Gibraltar 9707XB Brake Xhat W Arm And Clamp

Gibraltar 9707XB Brake Xhat W Arm And

This closed X-hi hat-mounting system features “brake” style gearless adjustment for optimal positioning. The unit Includes a multi-angle stand-mounting clamp with 18-inch long 12.7mm diameter rod. Hi hat cymbal tension can be easily dialed in and the brake adjustment features a key lock system to lock in the position.

  • Color: standart
  • Brand: Gibraltar
  • ASIN: B003A02PMS
  • UPC: 736021153783

DW DWSM9214 Incremental Clutch with Attachment

DW DWSM9214 Incremental Clutch with

Pro-hat converter with incremental clutch. turn any 8mm (or smaller) threaded cymbal arminto an auxiliary Hi-Hat. Simply attach the pro-hat converter to expand any set-up, choose an alternate set of Hi-Hat cymbals or stack a variety of cymbals and effects to create custom sound combinations.

  • Brand: DW
  • ASIN: B008872P8C
  • UPC: 133587211443

Gibraltar 8707 Hi-Hat Stand with Flat Base and New Direct Drive System

Gibraltar 8707 Hi-Hat Stand with Flat Base and

The new 8707 Hi-Hat stand is a true flat based design that is now lighter and faster with a new direct drive system. This clean design looks and plays great plus is lighter and more portable for transport

  • Brand: Gibraltar
  • ASIN: B00B5LEO9Q
  • UPC: 736021362956

TAMA Drum Set Clamp (MXA53)

TAMA Drum Set Clamp

Simply designed closed Hi-Hat attachment that allows for two different settings by turning a lever. Attachable to stands from 15.9mm to 28.6mm in diameter. Great for double bass or double pedal players. And, you can also set up half open Hi-Hat cymbals by adjusting the spring.

  • Brand: Tama
  • UPC: 606559727322

Remote Hi Hat Stand with Foot Pedal by Griffin | Drummers Cable Auxiliary Cymbal High Hat Percussion Hardware with Drum Key|Heavy Duty Sturdy HiHat Holder|All Metal Construction Mount|Complete Kit

Remote Hi Hat Stand with Foot Pedal by

Enjoy Playing Open Style and Save Precious Space In Your Drum Kit with the Best Remote Hi-Hat Pedal by Griffin! Do you love playing in open position, instead of crossing up? Would you love to save some precious space in your drum kit, without compromising your sound? We've got you covered! With outstanding features and an excellent performance, this remote high-hat cymbal stand foot pedal will not let you down! Offering top quality, exceptional durability and lightning fast response without costing a fortune, it makes an excellent choice for any drummer! Why You Should Choose the Griffin Remote Hi-Hat PedalFully adjustable power cam system Double chain driven pull system for impressive, lightning fast responseLocking spring tension knob with 5 settings (0 - 4) that are easy to adjust with one moveSturdy, all metal construction ensures long lasting durabilityFrictionless bearing hinge offers a superbly smooth feel Weighted double spine pedal platesFoot stop on the pedal and adjustable carpet floor spikes prevent slippageLockable hi-hat clutch with cymbal feltsHeavy weight, shiny chrome hi-hat pipe6 feet long remote cable suitable for most drum kitsIncludes drum keyProduct Specifications: 6 feet long remote cableHeavy duty hi-hat pipe diameter: 28mmGross Weight: 10 poundsBacked by ...

  • Brand: Griffin
  • ASIN: B006AGKOY0
  • UPC: 609132683879

Tama X-hat Attachment

Tama X-hat

Finely adjust your hats like never before. This Tama X-Hat Attachment is ideal for double-bass playing. The tension adjustment knob makes it possible to finely adjust the degree to which the hi-hat cymbals open. The angle of the bottom cymbal is also adjustable, which allows for subtle adjustment of the sound of a closed or half-open hi-hat by changing how air escapes with each hit. This Tama X-Hat Attachment includes the toothless Quick-Set Tilter. The component securely holds its position using the friction of 6 metal disc plates instead of traditional gears, so you can adjust it to any desired angle. This mechanism also has a more durable structure than a conventional gear tilter.

  • Brand: Tama
  • ASIN: B004A4P3AO
  • UPC: 606559625833

Manhasset Acoustic Guitar Case (53DH)

Manhasset Acoustic Guitar Case

The NEW Manhasset Hi-Hat Drummer Stand is designed specifically for the drummer and percussionist and allows the desk to be located in an ideal performance location - above the hi-hat cymbals, or other locations - exactly where the drummer would like to have it positioned. It features our most popular full-size desk, a very durable dual clamp/dual swivel mounting system and “ Double Curved and rdquo; shaft. You can get your music closer and still allow terrific visibility of the drummer. This stand also comes in a wide model (Model #53DWH). This model features our four-score wide desk, allowing the ultimate in multiple page display.

  • Brand: Manhasset
  • ASIN: B00CG68UPS
  • UPC: 706576053708

Complete Drum Hardware Pack 6 Piece Set by Griffin | Full Size Percussion Stand Kit with Snare, Hi-Hat, Cymbal Boom, Throne Stool and Single Kick Drum Pedal | Lightweight and Portable|Perfect for Gigs

Complete Drum Hardware Pack 6 Piece Set by

Take Your Performance to the Next Level with An Unbeatable, Drummer's Hardware Set by Griffin! Are you looking for a great, drum hardware kit for your precious percussion that will not cost you a small fortune? We've got you covered! Designed for any drummer, this is a high quality drum hardware set, perfect for building your shell kit or expanding your existing set up. Get a Complete Kit with Everything You Need to Start Performing! This complete, 6 piece drum stand kit is ready to set up and start playing right away: Snare Drum Stand Griffin TS Series TS272Hi-Hat Cymbal Stand Griffin TS Series TS289Single Kick Drum Pedal Griffin TS Series P200Double-Braced Straight Cymbal Stand Griffin TS Series C80Double-Braced Cymbal Boom Stand Griffin TS Series B80Padded Drum Throne Stool Griffin MS Series T100For more details on the individual stands, please refer to the items with their respective codes. Invest In a High Quality Stand Kit That Will Go the DistanceDon't waste your money on unreliable, poor quality hardware sets that fail you after the first few weeks of use, or worse, in the middle of a performance! Invest in top quality, sturdy construction that will go without a hitch for years to come! Perform Your Best with Peace of MindThis hardware set features rubber tipped feet that...

  • Brand: Griffin
  • ASIN: B00584ZKAS
  • UPC: 797734483505

Gibraltar SC-XHAT X-Hat Attachment

Gibraltar SC-XHAT X-Hat

Fits into 8mm cymbal tilter to add hi-hat on t op of existing cymbal. (1pk)

  • Brand: Gibraltar
  • ASIN: B0002F7GPK
  • UPC: 736021586246

Gibraltar SC-RP171 Hh Double Bass Attachment Clamp

Gibraltar SC-RP171 Hh Double Bass Attachment

Attaches to bass drum counter hoop to support the hi-hat when used with double bass setup.

  • Brand: Gibraltar
  • ASIN: B0002F7704
  • UPC: 736021279728
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