Iris Folding 2: 29 Designs for Cards and Scrapbooks

Iris Folding 2: 29 Designs for Cards and

Learn exciting ways to intricately fold designs in cards and scrapbook pages.

  • Brand: Design Originals
  • ASIN: 1574216392

Iris Folding Stylish Greeting Cards

Iris Folding Stylish Greeting

This is the tenth book about Iris folding. In this book you will find all new patterns and instructions for 10 new Iris patterns that include: Diamonds,duck,bib,tree,snowflake, Candy jar, dragon fly, cross pattern, christmas decoration, mini candles, star and a robin. Each pattern has many different examples of how to complete the finshed design.

  • ASIN: 9058776301

Iris Folding for Celebrations (Craft Special)

Iris Folding for Celebrations (Craft

The festive days of a year have been the inspiration for the patterns in this book. There are cards with exuberant colour combinations and others with more modest shades. This allows you to turn each card into your own little masterpiece. Celebrate the festive days together with Maruscha and Tine. The patterns in this book are: Techniques, Materials, Hexagons, Playing with hexagons, Guitar and musical note, Flags sweets, Celtic star, Pinecone and holly, Pumpkins, Hourglass and wineglass.

  • Brand: Brand: Forte Publishers
  • ASIN: 9058774031

130 New Iris Folded Cards to Make

130 New Iris Folded Cards to

Iris folding is a simple technique that involves folding papers to create beautiful, spiralling patterns that are similar in shape to the iris aperture of a camera. In this book, Maruscha Gaasenbeek shares with you her love of iris folding, providing templates and clear instructions for 130 beautiful greetings cards based on iris-folded designs. It combines three previously published books by the same author: Iris Folding With Love, Iris Folding For Fun and Iris Folding a Full Year, and represents a fantastic source of inspiration and ideas for cards for all occasions.

  • Brand: Brand: Search Press
  • ASIN: 1844486109

Iris Folding: Spiral Folding for Paper Arts - Cards, Scrapbooks, Altered Books & More (Design Originals)

Iris Folding: Spiral Folding for Paper Arts -

Iris folding made easy- a great way to frame small photos, embellish bags and pages, and give focus to objects.

  • Brand: Design Originals
  • ASIN: 1574215353

The Simplicity of Iris Folding

The Simplicity of Iris

Iris Folding is a fun and exciting way for all people to make spectacular greeting cards and framed art! This craft, using a simple paper folding technique, is done using a template, cardstock and colored paper strips. Some of the most popular papers used are colored envelopes, gift wrap, origami and scrap-booking papers, and holographic paper. This book is packed with over 40 full-sized templates and patterns, designed to fit a 5x7 greeting card or frame. It also includes something you won't find in other Iris Folding books. You will find instructions on how to make your own patterns and templates using a very simple method. Also, the book would not be complete without including four pages filled with greetings for placing inside your greeting cards. This could be the only book you'll ever need on Iris Folding!

  • Brand: Brand: Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
  • ASIN: 1598584278

Iris Folding Papers for Cards, Scrapbooks, Altered Art & More! (Design Originals) 45 Beautiful Designs on 24 High-Quality Papers, Plus Instructions, Tips, & a Beginner's Pattern for an Iris Aperture

Iris Folding Papers for Cards, Scrapbooks, Altered Art

Warning: Iris folding can be addictive! If you know how to count, you know half the technique already! But if you're just beginning, you'll find a beginner's pattern for a Star Card iris aperture, plus all the instructions and tips you need right here inside Iris Folding Papers. Paper folding has been a recurring theme in crafts for many years. But finding colorful lightweight papers can be a problem. The wonderful paper designs included in this book were created to coordinate with many easily accessible papers that are already on the market—and to offer some fun alternative acid-free papers for your projects! Iris folding is a lovely way to frame small photos and give focus to precious objects, as the center of most iris designs is the perfect place and size to feature them. You can use the trimmed strips to decorate scrapbooks, greeting cards, notecards, photo albums, journals, and more! The pages inside Iris Folding Papers are high-quality, but not so thick as to make it difficult to fold. The papers are filled with stylish designs in muted, attractive colors, so that you can find the perfect match for your next papercrafting project!

  • Brand: Design Originals
  • ASIN: 1574212540

Elegant Iris Folding (Craft Special)

Elegant Iris Folding (Craft

The book Elegant Iris Folding as been inspired by the various events that occur in our lives such as moving into a new house, marriage, a party, the different seasons and of course Christmas. These events give you the opportunity to make an elegant card, thus the book Elegant Iris Folding. The book has the following different patterns and designs pentagon, house, diamond, large triangles, baskets, cake, beautiful rose, small spruce tree, Christmas decoration ball design and comets. Complete instructions and illustrations for all patterns that use the new Iris Papers. Fun and easy for all ages.

  • ASIN: 9058773221

Iris Folding: Festive Iris Folding (Craft Special)

Iris Folding: Festive Iris Folding (Craft

Iris folding is the a craft of folding small strips of paper and laying these in a pattern design over top of an opening in your card stock. The craft can be done using any sort of colour paper. Iris Folding orginally was developed using printed envelopes as your folding papers. This book contains the basic instructions materials needed and the folding patterns for flowers, circles, hearts,chick, baby booties and more. A very beautiful way of making a card or design. All you need is this book to start this wonderful card making hobby.

  • Brand: Brand: Forte Uitgevers
  • ASIN: 9058771776

Iris Folding For Winter

Iris Folding For

The book Iris Folding for Winter is full of beautiful designs for Winter, Fall and Christmas. Such as: leaves, mushroom, tea cups, coffee pot, pear, Christmas tree, Christmas ball decoration, lantern and more. Another wonderful pattern book to make those special paper folded cards. The is a craft that can be done by all ages and with no experience. Follow the complete instructions enclosed in each book for the technique and patterns.

  • ASIN: 9058772012
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