Organic Maple Flavored Syrup, Sugar Free, Low Net Carbs, Pancake Syrup, Keto, 14 Fluid Ounce

Organic Maple Flavored Syrup, Sugar Free, Low Net

Made with Organic Stevia Sugar Free Made with Other Natural Flavors USDA Organic Non GMO Project Verified Kosher Nature's Sweetest Ingredient Certified Organic by Organic Certifiers MSG Free Organic Prebiotic Fiber True Maple Taste Perfectly Sweet - No Bitterness Pyure Organic Maple Flavored Syrup is naturally sugar free and tastes just like true maple syrup (but without the added calories). That's because we start with the highest quality organic stevia, then add organic maple flavor for a remarkably sweet and satisfying taste.

  • Color: N/a
  • Brand: Pyure
  • ASIN: B072JT1N6X
  • UPC: 850196003466

ChocZero's Maple Syrup. Sugar free, Low Carb, Sugar Alcohol free, Gluten Free, No preservatives, Non-GMO. Dessert and Breakfast Topping Syrup. 1 Bottle(12oz)

ChocZero's Maple Syrup. Sugar free, Low Carb, Sugar

The only sugar free maple syrup that's thick, rich, and completely free from sugar alcohol. Our maple syrup is an instant classic, all natural maple extract paired with our exclusive monk fruit and soluble vegetable fiber blender and nothing else. Perfect to replace sugar at the breakfast table, to use in recipes, or to mix into warm beverages. Unlike the human body, we don't think syrup should be composed primarily of water. And yet that's what most companies do along with adding preservatives and other additives. With ChocZero's Honest Syrup line, we've created a syrup you can trust with an ingredient list you can pronounce. Honest Syrup products will always be all natural, gluten free, and GMO free. They will never use sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners. You do not need to refrigerate our syrup. Please note these will also be thicker than normal sugar free syrup due to our unique blend of monk fruit and soluble vegetable fiber meaning they work best as toppings; in baking; or poured into a warm beverage. They can be blended into cold beverages like smoothies using an immersion blender. Get creative with them, imagine what you could replace sugar and thickeners with using our syrup!

  • Brand: ChocZero
  • UPC: 753070498139

Vegan Honey Substitute It's Unhoney Dandelion Syrup

Vegan Honey Substitute It's Unhoney Dandelion

A delicious blend of raw unrefined cane, dandelion root, leaves, lemon, orange, and alkaline water. For thousands of years, humans have survived off of the humble dandelion. Packed full of vitamins and minerals that help our bodies in many ways. This Unhoney is so close to honey that many are surprised. You just won't get the sometimes off putting enzyme taste that honey has. Same viscosity as honey with an addictive smooth and creamy taste. Use in place of honey 1:1 in baking, and in beverages. 100% VEGAN, NON GMO, and CHEMICAL FREE. Take a look at the amazing health benefits that are attributed to the dandelion: * Helps detox the liver and kidneys. * Helps eliminate excess water. * Supports weight loss. * Boosts immune system. * Helps maintain healthy skin. * Supports healthy bowel movement.

  • Brand: Big Fields LLC (It's Unhoney)

Pyure Sugar Free Honey Alternative 13 05 oz 370 g

Pyure Sugar Free Honey Alternative 13 05 oz

Toss this in your bag, keep it on your desk, or carry it in your pocket. It is a totally organic, on the go, zero calorie liquid sweetener with a zero glycemic index to boot. Use just like honey; drizzle on fruit, stir into tea, or spread onto toast. Pyure Organic SF Honey Alternative Syrup has the same rich taste and thick texture as honey without the sugar

  • Brand: Pyure
  • ASIN: B071WK115X
  • UPC: 850196003459

Kodiak Cakes Protein Pancake Power Cakes, Flapjack and Waffle Baking Mix, Buttermilk, 20 Ounce (Pack of 6)

Kodiak Cakes Protein Pancake Power Cakes, Flapjack and

Kodiak Cakes pioneered a great-tasting line of protein-packed Flapjack & Waffle Mixes known as Power Cakes that are made with 100% whole grains, non-GMO ingredients, and are packed with 14g protein per serving to help fuel your day. You can easily increase your protein intake to 18g per serving by adding milk, or even 21g by adding milk and an egg. Buttermilk is the original and best-selling Power Cakes flavor because of its perfect combination of hearty wheat and mellow oat flours, with a pop of sweet cream buttermilk. This versatile mix works as an excellent alternative to white flour and can be used in many different recipes. Below are a few of Kodiak Cakes' own tried-and-true recipes recommended for anyone trying to add more healthy whole grains to their day.

  • Brand: Kodiak Cakes

Historic Lynchburg Tennessee Whiskey FlapJack & Waffle Honey Maple Syrup

Historic Lynchburg Tennessee Whiskey FlapJack & Waffle Honey

In their search for a distinctive flavor for Flapjacks and Waffles, the old folks realized that local Tennessee Whiskey was the answer. The family is proud of their delicious syrups and committed to providing the finest traditional old time quality syrup available. This maple syrup is delicious drizzled over hot, buttered, golden brown flapjacks and waffles.

  • Brand: Historic Lynchburg Tennessee Whiskey Brand
  • ASIN: B000CP8PZK
  • UPC: 780778106110

Nature's Hollow Sugar-Free Maple Flavored Syrup, 10 Ounce

Nature's Hollow Sugar-Free Maple Flavored Syrup, 10

Nature's Hollow sugar-free maple syrup is made with a great-tasting, safe, natural sweetener called Xylitol. Xylitol is a 5-carbon sugar alcohol that is safe for diabetics and those concerned with their sugar-intake. Unlike sugar, Xylitol has a very low glycemic index, has fewer calories, and is safe for your teeth. Whether you choose maple or raspberry, treat yourself with a little sweetness in the morning. Taste the difference and you will never go back to artificial sweeteners again.

  • Brand: Nature's Hollow
  • ASIN: B002AJ0SZ6
  • UPC: 698556700569

Butternut Mountain Farm, 100% Pure Maple Syrup From Vermont, Grade A, Amber Color, Rich Taste, All Natural, Easy Pour Jug, 32 Fl Oz, 1 Qt

Butternut Mountain Farm, 100% Pure Maple Syrup From

At Butternut Mountain Farm we are committed to the natural sweetness, flavor nuances, and versatility of maple syrup. Our maple syrup is carefully selected to ensure that the product you receive is of the highest quality. Butternut Mountain Farm is unique among maple suppliers in that it is devoted almost entirely to the maple industry. From managing forest lands (their own and that of area land owners) to packaging and distributing maple syrup, Butternut Mountain Farm strives to connect its work from tree to table.

  • Color: Amber Rich
  • Brand: Butternut Mountain Farm
  • ASIN: B002483SRI
  • UPC: 008577000041

Maple Syrup All-u-Lose, Natural, Non-GMO, Low Carbs & Calories made with Allulose

Maple Syrup All-u-Lose, Natural, Non-GMO, Low Carbs &

  • Brand: All-u-Lose

Tree Hive Syrup

Tree Hive

Tree Hive Syrup is a delicious blend of pure maple syrup and natural, unfiltered American-bee honey, infused with cinnamon and Madagascan bourbon vanilla. We've crafted this with love, and the result is a completely new, layered, and unique flavor profile. Tree hive syrup can be used on pancakes, Greek yogurt, biscuits, and oatmeal. You can put it in smoothies, tea, coffee, and protein shakes. You can use it in your baking and cooking recipes as a natural and pure sugar substitute. And best of all, kids love it. No more high-fructose corn syrup and table syrup .

  • Brand: Tree Hive Syrup
  • ASIN: B06XYR836X
  • UPC: 863961000300
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