Baymore Digital Baby Forehead and Ear Infrared Thermometer, Portable Handheld Dual Temperature Gun, Instant Readings Fever Indicator for Infants Kids Adults

Baymore Digital Baby Forehead and Ear Infrared Thermometer,

Looking for a reliable and hassle-free digital thermometer for your baby and the entire family? Then Baymore Health's Digital Baby Forehead and Ear Infrared Thermometer is the one for you. As a parent, you do your best to make sure that your family is always in good shape. However, you can't always prevent them from feeling under the weather. The good thing is you can be prepared to care for them when such time comes. Equip yourself with the right thermometer. Choosing a thermometer that's best for your family can be overwhelming because of the plethora of options in the market today. To avoid confusion, always settle for something that is safe, accurate, and straightforward to use - like our digital baby forehead and ear infrared thermometer. With this handheld thermometer gun you won't need to double or triple check your child's temperature. Results are always consistent and reliable without any effort. Our clinically tested thermometer uses advanced yet passive infrared technology so the safety of your family is guaranteed. Features: Accurate and fast measurements Large LCD with backlight Portable and easy to store Dual mode thermometer (via forehead and ear) Easy operation Safe and hygienic Last 20 readings memory recall Measures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius Fever indicator...

  • Color: Gray
  • Brand: Baymore
  • UPC: 864243000414

Ultra Cat Health Monthly Monitor Crystal, 16oz

Ultra Cat Health Monthly Monitor Crystal,

Ultra Monthly Monitor crystals contain pH indicators that help cat owners tell if their cat may be suffering from a common condition called FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Track Disease). Monthly Monitor works with all types of litters including clay, silica gel, corn, wheat, pine and paper. Once per month cat owners pour Monthly Monitor on top of a freshly changed litter box. Then after the cat urinates in the litter box the pH indicators in Monthly Monitor change color. The cat owner simply compares the color of the crystals at the urination spot with the colors on the card enclosed in each bag to determine the approximate pH range. For accuracy this should be done as soon as the cat leaves the litter box (within 10 minutes). If the color indicates a urine pH in the low or high range the cat owner should contact their cat's veterinarian for advice on how to proceed. Cats typically do not show signs they are ill until their condition is serious. Often cats suffering from Feline Lower Urinary Track Disease (FLUTD) go undiagnosed. FLUTD is most common in cats 3 years and older. Particularly in neutered male cats as they get older. Urine pH is a reliable predictor of urinary track health. Monthly Monitor with Health Indicator Crystals gives cat owners a way to monitor their cat's urine...

  • Brand: Ultra
  • UPC: 633843107188

Abs Workout for Women & Men! Six Pack Abs Fast! Gym Fitness Routines for Weight Loss! Fit in 6 Weeks Simple Start! FREE app! Mobile Assistant Trainer as Your Health Pal Buddy! Easy Fast Diet Tips and Losing Fat! BMI Calculator Tracker Chart Indicator

Abs Workout for Women & Men! Six Pack

  • Brand: Michael Quach
  • ASIN: B007I6SJNY

Leading Health Indicators for Healthy People 2020: Letter Report

Leading Health Indicators for Healthy People 2020: Letter

For the past three decades, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has issued a national agenda aimed at improving the health of all Americans over each 10-year span. Under each of these Healthy People initiatives, HHS established health targets and monitored how well people were reaching them over time. In response to a request from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the Institute of Medicine (IOM) established the Committee on Leading Health Indicators for Healthy People 2020 to develop and recommend 12 indicators and 24 objectives for consideration by HHS for guiding a national health agenda and for consideration for inclusion in Healthy People 2020. The work of the committee built upon the 1999 IOM report, Leading Health Indicators for Healthy People 2010, and on the work of the Committee on the State of the USA Health Indicators. Leading Health Indicators for Healthy People 2020 lays out the proposed agenda for the current decade, which will end in 2020.

  • ASIN: 0309186374

Fam-Health Portable Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor FDA Approved with Large Display, Two User Modes, Adjustable Wrist Cuff,IHB Indicator and 90 Memory Recall-White (U60EH)

Fam-Health Portable Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor FDA Approved

Features 1. One-key measuring. It measures your blood pressure and pulse rate simply and quickly. Nice item to monitor blood pressure changes. 2. One person can measure the blood pressure alone in home or out of home, hospital, or when you travel. 3. It shows measurements precisely and display the result on the screen, and automatically stored. The Fam-health blood classification index will help you check your blood pressure. 4. Acrylic panel will protect the monitor from scratch for your daily use. User Tips 1. Please keep quiet for 5-10 minutes, and in a comfortable, relax position. Avoid eating, drinking alcohol, smoking, exercising and bathing before taking measurement. 2. Remove watch or other ornaments from the measured wrist (normally left wrist). 3. Take measurement regularly at the same time of every day. 4. Please rest 3 to 5 minutes before taking the next measurement. Specification Automatic power off: In 3 minutes Measuring principle: Oscillometric method Measuring localization: Wrist Measurement range: Pressure 0-229 mmHg(0-39.9kPa), Pulse 40-199 pulse/min Accuracy: Pressure ±3 mmHg(±0.4kPa), Pulse ±5% of reading Power source: 2pcs AAA alkaline battery DC. 3V Main unit weight:Approx. 122g Main unit size: L73mm*W65mm*H65mm Main unit lifetime: 10...

  • Color: U60eh
  • Brand: Fam-health
  • UPC: 677892833643

'Bang-for-the-Buck' Essential Indicators City Water Test | Water Test Kit | Bacteria, Metals, Inorganics, Volatile Organic Compounds

'Bang-for-the-Buck' Essential Indicators City Water Test | Water

Have your drinking water tested in our professional lab for over 170 contaminants including Volatile Organic Compounds, Essential Elements, Heavy Metals and Inorganic Chemicals + a self-test for 8 pathogenic bacteria including E-coli and Total Coliform. We have been testing drinking water for nearly 30 years. We have the equipment and professional staff to get you accurate results. You simply fill the bottles with your tap water and return them to our lab using the same box you received with the test kit. Within about 6 business days you will receive an email containing the results of your water test along and recommended treatment suggestions. You test for pathogenic bacteria, which, if present, can cause infectious diseases. That's because bacteria are sensitive to temperature and time in transit. We include a very accurate self-test kit that was originally designed for poor tropical regions of the world where nearby labs are not present. There isn't any way a homeowner can ship bacteria samples back to a lab, even using an overnight delivery service, in a way that can control the temperature during transit. The self-test kit is the best way to get accurate results. All of the other testing is performed in our lab using EPA testing methodology. This assures you are getting the ...

  • Brand: Drinking Water Specialists, LLC
  • ASIN: B00O96YKPW

3M Health Care M52 Comply Indicator Tape Dispenser with Tabber

3M Health Care M52 Comply Indicator Tape Dispenser

The 3M indicator tape dispenser, with tabber holds three 1/2" rolls or two 1" rolls or one 2" roll. It has a weighted base and tabber.

  • Brand: 3M Health Care
  • ASIN: B01AWCK0J6

Digital Medical Thermometer - JUNING Oral Thermometer Temperature 30 Seconds Reading Easy Accurate and Rectal Thermometer for Children and Adults with Fever Indicator

Digital Medical Thermometer - JUNING Oral Thermometer Temperature

Features: Clear Screen - Easy to see the reading. Easy To Use - Just press for use. Fast and Accurate Read - Whether you're testing orally rectally or under the arm you can expect a quick 30 second reading. Fever Alarm - If a temperature of 100*F or higher is detected, the alarm will sound to indicate a fever Flexible Soft Tip - Flexible soft tip fits naturally under tongue or under arm. Flexible probe conforms the mouth. Easy To Clean - Waterproof Thermometer, simply wash in soapy water to clean after each use. Multi-Use - Use as oral, rectalthermometer.Or you can use it for pets. Storage Case Included - Store your digital thermometer in the storage case, ideal for travel and home medical kit. Directions For Use: 1. Clean the thermometer probe before using it. 2. Press the button to open it, then you can use it. Once you hear the beep, remove thermometer and read temperature. 3. Position the sensor. The tip of the thermometer is inserted into the mouth under the tongue (oral or sub-lingual temperature), under the armpit (axillary temperature), or into the rectum via the anus (rectal temperature). Warm Notices: 1. Dropping or subjecting your thermometer to strong shock should be avoided. 2. Please avoid bend or bite the probe. 3. When storing the thermometer in below-freezin...

  • Brand: JUNING
  • ASIN: B07C49D5LH
  • UPC: 608442998291

Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5100 Gum Health, Rechargeable electric toothbrush with pressure sensor, Black HX6850/60

Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5100 Gum Health, Rechargeable electric

Improve your gum health up to 100% better than a manual toothbrush with the Protective Clean 5100 rechargeable electric toothbrush. It has a pressure sensor that protects teeth and gums from excess brushing pressure. Brush heads wear out over time. Our Brush Sync technology tracks how long you have been using your Optimal Gum Care brush head and how hard you have been brushing. Your electric toothbrush will beep to inform you when to replace your brush head. Customize your own brushing experience with your choice of 3 modes: Clean, White and Gum Care. The easy-start feature slowly increases the power of the brush as you get used to the Sonicare experience and the smartimer encourages a full 2 minutes brushing time as recommended by your dental professional. The battery charge indicator light lets you know when it is time recharge; 2 week battery life. The kit includes 1 Protective Clean 5100 handle, 1 Optimal Gum Care brush head, 1 charger, 1 travel case.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Philips Sonicare
  • ASIN: B078GVH2VJ
  • UPC: 075020072320

Dual Sound Liquid Level Indicator

Dual Sound Liquid Level

Never again worry about over-filling your beverage glass or coffee mug. Simply hang the handy Dual Sound Liquid Level Indicator on the lip of your cup, glass or mug and pour with complete assurance. When filling a cup/mug, as you reach the top you will hear a series of warning beeps telling you to slow down. The sound shifts to a continuous tone when the top level is reached, indicating the cup is full and you should stop pouring. Pocket-sized, 2-5/8" for easy storage and portability. Uses one 9-volt battery (included.)

  • Brand: MaxiAids
  • ASIN: B00012K42Q
  • UPC: 612750506550
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