Green Iguana. Green Iguana Pet Owner’s Guide. Green Iguana book for Care, Behavior, Diet, Interaction, Costs and Health.

Green Iguana. Green Iguana Pet Owner’s Guide. Green

Green iguanas are some of the most striking and impressive lizards available to reptile enthusiasts. Reaching lengths of nearly 7 feet and clad in incredibly beautiful colors, iguanas immediately draw the attention of everyone in their presence. This size makes them inappropriate pets for many, but those with the resources and dedication necessary to care for these amazing animals will surely find them to be rewarding pets. As when caring for any animal as a pet, keepers must learn as much as possible about the biology, behavior and ecology of green iguanas, in order to provide them the highest quality of life possible. Begin inside, by learning about these interesting lizards, their place in the world and how to provide them with an artificial habitat that meets their needs. The author, Ben Team, is an environmental educator and author with over 16 years of professional reptile-keeping experience. Ben currently maintains, where he shares information, narration and observations of the natural world. When not writing about plants, animals and habitats, Ben enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife. Covered in this book: - Acquiring - Anatomy - Behavior - Biology - Breeding - Captive considerations - Daily care - Description - Diet - Ecology - Enclos...

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Green Iguanas (Reptile and Amphibian Keeper's Guide)

Green Iguanas (Reptile and Amphibian Keeper's

As part of the larger Series, Green Iguanas describes this Mexican reptile in detail, with information for prospective breeders on how to incubate eggs. There are approximately 50-75 full-color photos throughout.

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Complete Iguana Survival Guide

Complete Iguana Survival

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The Guide to Owning a Green Iguana

The Guide to Owning a Green

An excellent introduction to the care of the Giant Green Iguana, Iguana iguana. Fully illustrated in color.

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The Iguana Manual: A Pet Owner's Guide to Green Iguanas (iguana verde) and other Iguanids

The Iguana Manual: A Pet Owner's Guide to

Have you ever wanted to own an iguana but just don't know where to start? Look no further, as this informative and easy to follow book will guide you through every step of ownership, from creating and building the ideal habitat, daily care, feeding, cleaning and everything you need to have a happy pet iguana.

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Iguana Iguana: Guide for Successful Captive Care

Iguana Iguana: Guide for Successful Captive

This second edition is now improved by: a 35% increase in page count; the addition of 16 pages of new colour photos (the colour section has tripled); a redesigned and expanded text to make it more user-friendly; and the inclusion of published data, current to January 1995. An entirely new section has been added to this edition which includes information on scoliosis and kyphoscoliosis; an admonition against purposeful cooling to achieve restraint; and material on normal physiologic values, sources of reptile-related products, and fluid therapy, including intramedullary (intraosseous). This new and expanded edition, which is devoted to the green iguana, includes the following: reproduction and captive breeding; normal and abnormal behaviour; information on safe and effective methods of restraint; prevention, diagnosis and treatment of nutrition related diseases; the development of metabolic bone disease; infectious diseases and non-infectious conditions; a discussion of ophthalmic disorders; miscellaneous causes of anaemia, skin diseases, abnormal stool, colour changes, tail and claw disorders and care; and fractures and their management.

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Green Iguanas: A Complete Guide to Iguana Iguana (Complete Herp Care)

Green Iguanas: A Complete Guide to Iguana Iguana

For both beginner and advanced hobbyists comes a brand new reptile and amphibian series. Each title in the Complete Herp Care series contains all-new, in-depth, current information on a wide variety of topics, including breeding, housing, nutrition, and health care. All authors are experienced writers and experts in their field. Every book is fully illustrated and contains multiple sidebars and tip boxes. Learn what to feed your green iguana, how to construct a habitat (indoors or outdoors) for him, how to breed iguanas, and other important iguana care information.

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