Ethiopian Bright Light Roast Grade 1, Whole Bean Coffee, Natural Dry Processed Micro Lot Single Origin Farm Gate Direct Trade, Intense Bright & Bold Coffee Beans, Gourmet Coffee - 12 oz Bag

Ethiopian Bright Light Roast Grade 1, Whole Bean

Single Origin Ethiopian Coffee Beans, Bold Light Roast. We created an outstanding taste profile from this Ethiopian coffee. It is roasted at a lighter level to maintain the essence of the bean's complexity and array of flavors. We feel this lighter roast brings out the full bright and clean flavor profile for an intense burst of flavor! Roasted beyond this, would only mute out these bright and snappy flavorsAbout the Grower The farms are located in Goma Woreda at 6500' (2000m) of heirloom varietals dry processed or natural beans. Ethiopian coffee is known to be the birth place of coffee where it was originally discovered. Purchased using the Farm Gate (Direct Trade) pricing program which pays higher premiums direct to the farmers for the reward of producing high quality coffee.About Cooper'sWe seek the best Grade 1 single origin coffee beans. We test cup each lot and develop a roasting profile. This takes time, dedication and above all, passion. Our Master Roasters create a true original, worthy of the Cooper's Coffee Company name.Created by Master CraftsmenSeeking for that amazing and rejuvenating coffee that makes you look forward to waking up in the morning? Tired of a coffee that taste stale or over roasted? Are you a coffee aficionado? You owe it to yourself to try these sin...

  • Color: Whole Bean
  • Brand: Cooper's Cask Coffee

Mansfield Maple Pure Vermont Maple Syrup in Plastic Jug Golden Delicate (Vermont Fancy), Gallon (Ships as 2 Half Gallons)

Mansfield Maple Pure Vermont Maple Syrup in Plastic

Our pure Vermont maple syrup is thick, smooth and silky and available in all grades from the lightly colored golden delicate with a sweet and modest maple flavor to the strong hearty full-bodied dark robust. For pancakes and ice-cream we recommend the lighter two grades, and for those who prefer a stronger flavor or have culinary motives dark robust will be best. Essentially, the darker the maple syrup, the stronger the maple flavor. *Bottled in a high density BPA free container.

  • Brand: Mount Mansfield Maple Products
  • ASIN: B003EB3FEU
  • UPC: 791154019047

Nova Maple Syrup - Pure Grade-A Maple Syrup (3.4Oz Glass Leaf 100Ml)

Nova Maple Syrup - Pure Grade-A Maple Syrup

Nova Maple Syrup is family produced in Northwest Pennsylvania, sustainably harvested from our own hardwood forests. We pride ourselves on making the best syrup possible, and are confident you'll enjoy eating it as much as we enjoy making it! Use it on sweets, meats, and breakfast treats. International Grading System - Nova Maple Syrup uses the new International Grading System that took effect in April 2015. All of the syrup we sell is Grade-A, though the sub-grades will vary based on the weather, trees, and individual season. We ship Grade-A Golden Delicate Taste, Amber Rich, Dark Robust, and Very Dark Strong. We will NOT ship the new Grade-B Commercial (formerly Grade-C) syrup. Darker syrup has a stronger maple flavor than lighter colored maple syrup, and is no way inferior. Both are equally as sweet and are comprised of 67% all natural sugar and 33% water. It all comes down to personal taste preference. No chemical/organic herbicide/pesticides are used producing this syrup. The plastic jug is 100% BPA free and hot packed/sealed for safety. No artificial flavors, preservatives or dyes.

  • Brand: Nova Maple Syrup
  • ASIN: B07T15TGH6
  • UPC: 762758039397

NOW Foods Organic Maple Syrup,Grade A Amber Color, 32-Ounce

NOW Foods Organic Maple Syrup,Grade A Amber Color,

Maple syrup is distilled from the sap of organic Sugar Maple trees in springtime. It takes 40 gallons of pure sap to make one gallon of pure syrup. A good Sugar Maple tree is able to produce 1 to 2 quarts of pure maple syrup each season. Grade A Amber Color Maple Syrup has a lighter, more delicate flavor than Grade A Dark Color Maple Syrup (formerly Grade B). Pure maple syrup is perfect for adding to pancakes, yogurt, ice cream, oatmeal, recipes, and more.

  • Brand: NOW Foods
  • ASIN: B003EX61X0
  • UPC: 733739069474

Kimlan Light Soy Sauce, Si Dau Loai Nhe Dac Biet - 20 oz

Kimlan Light Soy Sauce, Si Dau Loai Nhe

ingredients: Water, salt, soybeans, wheat, sugar

  • Brand: Kimlan
  • ASIN: B01578YC9O

Butternut Mountain Farm, 100% Pure Maple Syrup From Vermont, Grade A, Amber Color, Rich Taste, All Natural, Easy Pour Jug, 32 Fl Oz, 1 Qt

Butternut Mountain Farm, 100% Pure Maple Syrup From

At Butternut Mountain Farm we are committed to the natural sweetness, flavor nuances, and versatility of maple syrup. Our maple syrup is carefully selected to ensure that the product you receive is of the highest quality. Butternut Mountain Farm is unique among maple suppliers in that it is devoted almost entirely to the maple industry. From managing forest lands (their own and that of area land owners) to packaging and distributing maple syrup, Butternut Mountain Farm strives to connect its work from tree to table.

  • Color: Amber Rich
  • Brand: Butternut Mountain Farm
  • ASIN: B002483SRI
  • UPC: 008577000041

SATIRE ORGANIC ANYTIME BLEND, 12 oz. Bag, Whole Bean, Artisan Crafted, Small Batch Roasted, Fair Trade Certified, Light Roast, USDA Certified Organic, 100% Specialty Grade Arabica Coffee


AVAILABLE IN GROUND OR WHOLE BEAN | Check out our selection of other specialty grade coffees also available on Amazon. NO ADDED FLAVOR | Attributes occur naturally and describe the subtle undertones found within our coffee. SPECIALTY GRADE ORGANIC ARABICA COFFEE | At Semicolon Coffee Company, we only source exceptional quality, handpicked, high-grown organic green coffee beans, therefore you are purchasing coffee representing the top two percent of raw coffee available worldwide. SUSTAINABILITY | We proudly offer Fair Trade Certified coffee. Our team leverages a network of coffee experts who direct source, at a fair price for farmers, the best coffee available. By purchasing Fair Trade products, we help support more resilient, transparent supply chains. CLEAN & HEALTHY LIVING | The consumption of organic products limits exposure to harmful pesticides, chemicals, and additives. We are pleased to offer USDA Certified Organic coffee, and support cleaner, healthier living. PASSION | We believe coffee is more than a luxury, it's an essential part of the story! This core belief fuels our passion for high quality, exceptional tasting coffee, and in each small batch handcrafted artisan roast, we strive to bring you coffee worthy of our values, and of your story. PURPOSE | It ...

  • Brand: Semicolon Coffee Company
  • ASIN: B07HB944MX
  • UPC: 860000299572

Ferguson Farms 100% Pure Vermont Maple Syrup, Grade A Fancy Light, Jug 1 Quart (32oz)

Ferguson Farms 100% Pure Vermont Maple Syrup, Grade

100% pure natural Vermont maple syrup. Delicious with pancakes, waffles, french toast, ice cream, fresh fruit, desserts, yogurt, and oatmeal. It is also a good choice for baking.

  • Color: Amber
  • Brand: Ferguson Farm
  • ASIN: B006RK00OI
  • UPC: 610708932277

Brightech Ambience Pro - Waterproof LED Outdoor String Lights - Hanging, Dimmable 2W Vintage Edison Bulbs - 48 Ft Commercial Grade Patio Lights Create Cafe Ambience In Your Backyard

Brightech Ambience Pro - Waterproof LED Outdoor String

The Best LED Edison String Lights AroundBrightech Ambience Pros feature WeatherTite technology, which means we've built the wire with extra waterproof protection against nature. Wrapped in a strong rubber casing of premium quality construction, our strands will hold up to the harshest elements. They are well insulated so you can leave them out all year long, even during bitter cold winters. Rains will fall and winds will blow, yet these heavy-duty outdoor LED light sockets are strong enough to withstand the wear and tear of outdoor use every year.Conserve energy with these 2-watt LED bulbs (15 in all) made of durable glass to lend a classy restaurant look and feel. (For replacement bulbs search for B01IQIUYU8) The vintage design with charmingly retro exposed filaments provides light bright enough to enjoy al fresco dining after dark, but at 3,000k they're still very gentle on the eyes and environment. Tether up to 40 strands together with nothing else needed to connect additional sets as they plug into one another, end to end. Lights may be attached to a dimmer for greater versatility in mood lighting. We recommend using the Lutron Dimmer, search for B004DZONXI. Easy Install: Plug and PlayMake sure the whole neighborhood knows wherever you are, is the place to be! The 48 foot len...

  • Color: (3000K) Soft White
  • Brand: Brightech
  • ASIN: B00WVOV3W2
  • UPC: 853799005547

Cyalume ChemLight Military Grade Chemical Light Sticks - 12 Hour Duration Light Sticks Provide Intense Light, Ideal as Emergency or Safety Lights, for Tactical Applications, Hiking or Camping and Much More, Standard Issue for U.S. Military Personnel - Green, 6" Long (Pack of 10)

Cyalume ChemLight Military Grade Chemical Light Sticks -

"The Cyalume ChemLight chemical light stick is the gold standard in chemical light technology. When electric light isn’t an option, rely on ChemLights. These light sticks provide intense light output for up to 12 hours, and the bright green color can even be seen from up to a mile away. Standard issue for U.S. military personnel around the globe, these tactical-grade light sticks aren’t some child’s toy you find at a party store. You can rest easy knowing there’s no better alternative available. Whether you’re using these chemical light sticks for tactical applications, as part of your emergency kit, for hiking, camping or even just for your children to play with, you can be sure they will provide just the right amount of light necessary. Plus, they’re water-proof, non-flammable and have a non-toxic chemistry, so they’re just as safe as they are durable. You can let your children use them when hiking or playing in the backyard, but they’re also ideal for a confined space, underwater and tactical applications. The chemical light stick has a hook and gate top which keeps the light source secure whether you’re hanging, attaching or stringing them together. ChemLights are made in the USA under strict quality guidelines to ensure each light stick works without issue ...

  • Color: Green
  • Brand: Cyalume
  • ASIN: B0052ZAP6M
  • UPC: 745332458586

Spindrift Sparkling Water, Raspberry Lime Flavored, Made with Real Squeezed Fruit, 12 Fluid Ounce Cans, Pack of 24 (Only 9 Calories per Seltzer Water Can)

Spindrift Sparkling Water, Raspberry Lime Flavored, Made with

Treat yourself to a delicious combination of sweet red raspberries and tangy lime with Spindrift Raspberry Lime Sparkling Water. By combining bold, real raspberries with a squeeze of real lime and just the right amount carbonated water, Raspberry Lime is full of flavor. Spindrift is simple and real--unsweetened and free of any added flavors, essences, or other additives, and it never contains anything artificial. Just real fruit and sparkling water. A great substitute for soda, juice, and seltzer water, Spindrift can be enjoyed straight from a chilled can, poured over ice, or as a delicious mixer for your favorite cocktail.

  • Brand: Spindrift
  • ASIN: B078NC2YDP

Cyalume SnapLight White Glow Sticks - 6 Inch Industrial Grade, High Intensity Light Sticks with 8 Hour Duration (Pack of 20)

Cyalume SnapLight White Glow Sticks - 6 Inch

The Cyalume SnapLight is a white industrial grade light stick measuring 6" long, for providing instant 360 degree illumination, that can be seen up to a mile away for up to 12 hours in optimal conditions. The SnapLight is waterproof, non-toxic, and non-flammable. To activate the light stick, bend, snap and shake the tube. The light stick has a hook and gate top, for hanging or attaching the light. Each light stick is individually foil-wrapped for protection from light and moisture, and has up to a five-year shelf life from date of manufacture. The durable, waterproof, external body of the light stick is made from low density polyethylene (LDPE), and is phthalate free for safety. The internal illuminating substance is non-toxic and non-flammable, and the components of the light stick are recyclable. The light stick floats in water and works best between 40 to 80 degrees F (4 to 27 degrees C), and although the light stick works at higher or lower temperatures, it is less effective in colder temperatures. All sticks are tested at a temperature of 72 degrees F (22 degrees C) to determine the illumination duration. Each 10-degree C (50-degree F) increase or decrease in temperature doubles or halves the reaction rate, and therefore the brightness and duration. For example, the same lig...

  • Brand: Cyalume
  • ASIN: B010S58L52

Barlean's Fresh Organic Flax Oil, 16-oz

Barlean's Fresh Organic Flax Oil,

Just as nature intended: pure, organic and unrefined. That’s music to our ears at Barlean’s and our Organic Fresh Flax Oil is all those things and more. With its wholesome, nutty flavor, Barlean’s Fresh Organic Flax Oil provides a whopping 7,640mg of plant-based ALA Omega-3 fatty acid per tablespoon. Omega-3s are vital fatty acids that cannot be produced by the body, so we need to get them from foods or supplements. Flax is the best plant-based source. Barlean’s Organic Flax Oil is an award-winning unfiltered organic flax oil, freshly pressed in the Pacific Northwest, and protected from damaging heat and light from seed to bottle. There’s a reason Barlean’s is the #1 selling organic flax oil in the world.

  • Brand: Barlean's Organic Oils
  • ASIN: B002VLZ830
  • UPC: 705875000130

Monin - Lavender Syrup, Aromatic and Floral, Natural Flavors, Great for Cocktails, Lemonades, and Sodas, Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free (750 ml)

Monin - Lavender Syrup, Aromatic and Floral, Natural

Aromatic and floral, lavender is embraced for its calming, soothing properties. Our Lavender Syrup adds semi-sweet, herbal floral flavor and beautiful, light purple color to cocktails, lemonades, sodas and more. Monin Lavender Syrup lends floral taste and aroma to cocktails, mocktails, lemonades and sodas. Natural aroma of lavender flower, very aromatic. Semi-sweet herbal and floral flavor. Our Lavender syrups are always allergen-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, Halal, Kosher, contain no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no artificial ingredients, no artificial preservatives, no artificial sweeteners, and are non-GMO and vegan.

  • Brand: Monin
  • ASIN: B000T6AHW6
  • UPC: 640522785636

Fine Ground Celtic Sea Salt - (1) 16 Ounce Resealable Bag of Nutritious, Classic Sea Salt, Great for Cooking, Baking, Pickling, Finishing and More, Pantry-Friendly, Gluten-Free

Fine Ground Celtic Sea Salt - (1) 16

"If you’re looking for a sea salt that is versatile enough for using both as a table salt and in your favorite dishes and recipes, look no further than our fine ground Celtic Sea Salt. With a subtle flavor and delicious taste, it’s a great all-purpose salt to keep on hand in your kitchen. It can also be used for recipes, baking, pickling and much more. This fine ground sea salt comes in a pantry-friendly 16 oz. resealable bag. Celtic Sea Salt is authentic, unprocessed whole salt from pristine coastal regions. It’s all natural, with no additives or processing beyond low temperature drying and grinding. Additionally, it’s a nutritious choice you can feel great about. Our classic salt is more nutritious than table salt, because it retains the natural balance and spectrum of essential minerals, supplying the body with over 74 vital trace minerals & elements, including natural sodium chloride, potassium and magnesium. A sprinkle of this sea salt is a healthy addition to any dish or recipe! Celtic Sea Salt Brand Fine Ground salt begins as our coarser Light Grey Celtic variety and is then dried & finely ground. Our fine ground sea salt is completely all natural and has no additives. It’s not processed in any way beyond low temperature drying and grinding. This salt is also non...

  • Brand: Celtic Sea Salt
  • UPC: 728060100118

Tactical Flashlight Military Tac Light Pro As Seen On TV TC1200 Flashlights with Adjustable Focus and 5 Light Modes (2 pack)

Tactical Flashlight Military Tac Light Pro As Seen

High Brightness LED Tactical Flashlight / Torchlight Adjustable Focus: can adjust its focus for different usage 5 Mode: High, Middle, Low, Strobe & SOS / Zoom in & out Switch type:Tactic Click Reverse Switch Body Color: Black Max Output: 1200 lumens (MAX when using 18650 battery) Light Color: White Special Features: Zoomable Input Voltage: 3.6-4.2V Powered By: 1 x 18650 Rechargeable battery (not included) or 3 AAA batteries (not included) Lighting Distance: > 500 meters (over 1/3 of a mile) Lamp base: high power LED. With a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours or more. Case material:Durable aircraft-grade aluminum Waterproof, but don't put it into water long time Super Bright, blinding effect Package Includes: 2 x Flashlights 2 x 18650 Battery Sleeves (batteries not included) 2 x AAA Battery Sleeves (batteries not included)

  • Color: White
  • Brand: TotaLohan
  • ASIN: B01CZB269Y

Quantum RejuvenationTM Introductory Sale - Red Light Therapy Device - FDA Registered Advanced Pain Relief - Joint & Muscle Reliever - Medical Grade

Quantum RejuvenationTM Introductory Sale - Red Light Therapy

THE SECRET TO RECLAIMING YOUR PAIN-FREE LIFE Red Light Therapy is a revolutionary approach to feeling your best. Whether you experience rapid relief or improve steadily over time, Red Light Therapy is the missing ingredient that restores health deep within your joints and tissues. The Quantum Rejuvenation Tendon & Joint Red Light Therapy device uses advanced optics to deliver needed energy to vital intracellular quantum-biological processes, in just minutes! Join tens of thousands of people in over 100 countries, who are now living more vibrant lives through Red Light Therapy! BENEFITS: The same intensity and wavelength of red light used in treatments costing thousands of dollars at pain clinics - now in the comfort, privacy, and safety of your own home Automatically delivers timed one-minute doses of light at the push of a button Banish pain Reduce inflammation Improve circulation Safe for You and Your Pet   TRY QUANTUM REJUVENATION 60 DAYS RISK FREE! While most people get big benefits from red light therapy, no therapy works for everyone, so We Protect our Customers with an Extended 60-day money-back guarantee. That's twice as long as most red light therapy products. Not Completely Satisfied? Return within 60 days for a Full Refund of the Purchase Price! One Ye...

  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Brand: Quantum Rejuvenation
  • ASIN: B0795XT47V
  • UPC: 608065140145

Traditional Medicinals Organic Lemon Balm Tea, 16 Tea Bags (Pack of1)

Traditional Medicinals Organic Lemon Balm Tea, 16 Tea

Personality : your backyard sweetheart, pleasant and friendly. Herbal power : gentle and mildly relaxing, relieves tension and relieves occasional indigestion. Reason to love : lemon balm is just one of those amiable, easy-to-love plants. A member of the mint family, with broad leaves and a pleasing lemony scent, lemon balm has a genial nature that can best be described as kind. It's no wonder that people throughout Europe have been cultivating and using it for thousands of years both to support digestion and to calm a jangled nervous system. Named melissa from the greek word for honey because bees are wildly attracted to it, we can't think of a nicer, more pleasing herbal tea. Taste pleasantly mild herbal taste, with subtle citrus notes. The statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

  • Color: Green
  • Brand: Traditional Medicinals
  • ASIN: B0089VPTZ8
  • UPC: 032917002242

Teochew-LED 12 Inch LED Light Bar Quad Row Side Shooter Light Bar Flood Spot Combo Fog Lights Driving Lights for Truck Jeep ATV UTV 4x4 Boat, 2 Years Warranty

Teochew-LED 12 Inch LED Light Bar Quad Row

Teochew-LED Side Shooter LightsTo create a world-class lighting combination that gives you superior vision on any of your adventures.Phenomenal OutputThe 12 inch Quad Row CREE LED light bar projects up to 98 LEDs and produces 98 watts/9800 lumens.Excellent Combo BeamThese side shooter features a 240-degree of horizontal lighting coverage thanks to 35 degree reflectors and 10 extra side-shooting LEDs. IP 68 Waterproof Rating100% waterproof, dust-proof, and rust proof. These lights can survive being completely immersed in water for at least 30 minutes.Specifications-Power: 98W-LED Source: CREE LEDs-Color Temperature: 6,000K-Lumens / Luminous flux: 9800 Lumens-IP Protection: IP68-Working Voltage: 9 - 30V DC-Material: Aluminium Alloy with Powder Coat;Harden Optical PC-Working Temperature: -40F to +140F-Working Lifespan: over 50,000 hoursWhat's in the Box1 x 12 inch Quad Row LED Side Shooter1 x Necessary Mounting Kits.2 Years WarrantyProduct ConceptTraditional LED light bar provide forward light only. And even if you get a flood version, it is still limited on how far to the side it will light. To get the best of both worlds, Teochew-LED introduced the Dual-Side Shooter for forward driving lights and side flood lighting! Dual-Side Shooter is perfect for any application that requires a...

  • Color: 12'' Side Shooter_Pack of 1
  • Brand: Teochew-LED
  • ASIN: B07H471DR8
  • UPC: 612292095079

Music Through the Grades: In the Light of the Developing Child

Music Through the Grades: In the Light of

Unusual book

  • ASIN: 0932776434
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