Planters' Choice Bonsai Starter Kit - The Complete Kit to Easily Grow 4 Bonsai Trees from Seed with Comprehensive Guide & Bamboo Plant Markers - Unique Gift Idea (Bonsai)

Planters' Choice Bonsai Starter Kit - The Complete

  • Color: Bonsai
  • Brand: Planters' Choice

Bonsai Tree Seed Starter Kit - Mini Bonsai Plant Growing Kit, 4 Types of Seeds, Potting Soil, Pots, Pruning Shears Scissor Tool, Plant Markers, Wood Gift Box, eBook, Indoor Garden Gardening Gifts Idea

Bonsai Tree Seed Starter Kit - Mini Bonsai

After growing up on small Indiana farms and then moving to the city, our family realized that the art of nurturing and growing plants shouldn't be limited by your geography. We decided to make the craft of farming simple, easy, and accessible for everyone, giving new meaning to home grown for the urban community. That's how Garden Republic was born. In feng shui, the Japanese Bonsai Tree is said to bring good luck but it also provides colorful home or office decor while providing a relaxing hobby. Our Bonsai Starter Kit provides everything you need for indoor and outdoor bonsai seed starting including: 4 of the most popular types of Non-GMO, Grown in the U.S.A bonsai tree seeds that require no stratification or refrigeration and are ready to sow, Steel Bonsai Tree Pruner Clippers or Trimmers for trimming and shaping bonsai trees, 4 burlap jute grow bags, 4 bamboo plant markers that are pre-printed with space for the name of each bonsai tree plant &also provides a space to write your sowed-on date. As a unique gift idea we included a beautiful Real Wood Gift Box with sliding lid and a Complete Instruction booklet with detailed step-by-step directions for pre-sowing, sowing, watering, growing, and providing the best bonsai care to ensure successful growth. We also created videos to...

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Bonsai Starter Kit + Tool Kit - The Complete Kit to Easily Grow 4 Bonsai Trees from Seed with Comprehensive Guide & Bamboo Plant Markers - Unique Gift Idea

Bonsai Starter Kit + Tool Kit - The

  • Color: Bonsai + Toolkit
  • Brand: Planters' Choice
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Bonsai Tree Starter Kit | Indoor and Outdoor Beginner Seed Kit, Soil Mix, Biodegradable Planter Pots, Plant Markers, Growing Guide | Grows 5 Unique Trees

Bonsai Tree Starter Kit | Indoor and Outdoor

Anyone can become a green thumb with this complete bonsai tree growing kit from Sower's Source! If you've always been interested in growing a beautiful bonsai tree, but haven't always had great success with starting from scratch, then this complete Sower's Source Bonsai Tree Starter Kit makes it easier and faster to create tall, luscious trees like an experienced gardener-and all in the comfort of your own home! This set includes all the accessories you'll need to start growing, including seed packets, soil mix, planter pots, plant markers, and directions, so you can become a green thumb in no time. And because we provide you with four distinct tree styles, you'll love watching them grow and evolve with original colors, growth styles, unique leaves or pine needles, and more! Product Details: Includes 5 Different Tree Species Beginner-Friendly Garden System Quick and Easy Germination No Stratification Required Great Housewarming Gift Satisfaction Guaranteed Order Includes: Five (5) Seed Packets Ten (10) Compressed Soil Mix Pellets Five (5) Biodegradable Planter Pots Five (5) Plant Markers Easy-to-Follow Instructions Create your own miniature tree garden with this beginner-friendly bonsai tree starter set from Sower's Source by clicking 'Add to Cart' above to ge...

  • Color: Bonsai Trees - Maple, Bodhi, Elm, Juniper, Yew
  • Brand: Sower's Source

Nature's Blossom Bonsai Garden Seed Starter Kit - Easily Grow 4 Types of Miniature Trees Indoors: A Complete Gardening Set Organic Seeds, Soil, Planting Pots, Plant Labels & Growing Guide. Unique Gift

Nature's Blossom Bonsai Garden Seed Starter Kit -

Everything you need to grow 4 beautiful Bonsai trees from seed. Complete seed starter set for nature lovers.Bon·sai - The art of growing ornamental, artificially dwarfed trees or shrubs. Grow 4 types Of Tree Seeds:☘ Jacaranda Mimosifolia - Mind-blowing purple leaves.☘ Pinus Aristata - A unique tree with beautiful ‘needle’ leaves. Beautiful tree to grow at home.☘ Delonix Regia - Known for its famous flamboyant display of flowers.☘ Picea Mariana - A.K.A Black spruce. Super fun to shape when grown! Your Kit Includes:- 4 Packets Of Organic Seeds- 4 Biodegradable Growing Pots- 4 Compressed Soil Pellets- 4 Plant Markers- Step-by-step Instructions - also sent via emailWhy Should You Choose This Kit?✔ All seeds are ready for sowing. No stratification (refrigeration) is needed.✔ Makes an awesome gift - You can't go wrong with this unusual gift!✔ Great as an indoor plant decor.✔ 100% Organic. 100% Non-GMO. -----PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA---- Get your bonsai kit today!

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  • Brand: Nature's Blossom
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Sproutbrite Bonsai Tree Starter Kit - The 5 Easiest Trees to Grow from Seed Indoors - Complete Gardening Set with Comprehensive Instructions - DIY Mini Plant Growing Kit - Unique Gardening Gift

Sproutbrite Bonsai Tree Starter Kit - The 5

Sproutbrite means “to grow brighter everyday.” We’re just like seeds, we start small & work towards making things bigger & stronger. If you’ve ever considered starting a bonsai tree but thought, “it’s too hard,” now its easier than ever! People of all ages can discover the joy of growing from seed. We’ve taken the guess work out and included everything you’ll need in one place to make your growing experience a rewarding one. A perfect gardening gifts Growing a Bonsai tree from seed is the perfect antidote to the fast-pace of the modern world. Bonsai trees enhance your room, bedroom, library, or anywhere natural light is available for them to grow. Embark on a rewarding journey that teaches patience & discipline. Nurturing a Bonsai tree is a great experience, whether you’re 9 or 90. The Bonsai starter kit includes everything you will need to get started. Enjoy the easy to read growing instructions with step-by-step instructions. Provide a good environment for germination and watch the trees sprout. We've taken the guesswork out of the sometimes challenging task of growing trees from seed. Helpful tips & often made mistakes revealed. Growing a bonsai tree is a challenging activity & we've provided superior materials to help you have the best chance of succes...

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Ashbrook Outdoors Bonsai Starter Kit to Grow 8 Colorful Bonzai Trees - Complete Gardening Set

Ashbrook Outdoors Bonsai Starter Kit to Grow 8

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GROW 8 BONSAI:With 43 pieces in this set, we've made sure you have everything needed to enter the wonderful world of Bonsai! Each seed was hand selected as one of the most colorful and fascinating plants available, and brought to you in this one of kind growing kit.HOW WE DIFFER:The Ashbrook Outdoors Bonsai Starter Kit is unique not only because it comes with DOUBLE THE BONSAI (8 vs 4), but because we went the extra mile to ensure that everything was considered. We've added several Bonsai essentials like: pruning shears, stainless steel shaping tweezers, moisture proof seed vials, and bonsai trays to capture any excess moisture that can occur from watering (no furniture damage!). ***ADDITIONAL INFO:***Each customer will receive a complete instruction manual both in the box and as a PDF back-up. If for any reason you lose the instruction manual or PDF, just let us know, we are happy to send a replacement.EACH KIT COMES WITH 8 BONSAI VARIETIES:Delonix RegiaJacaranda MimosifoliaPinus AristataMetasequoia GlyptostroboidesCinnamomum CamphoraFicus ReligiosaUlmus PumilaEnterolobium CyclocarpumALSO COMES WITH:8 Biodegradable Peat Pots8 Expandable Soil Discs8 Bonsai Trays for Drainage8 Plant Tag Signs8 Moisture Proof Protective Seed Vials8 Seed Varieties1 Comprehensi...

  • Brand: Ashbrook Outdoors
  • UPC: 650434714587

ZELAR MADE Bonsai Set 8 Pcs - Include Pruner,Fold Scissors,Mini Rake,Bud & Leaf Trimmer Set

ZELAR MADE Bonsai Set 8 Pcs - Include

  • Color: 8 Pieces Set
  • Brand: ZELAR MADE
  • UPC: 786467793906

Grow Your own Bonsai kit - Easily Grow 4 Types of Bonsai Trees with Our Complete Beginner Friendly Bonsai Seeds Starter kit - Unique Seed kit Gift idea

Grow Your own Bonsai kit - Easily Grow

GROW YOUR OWN BONSAI TREE STARTER KIT -   EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GROW 4 TYPES OF BONSAI TREES: Grow Buddha Bonsai starter kit contains all the items you would ever need to grow your own Bonsai tree from seeds. Our hand selected and tested seeds will allow you to grow 4 types of the most sought after Bonsai trees yourself. Our Bonsai kit is all you need to enter the wonderful world of Bonsai.   WHY OUR KIT? Grow Buddha Bonsai Kit is unique not only because we provide you with 4 type of Bonsai tree seeds in one Bonsai Kit, but we went above and beyond to ensure we have provided everything you would ever need to grow your own Bonsai tree without purchasing anything else. Unlike our competitors, we provide great quality and value for money with our Bonsai Starter Kit. Not only this, we have invested our time and resources to thoroughly test the seeds and attempt to grow them before approving each batch for sale.   *** ADDITIONAL INFORMATION *** Each of our customers will receive full instruction manual on how to grow your Bonsai trees as a paperback copy within our kits. BUT WAIT…. THERE IS MORE!! Our kits also come with a fully comprehensive Bonsai E-Book which teaches you all you need to know about the world of Bonsai.  EACH BONSAI KIT CONTAINS: 1 Premium Bonsai Pot 4 Biod...

  • Brand: Grow Buddha

Eve's Cherry Blossom Bonsai Seed Kit, Flowering, Complete Kit to Grow Cherry Blossom Bonsai from Seed

Eve's Cherry Blossom Bonsai Seed Kit, Flowering, Complete

Grow Bonsai Trees from seed with this Complete Cherry Blossom Bonsai Seed Kit. Perfect for children or any individual who wants to get their hands dirty and learn the hobby of Bonsai. The seeds in this kit will germinate and continue to grow for many years. Kit includes Cherry Blossom Bonsai Seeds, Ceramic Container, Bonsai Potting Mix, Pebbles, and Instruction Guide. Cherry Blossom (Prunus mahaleb). Cherry Blossom Bonsai are deciduous trees that bloom in the Spring with beautiful white flowers. The flowers are beautifully arranged in clusters of two or five. The leaves grow alternately and turn yellow, crimson, or red in the Fall. The vast green crown of the tree is held by a single trunk, which gives it a spacious look with long branches. Cherry Blossoms yield a black colored fruit after the blossoming of the flowers in the Spring. With proper care and management, you can achieve a beautiful looking miniature tree that flowers and matures just like regular cherry blossom trees.

  • Brand: Eve's Garden, Inc
  • ASIN: B007VDIHU4
  • UPC: 740619190449
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