Premium Organic Moroccan Orange Blossom (Neroli) Water | 4oz Imported From Morocco | Food Grade | Packed With Natural Antioxidants | Perfect for Reviving, Hydrating and Rejuvenating Your Face and Neck

Premium Organic Moroccan Orange Blossom (Neroli) Water |

Orange Blossom water also maintains the pH balance of the skin. It stimulates the regeneration process and has a calming effect on acne, dermatitis and eczema. Regular use will help to prevent these conditions from occurring and to soothe the skin when they do occur. It also has the same quality as the more powerful Neroli essential oil, in that it can help heal scars, small cuts and wounds as well as prevent scarring. All natural Orange Blossom water also offers a soothing property to the nerves and emotional /psychological state of mind. It is regarded as a mild sedative and anti-depressant. It is increasingly used in treatments for conditions of stress. Many Other Benefits Include: ✪ Deep Moisturizing Formula Leaves Your Skin Ultra Hydrated ✪ Therapeutic, cleansing, and detoxifying ✪ Improves the elasticity, softness and suppleness of your skin, it is absorbed by your skin and will not clog your pores ✪ Improve the quality and strength of hair with a Orange Blossom water massage on hair and scalp ✪ Steam-distilled from fresh organic Orange Blossom petals (Also Known As Neroli) ✪ No Harsh Chemicals, No Added Fragrances, No Alcohol, No Oils, No Parabens / Preservatives , No Animal Testing! Color: Clear To Slight Yellow Tinge Scent: Floral Cirtus Characterist...

  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: Sweet Essentials
  • UPC: 700736196649

Rose Hydrosol - 16 fl oz Plastic Jug w/Cap - 100% pure, distilled from essential oil

Rose Hydrosol - 16 fl oz Plastic Jug

100% pure rose hydrosol, distilled from essential oil.

  • Brand: GreenHealth
  • UPC: 610563020010

Rose Water Facial Toner by Leven Rose, Pure Natural Moroccan Rosewater Hydrosol Face Spray 4 oz

Rose Water Facial Toner by Leven Rose, Pure

Leven Rose Moroccan Rose Water is the daily beauty treatment that your skin has been missing! 100% pure and natural, harness the power of rose petals as a natural PH toner and organic calming aroma. Apply a few drops to a cotton ball and smooth over skin after cleansing. Apply to hair after washing too. Add your own sprayer as a natural mist for calming irritated and red prone skin. Leven Rose is a leading beauty company that stands behind all of their products with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all their natural beauty products.

  • Brand: Leven Rose
  • ASIN: B016LC861A
  • UPC: 754105045595

Plant Therapy Organic Roman Chamomile Hydrosol. (Flower Water, Floral Water, Hydrolats, Distillates) Bi-Product of Essential Oils. 4 Ounce.

Plant Therapy Organic Roman Chamomile Hydrosol. (Flower Water,

Roman Chamomile hydrosol is calming to the skin, like it's essential oil counterpart. Wonderful as a linen mist for soothing fussy children or one the skin for a soothing and moisturizing effect. KEEP IN REFRIGERATOR. (flower water, floral water, hydrolats, distillates) bi-product of essential oils

  • Brand: Plant Therapy
  • UPC: 680912003230

Rose Hydrosol Spray Toner for face Rose Water Hydrating Face Mist, for Hydration Pure and Natural Rose Hydrosol for all skin types COCOJOJO ROSE HYDROSOL - 33 oz

Rose Hydrosol Spray Toner for face Rose Water

Hydrosols, also known as floral waters, hydroflorates, flower waters, essential water, herbal water or distillates are products from steam distilling plant materials. Hydrosols are like essential oils but in far less of a concentration. Hydrosol is the water based product of the distillation process it contains the water-soluble constituents. Customers will be happy to know that when they purchase a Cocojojo Hydrosol, they are getting a 100% distilled product. The reason many people choose hydrosols is because they have the same benefits of the plants, in a smaller concentrated dose. Hydrosols are going to be lighter on the skin and be less irritating than an essential oil would be. Hydrosols are usually distilled once a year with the fresh harvest season. We try to contract for enough material to last between distillations, but we may run out of your favorite hydrosol before the next distillation season begins. Hydrosols should be kept in a cool, dark place. Refrigeration is recommended if you are not going to use your hydrosol quickly.

  • Brand: cocojojo
  • ASIN: B07Q4735L5
  • UPC: 820550646530

Plant Therapy Organic Rose Hydrosol. (Flower Water, Floral Water, Hydrolats, Distillates) Bi-Product of Essential Oils. 4 oz.

Plant Therapy Organic Rose Hydrosol. (Flower Water, Floral

Rose hydrosol is wonderful for the emotions and can help to bring about a sense of well-being. It can be used to soothe and uplift the spirit. Add 1/4 - 1/2 cup to a sitz bath when dealing with pain or inflammation in your most delicate areas. KEEP IN REFRIGERATOR.

  • Brand: Plant Therapy
  • UPC: 680912003339

Organic Lavender Water Toner 4 oz, USDA Certified Organic Hydrosol, Pure and Natural Skin & Facial Toner Spray by Mary Tylor Naturals

Organic Lavender Water Toner 4 oz, USDA Certified

Certified Organic Lavender Water Facial Toner oz By Mary Tylor Naturals: Botanical name:   Lavendula AngustifoliaBottle:   Amber glass bottle with a sprayerDistillation:   Steam distilledSize:   4 ozCountry of Origin:   IndiaOrganic Certification:  QAI

  • Brand: mary tylor
  • ASIN: B07K8W72M6
  • UPC: 765738988814

4oz Pure Organic Rose Water - Therapeutic Grade, Bulgarian, Hexane-free, Alcohol free - Best for Facial Toner, Skin, Hair, Body Care, Travel Spray, or Spritz Anywhere - Glass Bottle, Fine Mist Sprayer

4oz Pure Organic Rose Water - Therapeutic Grade,

USDA Certified Organic Rose Water (100% Rosa damascena) * Botanical Name: Rosa damascena * Extraction Method: Solvent-free, Hexane-free, Steam Distilled * Country of Origin: Bulgaria Ingredients: 100% Rosa damascena - Fine mist BPA-free sprayer for easy, even application Our fresh, revitalizing rose water features an unmistakably sweet, floral aroma. Refresh any space with this pure scent. Revive your skin anytime simply with a few sprays. In addition to using as a natural mildly astringent and moisturizing skin toner, organic rose water can be used in countless other ways - as a natural soothing ingredient added to a luxurious bath, combined in any number of hair or skin care solutions, as an aphrodisiac, or as a simple way to ease mental strain or nervousness. You'll be surprised at how many uses you will find to enjoy this one pure hydrosol. Try Sally's Organics Organic Rose Water today!

  • Color: Pas78
  • Brand: Sally's Organics
  • UPC: 850943007181

Rose (Bulgaria) Floral Water - 100% Pure Hydrosol Spray Mist for Face, Facial Toner, Acne, Hair, Skin, Body, Linen - 3.4 fl oz - Gya labs

Rose (Bulgaria) Floral Water - 100% Pure Hydrosol

RoseBeautifying, uplifting and healing, Roses are one of Nature's exquisite gifts to humanity. Selected from of the thousands of varieties of Roses today, Rosa damascena, grown on the dew-rich fertile slopes and valleys in Bulgaria is greatly desired and an enduring symbol of love, joy and abundant health. Such was its revered status that even the ancient Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra was a fan of this beauty elixir and regularly used pure rose water in her baths and facial beauty regime.Indulge and relish in the fragrance and beautifying prowess of the delicate petals of the Bulgarian Roses, keeping your skin and romance overflowing with joy. Savour the experience of the Gya Labs™ Rose Hydrosol today.AromaExuding an endearing sweet, fruity, minty, and citrusy scent hinted with nuances of dark, dusky wood notes, the scent of a Damask Rose sparks feelings of romance and evokes feminine beauty.UsesUnlock the secrets to beautiful, nourished looking skin. Mist it gently onto your face and skin or dab the solution softly onto your skin or as your daily skin toner. Let acne and tired looking skin fade away.For smooth and delicate sweet-smelling hair and body, mix a little with your shampoo or blend while or after showering for a lingering sweet scent.Enhance your mood for romance, love a...

  • Color: rose
  • Brand: Gya Labs
  • ASIN: B07BP37NLP

Plant Therapy Organic Tea Tree Hydrosol. (Flower Water, Floral Water, Hydrolats, Distillates) Bi-Product of Essential Oils. 16 oz.

Plant Therapy Organic Tea Tree Hydrosol. (Flower Water,

Tea Tree Hydrosol is a mild version of the more familiar scent of tea tree essential oil. This hydrosol can be used for minor scuffs, simply clean well with soap and water and then spray on. Tea Tree Hydrosol is also used as a facial toner as well as in facial cleansers because of its gentle, but powerful ability to help with skin blemishes. All of the amazing benefits that come from Tea Tree essential oil, now in a gentler, softer hydrosol.

  • Brand: Plant Therapy
  • ASIN: B01M8MW4CZ
  • UPC: 680912003841
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