MEKO 1.6mm Fine Tip Active Digital Stylus Pen with Universal Fiber Tip 2-in-1 Perfect for Drawing and Handwriting Compatible with Apple iPad iPhone and Andriod Touchscreen Cellphones, Tablets-White

MEKO 1.6mm Fine Tip Active Digital Stylus Pen

MEKO active stylus

  • Color: White
  • Brand: MEKO
  • UPC: 609239351411



  • ASIN: B01JJ731U0

Squid - Take Notes, Markup PDFs

Squid - Take Notes, Markup

  • Brand: Steadfast Innovation, LLC

BoxWave EverTouch Slimline Capacitive Stylus for iPad - Apple iPad Touch Screen Stylus w/ Thinner Barrel and Finer Point Ultra Durable FiberMesh Woven Fabric Tip (Champagne Gold)

BoxWave EverTouch Slimline Capacitive Stylus for iPad -

Welcome to a whole new world!At BoxWave, our design is motivated by innovation, and our innovation is born from creating solutions. Our EverTouch Slimline Capacitive Stylus with FiberMesh is advanced stylus technology, also known for its slightly longer length and skinnier diameter. Our styluses are pen-shaped and extremely portable, for the best fitting and feeling touchscreen writing tools on the market.FiberMesh (TM): Stylus InnovationIntroducing a breakthrough in stylus technology: The FiberMesh tip is precisely engineered with an extremely soft yet durable conductive woven fiber. Stylus StaminaThe FiberMesh tip is the longest lasting stylus tip on the market today. Seamlessly integrated with a metallic aluminum body of the perfect length and weight, the EverTouch Slimline Capacitive Stylus is built to last and quick to react. One Touch ResponseNo more double-tapping required. A single press of the EverTouch to the screen will pull up your app of choice. More bliss. Less frustration.Packed with FeaturesWatch as the FiberMesh tip cleans your screen as you use it. In addition, a 2'' lanyard attaches to the headphone jack of your device for easy storing when not in use.The EverTouch Slimline Capacitive Stylus with FiberMesh technology from BoxWave: A True Leader in Innovation.

  • Color: Champagne Gold
  • Brand: BoxWave
  • ASIN: B00NAGZ240

Improved stylus for Philco 841.641 Spirit of St. Louis Ansonia turntable 793-D7M

Improved stylus for Philco 841.641 Spirit of St.

  • ASIN: B01JJ732J0

Meuxan 10 Piece Ball Stylus Dot Painting Tool Set, Clay Pottery Modeling Kit

Meuxan 10 Piece Ball Stylus Dot Painting Tool

What You Can Do with Meuxan 10Pcs Ball Stylus Set - Painting dots on rocks, canvas, gourd art and more - Making small and large dots, blending seams in clay - Making clay dolls - Making paper flowers SPECIFICATION - Length: Between 4.7-5.3 inches - 14 Ball End Sizes (Diameter): 0.8/1/1.5/2/2.5/3/4/6/8/10/11/13/16/18mm - Materials: Rubber, Wood, Stainless steel WHAT YOU GET - Rose Red Rubber handle ball stylus * 4 - Wooden handle dotting tool * 6 - Lifetime Customer Support

  • Color: Rose Red, Wooden
  • Brand: Meuxan
  • ASIN: B0761W6BZD
  • UPC: 613869902615

JICO replacement Shure N-44G N44G IMPROVED stylus

JICO replacement Shure N-44G N44G IMPROVED

The N-44G IMPROVED stylus performs well with its polished 0.7 mil conical diamond tip while providing the user with long playing life and accuracy. The color of this stylus has changed over the years. Please be sure to compare your stylus with this stylus before ordering. Do not order this stylus if it looks different than the stylus that you have. Beware of counterfeits! There is only one Jico distributor in the US, Canada and all of the Americas: LP Tunes. A Jico stylus comes in Jico packaging or with "Jico US" engraved on the stylus. All others are selling styli of questionable origin and unknown quality. Contact us to verify the authenticity of the claimed Jico stylus before buying.

  • Brand: Jico
  • ASIN: B00T736N34

Adonit Pixel - Smart Creative Stylus Pressure Sensitivity Pen, Point Tip, Palm Rejection, Shortcut Buttons, Bluetooth 4.0, Compatible with iPad/Pro/Air/Mini/iPhone X/Plus/Max or Newer, Black

Adonit Pixel - Smart Creative Stylus Pressure Sensitivity

Welcome to a new standard of stylus. The Adonit pixel has been carefully crafted to work better, write better, and draw better. From the improved 1. 9mm Pixel point tip with paper-like drag, to built in Palm Rejection, the pixel offers a more natural stylus experience. Connect Pixel to your iPad to get over 2000 levels of pressure sensitivity along with shortcut buttons and offset Correction. These Bluetooth features reduce lag while increasing accuracy giving you everything you expect and more from Adonit most advanced iPad stylus to date.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Adonit
  • UPC: 847663022211

Teach Yourself How to Learn: Strategies You Can Use to Ace Any Course at Any Level

Teach Yourself How to Learn: Strategies You Can

Following up on her acclaimed Teach Students How to Learn, that describes teaching strategies to facilitate dramatic improvements in student learning and success, Saundra McGuire here presents these “secrets” direct to students. Her message is that “Any student can use simple, straightforward strategies to start making A’s in their courses and enjoy a lifetime of deep, effective learning.”Beginning with explaining how expectations about learning, and the study efforts required, differ between college and secondary school, the author introduces her readers, through the concept of metacognition, to the importance and powerful consequences of understanding themselves as learners. This framework and the recommended strategies that support it are useful for anyone moving on to a more advanced stage of education, so this book also has an intended audience of students preparing to go to high school, graduate school, or professional school.In a conversational tone, and liberally illustrated by anecdotes of past students, the author combines introducing readers to concepts like Bloom’s Taxonomy (to illuminate the difference between studying and learning), fixed and growth mindsets, as well as to what brain science has to tell us about rest, nutrition and exercise, together wit...

  • ASIN: 1620367564

Riverstone Audio Turntable Stylus Tracking Force Pressure Gauge / Scale, LP Digital Mini-Scale, 200g, 0.01g Resolution

Riverstone Audio Turntable Stylus Tracking Force Pressure Gauge

Riverstone Audio's precision stylus vertical tracking force (VTF) gauge is compact, lightweight, low profile and has a resolution of 0.01 g. To-date, this has been our most popular VTF gauge. This already fine VTF gauge has been tweaked by our engineers to make it even better. The updates made for 2017 are both cosmetic and functional. In addition to a precision 5 g mass to verify gauge readings, and an improved storage box, the user's manual has been updated (including a much larger print size). Internal modifications to the VTF gauge have also been made, along with a 2 minute auto-off to prolong battery life and improvements to the battery compartment....the same durable, easy to use VTF gauge, but with suggested improvements from customers and our engineers. Other attributes remain the protect the stylus tip, and help in centering the stylus tip on the gauge, an adhesive-bonded polymer pad (now styled after an LP, of course) is attached to the measuring platform. For long-term accuracy and durability tracking force gauge has an internal aluminum beam-type strain sensor with a protective coating applied over the strain gages. Many digital tracking force scales have a 5 g weight limit. The 200g limit and 0.01g resolution of our VTF gauge provides the same 0.01g resolu...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Riverstone Audio
  • UPC: 605945647190
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