Intrepid Explorer: The Autobiography of the World's Best Mine Finder

Intrepid Explorer: The Autobiography of the World's Best

When seven-year-old Dave Lowell was camped out at his father’s mine in the hills of southern Arizona in 1935, he knew he had found his calling. “Life couldn’t get any better than this,” he recalls. “I didn’t know what science was, but wisps of scientific thought were already working into my plan.” So began the legendary career of the engineer, geologist, explorer, and international businessman whose life is recounted in his own words in this captivating book.An Arizona native with family roots in territorial times, Lowell grew from modest beginnings on a ranch near Nogales to become a major world figure in the fields of minerals, mining, and economic geology. He has personally discovered more copper than anyone in history and has developed multibillion-dollar gold and copper mines that have changed the economies of nations. And although he has consulted for corporations in the field of mining, he has largely operated as an independent agent and explorer, the architect of his own path and success.His life’s story unfolds in four stages: his early education in his field, on-the-job learning at sites in the United States and Mexico, development of exploration strategies, and finally, the launch of his own enterprises and companies. Recurring themes in Lowell’s life...

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Little Traveller: 10 Small Felt Intrepid Explorers and Over 30 Tiny Travel Accessories to Sew!

Little Traveller: 10 Small Felt Intrepid Explorers and

The promise of adventure! The rolling hills, a walk by the sea, or rambling through the woods… who knows what we might see, who we might meet along the way, and where we will end up? This enchanting book contains step-by-step instructions and diagrams for a delightful collection of animals and dolls made from 100% wool hand dyed felt, complete with felt, linen, and knitted accessories. You will find a Hedgehog and his Sleigh; a Snail who lives in a Mailbox; a Girl and her Bear; two Little Sisters and their holiday Tent; a Fox who is all set ready for his next adventure, and many more. These designs are suitable for most toy makers, each brought to life on the page by one of Simone Gooding’s wonderfully whimsical illustrations.

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Salvage Fleet (The Salvage Title Trilogy Book 2)

Salvage Fleet (The Salvage Title Trilogy Book

They couldn’t afford a ship, much less the cost of registering one…and now they need an entire fleet!Harmon Tomeral, along with friends Clip, Zerith, and the artificial intelligence Jayneen, were heroes. Having brought back the battlecruiser Salvage Title from an unknown system, they defeated the alien Squilla and saved their home system of Tretrayon, although they lost the computer holding Jayneen in the battle.But the Squilla are coming back.And, not only are they coming, they have also recruited the alien Krift to help them destroy the Tretrayon system. Their fleet is enormous and will easily defeat the few remaining ships Harmon has to defend the system. Tomeral and Associates are going to need a fleet of their own!In order to get them, though, they need an operational Jayneen, so they will have to go back to her system and find another computer for her to inhabit. If they can. Then they will have to find and convert ships in her home system, hire mercenaries, and buy more ships—none of which Harmon knows anything about—before the Squilla lay waste to their system. The Squilla are coming, and they’re prepared to do whatever it takes to destroy the Tretrayon System, Salvage Title, and, most importantly, Harmon Tomeral! And his time is quickly running out…


Sorel Men's Intrepid Explorer Extreme Snow Boot,Black/Red Quartz,13 M US

Sorel Men's Intrepid Explorer Extreme Snow Boot,Black/Red Quartz,13

KEY FEATURES Omni Heat? Reflective Lining bounces heat back in on you boosting warmth without additional weight Seam Sealed Waterproof construction maintains a dry and comfortable foot in all weather Rated by Sorel for temperatures as low as 100F 73 3C The Sorel Intrepid Explorer XT Winter Boots are not a pair of jumped up sneakers designed to keep city slickers from getting chilly on their way to the bodega These boots offer serious winter protection in the form of fully seam sealed waterproofing locking out snow slush and water and making sure your heat focuses on keeping your warm The Omni Heat? reflective lining on the inside bounces your thermal energy back in on you making these boots so warm that Sorel is confident enough to rate them for temperatures as low as 100F which is about as cold as youre likely to find wherever your adventure takes you SPECSWaterproof Rating Fully Waterproof and Seam SealedClosure Style Lace UpInsulation Type Felt liningFEATURESTaped SeamsInsulatedWaterproofSlip Resistant OutsoleCuff DrawcordRemovable Liner

  • Color: Black/Red Quartz
  • Brand: Sorel
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Cry of the Kalahari

Cry of the

“A remarkable story beautifully told…Among such classics as Goodall’s In the Shadow of Man and Fossey’s Gorillas in the Mist.”—Chicago Tribune Carrying little more than a change of clothes and a pair of binoculars, two young Americans, Mark and Delia Owens, caught a plane to Africa, bought a thirdhand Land Rover, and drove deep into the Kalahari Desert. There they lived for seven years, in an unexplored area with no roads, no people, and no source of water for thousands of square miles. In this vast wilderness the Owenses began their zoology research, working along animals that had never before been exposed to humans. An international bestseller, Cry of the Kalahari is the story of the Owenses’s life with lions, brown hyenas, jackals, giraffes, and the many other creatures they came to know. It is also a gripping account of how they survived the dangers of living in one of the last and largest pristine areas on Earth.

  • Brand: Mariner Books
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Explorers & Pioneers: Intrepid Adventurers Who Achieved the Unthinkable (Real Lives)

Explorers & Pioneers: Intrepid Adventurers Who Achieved the

Young readers will be inspired by these stories of remarkable individuals who changed history and continue to impact our world. Each entry in Real Lives series of books explores how these individuals, through courage and determination, managed to change the world for the better. In Explorers & Pioneers, children will discover stories about people who traveled across land, over and under the sea, and into space to help us expand our horizons beyond ordinary expectations. Includes Sacagawea, Neil Armstrong, Jacques Cousteau, Charles Darwin, Isabella Bird, Yuri Gagarin, Gertrude Bell, and more.These remarkable people came from all four corners of the globe, from all walks of life, and across many different disciplines. There are men and women, musicians and scientists, activists and leaders, athletes and actors, and more. Bold color schemes and a stylized photograph or illustration of the subject make these books hard to resist. Children will be drawn to these visually appealing books and find the stories inside of them fascinating and thought-provoking.

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Intrepid Explorer: James Hector's Explorations in the Canadian Rockies

Intrepid Explorer: James Hector's Explorations in the Canadian

Years before the railway, and with only a network of ramshackle forts to support them, James Hector and his colleagues braved harsh winters, hot summers, unpredictable wildlife, personal conflict, and Native war parties to scout routes through the Rocky Mountains, often with only their wits to keep them alive. The Intrepid Explorer tells the story of the famous Palliser Expedition from the point-of-view of one of its most remarkable members as he looks back on his life during one final visit to Canada in 1903. By the end of his life Sir James Hector had become a world-renowned geologist and explorer, but it was for his exploration of the Rockies that Hector was best remembered. Ernie Lakusta uses journals, newspaper articles, and the original Palliser reports to paint a vivid picture of a true hero of Canadian history, a man whose brush with death is commemorated to this day by the Kicking Horse Pass in British Columbia.

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Intrepid Explorer



Close Up Trouble and Runaway

Close Up Trouble and

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Tender at the Bone: Growing Up at the Table (Random House Reader's Circle)

Tender at the Bone: Growing Up at the

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • “An absolute delight to read . . . How lucky we are that [Ruth Reichl] had the courage to follow her appetite.”—NewsdayAt an early age, Ruth Reichl discovered that “food could be a way of making sense of the world. If you watched people as they ate, you could find out who they were.” Her deliciously crafted memoir Tender at the Bone is the story of a life defined, determined, and enhanced in equal measure by a passion for food, by unforgettable people, and by the love of tales well told. Beginning with her mother, the notorious food-poisoner known as the Queen of Mold, Reichl introduces us to the fascinating characters who shaped her world and tastes, from the gourmand Monsieur du Croix, who served Reichl her first foie gras, to those at her politically correct table in Berkeley who championed the organic food revolution in the 1970s. Spiced with Reichl’s infectious humor and sprinkled with her favorite recipes, Tender at the Bone is a witty and compelling chronicle of a culinary sensualist’s coming-of-age. Featuring a special Afterword by the author and more than a dozen personal family photosPraise for Tender at the Bone“A poignant, yet hilarious, collection of stories about people [Reichl] has known and loved, and who, knowingly ...

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Intrepid Explorer Aromatherapy Diffuser Kit by Organic Aromas - Opulence Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser (White) & The Discovery Collection of 40 Pure Essential Oils and Blends in 2 Milliliter Vials

Intrepid Explorer Aromatherapy Diffuser Kit by Organic Aromas

The aromatherapy world's two newest and most unique products join forces to create the exciting and adventurous Intrepid Explorer Kit. The Intrepid Explorer combines the beauty of the Opulence Nebulizing Diffuser with the variety of the Discovery Collection allowing you to tease your senses with over forty different essential oils, including fourteen single essential oils, ten certified organic essential oils and sixteen exclusive blends only found at Organic Aromas. This set is the perfect way to begin your journey into aromatherapy, experience new scents and enjoy the countless therapeutic benefits essential oils have to offer. The Opulence Nebulizing Diffuser comes with a stylish hand-made ceramic base, shaped with clay and fired in a kiln at 1000 degrees Fahrenheit giving it a glossy finish. It comes in either black or white color. The hand-blown glass reservoir elegantly curves down to join the contour of the ceramic base to form the shape reminiscent of a wine decanter. The Discovery Collection introduces an assortment of 40 different scents in 2ml bottles allowing you the chance to uncover a range of aromas without any unnecessary waste or expense. Expand your essential oil education and knowledge by creating new blends or simply enjoy some of the most popular single oils ...

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Organic Aromas
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AP Exhaust 608214 Catalytic Converter

AP Exhaust 608214 Catalytic

608214 AP Exhaust Products 2" HD Universal Round Body Catalytic Converter

  • Brand: AP Exhaust Products
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An American Genocide: The United States and the California Indian Catastrophe, 1846-1873 (The Lamar Series in Western History)

An American Genocide: The United States and the

The first full account of the government-sanctioned genocide of California Indians under United States rule Between 1846 and 1873, California’s Indian population plunged from perhaps 150,000 to 30,000. Benjamin Madley is the first historian to uncover the full extent of the slaughter, the involvement of state and federal officials, the taxpayer dollars that supported the violence, indigenous resistance, who did the killing, and why the killings ended. This deeply researched book is a comprehensive and chilling history of an American genocide.    Madley describes pre-contact California and precursors to the genocide before explaining how the Gold Rush stirred vigilante violence against California Indians. He narrates the rise of a state-sanctioned killing machine and the broad societal, judicial, and political support for genocide. Many participated: vigilantes, volunteer state militiamen, U.S. Army soldiers, U.S. congressmen, California governors, and others. The state and federal governments spent at least $1,700,000 on campaigns against California Indians. Besides evaluating government officials’ culpability, Madley considers why the slaughter constituted genocide and how other possible genocides within and beyond the Americas might be investigated using the methods prese...

  • Brand: YALE
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Metra 40-CR10 Chrysler 2001-Up Car Antenna Adapter

Metra 40-CR10 Chrysler 2001-Up Car Antenna

Antenna to Radio Adapter Cable for Select 2001-Up Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, and Jeep Vehicles.

  • Color: BLACK
  • Brand: Metra
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Motorup America Baby Car Seat Kick Mat Cover Protector for Children - Fits Select Vehicles Car Truck Van SUV

Motorup America Baby Car Seat Kick Mat Cover

Protect your car seat from your passenger's dirty foot prints with our protective seat kick mats.

  • Brand: Motorup America
  • ASIN: B07HGGQW15
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Desert Queen: The Extraordinary Life of Gertrude Bell: Adventurer, Adviser to Kings, Ally of Lawrence of Arabia

Desert Queen: The Extraordinary Life of Gertrude Bell:

This “richly textured biography” (Chicago Tribune) inspired the mesmerizing documentary, Letters from Baghdad, soon to air on public television.Here is the story of Gertrude Bell, who explored, mapped, and excavated the Arab world throughout the early twentieth century. Recruited by British intelligence during World War I, she played a crucial role in obtaining the loyalty of Arab leaders, and her connections and information provided the brains to match T. E. Lawrence's brawn. After the war, she played a major role in creating the modern Middle East and was, at the time, considered the most powerful woman in the British Empire.   In this masterful biography, Janet Wallach shows us the woman behind these achievements–a woman whose passion and defiant independence were at odds with the confined and custom-bound England she left behind. Too long eclipsed by Lawrence, Gertrude Bell emerges at last in her own right as a vital player on the stage of modern history, and as a woman whose life was both a heartbreaking story and a grand adventure.

  • Brand: Brand: Anchor
  • ASIN: 1400096197

Mike Madison, Intrepid Explorer (A Dan Madison and Mike Madison Adventure Book 1)

Mike Madison, Intrepid Explorer (A Dan Madison and

A family adventure involving voodoo, a missing fortune in gold, and a terrorist plot--the Madison family employs technology and a network of friends in their efforts to keep the family, and the world, safe.


A Passion for Mars: Intrepid Explorers of the Red Planet

A Passion for Mars: Intrepid Explorers of the

The quest for Mars is chronicled by bestselling author Andrew Chaikin in this story of a passionate band of Earthbound explorers caught in the irresistible pull of the Red Planet. They include celebrated figures: astronomer Carl Sagan, who champions the idea of life on Mars-; rocket scientist Wernher von Braun, drawing up plans for human Mars expeditions; and science-fiction author Ray Bradbury, standard-bearer for Mars€™s crucial place in human destiny. Readers also meet the rogue grad students known as the “Mars Underground,€ keepers of the flame when Mars falls off NASA€™s radar

  • Brand: Brand: Abrams
  • ASIN: 0810972743

Outsystem: A Military Science Fiction Space Opera Epic (Aeon 14: The Intrepid Saga Book 1)

Outsystem: A Military Science Fiction Space Opera Epic

In 4123, the greatest colony ship ever built is leaving the Sol System.... and Major Tanis Richards has secured a berth.Demoted by the military and hung out to dry, the media calls Tanis the Butcher of Toro. But despite her soiled record, she's still one of the best military counterinsurgency officers in the Terran Space Force.Her background and skill are what cause the colony leaders to bring Tanis on, assigning her the task of stopping the terrorists who are attempting to destroy the colony ship during the final phases of its construction at the Mars Outer Shipyards.Getting the job done will be her ticket out of the Sol System, but Tanis discovers she is up against more than terrorists, mercenaries, and assassins. Major corporations and governments have a vested interest in ensuring that the Intrepid never leaves Sol, ultimately pitting Tanis against factions inside her own military.With few friends left, Tanis will need to fight for her life to get outsystem.Reading OrderThe Aeon 14 universe is vast and growing quickly. To help you know where to go next, pick up the handy dandy FREE READING GUIDE: M. D. Cooper & Aeon 14M. D. Cooper is a New York Times bestselling author who has envisioned a rich future for humanity,one where planet-sized megastruc...

  • ASIN: B008GZ8HEM

Destiny Rising - A Hard Military Space Opera Epic: The Intrepid Saga - Books 1 & 2

Destiny Rising - A Hard Military Space Opera

Destiny Rising is an extended edition of Outsystem and A Path in the Darknes, the first two books in The Intrepid Saga. It is re-structured and re-edited and contains over 100 pages of new content, including a new opening to the series.The Sol Space Federation has stood for a over thousand years, controlling every world within Sol's heliopause.Lieutenant Colonel Tanis Richards has given her life for the Terran Space Force time and time again. But now, deep within the hollowed out core of the Toro asteroid, the military has asked too much.Commander Joseph Evens has flown starfighters in the deep black for years, but when he is sent on a mission to blockade a federation member’s capital world, he wonders what he has put his faith in.The Sol Space Federation has bound the worlds and habitats of the Sol System together since the end of the second Solar War, but that was long ago, and the old alliances, which were forged with the Phobos Accords, are now all but forgotten. Beyond Sol’s heliopause, the Future Generation Terraformers create new worlds for humanity to spread to, and back home, the Generation Ship Service commissions great colony ships to reach those worlds. One such ship is the GSS Intrepid, and it is on this ship that Joseph and Tanis meet after deciding that they wi...

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