Organic Red Henna Leaf Powder l 1b

Organic Red Henna Leaf Powder l

One pound of Starwest Botanicals Organic Henna Red Powder, packaged in a resealable mylar bag.

  • Brand: Starwest Botanicals
  • ASIN: B0055FVPL8
  • UPC: 767963112040

100% Pure Natural & Organic Premium Henna Powder

100% Pure Natural & Organic Premium Henna

Aysha Organics Pure Premium Henna is a natural, plant based hair dye that's safe to use and adds deep, vibrant color to your hair. Known in South Asia as mehndi, our henna powder is cultivated directly from India, with 100% lawsonia inermis and contains no chemicals, pesticides, or PPD. Aysha Organics brand of henna is manufactured in an FDA certified facility and we pride ourselves on being able to give our customers the highest quality product possible. This package includes one 100 gram bag of henna with gloves and shower cap for a no mess application. Satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.

  • Brand: Aysha Organics
  • ASIN: B07L69NF1W
  • UPC: 860538002606

The Henna Guys 100% Pure and Natural Henna Powder for Hair Dye/Color, 200g

The Henna Guys 100% Pure and Natural Henna

100% Pure, naturally grown, cruelty free and vegan henna and indigo powder hair color. All our henna and indigo plants are naturally grown. We do not use pesticides, add chemicals or test our products on animals. Our henna hair dyes are always a fresh batch, that being said. None of the products are more than 1 year old, that means you can always expect fresh powder with strong color on your hair with great conditioning.

  • Brand: The Henna Guys
  • ASIN: B00KVV5ET0
  • UPC: 701748315028

100 grams Zenia Pure Henna Powder For Hair Dye Hair Color

100 grams Zenia Pure Henna Powder For Hair

Zenia 100% Natural, Cruelty FREE, 100% Vegan Pesticides FREE, Zero Chemicals, Zero Metallic Salts Excellent Natural

  • Brand: Zenia
  • ASIN: B01I000RA4
  • UPC: 738188123449

Henna Red 4 Ounces

Henna Red 4

Light Mountain (r) Natural Hair Color and Conditioner The premier natural hair color and conditioner product line. Choose from our original line with the famous "henna animals" in 12 shades, or our unique Color the Gray line with 8 shades. We use no chemicals and no synthetic ingredients, only pure premium henna and other botanicals. We have been blending henna based natural hair colors since the early 1980's and are the leading totally natural line in the natural products industry. The Doctors Prescription for Healthy Living Newsletter (by the people who did the Safe Shopper's Bible, Freedom Press, Topanga California) rated our product the only one they found that was totally safe and chemical free. Henna hair color is also recommended in The Breast Cancer Prevention Program by Dr. Samuel Epstein and David Steinman (Macmillan, 1997) This is an excellent book that goes into great detail with information about the dangers of commercial chemical hair dyes, the increased cancer risks, and other associated problems. Our product is also specifically recommended in Being a Woman Naturally by Dr. Jan McBarron (Freedom Press, 2002). After describing the health risks of chemical hair dyes, she points out that Light Mountain Natural Hair Color and Color the Gray are safe, natural alternati...

  • Color: Red
  • ASIN: B00028LURW
  • UPC: 077014100033

Henna Powder - Red Hair Dye - Fresh and Pure Organic - 7 ounce - Indian Natural Hair Care

Henna Powder - Red Hair Dye - Fresh

★ European brand of fresh & organic henna ★ Composed of pure natural, non-allergenic ingredients. Cultivated in India. Henna is a powder obtained from dried and crushed leaves of the traditional Indian plant Lawsonia inermis, which contains a purely natural substance lawson that binds to hair proteins and produces a permanent colouring effect. In addition, the leaves of this plant have healing effects. They leave hair shiny, soft and protects the scalp against dandruff or other skin diseases. It does not contain any ammonia, peroxide, heavy metals or other chemical additives. Before using henna and other natural dyes, it is not recommended to use silicone shampoos and conditioners to allow penetration of natural pigments into the hair structure. The hair should be clean from any residue of fixative sprays. Keep in a dry and dark place. ♥ Humans need love. And so does our hair. Discover its natural beauty. ♥Ingredients: Henna leaf powder Packaging: 2x 3.5 oz bags inside the paper box. WHY to use our Henna powder?✔ High quality natural powder is cultivated in Indian organic farming in the ideal climatic and soil conditions✔ 3 times finely ground under henna farm owner's supervision✔ Indian Natural Hair Care is a well known brand in Europe with a great reputation ...

  • Brand: Indian Natural Hair Care

Colora Henna Powder Hair Color Red Sunset 2 Ounce (59ml) (6 Pack)

Colora Henna Powder Hair Color Red Sunset 2

Natural Organic Haircolor, Conditioner & Thickener With Plants, Water And No Chemicals. Improves Hair Structure Adding Body & Bounce To Dull & Lifeless Hair.

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Colora Henna
  • UPC: 028863000098

100% Natural Organically Cultivated Henna Powder Specially For Hair - Bulk Pack -Triple Sifted Henna Powder - Lawsonia Inermis (For Hair) 02 LB / 32 oz (908 gms)- No PPD no chemicals, no parabens

100% Natural Organically Cultivated Henna Powder Specially For

100% Natural Henna processed with the perfect way of triple sifting using traditional cloth sifting method to get the finest powder. There is no use of any chemical, paraben or pesticides at any stage of the farming or production. How To Use: Mix henna powder with water to create a thick paste. Leave it for approximately 3 to 4 hours. Apply the paste on hair and leave it on for 3 hours. Rinse off thoroughly with water. Henna is safe for use in hair.

  • Color: Green
  • Brand: H&C
  • ASIN: B01M0J8EDR
  • UPC: 742574401981

Hannah Natural 100% Pure Henna Powder, 100 Gram

Hannah Natural 100% Pure Henna Powder, 100

Hannah natural's pure henna is simply 100% pure henna leaves. Our product is 100% natural and chemical free. Switch to our all natural product and see and feel the difference.

  • Brand: Hannah Natural
  • UPC: 885337325916

The Henna Guys Hair and Beard Dye, Deep Red, 1 Pack

The Henna Guys Hair and Beard Dye, Deep

Our henna hair dyes & indigo powder are one of a kind & are highly rated henna products available in the market. Its because we take great care of our henna & indigo crops by not using chemicals, pesticides or any harmful agents that are bad for your health. We triple sift our powders to ensure finest and smoothest powders (we lose lot of product in the process but this process ensures highest quality of end product) after leaves are harvested from plants these are then stored in temperature controlled environment until ready to be turned into powders. We always carry fresh batches of all our products, that being said, none of our henna powders or indigo powders are older than 12 months to 18 months, which is why our powders are very potent with strong stains. We recommend strand tests before application to get desired colors. We research different ways of applications & advise our customers accordingly on how to mix different shades together to get over 70 shades.

  • Color: Deep Red
  • Brand: The Henna Guys
  • ASIN: B006XJ0Y0I
  • UPC: 701748310924
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