with notes, tips and warnings and the reader’s understanding is tested with frequent exercises. This book tells you everything you need to know in order to take your first steps with the French Defense.First Steps is a new opening series and is ideal for improving players who want simple and straightforward explanations. First Steps emphasizes:* the basic principles* the basic strategies* the key tricks and trapsFirst Steps books are based around carefully selected instructive games which demonstrate exactly what both sides are trying to achieve. There is enough theory to enable the improving player to get to grips with the opening without feeling overwhelmed. If you want to take up a new opening, First Steps is the ideal place to start.

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The Complete French Advance: The Most Uncompromising Way to Attack the French Defence

The Complete French Advance: The Most Uncompromising Way

The Advance Variation is the most ambitious way to meet the solid French Defence. Its popularity among club players is not difficult to understand: by advancing the e-pawn to e5 on the third move, White not only gains space but also blocks in Black's c8 Bishop and hampers Black's kingside development by taking away the f6-square.The closed nature of the positions arising from the Advance Variation leads to strategic play where positional understanding is much more important than studying the latest theoretical developments. White can use the advantage in space by building up an attack against the Black king.Grandmaster Evgeny Sveshnikov has played the Advance Variation in countless games with excellent results and is, as former World Champion Anatoly Karpov puts it, ‘the world expert' in this variation. Together with his son, International Master Vladimir Sveshnikov, he has thoroughly updated and expanded his earlier investigations that he presented in his first book on the French Advance in 2003.The Sveshnikovs know that when you are teaching new patterns it is much more productive to use illustrative games than to show stand-alone, concrete variations. That is why they present many annotated grandmaster games in which they clearly explain the ideas and plans for both sides. T...

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Queen to Play

Queen to


Attacking Chess The French (Everyman Chess Series)

Attacking Chess The French (Everyman Chess

Simon Williams presents an ambitious opening repertoire for Black based on the ever-popular French Defence. In this book one of the world's most imaginative Grandmasters combines his unique attacking ideas with the traditionally solid French structure, resulting in a powerful armoury of weapons. This will prove ideal for players who like to seize the initiative and cause problems for their opponents from the outset. Williams' recommendations are based on his own practical experience, where his ideas have stood the test of time against powerful grandmaster opposition. Attacking Chess is a brand new series of opening repertoire books. It focuses on traditional attacking openings, as well as creative and forceful ways to play openings that are not always associated with attacking chess. It provides ambitious repertoires designed for players of all levels. *A Grandmaster's repertoire in the French Defence*Packed with new ideas, analysis and novelties*Illustrative games explain typical plans and tactics

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Chess Explained: The French

Chess Explained: The

Two experts explain the workings of a profound opening complex."...the authors clearly know their subject and, as you would expect from Eingorn, have an eye for the slightly unusual moves that might improve upon the main games and keep the variations alive for both sides. They also have a healthy respect for White's strengths in the French, and show them in detail." - IM John Watson, TWICChess Explained books provide an understanding of an opening and the middlegames to which it leads, enabling you to find the right moves and plans in your own games. It is as if you were sitting at the board with a chess coach answering your questions about the plans for both sides, the ideas behind particular moves, and what specific knowledge you need to have.The French Defence is one of the most important chess openings. Its qualities are such that it appeals to a wide range of chess temperaments: it is solid yet uncompromising, and with a variety of chaotic variations to appeal to the most bloodthirsty of players, but also offering more tranquil lines to those seeking a quieter existence. While it is hard for White to avoid at least some imbalance in the position, he also has a wide choice. In some of the most critical lines, he accepts major structural weaknesses in return for piece-play and...


The Even More Flexible French

The Even More Flexible

When Viktor Moskalenko's The Flexible French appeared in 2008, it caused a sensation. It was hailed by reviewers from all over the world as eye-opening, full of new ideas, easy to read, sparkling, accessible and inspirational. The Flexible French was selected as one of the Best Chess Books of the Year by Chess Monthly, had to be reprinted no less than six times and became one of the best-selling chess opening books ever.Time has not stood still, and the popular French Defence has seen a lot of new theoretical developments. Seven years after the publication of The Flexible French, Viktor Moskalenko has decided to fully revise, update and extend his modern classic.The Even More Flexible French has largely the same structure as its predecessor, but the content is fully up-to-date on the latest theory. Moskalenko has found hundreds of improvements, alternatives, new ideas and fresh weapons that will delight and surprise the reader.The book contains a more or less complete French repertoire for Black. Yet Moskalenko also presents quite a few weapons and opportunities for White. The Ukrainian Grandmaster's analysis is, as before, high-level, his touch has remained light and fresh.

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French Defense: The Super-Solid Rubinstein Variation

French Defense: The Super-Solid Rubinstein

A Complete Black Repertoire against 1.e4 Built around the Super-solid Rubinstein! The solid Rubinstein Variation of the French Defense – despite its having been played by world champions and elite grandmasters, it has never been subjected to detailed study. The author, German International Master Hannes Langrock, has produced a book with complete coverage of this line, along with solid recommendations for Black should White deviate on the second or third move. The first edition was widely acclaimed, and the second edition has been revised and expanded. “I never realized that Black could take such active measures in the Rubinstein Variation without significant drawbacks. This book is an eye-opener, and even top grandmasters might find that they have underestimated Black’s resources in important positions…The average tournament and online player will appreciate Langrock’s straightforward, no-nonsense style. He keeps the complexity of the analysis within bounds, and highlights relevant details without drifting into obscure page-long analytical byways. General themes are clearly presented within the context of illustrative games…The result is a book that covers a broad swath of material in a modest number of pages. I’m sure that you will be well-rewarded for its stud...


French Defence: The Kingston Defence: 1. e4 e6 2. d4 f5

French Defence: The Kingston Defence: 1. e4 e6

This is a chess monograph called "French Defence: The Kingston Defence" which explores this chess opening: "1. e4 e6 2. d4 f5". The author has collected 94 completed chess games which are recorded in Algebraic Chess Notation. And there are 86 chess diagrams, too.


The Classical French - Move by Move

The Classical French - Move by

This series provides an ideal platform to study chess openings. By continually challenging the reader to answer probing questions throughout the book, the Move by Move format greatly encourages the learning and practicing of vital skills just as much as the traditional assimilation of opening knowledge. Carefully selected questions and answers are designed to keep you actively involved and allow you to monitor your progress as you learn. This is an excellent way to study any chess opening and at the same time improve your general chess skills and knowledge.In this book, International Master Cyrus Lakdawala invites you to join him in studying the French Defense, Classical Variation, which is a popular choice among chess players of all levels. Lakdawala examines in detail the important and commonly played lines, including the Steinitz, McCutcheon and Burn Variations. Using illustrative games and drawing on his own experience with the opening, he explains the main positional and tactical ideas for both sides, provides answers to all the key questions and tells you everything you need to know about successfully playing the Classical French.Essential guidance and training in the Classical FrenchProvides repertoire options for BlackUtilizes an ideal approach to chess study

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French Classical (Everyman Chess)

French Classical (Everyman

In this book International Master Byron Jacobs offers a fresh look at the Classical variation of the French Defence, which has been popular for nearly a century and is championed by such fighting players as Victor Korchnoi and Alexander Morozevich. All of the important variations are considered in detail with particular emphasis on those which are most fashionable.

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The French Defense C10-19: 523 Characteristic Chess Puzzles

The French Defense C10-19: 523 Characteristic Chess

This is a collection of chess puzzles from French opening games under 20 moves. They highlight the usual tricks and traps likely to be seen and employed in the game. In this opening, White has a majority in the center and can easily push into Black’s territory. Greater mobility creates greater opportunities for tactics and the French is no exception. Arguably this book is for the player on the white side who wants to turn a space advantage into a win. Among the multitude of tactics here are at least 3 sacrifice themes - the bishop for the h7 pawn, the knight for the f7 pawn and the semi-sacrifice of the d4 pawn. Black’s mobility on the queen-side can turn a knight sac into a productive invasion but the black queen can often be trapped. Not only will the reader learn to navigate through the opening but will also sharpen his or her abilities to recognize crucial tactics on the chess board.

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Mark Of Westminster 2 1/2" Classics Ebonized Executive French Staunton Chess Pieces

Mark Of Westminster 2 1/2" Classics Ebonized Executive

Mark of Westminster Chess Pieces are the paradigm of perfection in wood staunton chess piece design. The premier chess pieces by Mark Of Westminster have been known for their heirloom quality. Each chess set is exclusive, with a lifetime warranty for natural defect. Each set is hand-carved and weighted with felt bottoms, extra queens, and the signature Mark of Westminster Logo beneath the king. These chess pieces are Ebonized and Boxwood, which can suit virtually any board color, however Walnut, Teak, and Ebonized chess boards are most popular. Ebonized Chess Pieces are actually Boxwood pieces lacquered black, giving them a pure black appearance almost identical to ebony, but for a fraction of the cost. Boxwood Chess Pieces are the near universal standard for 'white' chess pieces in hand-carved sets. It is a fairly easy wood to work with, and shows off good detail. Chess Piece Details: King Height: 2 1/2" King Weight: 0.7 oz King Base: 1" Recommended Square Size: 1 1/4" - 1 1/2"

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Mistress Of A Brooklyn Billionaire

Mistress Of A Brooklyn

What happens when you start a relationship with a married billionaire? Do you continue the torture of knowing you will never be number one? or do you finally set yourself free to learn the meaning of true love?Twenty six year old Aaliyah Hill has been carrying on a three year love affair with the much older and rich billionaire Preston Blake the third at the dismay of family and friends. For years Aaliyah has waited in the wings as the loyal "Kept" mistress anxiously waiting the day when Preston finally sees her worth and finally leaves his wife..but he never does. Growing tired of the back and forth motion Aaliyah finally has enough and takes a much need vacation to plot her next move. Will this be the end for her and Preston?Preston Blake the third is the rich and powerful billionaire of any girls dream. For years he has tucked Aaliyah away from the world hoping that spending money and funding her life would be enough to keep her around. But after three years he notices she is no longer willing to be his side dish any longer. Aaliyah wants him to herself and she will no longer accept him making love to her and leaving go be with his wife. Will Preston be able to keep both women in his life happy while he satisfy his appetite for the feisty Aaliyah Hill?Alexander "Ace" Jordan is...


French Defence 1.e4 e6: Second Edition - Chess Opening Games

French Defence 1.e4 e6: Second Edition - Chess

Welcome to the French Defence chess opening after 1.e4 e6. Author Tim Sawyer analyzes 182 games. This 2018 Second Edition has updated commentary and an Index of Names to Games. The author tells stories and explains chess opening strategy.Spice up your play with the Alapin Diemer Gambit. Discover the ideas of the Advance Variation, the Classical, the MacCutcheon or the kingside attacks in the French Winawer. Focus on active piece play with the Tarrasch Variation. Or boldly try to transpose to the Blackmar-Diemer Gambit in answer to the Burn Variation. Most of the games see White playing 3.Be3, 3.Nd2 or 3.Nc3. Many were played by the author against masters, experts and club players over 45 years of play. The author shows you typical examples in this proven defence. Follow ideas to surprise your opponent and win. The games tell stories about fascinating chess players. Examine a variety of openings from main lines to gambits. Find creative ideas and ways to improve. Have fun playing. Enjoy this book!

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Starting Out: The French (Starting Out - Everyman Chess)

Starting Out: The French (Starting Out - Everyman

The French is one of Black's soundest defences to 1 e4 and is very popular at all levels of chess. Club players enjoy its super-solid structure, while at the top it's played by famous grandmasters such as Vishy Anand and the young Russian star Alexander Morozevich. With his first two moves Black obtains a substantial foothold in the centre, and a structure that is incredibly difficult to break down. In this user-friendly book, International Master Byron Jacobs revisits the basic principles behind the French Defence and all of its variations. Throughout the reader is helped along by a wealth of notes, tips, warnings and exercises. This book is ideal for the improving player.

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The French MacCutcheon (Chess is Fun Book 20)

The French MacCutcheon (Chess is Fun Book

The MacCutcheon, named for John Lindsay McCutcheon (1857–1905) of Philadelphia who gained notoriety for the variation when he used it to defeat World Champion Wilhelm Steinitz in a simultaneous exhibition in Manhattan in 1885. Although Steinitz won that first encounter, MacCutcheon impressed his American compatriots, Harry Nelson Pillsbury, Frank Marshall, and Jackson Showalter with the possibilities in this new line.Through the years, the line has been played by Capablanca against Moroczy, Tarrasch and Marshall against Lasker, Tartakower against Steiner, Reti against both Bogolyubow and Reti, and Alekhine against Capablanca. The line has many modern adherents, who have fondly dubbed the variation the "Big Mac." The author has faced the MacCutcheon four times against some of the world's best correspondence players. He stresses a new approach here for White with a move first recommended by American Grandmaster Yassar Seirawan.Unlike many other inexpensive chess e-books, these are fully annotated in understandable, simple language. The profuse use of diagrams make these among the first chess books that you can read WITHOUT A BOARD at your side.Jon Edwards won the 10th United States Correspondence Championship in 1997 and the 8th North American Invitational Correspondence Chess Ch...

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French Advance (Everyman Chess)

French Advance (Everyman

The Advance Variation is a popular and direct way of meeting the ultra-solid French Defence. Very early on in the game White opts to fix the pawn structure and establishes a genuine space advantage, upon which he later hopes to mount a serious attack. This method of playing against the French Defence has become a firm favorite among uncompromising Grandmasters such as Alexei Shirov, England's Nigel Short, and the rising star in Russia, Alexander Grischuk.In this book openings expert Sam Collins explains the strategy and tactics of this dynamic opening, studying both the main lines as well as the more offbeat variations. Through the use of model games for both White and Black, he provides a thorough grounding in the key plans and ideas, so that readers can quickly and confidently begin to use the French Advance in their own games.>Ideal for club and tournament players>Explains the basic elements, strategies, and tactics for both sides>Provides readers with everything they need to know to start playing the opening

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A Complete Guide to Playing 3 Nc3 Against the French Defence (Everymans Chess)

A Complete Guide to Playing 3 Nc3 Against

A modern look at the highly fashionable French Winawer, which remains the sharpest variation of the French Defence. It leads to the kind of dynamic positions in which the better prepared and more aggressive player will invariably prevail. Leading expert Neil McDonald explains the strategy and tactics of this exciting opening in a clear and concise manner.

  • ASIN: 1781944873
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