ScubaPro Synergy 2 TruFit Mirrored Single Lens Mask,Black/Silver/Mirror

ScubaPro Synergy 2 TruFit Mirrored Single Lens

Called the most comfortable dive mask on the market, you have only to try on a SYNERGY 2 TWIN TRUFIT to feel the difference.

  • Color: Black/Silver/Mirror
  • Brand: Scubapro

Cressi Metis, black, mirrored lenses

Cressi Metis, black, mirrored

The metis is a two-window mask suitable for scuba diving and also for snorkeling. The skirt is completely made in high quality Silicone, a more comfortable and long lasting material than the traditional plastic PVC. The Silicone skirt allows to be Fitted from different kinds of face shapes and ensure a perfect seal. Also the strap is made in Silicone and it is large and wide behind the neck to ensure a tight fit and comfort. The length of the strap is easy to adjust thanks to the simple push of the wide buckles. You can choose different kind of lenses, colored or mirrored, to increase the view underwater. All the lenses are made in tempered glass to ensure shatterproof and scratch resistant. The nose pocket is soft and easy to access to be use with only two fingers for proper equalization, also wearing gloves.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Cressi
  • UPC: 843607565899

Synergy Twin Dive Mask, W/ Mirrored Lens, Silver

Synergy Twin Dive Mask, W/ Mirrored Lens,

This NEW Trufit ultra-soft skirt has been technically developed to not only fit any and every face shape, but also incorporates a unique rigidity allowing perfect seal and comfort. Rather than consisting of two separate materials, the NEW Trufit skirt has been achieved using two different thicknesses of the same high quality silicone in one skirt, assuring total comfort and sophisticated simplicity

  • Brand: Scubapro
  • UPC: 738759969568

Cressi DS336950 Scuba Diving Big Eyes Evolution Mask Black/HD Mirrored Lenses

Cressi DS336950 Scuba Diving Big Eyes Evolution Mask

Scuba Choice is a retail and wholesale online company for scuba diving accessories. All of our products are provided directly from manufacturers. Customers can save up to 50% off the retailing price.

  • Color: Black/Black
  • Brand: Cressi
  • UPC: 843607507462

Aqua Sphere Kayenne Swim Goggles with Mirrored Lens (Gray/Lime).

Aqua Sphere Kayenne Swim Goggles with Mirrored Lens

Aqua Sphere is dedicated to meeting the needs of everyday swimmers who enjoy swimming at a variety of levels and for a variety of reasons: fun, fitness, competitive swimming and more. We developed an innovative range of premium products from swim goggles, wetsuits, and footwear. COMFORTABLE & FUNCTIONAL An essential in smooth swimming, Aqua Sphere has been evolving and perfecting their highly functional swim goggles for many years. Tried and trusted with comfort and performance, the Kayenne design fits men and women and swimmers of all experience levels. ALL IN THE DETAILS There’s nothing simple about the Kayenne Swim Goggles. Every little detail offers the highest quality and maximum comfort from the wide-view lens visibility to the 100% UVA/UVB protection and the anti-fog scratch resistant material. REVOLUTION IN HIGH-STANDARDSThrough continued research and testing, Aqua Sphere products have evolved into industry-leading swimming gear for the safety and enjoyment people worldwide. Studies and experimentations keep standards high and products revolutionary to meet the needs of swimmers and water exercise enthusiasts. COMMITTED TO OUR OCEANSAqua Sphere and Aqua Lung’s commitment lies not only in fun, but we are forever loyal to our planet. Finding passion and privilege in cr...

  • Color: Mirrored Lens / Black & Lime
  • Brand: Aqua Sphere
  • ASIN: B00O4TN2BW
  • UPC: 885941027893

Scubapro Spectra Mini Mask with Mirrored Lens

Scubapro Spectra Mini Mask with Mirrored

The most important consideration in mask selection is fit. No two faces are alike, and the SCUBAPRO broad range takes individual differences into account. The basic difference in masks lies in the number of lenses. Single-lens masks were the first developed and remain a popular choice worldwide because they provide a broad, uninterrupted view. With the advent of silicone skirts, twin-lens masks have become increasingly popular because they typically lower internal volume, making clearing easier.

  • Color: Black Silver Mirrored Lens
  • Brand: Scubapro

Omer Allien Mask with Mirror Lenses, Black, Universal

Omer Allien Mask with Mirror Lenses, Black,

The Omer Alien mask is low volume mask designed specifically for spearfishing but also ideal for scuba diving. The two lens design allows the Alien to sit close to your face minimizing the internal volume which facilitates equalization. The low volume and larger lenses also provide an almost unobstructed field of view. The frame structure has been minimized and the mask strap attaches directly to the skirt further reducing weight and streamlining the overall profile. The mask skirt is made of high grade hypoallergenic silicone and is non transparent in all colors to eliminate the lens glare that occurs with transparent skirts. Skirt shape has been carefully designed to fit a wide range of faces with excellent comfort even when worn for long periods of time. All this creates an ideal mask for spear fishing. The dual lenses are made from Tempered glass and the mask is equipped with an easy-to-reach one-hand nose pocket for ear equalization which can be utilized even when wearing thick gloves.

  • Color: Black Silicone
  • Brand: Omer
  • ASIN: B00JK6JLQ4

IST Scuba Diving Mask Proteus Mirrored Lens MP201BSM

IST Scuba Diving Mask Proteus Mirrored Lens

PROTEUS is one of the best masks IST makes to date. It does not just perform everything a dive mask should; it does it with comfort and more. Fitting is often the paramount criteria for most divers when it comes to a dive mask selection. Thanks to the varied-thickness construction, the hypoallergenic skirt is soft yet it will not yield due to increased pressure and depth. The nose pocket is easily accessible irrespective of the thickness of the gloves used. The MP201 has a larger field of vision compared to its cousin the Bluetech (M88). Despite the increase, the internal volume remains small because the lenses are brought closer to the eyes. The strap buckles are attached directly to the skirt (not the frame, unlike some designs) so they will not interfere with fitting, especially when it comes to people with wider facial profile.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: IST
  • UPC: 035127241661

SOJOS Cateye Sunglasses for Women Fashion Mirrored Lens Metal Frame SJ1086 with Gold Frame/Gradient Pink Mirrored Lens

SOJOS Cateye Sunglasses for Women Fashion Mirrored Lens

  • Color: 0c2 Gold Frame/Gradient Pink Mirrored Lens
  • Brand: SOJOS
  • UPC: 661066478211

OMER Unisex-Adult Apnea Monolens Mirror Mask Black

OMER Unisex-Adult Apnea Monolens Mirror Mask

Redefine equalization on your next dive. Made specifically for freediving and spearfishing, the Omer Apnea Single-Lens Low-Volume Dive Mask is a low-volume mask with a single lens frame for easy equalization and excellent visibility. The nose pocket has an exclusive thinner silicone texture that makes equalization easy. The low-profile bring the lenses closer to the face, giving you a wider field of vision and letting you save air when equalizing. The frameless and soft silicone skirt provide a leak-proof, secure fit that will serve most faces. The buckles are attached to the frameless skirt, enabling the strap to feel comfortable and secure from any angle. The single lens is made from tempered glass for excellent durability. Go as down as you can with this Omer Apnea Single-Lens Low-Volume Dive Mask. Low volume mask Frameless soft silicone skirt for a leak-proof fit Single lens for high visibility Thin, flexible nose with a textured finish that helps equalization

  • Brand: Omer
  • ASIN: B01G1NPR1Q
  • UPC: 886440029371
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