SEAC Shout Camo S700, Long Fins for Scuba Diving, Spearfishing and Freediving

SEAC Shout Camo S700, Long Fins for Scuba

Spearfishing, apnea, freediving. If you are looking for long fins that meet all your passions, with Seac Shout Camo you have all the safety of a quality product that is Made in Italy and able to offer great performance. The Seac Shout Camo fins are appreciated by divers around the world for the comfort of the fit and for the return thrust of the blade that allow you to enjoy your sport for longer with less effort. In the latest edition of this successful model, Sea sub S. p. A. offers the Seac Shout Camo fins in 2 different colors: grey and green. They are available in 5 sizes: 6. 5-7, 8-8. 5, 9. 5-10, 11-12, 12. 5-13. 5. The closed liner of the Seac Shout Camo scuba diving and diving fins is already designed to be used with 2. 5mm neoprene boots; if you use neoprene socks of this thickness, it is advisable, therefore, to buy the shoe size usually worn every day.

  • Color: green
  • Brand: SEAC
  • ASIN: B078HHN928
  • UPC: 887728105985

Cressi Gara Professional LD [44/45]

Cressi Gara Professional LD

The Gara Professional LD is a high performance fin and requires minimum effort to load the long blades and is an excellent choice for deep freediving and spearfishing, yet are more forgiving than other long blade fins for the untrained legs. It is ideal for long distance swimming or for beginners not previously used to using a long blade fin, but can provide the power and efficiency for any experience level while deep freediving and spearing. The blade is made from a special elastomer polypropylene which gives a longer lasting, more fluid, softer kick that is less demanding, making it ideal for covering long distances. The use of this new engineering plastic is less reactive and nervous than the Compoflex used in the Gara Professional. It s progressive and well controlled blade flexibility which gives an extremely fluid kick. Together with the exceptional lightness and no dispersion of effort, the kick is more effective and pleasant than ever. The shoe pocket on the Gara Professional LD has been designed so that it is positioned under the actual blade. This characteristic, together with a perfect union between blade and foot, contributes to reducing effort and energy dispersion as much as possible during the kick. The anatomy of the foot pocket has been re-designed and, if possib...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Cressi
  • ASIN: B003D2C3ZM
  • UPC: 843607029650

SEAC Motus Long Blade Spearfishing Freediving Fins (Pair), Black, M Size US 9-10 /EU 43-44 / W Size 10-11

SEAC Motus Long Blade Spearfishing Freediving Fins (Pair),

Seac's new motus diving fins come with an interchangeable blade made using a special techno polymer with a formulation focused on the blade's flexibility and reactivity. Foot pocket is comprised of hard thermoplastic rubber with dual material density hard in the sole and ribbing soft for the foot-that optimizes comfort and performance. Features 22-degree angle between blade and foot to optimize power of the thrust with less effort.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: SEAC
  • ASIN: B0758NM82C
  • UPC: 647732668063



Rob Allen Scorpia fins are one of the best fitting, most durable freediving fins available today. 

  • Color: Green
  • Brand: Rob Allen
  • UPC: 648609798982

Cressi Men's Gara 3000 LD Long Distane Long Blade Diving Fins, 10-11 (with Bag)

Cressi Men's Gara 3000 LD Long Distane Long

The Gara 3000 LD Long Distance Diving Fins are identical to the legendary Gara 3000, except they are made with a softer blade material that's more conducive to long-distance diving. These fins have evolved from the original due to diving enthusiasts' need for increasingly powerful fins with less demand than the Gara 3000 fins. Less muscle effort is required for kicking, so divers can use them for longer periods of time without the worry of leg fatigue. The softer blade is very suitable for use in cold water and comes with a full manufacturer's warranty. Cressi is owned and operated by a PADI Master scuba diving instructor. Features: Fins designed for long-distance diving Made of softer blade material than the original Gara 3000 Requires less muscle effort for kicking; lessens leg fatigue Cressi is owned by a PADI Master scuba diving instructor Comes complete with a full manufacturer warranty

  • Color: Grey w/Bag
  • Brand: Cressi
  • ASIN: B00846ZU3O
  • UPC: 608819925660

Cressi Pro Light, blue, S/M

Cressi Pro Light, blue,

Pro Light is more powerful, and is easy to use than any fin on the market. The unique polypropylene blade material provides a variable flex that adjusts during the kicking cycle. The blade is extremely flexible and has snap requiring less kicking effort. The side stringers that extend all along the blade and two flaps situated along the end of the blade itself make the fin very directional. Cressi is the first company to recognize the performance value of the foot pocket. The Pro Light's foot pocket is made of a comfortable elastomer material and is computer designed to give ideal transmission of leg-fin thrust the blade becomes a true extension of your leg. The blade originates from the upper part of the foot pocket, with a 20% increase in useful surface area compared to a traditional fin of the same length. The unique foot pocket design keeps the diver's heel from extending over the end of the foot pocket. This transfers the kicking load to the diver's heel, rather than the middle of the foot and eliminates foot fatigue and cramping. Pro light's foot pocket is extra wide with soft expansion sides for extreme comfort. Fin is equipped with impact and corrosion resistant quick-release buckles with quality rubber straps.

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Cressi
  • UPC: 843607000871

Mares Razor Pro Spearfishing Freediving Long Blade Fins, Black Grey, Size 8.5/9.5 (43/44)

Mares Razor Pro Spearfishing Freediving Long Blade Fins,

Techno-polymer construction, interchangeable blade design - the foot pocket is incredibly comfortable due to the design developed in collaboration with a leading Italian foot (podology) clinic. Its shapes and the extra thickness on the instep and the tensioners under the arch have been meticulously researched to convey the maximum amount of energy produced to the blade,.

  • Color: Black Grey
  • Brand: Mares
  • ASIN: B0057FV4S0
  • UPC: 768225154211

Freedive Hunter Freediving Fins (10-11)

Freedive Hunter Freediving Fins

At MAKO Spearguns we pride ourselves on producing some of the highest quality freedive fins available. These freedive fins have fixed blades (permanently attached to the foot pockets) and are very good quality freedive fins. The foot pockets are made of the same thermoplastic rubber used in high end foot pockets. These foot pockets are soft for comfort where needed, but stiffer where needed for increased transfer of energy. The blade is made of a highly flexible yet strong Polypropylene composite material, designed to maximize thrust and stability. This is no cheap, off the shelf, fin found at sporting goods stores. These are probably the finest entry level dive fins available. Available in three sizes: Size 8-9 Size 10-11 Size 12-13

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: MAKO Spearguns
  • ASIN: B00NH5EO7U

Cressi Clio (black) [41/42]

Cressi Clio (black)

Colorful and functional, the Clio has been a staple of the Cressi fin line for many years. The non-vented blade is made with flexible, crack-resistant EVA plastic. The thermo-rubber foot pocket has been carefully designed to provide maximum efficiency and comfort. The heel of the fin features a tab to allow for quick and easy donning and doffing. The Clio provides a fluid and effortless kick, perfect for children and adults alike. With comfort as our priority, these fins are ideal for prolonged use for swimming, snorkeling, and freediving. The Clio is designed and manufactured in Italy by Cressi, a brand pioneer in Scuba Diving, Snorkeling and Freediving equipment since 1946. This product is covered by a 2-year limited .

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Cressi
  • ASIN: B0014EXKY4
  • UPC: 843607002158

Cressi Gara 2000 HF, 43/44

Cressi Gara 2000 HF,

The first fin in the world made by combining three different materials, a process that Cressi perfected and patented with this fin, which s unsurpassable performance. The blade is made from a special, incredibly reactive polypropylene, which is at the same time extremely light, and progressively charges up during the stride to take off like a spring at the exact moment the stride is inverted. A soft elastomer anatomically wraps around the foot, blocking it with a comfortable bite, which s perfect transmission of the leg-fin thrust. A suitably solid copolymer hardens some critical zones of the foot, and is extended along the sides in two lateral stringers, which go halfway along the blade. The function of these stringers, assisted by special raised bands on the bottom of the blade, is to regulate and harmonize the bending, at the same time protecting it from shocks and abrasions. The fins are extraordinarily light compared to equivalent models of rubber footed fins and reduces the inertial masses to the minimum, to the full advantage of the effort-efficiency ratio. This fin is designed for deep skin-diving, although some Scuba professionals and instructors appreciate it a great deal. Can comfortably be worn with or without neoprene socks.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Cressi
  • ASIN: B0014F1J7S
  • UPC: 843607001014
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