Royal Imports Flower Glass Vase Decorative Centerpiece For Home or Wedding by Cylinder Shape, 4" Tall, 4" Opening, Clear

Royal Imports Flower Glass Vase Decorative Centerpiece For

Decorate your home or special event with this 4 inch clear glass cylinder vase by Royal Imports - 4" round cylinder clear glass vase / Dish. For a tiered floral effect, place a set of 3 clear glass cylinder vases in the center of a table. Together they will create a fuller arrangement. Fill the vases with flowers and enhance it with gems or lights to make an even brighter centerpiece.Royal Imports brings the highest quality glass vases to the floral and craft industry. Each 4X4 cylinder is crafted to classic quality thus creating a sleek, flawless centerpiece.Uses: floral arrangements lucky bamboo succulent plants candle holder silk arrangementsPopular with: event planners florists interior designers restaurants home decoratorsOverall Dimensions Width: 4" Depth: 4" Height: 4"

  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: Royal Imports
  • ASIN: B016V20I7U
  • UPC: 712233238821

5-Inch Round Glass Vase Bowl - 5" Clear Cylinder Dish - 5x5 Candleholder

5-Inch Round Glass Vase Bowl - 5" Clear

  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: Vasefill
  • ASIN: B014E2CIPE
  • UPC: 084075707583

Chive - George Shape 3, Unique Clear Glass Flower Vase, Small and Elegant Oval Bud Vase, Decorative Floral Vase for Home Decor Office Place Settings, Bulk Set of 6

Chive - George Shape 3, Unique Clear Glass

One of the original Chive lines, this series of clear bud vases have been the choice of florists for many a year now. We have a choice of 5 shapes for these small glass bud vases, which should cover every preference of curvature. The line has never changed or altered and is still going strong after all these years. Named after George Foreman's kids: George 1, George 2, George 3, George 4 and George 5 these clear bud vases are staple, all-purpose floral containers. There is an extra layer of glass on the bottom of each so that they are thick and heavy and do not tip over. Perfect for a single stem or a small bouquet/posy. Scatter around the home for those odd clippings from the garden or use to decorate tables for special occasions or events. While varying a little in height and width, the average dimensions for these small glass bud vases are: George 5 is is 2.5" in diameter, 5" tall. Flowers We Love in this Vase: Freesia, Pansies, Spray Roses, Gerbers.

  • Color: Clear Glass
  • Brand: Chive
  • ASIN: B074P6QSTZ
  • UPC: 816871029169

Home-X Decorative Glass Beads, Vase Filler Beads. Round (1 lb bag) (vase not included)

Home-X Decorative Glass Beads, Vase Filler Beads. Round

Decorative Smooth Glass Marbles.Marbles act as wonderful weighted filler for stabilizing and supporting cut flowers, tea lights, makeup brush containers, kitchen utensils, table centerpieces, and other top-heavy items.Use these glass beads to fill vases, mason jars, and bowls, or as decorations placed at the bottom of aquariums and birdbaths. Translucency of each glass gem allows any light source to shine through, creating a beautiful illumination. Each 1 lb bag contains approximately 80 glass beads.

  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: Home-X
  • ASIN: B0728KKSJY
  • UPC: 713012691028

Couronne Company C6545-N Glass Bud Vase, Ball Bottle, 2.75 in. Round x 3.25 in, Clear, 12 Pack

Couronne Company C6545-N Glass Bud Vase, Ball Bottle,

Bring clean and classic appeal to wedding and party themes with our 12 pack of 3.25 inch tall clear bud vases. The 2.75 inch wide ball shaped apothecary bottles have a 0.75 wide opening that easily accommodates our flower stems. Each 3.4 ounce spherical glass food safe vessel has a modern appearance making them equally wonderful for home decor and grand events.

  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: Couronne Company
  • ASIN: B018F5JBWY
  • UPC: 703290892330

CYS GBB107 Handblown Glass Jumbo Bubble Bowl Vase, H-14"/8.75" Body D-16"

CYS GBB107 Handblown Glass Jumbo Bubble Bowl Vase,

Hand blown jumbo size bubble bowl Vase. Works great for huge floral arrangement. It's a perfect Vase for Terrarium making or miniature floral Garden in an orb.

  • Brand: CYS EXCEL
  • UPC: 648366890707

Libbey Capstan Cylinder 4-Piece Glass Vase Set, 4

Libbey Capstan Cylinder 4-Piece Glass Vase Set,

You're the best at everything you do. Softball. Entertaining. Raising kids. And especially home decor. That means you don't have just one floral arrangement in your home. You have 4. Or 8. Or 12 - plus 4 in storage in case you really need to wow some guests. And how do you keep your home looking its best? With our best-seller: The Libbey Capstan Cylinder 4-piece Glass Vase Set. These short, wide, round glass vases create the world's most modern presentation, overflowing your house with timeless beauty. You, of course, have the standard seasonal flower bouquets scattered around. But your favorite part of the grand tour? Your bathroom. Here, you've overflowed the room with sparkling cylinders, filled to the brim with bath bombs, soaps and scrubs. Because when you're laid back in your claw-foot tub, you don't want to feel like you're just in your master bath. You'd like to feel like you're a part of a masterpiece.

  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: Libbey
  • ASIN: B079HYGRW5
  • UPC: 031009656561

Set of 2 Decorative Modern Round Clear Glass Display Vases / Bowl Candleholders / Air Plant Terrarium Cups

Set of 2 Decorative Modern Round Clear Glass

Add the perfect touch of modern elegance to your home with this set of 2 decorative terrarium bowls. Made of crystal clear glass and having a rounded teardrop shape, these 2 bowls are perfect for holding candles, small plants, and other decorative items that you wish to display. The 2 bowls in this set are 2 different sizes - 1 large, 1 small - to make it easy for you to create eye-catching decorative arrangements in any room of your home. **Official MyGift® product. Plants are not included.** Approximate Dimensions: Large Vase - 5.5" H X 6" Diameter; Small Vase - 4.4" H X 4.75" Diameter.

  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: MyGift
  • ASIN: B00X90VN4A
  • UPC: 887702200743

Houseables Clear Marbles, Pebbles for Vases, 5 LB, 500-600 Stones, Flat Bottom, Round Top, Glass Rocks, Bowl Filler Gems, Iridescent Floral Decor, Decorative Centerpieces, Florist Supplies, Aquarium

Houseables Clear Marbles, Pebbles for Vases, 5 LB,

Beautifully compliments floral arrangements and DIY light displays Adding decorative marbles to a vase, jar, frame, or mixed media craft project brings a unique charm that such a simple accessory rarely brings. These translucent gems allow light to pass through entirely -- adding illumination and shimmering reflection to any table setting or design project. Oval shaped with flat bottoms, and sold in five lb. quantities. Each bag will provide you with roughly 500-600 gems measuring about ¾" (the size of a dime). They are an eye-catching accessory that will look just as impressive scattered across as a tablecloth as they will acting as brilliant filler for glass containers, aquariums, mason jars, and birdbaths. A little imagination goes a long ways with these decorative marbles From candlescapes, tea lights, and garden treasure jars, to decorative borders for frames, mirrors, and even stained glass panels. Another overlooked benefit that gems and marbles such as these provide is acting as a literal lifesaver to bees that are only looking to get a drink of water. Scatter the gems along the bottom of the bath/fountain and fill water slightly below the marble's upper surface. Bees are dying everywhere -- no need to exasperate things for our pollinating friends. Mix these gems with ot...

  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: Houseables
  • UPC: 642709232209

Chive – Caterpillar, Small Clear Glass Bud Vase for Short Flowers, Unique Low Sitting Flower Vase, Cute Floral Vase for Home Decor, Weddings, Floral Arrangements, Arranging, Set of 6 Round Balls

Chive – Caterpillar, Small Clear Glass Bud Vase

The Caterpillar bud vase is one of Chive's most popular small vases for flowers. Each Caterpillar vase is individually hand blown by a glass artisan making each an original work of art. The Caterpillar bud vase has been universally loved for it's ability to make stunning arrangements for weddings, dinner tables, night stands, or even the windowsill, with just a few simple blooms.One of the best things about small vases for flowers is that you can sneak them into any nook or cranny that needs a pop of color to liven it up. For wedding and events, line up a row of Caterpillars end to end down the center of the table to create an illusion of droplets of water sprinkled down the table. The Caterpillar bud vase is a connected row of glass bubbles, each with a small hole (approximately half an inch) The Caterpillar bud vase is 10.25" long, 1" wide, 1.5" tall. Flowers We Love in this Vase: Baby Cymbidium Orchids, Ranunculous, Craspedia, Sweetpea, Kermit Mum, Waxwing, Hydrangea, Dandelions, Bouvardia, Spray Rose

  • Color: Clear Glass
  • Brand: Chive
  • ASIN: B00OU01ISY
  • UPC: 745227509102
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