Hummers Galore® Hummingbird Feeder Insect Guard, Ant Moat, 2 Pack

Hummers Galore® Hummingbird Feeder Insect Guard, Ant Moat,

Keep Ants and other insects out of your Bird Feeder with these Handsome Insect Gaurds. Red tulip appearance with top and bottom metal hooks, additionally the red will help attract hummer's to your feeder while keeping out pesky crawling insects. Works with Most Feeders. If pesky ants or other crawling insects are a problem. Hummer's Galore ant moat is a must. Red tulip appearance with top and bottom metal hooks, additionally the red will help attract hummer. Simply fill with water Hummer's Galore Ant Moat has a capacity of 6 oz. May be hung above any hummin. Water evaporates so remember to refill your moat.

  • Brand: Hummers Galore®
  • ASIN: B010TFC0H6
  • UPC: 075792114204

Butterfly Feeder Kit - Garden Toy Includes Nectar Reservoirs, Butterfly Landing Pads, and Red Nectar Wicks

Butterfly Feeder Kit - Garden Toy Includes Nectar

Insect Lore's Butterfly Feeder kit, the children's garden toy that includes nectar reservoirs, butterfly landing pads, and red nectar wicks so your little ones can watch live butterflies feed right outside your home! The orange, yellow, and white colors of the flowers attract butterflies right to the landing pad of the feeder. There, red, nectar soaked wicks resting in miniature reservoirs will provide an energizing meal for your butterfly friends. The Butterfly Feeder will get your youngster acquainted with the nature while butterflies will be lured to enhance and bring life to your garden!

  • Brand: Insect Lore
  • ASIN: B000099Z90
  • UPC: 735569020205

Breeding Insects as feeder food

Breeding Insects as feeder

This is the book you need if you have an animal that eats insects!Today, more reptiles, arachnids and other insectivores are being kept for study and as pets than ever before. This means there is a growing need to provide a wider range of insects as food than can be often found on the shelves of the local pet shop. But how can you get this varied diet?This book provides a simple answer – breed your own!In this comprehensive guide you will learn how to breed many different types of insect easily. Each section follows a similar format covering the life cycle, housing requirements, feeding, breeding and more. All you need to know to get started and succeed is contained in these pages. There are 45 colour photographs taken by the author to illustrate the different species and habitats.The chapters cover the following type of insects:CricketsCockroachesLeptidopteraDiptera (house and fruit flies)BeetlesLocustsMantisPhasmidsWith over 30 years experience, gained in the UK, South Africa, Singapore, Mexico and Malaysia, David provides simple and easy-to-follow instructions on how to breed a wide range of insects that will provide a variety of nutritious food for your animals.Who will find this book useful?Anyone who keeps a chameleon or other insectivorous lizards, mantis, arachnids, a...

  • ASIN: B00EGP3EG2

Nature Zone Total Bites for Crickets & Feeder Insects, Soft Moist Food, 24-Ounce

Nature Zone Total Bites for Crickets & Feeder

Nature Zone Total Bites for Crickets & Feeder Insects is a soft, moist, ready to eat food designed specifically to feed, water and gut-load feeder & pet insects in one easy step! Nature Zone Total Bites for Crickets & Feeder Insects offers a convenient one-step solution to make any feeder insect “TOTALLY” nutritious. Quality proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, & minerals deliver complete nutrition that is easily digestible by both insects and herps. Recommended For: Crickets, Mealworms, Super Worms and Dubia Roaches. Also great for pet Roaches, Tarantulas, other insects, arachnids, and isopods. Color or hue may vary . Made in the USA Ingredients:water, carrageenan, soy protein isolate, citric acid, sucrose, maltodextrin, fructose, locust bean gum, peach flavoring, potassium chloride, potassium sorbate(a preservative), calcium lactate, sodium benzoate(a preservative), methylparaben(a preservative), FD&C yellow # 5, betacarotene, propylparaben(a preservative) Guaranteed Analysis:N5protein min 0.90% fat min 0% fiber max 0.1% moisture max 92.0% calcium min 0.05%

  • Brand: Nature Zone
  • UPC: 783178545121

VORCOOL Stainless Steel Straight and Curved Nippers Tweezers Feeding Tongs for Reptile Snakes Lizards Spider 2 Pcs Silver

VORCOOL Stainless Steel Straight and Curved Nippers Tweezers

DescriptionThe set of items include one straight tweezers and one curved tweezers, which are made of durable stainless steel material and can be used in toys, medical dressings, garment sewing, DIY, tea, landscape, and other manual work.Features- Color: mainly silver.- Material: durable stainless steel.- Each tweezers length: about 25cm.- Include one straight tweezers and one curved tweezers.- Use in toys, medical dressings, garment sewing, DIY, tea, landscape, and other manual work.- Perfect for both professional use or personal use.Package Including1 * Stainless Steel Straight Tweezers 1 * Stainless Steel Curved Tweezers

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: VORCOOL
  • ASIN: B01HRI4U7Q
  • UPC: 190657421843

300 Red Runners Turkestan Cockroach Cricket Alternative Live Insect Feeder Mix Size

300 Red Runners Turkestan Cockroach Cricket Alternative Live

For live Guarantee you must pick them up from the Post Office within 24 hours of arrival. All Packages will be marked Hold At Post Office.

  • Brand: Thai Live Insect
  • UPC: 752074333866

Josh's Frogs Insect Watering Gel (1 Gallon)

Josh's Frogs Insect Watering Gel (1

Josh's Frogs Insect Watering Gel provides the perfect watering source for your feeder insects. Insects can drown in a water bowl, but Josh's Frogs Insect Watering Gel is Drown-Free!  Great for Crickets! Ingredients: Water, Potassium-based polymer crystals, and coloring. Directions: Insects should always have access to Josh's Frogs Insect Watering Gel. Replace as needed.

  • Color: Green
  • Brand: Josh's Frogs
  • UPC: 856106005544

Caillou's Play Time & other Stories: Caillou's Play Time

Caillou's Play Time & other Stories: Caillou's Play

  • ASIN: B00DW38U5O

Ashman Shepherd Hook 48 Inch 10 Pack, Rust Resistant Steel Hooks Ideal for Hanging Plant Baskets, Solar Lights, Lanterns, Bird Feeders, Insect Repellents & More (Black)

Ashman Shepherd Hook 48 Inch 10 Pack, Rust

Lovely Shepherd hooks will add charm and elegance to your garden with the metal hooks placed at unique locations all over your garden. With these Shepherd hook you can hang bird feeders, flower ports, plant baskets, lanterns, mason jars, wind chimes, holiday decorations, christmas ornaments, solar lights.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: AshmanOnline
  • ASIN: B016PWY09S

TradeKing Black Soldier Fly Larvae | Perfect Treat for Chickens, Wild Birds, Fish & Reptiles - High Energy, Healthy Pet Treat Containing 50X More Calcium Than Other Feeder Insects (1lb)

TradeKing Black Soldier Fly Larvae | Perfect Treat

At TradeKing, all of our Soldier Fly are veterinarian certified to meet the highest quality and purity standards. Dried Soldier Fly Larvae are a perfect source of protein, calcium, and other daily nutrients for a variety of animals, such as wild birds, chicken, fish, & reptiles. Black Soldier Fly Larvae are rich in amino acids, fats, protein, and calcium. Dried soldier flies have the nutritional value of live soldier fly and are more convenient to feed. Our freeze-drying process ensures the preservation of all essential nutrients as well as increasing their shelf life. You can use them alone in a feeder or mix them with your favorite wild bird seed. Feeding Directions: Feed by hand or in a feeding dish. Sprinkle on the ground to encourage foraging. To rehydrate, soak in warm water for water for 10 to 15 minutes. Suitable for year round use. Storage Instructions: Reseal and store in a cool, dry place. Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein: 34% (Min),Crude Fat: 32% (Min), Crude Fiber: 12% (Max), Moisture: 10% (Max)

  • Color: Black Soldier Fly
  • Brand: TradeKing
  • ASIN: B07B3WGX6L
  • UPC: 752830426689

Insect Lore Live Cup of Caterpillars Deluxe

Insect Lore Live Cup of Caterpillars

Our cup of caterpillars deluxe has springtime surprises inside! Once your hungry butterflies emerge, keep them happy with our adorable purple butterfly feeder! Cup of caterpillars deluxe includes: cup of 5 Baby caterpillars, nutritious caterpillar food, deluxe Chrysalis station log, Insect Lore measuring spoon, butterfly feeder, 2 sugar packets, caterpillar quick guide, read Me with helpful caterpillar-raising tips, packet of Wildflower seeds - chosen to attract pollinators to your garden important Note! Please postpone your live order if daytime temperatures in your area are below 55 degrees or above 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Your caterpillars may not survive their journey to you in extreme heat or cold. Insect Lore guarantees that 3 out of 5 caterpillars will become butterflies. We cannot ship live insects to Hawaii or outside the United States. Ages 4+

  • Color: Brown/a
  • Brand: Insect Lore
  • ASIN: B07S3YQ777
  • UPC: 735569001051

Team Sports America Clemson University Solar Powered Hanging Bird Feeder

Team Sports America Clemson University Solar Powered Hanging

Make any garden feel a bit more spirited with our sports solar bird feeder. Featuring your favorite team's logo and colors, the feeder not only attracts feathered friends to your yard for a snack, but it also collects sun during the day and illuminates beautifully at night. Crafted from outdoor-safe plastic and glass, the eco-friendly statement piece lights from the bottom up to highlight the team design on the center panel. It's the perfect present for any dedicated fan!

  • Color: Clemson Tigers
  • Brand: Team Sports America
  • ASIN: B07121HXWT
  • UPC: 808412424991

Cuboid - Insect-proof Hummingbird Feeder 2-in-1, Attached to Window or Hung on Tree, Ant Moat, Bee Guards, Detachable Lid, Easy Cleaning & Refills, Bonus Free Cleaning Brush, 8 oz, 2019 June Version

Cuboid - Insect-proof Hummingbird Feeder 2-in-1, Attached to

Finally, you have come to the right place! Buy now and see the Beautiful Hummingbirds at Home - Introducing Our Stylish Cuboid Hummingbird Feeder that will easily attract Birds.Features & Benefits:☑ Reservoir style - Unlike the inverted style hummingbird feeder, no need to worry about those leakage issue.☑ Easy cleaning - We make a detachable lid for easy cleaning and refills at the same time, no more frustration and messy to maintain your feeder.☑ Built-in ant moat and bee guards - Good barriers for small insects like ants, bees, and they don't have the chance to eat the nectar inside the box.☑ Multipurpose styles - You can transfer Cuboid to your window or put it outside in your garden. Use our window suction cups or hanging clamps.☑ Convenience - It is designed with a sturdy perch for the hummingbirds to rest comfortably while eating, so they will come every day in your place.☑ The best quality on Amazon - Made by the durable materials that will not break easily or melt, and it is spill-proof and weather resistant.☑ Modern Design - This is the newest design on Amazon, a cube box with red cover lid and flowery holes to attract birds. ☑ Value pack - It's not just a simple box, it is completed feeding hummingbird feeding kit including a free cleaning brush (limite...

  • Color: Transparent
  • Brand: Sherwoodbase
  • UPC: 741498995040

Exo Terra Stainless Steel Tweezers

Exo Terra Stainless Steel

Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, the Exo Terra Tweezers are an excellent tool for feeding live insects to reptiles and amphibians. The long, ergonomic pincers make feeding easy and provide enough distance to prevent stress in the animal you are feeding. The tips of the Exo Terra Tweezers have been "soft-coated" to prevent mouth injury and to provide a firm grip on live feeder insects.

  • Color: Multi
  • Brand: Exo Terra
  • ASIN: B001B5ATYA
  • UPC: 015561220750

Dubia Roaches 500 Small

Dubia Roaches 500

500 Small Dubia 3/8" and Under Dubia roaches are easy to care for and store for reptile feeding. Dubia roaches can't fly, climb smooth surfaces, or make any annoying noises. Has more protein than any other insect feeder insect used for reptile food. Conveniently packaged for reptile feeding.

  • Brand: Dubia Roaches
  • ASIN: B00T24MJQ8
  • UPC: 638170005961

Flowtron SB-300 Security Wall Bracket for Electronic Insect Killers

Flowtron SB-300 Security Wall Bracket for Electronic Insect

The Flowtron Security Wall Bracket is the perfect support for your electronic bug killer. The welded steel bracket with its unique locking feature helps prevent theft, so you can be confident your bracket is strong and durable and your bug killer is safe. The bracket is 6-inch long with a 13-inch extension, so you can easily and conveniently place it where it will be most effective. The welded steel design is an attractive complement to Flowtron's lantern-style bug killers.

  • Brand: Flowtron
  • ASIN: B00004R9W0
  • UPC: 026713803011

Josh's Frogs Placon Insect Cup with Lid 32oz

Josh's Frogs Placon Insect Cup with Lid

The perfect receptacle for breeding your own fruit fly culture! The Placon Insect Cup with Lid 32oz comes with a handy vented lid that also happens to fit most deli containers. This cup/lid can also be used for breeding wax moth cultures. These lids WILL NOT work with clear deli containers. NOTE: Picture is darker to show contrast.

  • Brand: Josh's Frogs
  • UPC: 053176805245

Raising Mealworms 1-2-3: How to Breed and Raise the Easiest Feeder Insect By Life Cycle

Raising Mealworms 1-2-3: How to Breed and Raise

Raising Mealworms 1-2-3 is your easy, step-by-step guide to breeding and raising your very own feeder mealworms right at home.Whether you want to raise mealworms for leopard geckos, bearded dragons, chickens, bluebirds, fish (or for fishing bait), or any other birds, reptiles, or amphibians, this descriptive manual will get you on the right track.In this concise, informative guide, you'll discover:*What supplies you need and where to find them*How to properly set up the mealworm habitat*How to choose your first breeder beetles *All about the mealworm lifecycle, from egg to larva to pupa to beetle*What to feed your mealworms and beetles so that they thrive*The crucial temperature for keeping the larvae, pupae, and beetles alive*Regular feeding and cleaning routine care steps*How to easily protect eggs and babies from being eaten *The safest method for cleaning your mealworm bins*Why mealworm poop is more like treasure than trash!*All about dangerous invaders and how to prevent them from harming your colony- and more!**** Features 17 Color Photos****Once you see how easy it is to raise your own mealworms, you will never want to waste money buying them again. Download this manual today!

  • ASIN: B00E31AZS4

Swity Home 2 Pack Baby Mosquito Net for Strollers, Car Seats, Cradles, White

Swity Home 2 Pack Baby Mosquito Net for

Package inclues:2 pcs white baby mosquito nets Can protect against bugs, bees, mosquitos, flying insects Fit snug and secure on strollers, carriers, car seats, cradles, cribs, bassinets, playpens Brand:Swity Home

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Swity Home
  • UPC: 744430717908

Aspects HummZinger HighView 12 oz Hanging Hummingbird Feeder - 429, Red

Aspects HummZinger HighView 12 oz Hanging Hummingbird Feeder

The hummzinger highview feeder offers an upgrade to the classic line of hummingbird feeders. The feeder includes a highview perch that invites hummingbirds to rest comfortably as they drink from any of four feeding ports while also offering an unobstructed view of the birds. The built-in ant moat blocks crawling insects from contaminating nectar. Bright red cover attracts hummers from a distance and removes easily so the bowl can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly. Constructed of unbreakable polycarbonate and backed with a lifetime guarantee.

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Aspects
  • ASIN: B003XL7WZO
  • UPC: 885714329636

TERRO T600 Ant Dust - Kills fire ants, carpenter ants, cockroaches, spiders

TERRO T600 Ant Dust - Kills fire ants,

TERRO Ant Dust kills many problem pests including: fire ants and carpenter ants, boxelder bugs, cockroaches, crickets, firebrats, spiders, ticks, wasps and silverfish. This unique, ready-to-use dust is waterproof and won’t wash away in the rain. For use indoors or outdoors, Ant Dust kills on contact and provides up to eight months of protection. This product is ideal for crack and crevice treatments and can even be applied directly on top of fire ant hills. Using TERRO Ant Dust is a great way to prepare for future invasions as well as treating the pests at hand. This dust works its best when applied between 65 - 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Allow up to 3-4 days to see maximum results. If ants or other bugs are still active repeat application once more. The dust application will vary but the typical range for application is .5 lb of dust for every 1,000 square feet.

  • Color: Multi
  • Brand: Terro
  • ASIN: B001B1KH1Y
  • UPC: 666674928059

Nature Zone SNZ54511 Feeder Insects Total Bites Soft Moist Food with Spirulina, 10-Ounce

Nature Zone SNZ54511 Feeder Insects Total Bites Soft

CRICKET TOTAL BITES is THE complete gut load, nutritious food, and water in a soft gel cube. Easily assimilated ingredients by all herpes. More than just calcium, CRICKET TOTAL BITES is the TOTAL solution to cricket gut loading and care. It's GREEN because it's loaded with Spiraling and other nutriceuticals! CRICKET TOTAL BITES provides TOTAL nutrition. CRICKET TOTAL BITES offers more than 50 essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other micro-nutrients. 10 `oz., 3 x 5

  • Color: green
  • Brand: Nature Zone
  • UPC: 783178545114

Pentax Papilio II 6.5x21 Binoculars (Gray)

Pentax Papilio II 6.5x21 Binoculars

PENTAX quality and clarity are within reach, at a price that’s within reach, too. These compact porro-prism models feature a dual-axis, single body design with synchronized eyepiece adjustment. Aspherical lens elements give you edge-to-edge sharpness. Clear images and clearly affordable.

  • Color: Gray
  • Brand: Pentax
  • ASIN: B00SKO4A8Q
  • UPC: 796793867301

Juegoal 16 oz Hanging Hummingbird Feeder with 8 Feeding Ports

Juegoal 16 oz Hanging Hummingbird Feeder with 8

Juegoal Hummingbird Feeder designed with brass hanging rod opening, can be hung the feeder on the hook or tree. 16 ounce nectar capacity with 8 feeding ports, allowing hummingbirds eat nectar at the same time. Built-in moat prevent nectar contamination effectively Notes: * When the capacity of the nectar in the box is reduced to half, you should add nectar in time. *The Hummingbird Feeder should be cleaned every few days. If the weather is warm, clean it to be more frequent. *100% satisfaction guaranteed! If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us.

  • Color: Round 16oz
  • Brand: Juegoal
  • ASIN: B0756B3CGF
  • UPC: 724190820360

Original Bird Watching Patent Prints - Set of Four Photos (8x10) Unframed - Makes a Great Gift Under $20 for Bird Lovers

Original Bird Watching Patent Prints - Set of

Bring a vintage twist to any room! These are real photographic prints, not just a simple inkjet print, and is sure to be a great addition to your decor. The original artwork of these has been reimagined and brought back to life by a team of creatives to live in your home.♦ HOW FUN - This unique art is guaranteed to tie any place together and bring you joy while viewing them. ♦ READY TO FRAME - You get four 8" x 10" prints. 8" x 10" frames are super easy to buy here on Amazon or at any department or craft store. Choose the frames that work with your decor and the print! ♦ MADE TO LAST - These prints are printed on semi-matte Fuji Crystal Archive paper to last a lifetime.

  • Color: Brown
  • Brand: Personalized Signs by Lone Star Art
  • ASIN: B074MMR1RD

American Hydro Systems P1X Green Feeder Non-Electric Auto Proportional Feeder for Irrigation Systems

American Hydro Systems P1X Green Feeder Non-Electric Auto

Green Feeder Automatic Injection System. The Green Feeder easily installs on any irrigation system and allows for automatic fertilization and/or pest control every time you water. The Green Feeder adjusts the feed rate based on water flow, so users don't have to worry about over- or under feeding. Simply connect a bottle of Grass So Green fertilizer or NatureShield pest repellant to the Green Feeder and let the system go to work. Green Feeder can be installed underground or above ground after the backflow preventer. The Green Feeder can also be installed vertically, horizontally, or on an angle.

  • Color: ProFeeder System
  • Brand: American Hydro Systems
  • ASIN: B00D15WZNQ
  • UPC: 818125000726


2013 collaboration between the Church's Marty Wilson-Piper and Weeping Willows Niko Rohlke. Recorded in Sweden, they mix Scandinavian beauty with an English folk feeling. Brus & Knaster.

  • ASIN: B00FA33DWY

Horse Trailer Drop Down Feeder Windows | Radius Rounded Corner Design | Trim KIT NOT Included (24" x 24", 4 Pack)

Horse Trailer Drop Down Feeder Windows | Radius

Exceptional Design: These well-built feeder windows feature a sleek rounded corner design that is both aesthetically pleasing and robust Strong Drop-Down Aluminum Bars: These aluminum bars are added for optimal safety so that the window can be opened, and your horse can enjoy the extra air flow while the trailer is in motion Heavy-duty Hinges: The best quality hinges add even more strength to the unit Easily Accessible Screen Door: The screen door is attached to the inside of the window. You can keep the window open with the screen and bars in place to keep your animals cool during travel, and your trailer insect free User Friendly Handle: The pull handle, which is optional, makes operating this window simple and quick. It is light-weight and located low enough so that it is easily accessible

  • Color: 24" x 24"
  • Brand: RecPro
  • ASIN: B07MTK55C6

AOJIAN Yoga Tops Activewear Workout Clothes Open Back Fitness Racerback Tank Tops for Women,Womens Shirts Casual Tee Shirts V Neck Short Sleeve Button Up Loose Fits Tunic Tops Blouses

AOJIAN Yoga Tops Activewear Workout Clothes Open Back

♥。◕‿◕。♥2019 Breathable Fabric make you no longer be afraid of hot summer days♥We have thousands of fashion women clothing,welcome to search for "AOJIAN" ♥。◕‿◕。♥Please check our size chart picture before order,it has detailed size introduction. Season:Any season Gender:Women Occasion:Daily,casual,club Style:Casual,fashion,Stylish,Sexy Fit:Fits ture to size Thickness:Standard Length:Regular How to wash:Hand wash Cold,Hang or Line Dry Great for daily, festive, party, club, vacation. You can not miss it! Perfect match with your favorite shorts, leggings, black slacks, denim jeans, etc. ♥。◕‿◕。♥If there has any problem with the quality or size,don't worry,we will provide you with free exchange service. ♥。◕‿◕。♥The design is beautiful and stylish,It can go with jeans,khakis,or even a skirt!Perfect to wear in daily,Party,Dating,Work,Beach,Travel,Holiday,or other occasions. ♥。◕‿◕。♥Logistics:It usually takes about 9-16 days to Deliver;Express:It normally takes about 3-6 days to arrive. ♥。◕‿◕。♥If you any problem about our products,please send message to us,We will try to our best service to resolve your porblems.

  • Color: Z-yellow
  • Brand: AOJIAN
  • ASIN: B07S727WW7
  • UPC: 048959829396

Work Hard, Play Hard

Work Hard, Play


National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds: Eastern Region, Revised Edition

National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American

  • Color: Green
  • Brand: Random House
  • ASIN: 0679428526

Wide Mouth Waist Flower Hummingbird Feeder with Hook Free Nectar Water Hanging Feeding Patio Window Bird Gift

Wide Mouth Waist Flower Hummingbird Feeder with Hook

Wide Mouth Waist Hummingbird Feeder Free Nectar Patio Yard Window Bird Gift FeatureWide-mouth bottle allows for easy filling and cleaningThree flower-shaped feeding ports with comfortable perchesEntire feeder comes apart for thorough cleaningBuilt-in bee guards and ant moat keeps insects outClear bottle makes it easy to monitor nectar levelsA flash of iridescent color. The purr of restless wings. Among the smallest of birds, the hummingbird is definitely a fan favorite.With our Hummingbird Feeder, you can easily attract these iridescent beauties to your yard. It's the classic design that you know and love with a few great updates.The new and improved wide-mouth bottle and simple disassembly makes cleaning easier than ever before. DescriptionSpecification: 17.8x10.5x10.5cmWeight: 66gConfiguration: an iron hook + water feeder Color: red Package included:1xHummingbird feeder

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Guo Nuoen
  • ASIN: B07V7G825N

Wireless Temperature & Humidity Bluetooth Smart Sensor for iPhone - Thermometer/Hygrometer to Monitor Climate for Your Home, Refrigerator, Humidor, Reptiles, Baby, Guitar, and More (1 Sensor - Gray)

Wireless Temperature & Humidity Bluetooth Smart Sensor for

Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor Maintaining the proper climate is vital to keeping your family healthy and your prized possessions safe. We all know how temperature effects our comfort, but we often overlook the importance of proper humidity. High humidity can invite mold, mildew, and other pests into your home, and low humidity can increase your chance of illness. Wether you are trying to keep an eye on your home, crawlspace, chicken coup, guitar case, or anything else, the Moat Climate Sensor is the perfect solution. Custom Alerts, Straight To Your Phone Life is stressful enough, don't waste time worrying about your home. Let moat worry for you! Using the Moat app, you can easily set custom alerts for each device, so you know when the temperature or humidity are outside your ideal range. Unlike other similar devices, Moat alerts trigger anytime your phone is in range without having to purchase expensive gateways. Track Your History and Learn Get a quick snapshot of your of your climate over time so you can learn how to create the perfect environment. Moat gives you simple and easy to read graphs of your climate data, so you can track how your temperature and humidity rise and fall throughout the day. Moat stores data while you are away and easily syncs when you return...

  • Color: Gray
  • Brand: Moat
  • ASIN: B07PSK7DK9
  • UPC: 309272215618

Insect Lore Deluxe Butterfly Garden with 2 Live Cups of Caterpillars & Feeding Kit

Insect Lore Deluxe Butterfly Garden with 2 Live

This Butterfly kit now includes two deluxe Chrysalis stations and an Insect Lore butterfly feeder! Identical to our butterfly garden, but with more caterpillars! When 5 caterpillars just aren't enough, you can choose the butterfly garden with 2 cups of live caterpillars. This kit is identical to our signature Butterfly garden in every way, except you will receive 10 caterpillars rather than the usual 5. Your caterpillars arrive with all the nutritious food they need to grow into gorgeous painted Lady butterflies. Watch them eat, spin silk, and grow to 10 times their original size! When your caterpillars have finished growing and develop into chrysalides, move them to the airy butterfly habitat and watch for the magical moment of emergence. Then observe and feed your butterflies until it is time to let them fly away. Please note: this kit contains live insects. Shipping: live caterpillars are shipped to destinations within the continental USA and Alaska. We cannot ship live caterpillars to Hawaii. Manufacturer recommended age: 4 and up with adult supervision.Important Note! Please postpone your live order if daytime temperatures in your area are below 55 degrees or above 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Your caterpillars may not survive their journey to you in extreme heat or cold.

  • Brand: Insect Lore
  • UPC: 735569110456

Team Sports America University of Nebraska Solar-Powered Outdoor Safe Hanging Garden Lantern

Team Sports America University of Nebraska Solar-Powered Outdoor

Add a unique touch of light to your garden or tailgate event with our team branded solar lantern. Each lantern comes complete with your favorite team's graphics printed directly onto each of the 4 side panels. The solar panel on the top allows the energy to be absorbed from the sun during the day to power the lantern at night. Our solar team lantern emits a soft LED glow that will highlight your team pride and provide an accent light to any outdoor event. Rechargeable battery 1x NI-MH300mah included.

  • Color: University of Nebraska
  • Brand: Team Sports America
  • ASIN: B07C9GYB87
  • UPC: 808412780165

Zilla Reptile Terrarium Covers Fresh Air Screen, Hinge, 20x10-inch (Metal Mesh)

Zilla Reptile Terrarium Covers Fresh Air Screen, Hinge,

Provide the refreshing air circulation of a Fresh Air Screen Cover, with the added feeding convenience of a hinged access door. A turn of the star wheel keeps reptiles safely inside, under the protection of tough escape-proof mesh that resists scratches, bites and corrosion. Both the mesh and the steel frame are designed to withstand the high heat from heating and illumination lamps. For even greater peace of mind, add a set of standard or locking cover clips (sold separately.)

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Zilla
  • ASIN: B000QFQ2ZG
  • UPC: 096316670099

DUBIA KING Royal Banquet Ultra Premium Non-GMO Dubia Roach, Cricket and Feeder Insect Chow (1 LB)

DUBIA KING Royal Banquet Ultra Premium Non-GMO Dubia

Royal Banquet Ultra Premium Dubia, Cricket or feeder insect chow. This chow offers 16% protein. We have found that 16% protein is an ideal level for roaches and other feeder insects. It allows optimal growth and health while not being too high in protein to cause Uric acid build up. This Ultra Premium chow has no animal by-products! Made with Non-GMO ORGANIC Ingredients including ORGANIC Corn, ORGANIC Wheat Middlings, ORGANIC roasted Soybeans, ORGANIC Flaxseed Meal, ORGANIC Soybean Meal, ORGANIC Cane Molasses, ORGANIC Alfalfa Meal and a special blend of vitamins and minerals formulated for reptile health with A, B12, Calcium and D3. This is NOT made from Dog, Cat, Turtle, Rabbit, Bird, Fish, Chicken Scratch or any other small animal food! Since the ingredients we use are of the highest quality, that means the food lasts longer and your roaches are bigger and healthier than ever !! We are a private breeder of Dubia roaches along with several reptile species. We maintain a very large breeding colony of Dubia. After selling our roaches and our chow locally for years, we have decided to offer our chow to the public. We now mill our chow to a much finer grade to aid ingestion by smaller crickets and roaches.Not for human consumption. is owned and operated by VSCV Venture...

  • Brand: DUBIA KING
  • ASIN: B0768YGK8N
  • UPC: 860924000308

Extra Long Tweezers 18.9 Inch - Stainless Steel Feeding Tongs Professional Garden Froceps Kit Hobby Hand-Feeding Tool for Aquarium Fishtank, Reptiles Snakes Lizard, Python - Straight Or Curved Tips

Extra Long Tweezers 18.9 Inch - Stainless Steel

Search No More! You Have Arrived At Your Ideal Long Stainless Steel Tweezers From LeBeila Products! ●Product Name LeBeila Long Stainless Steel Tweezers, Thumb Dressing Forceps, Serrated Forceps for Debone Salmon Bass Catfish ● Features ✓Made of stainless steel, long lasting, durable metal, extra-long, extension of your hands, perfect tweezers for removing surgical dressings, cleaning kitchen or aquariums, fish tank, food plating ✓Anti slip clips: has serrated tips and ridged handle to help grip stuff securely without slipping off, comfortable grips on your fingers. Slim design provides precision while using ✓Extra long length ensures security, delicated clips end, no harm to your plants, prevent accident injuries to your small or large pet's mouth ✓Note: The natural openning wide of the tweezers is 1''. Since the tweezers are quite long, they can't clip too heavy stuff, and require strength to use✓Package includes 1 set of straight tweezers, essential unitily ✓Great tools for all types of aquarium or bonsai plants, terrarium, substrate, gravel and other gardening craft accessories ✓Perfect forceps for feeding reptiles, insect, snake, spider, frog, scorpion, etc. can be used as aquatic tong, nippers, etc. ✓Ideal gift for animal feeder and garden keeper, etc. ...

  • Color: Straight-Silver
  • Brand: LeBeila

Wildlife Accessories WAANTRED Trap-It-Ant Trap, Red Carded

Wildlife Accessories WAANTRED Trap-It-Ant Trap, Red

WAANTRED Color: Red Features: -Carded trap. -Protect your hummingbird and oriole feeders. -Made in the USA. Product Type: -Birding Essentials. Country of Manufacture: -United States. Dimensions: -6.75'' H x 4.50 D x 3.25 W.

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Wildlife Accessories
  • UPC: 757848100088

Iusun Lure Bait Finder Night Fishing 12V 8W 180 LEDs 0.9 Amp Draw Boat Submersible Deep Drop Underwater Light with Battery Clip & Power Plug (Black)

Iusun Lure Bait Finder Night Fishing 12V 8W

Feature:With special ability to attract various kinds of fish, this crappie fishing lights makes your fishing journey a less stressful.Super Bright: 180 LEDs arrayed in a 5-sided design to provide a full 360° of light output. The brightness light in market.Built in weight: No added weight required(light-190g,Wire-260g) No more worry about floating.Multi-USE: This fishing light performs equally well in small fishing nets, sea fishing, cage fishing, and light cover net.The principle behind underwater fishing lights is the activation of the marine food chain. Zooplankton and insects are attracted to the light and swim to the surface. Baitfish such as shad, minnows, shrimp, and squid then arrive in pursuit of the plankton. Then, predatory game fish soon follow, and the fishing fun begins. 9 inch length light, easy to store no breakage. 8 watts,0.9 amp draw, ultra-low batteryconsumption (runs 8 X Longer than halogen); Package Content:1x underwater fishing light

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Iusun Fishing Accessories
  • UPC: 701300553073
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