L-R-G / The Maze / S II Examples

L-R-G / The Maze / S II

Originally a 2-LP set, this CD contains all of the original recording: L-R-G, a trio for reeds (Mitchell), high brass (Leo Smith) and low brass (George Lewis), The Maze, an octet for all kinds of percussion (Mitchell, Thurman Barker, Anthony Braxton, Douglas Ewart, Malachi Favors, Joseph Jarman, Don Moye and Henry Threadgill) and finally a solo soprano saxophone piece titled S II Examples. This collections presents Roscoe in his thoughtful/composition mode. Nothing to really hurt the ears and much to stretch the mind. Remastered by Rudy Van Gelder.

  • ASIN: B001E4441C
  • UPC: 827020001424

Future Vs Rich Homie Quan by Lrg Ent

Future Vs Rich Homie Quan by Lrg


A Wanted Man: A Jack Reacher Novel (Jack Reacher Novels)

A Wanted Man: A Jack Reacher Novel (Jack

A masterpiece of suspense from #1 New York Times bestselling author Lee Child   Four people in a car, hoping to make Chicago by morning. One man driving, eyes on the road. Another man next to him, telling stories that don’t add up. A woman in the back, silent and worried. And next to her, a huge man with a broken nose, hitching a ride east to Virginia.   An hour behind them, a man lies stabbed to death in an old pumping station. He was seen going in with two others, but he never came out. He has been executed, the knife work professional, the killers vanished. Within minutes, the police are notified. Within hours, the FBI descends, laying claim to the victim without ever saying who he was or why he was there.   All Reacher wanted was a ride to Virginia. All he did was stick out his thumb. But he soon discovers he has hitched more than a ride. He has tied himself to a massive conspiracy that makes him a threat—to both sides at once.   In Lee Child’s white-hot thriller, nothing is what it seems, and nobody is telling the truth. As the tension rises, the twists come fast and furious, keeping readers guessing and gasping until the explosive finale.   Praise for #1 bestselling author Lee Child and his Reacher series   “Child is a superb craftsman of suspense.”—Entert...

  • ASIN: 0307990850

We Been Had Hitz by Lrg Ent

We Been Had Hitz by Lrg

  • ASIN: B019GM0JCQ

Da Takeover by Lrg Ent

Da Takeover by Lrg


L-R-G / The Maze / S II Examples by Roscoe Mitchell (2008-10-21)

L-R-G / The Maze / S II Examples


Never Give Up by Lrg Ent

Never Give Up by Lrg


Chronicle of the Russian Tsars: The Reign-by-Reign Record of the Rulers of Imperial Russia

Chronicle of the Russian Tsars: The Reign-by-Reign Record

This new Chronicle documents the lives of tsars famous and infamous in a lively series of biographical portraits stretching from the late fifteenth to the early twentieth centuries. Discover the facts behind the reputations of rulers such as Ivan the Terrible, whose reign of terror was unparalleled in Russian history until Stalin; Peter the Great, dynamic reformer and dedicated Westernizer; Catherine the Great, the determined young German princess who usurped power and is remembered for her interest in the Enlightenment and for her colorful private life; and the last tsar, Nicholas II, vainly endeavoring to cope in a period of devastating change. Here too are the less familiar but equally intriguing personalities who occupied Russia's imperial throne: the pious but feeble Feodor I, the warm-hearted and irascible Alexei Mikhailovich, and the Empress Anna, with her taste for cruel practical jokes. Chronicle of the Russian Tsars also introduces the key debates of Russian history. How did a small principality centered on Moscow develop into a vast empire stretching from the Baltic to the Pacific? What part did the Orthodox Church play in the rise of tsarism? Why did Russia develop political and social institutions so different from those of the West? With its comprehensive timelines,...

  • ASIN: 0500050937

Money Mafia Music 2 by Drake, Meek Mill, Chief Keef (March 12, 2013) Audio CD

Money Mafia Music 2 by Drake, Meek Mill,

  • ASIN: B00C9R5MW8

Usual Suspects: Wayne & Future

Usual Suspects: Wayne &

  • UPC: 783489856220

Tha Carter V

Tha Carter

In May 2014, Lil Wayne's longtime record producer, former Cash Money artist Mannie Fresh, announced he would be reuniting with Wayne on Tha Carter V. The collaboration marks the first time in 10 years that Fresh and Wayne worked together, not since 2004, when Wayne released Tha Carter and Fresh subsequently severed ties with the Cash Money Records.Also in May 2014, Atlanta-based rapper and producer Soulja Boy, who previously produced "Wowzerz" from I Am Not a Human Being II (2013) for Lil Wayne, announced he was working with Wayne on the fifth installment of Tha Carter series.In June 2014, Atlanta-based record producer Mike Will Made It, revealed "I got three records with Lil Wayne for Tha Carter V"

  • UPC: 632687001324

Piru Dreams


  • UPC: 682364076626

The Tru University

The Tru

  • Brand: Tru
  • UPC: 682364540820

Money Mafia Music Vol. 2

Money Mafia Music Vol.

  • ASIN: B00BC0JI0K
  • UPC: 682364808128


  • Brand: Bugatti
  • ASIN: B00D0CSKY8
  • UPC: 682364074424


  • UPC: 640213884020

Jezzy Vs Gucci

Jezzy Vs

  • Brand: Gucci
  • ASIN: B00CFYD61E
  • UPC: 682364569128

Maybach Hustle


  • UPC: 632687356424

Game of Thrones

Game of

  • UPC: 682364885921

Sweet Thang



  • ASIN: B00000JMIZ
  • UPC: 765481853025



  • ASIN: B00CFYD632
  • UPC: 682364578625

Lost Album 1

Lost Album

  • UPC: 783489478729

Molly World


  • ASIN: B00CFYD4U2
  • UPC: 682364557026

My Life

My Life

  • ASIN: B00JEK4A3A
  • UPC: 632687747529

Usual Suspects


  • UPC: 682364523526

Triple Beam Dreams

Triple Beam

  • UPC: 682364881121

Money Mafia 5

Money Mafia

  • UPC: 640213731577

Kilos Bricks Maybachs 2

Kilos Bricks Maybachs

  • UPC: 783489115624

King Hustle


  • UPC: 783489003525

Mafia Music 4

Mafia Music

  • UPC: 682364666629

3 Kings

3 Kings

  • Brand: New Day
  • ASIN: B009GGWW0K
  • UPC: 682364888724

Never Say Never

Never Say

1. Complicated 2. Never Say Never 3. Dizzy 4. Near The End (Feat. Freddie Gibbs) 5. Ahh Yea 6. Dear Heartache 7. Lush Life (Feat. XV) 8. Believe (Feat. Avriel Epps) 9. Twenty Something 10. Understand 11. She's Leaving Home 12. Nice 13. Be Alright 14. On My Way

  • ASIN: B007Q3F7GG

Maybach Hustle by Ross, Rick (2014-06-10)

Maybach Hustle by Ross, Rick

Brand new

  • ASIN: B013H1IO5Q
  • UPC: 792361355959

Don't Bring Me Down

Don't Bring Me

Brand New

  • UPC: 791305207804

Triple Beam Dreams by Young Jeezy (2012-10-23)

Triple Beam Dreams by Young Jeezy

Brand New

  • ASIN: B01MD013QZ
  • UPC: 782857660056

My Story by Drake & 2chainz (2013-05-04)

My Story by Drake & 2chainz

  • ASIN: B01G7OKHS2
  • UPC: 791687959728

Candyland by Ross (2013-05-04)

Candyland by Ross

  • ASIN: B01G64ZTJK

Prime Time Plays

Prime Time

  • UPC: 682364070525

Coast to Coast

Coast to

10 Tracks

  • ASIN: B000K5WEPE

Game of Thrones by Kanye West (2013-05-04)

Game of Thrones by Kanye West

  • ASIN: B01G65W55A
  • UPC: 792837463034
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