Sesame Street Essentials Collection - Milestones (3 Pack)

Sesame Street Essentials Collection - Milestones (3

Ready for School: It's time to get ready for school! Gabi and Miles are graduating from high school, and they share their favorite school memories with Elmo. They remember singing and dancing, showing their drawings to their class, and learning how to share. Baby Bear remembers how nervous he was on his first day at Storybook Community School, and how Mother Goose made him feel so much better. Now Elmo is so excited about school that he cannot wait to start! Join Elmo and friends on this delightful DVD, "chalk" full of fun songs and silly characters. Bedtime With Elmo: It's bedtime on Sesame Street! Just like all little kids, Elmo and Abby would rather make funny faces and sing silly songs than go to sleep. Luckily, Elmo's dad Louie knows just how to deal with extra glasses of water and little monsters who are afraid of the dark. Parents will love practical strategies Louie uses to get Elmo and Abby to go to bed, and children will love snuggling under the covers with this timeless DVD. Featuring the special extra of Andrea Bocelli singing "Time To Say Goodnight" to Elmo. Elmo Visits the Doctor: Join Elmo on his first trip to the doctor's office! Elmo and his Sesame Street friends learn how going to the doctor can help an ear ache, a fever, and a stuffy nose feel better. Loaded wi...

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  • ASIN: B004K8X0VY
  • UPC: 854392002216

I Am Cuba

I Am

A most acclaimed discovery, I Am Cuba will change your view of cinema forever! Filmed by great Russian director Mikhail Kalatozov (The Cranes Are Flying), I Am Cuba is an epic poem to Communist kitsch--a whirling, feverish dance through the sensuous decadence of Battista's Havana and the grinding poverty and oppression of the Cuban people. Presented jointly by master directors Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese, I Am Cuba has received universal acclaim and admiration from around the world as a true classic of world cinema. In Spanish and Russian with English subtitles. 140 minutes.

  • ASIN: B00003ETJT
  • UPC: 014381592528

Dark Film Mysteries (3-Disc Film Noir Collector's Set)

Dark Film Mysteries (3-Disc Film Noir Collector's

Dark Film Mysteries is a robust collection of classic film noir (black film), a genre that became a cinematic staple for American audiences during the mid-1940s through the late-1950s. Viewers were eager to venture into the darker attitude of crime fiction that developed around the Great Depression two decades earlier and finally emerged on film during WWII.Film noir stories generally developed around suspicious male characters that maintained unsympathetic and doom-filled attitudes that would manifest when they encountered beautiful woman of questionable character (femme fatale). She would use her feminine sexuality to manipulate him into an unsuspecting fall guy generally involving a murder. After the betrayal, the femme fatale would frequently be destroyed as well, often at the cost of the hero s life.Shot in a low-key black-and-white, gloomy visual style with roots in German Expressionist cinematography, these films showed the dark and callous side of human nature, and were filled with an oppressive atmosphere of pessimism, fatality, and doom that was enhanced with shadowy characters and locations swirling with both moody dialogue and cigarette smoke.In addition to 10 other film noir classics, included on Dark Film Mysteries is an excellent example of one of the moodiest, bla...

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The Olive Thomas Collection: The Flapper/Olive Thomas - Everybody's Sweetheart

The Olive Thomas Collection: The Flapper/Olive Thomas -

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  • UPC: 014381010121

Everly Hart Collection Baby Girl's First Year Milestone Memory Book Journal Photo Albums Pink

Everly Hart Collection Baby Girl's First Year Milestone

Pinnacle baby girl's first year milestone memory book journal and photo albumlog moments from the baby shower to baby's first day home to baby's first birthday. each page is brightly decorated with adorable illustrations, a full page space to jot down memories and a full page space to include photos from each event. makes for a wonderful baby shower gift!

  • Color: Pink
  • Brand: Everly Hart Collection
  • ASIN: B07J5FPRC4
  • UPC: 038555495972

TCM Spotlight: Errol Flynn Adventures (Desperate Journey / Edge of Darkness 1943 / Northern Pursuit / Uncertain Glory / Objective Burma)

TCM Spotlight: Errol Flynn Adventures (Desperate Journey /

  • Brand: Warner Brothers
  • ASIN: B00005JO4D
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  • Brand: Image Entertainment
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Why Has Bodhi-Dharma Left for the East

Why Has Bodhi-Dharma Left for the

Bae Yong-kyun's Zen masterpiece. Acclaimed by critics and audiences throughout the world, "Why Has Bodhi-Dharma Left for the East?" is simply one of the most ravishing films ever made. In a remote monastery high up in the mountains, an old master, a young monk and an orphaned boy devote themselves to their Buddhist teachings. As the master faces death, he becomes more desperate to lead his disciples away from the outside world and point them toward their quest for enlightenment. This magnificent film, astonishingly rich in its formal beauty and affirmation of life, is not only a cinematic gem but a transcendent evocation of the mystery and humanity of Zen Buddhism. Selected by three international film critics as "One of the Ten Best Films of All Time" in the 1993 Sight & Sound Critics Poll.

  • ASIN: B0000203Z5
  • UPC: 014381593723

The Chemistry Book: From Gunpowder to Graphene, 250 Milestones in the History of Chemistry (Sterling Milestones)

The Chemistry Book: From Gunpowder to Graphene, 250

From atoms and fluorescent pigments to sulfa drug synthesis and buckyballs, this lush and authoritative chronology presents 250 milestones in the world of chemistry. As the "central science" that bridges biology and physics, chemistry plays an important role in countless medical and technological advances. Covering entertaining stories and unexpected applications, chemist and journalist Derek B. Lowe traces the most important—and surprising—chemical discoveries.

  • Brand: Sterling
  • ASIN: 1454911808

The Harold Lloyd Comedy Collection Vols. 1-3

The Harold Lloyd Comedy Collection Vols.

  • Brand: iNetVideo
  • ASIN: B000B5XORA
  • UPC: 794043844522
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