Tempo Ultra SC 240 ML (8.12 oz) Multi Use Pest Control Insecticide ~ Spiders Bedbugs Roaches Silverfish etc..

Tempo Ultra SC 240 ML (8.12 oz) Multi

Fast broad-spectrum control of more than 100 nuisance pests.Tempo® SC Ultra insecticide delivers the power of a powder formulation in a liquid. It’s easier to use, less messy to handle, needs less agitation and is more evenly dispersed during application. The formulated product contains 11.8% Beta cyfluthrin and is available in 240-ml. and 900-ml. bottles. FeaturesQuick knockdown, long residualReduced active ingredient and low use rateLow toxicityAlso used as a fast-acting, pre-binning, residual treatment for stored grainsPests controlled Annual bluegrass weevils (adult), ants, aphids, armyworms, bagworms, black turfgrass ataenius beetles, bluegrass billbugs, chinch bugs, cutworms, emerald ash borers, fungus gnats, grasshoppers, lace bugs, leaf-feeding beetles (adults and larvae), scale insects (crawlers), sod webworms, spiders, thrips and ticks Stored grain pests controlled Cadelle beetles, cigarette beetles, confused flour beetles, dermestid beetles, drugstore beetles, granary weevils, hide beetles, Indian meal moths, larder beetles, leather beetles, lesser grain borers, lesser mealworms, Mediterranean flour moths, merchant grain beetles, mealworms, red flour beetles, rice weevils, sawtoothed grain beetles and warehouse beetles

  • Brand: Tempo
  • ASIN: B0041ND0ZY
  • UPC: 785740320877

Control Solutions Inc. 36.8 % Permethrin SFR 32 oz Pest Control Insecticide

Control Solutions Inc. 36.8 % Permethrin SFR 32

Permethrin provides fast, effective, long lasting control for over 75 different types of pests both indoors and outdoors. Permethrin is professional grade, low-odor product.One Qt. makes up to 20 gallons of finished solution. Pest Control Pros is an independent company and distributor of pest control products. Pest Control Pros can not warranty or guarantee the safety of the products listed on our website as this solely lies with the manufacturer of the product. Products sold on this site are sold throughout the world and it is impossible to know every licensing restriction or requirements, product registration, etc. for every country, state, county, city, province, etc. It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser and the end user to provide a license, permit, registration or whatever is required by their local or state authorities to purchase said product. Permethrin acts as an insecticidal barrier against a broad range of insects such as ants, bees, fleas, aphids, beetles, ticks, roaches, and chiggers. Also used to control and prevent subterranean termite infestations in and around structures. For effective control, the insecticide emulsion must be adequately dispersed in the soil to establish a barrier between the structure and the termites in the soil. The manufacturer ...

  • Color: none
  • Brand: Control Solutions Inc.
  • ASIN: B003IMO3I2
  • UPC: 072693045057

3/4 gal Bifen IT Generic talstar Pro / One 7.9% Bifenthrin Multi Use Pest Control Insecticide.. 96 ounce jug

3/4 gal Bifen IT Generic talstar Pro

BIFEN I/T (12 X Quart)

  • Brand: CSI
  • ASIN: B004QIZU5M
  • UPC: 072693044326

Talstar 3/4 Gallon Pros Pest Control Insecticide (96Oz Jug)

Talstar 3/4 Gallon Pros Pest Control Insecticide (96Oz

Talstar Professional Insecticide from FMC with Bifenthrin 7.9% is the most popular insecticide on the market today. Safe, effective, and economical it can be used for general pest control and termite treatments alike. Talstar has no odor and can be used to control over 70 pest insects.

  • Brand: Talstar

Delta Dust Multi Use Pest Control Insecticide Dust, 1 LB

Delta Dust Multi Use Pest Control Insecticide Dust,

Delta Dust containing is the world's first and only 100% waterproof insecticide dust, so it works in the wet and damp places that insects love. Nothing short of running water will disturb Delta Dust, making Delta Dust an ideal crack and crevice treatment. Delta Dust should be applied with a bellows hand duster (sold separately) which allows you to easily apply the dust in hard to reach areas. One application of Delta Dust will keep on killing insects for up to eight months. DELTADUST Application Tips: Delta Dust is intended for application with a hand or power duster (ACTi sol DPA or similar equipment), with a paint brush or by other suitable means, for hiding and runaway areas and other places where insects are found. In living areas, apply in such a manner as to avoid depositions on exposed surfaces or introducing the material into the air. In the home, all food processing surfaces and utensils should be covered during treatment or thoroughly washed before use. Exposed food should be covered or removed. To apply insecticide directly into cracks and crevices, use a bulbous duster or other suitable equipment. Apply lightly and uniformly to infested area. Pay particular attention to: cracks and crevices, service ducts, floors and ceilings, wall voids, around electrical and telepho...

  • Color: NA
  • Brand: Bayer
  • ASIN: B002Y6B4A8
  • UPC: 073321560416

36.8% Permethrin SFR Multi Use Pest Control Insecticide / Termiticide 32 ounce Bottle ~~ Same 36.8% Permethrin as Dragnet and Tengard ~ Kill Aphids, Japanese beetles, bagworms, caterpillars, fleas, flies, mosquitoes, scorpions, wasps, ticks, Labeled For Animal Quarters and Kennels Garden, Lawn, Supply, Maintenance

36.8% Permethrin SFR Multi Use Pest Control Insecticide

Permethrin SFR, from Control Solutions, is the strongest permethrin insecticide on the market. It has a very broad label allowing broadcast application indoors and outdoors allowing for some of the best control of pest insects. Permethrin is one of the most economical insecticides on the market.


Talstar Pro Termiticide Insecticide Bottles 32 oz.

Talstar Pro Termiticide Insecticide Bottles 32

Talstar Professional Insecticide from FMC with Bifenthrin 7.9% is the most popular insecticide on the market today. Safe, effective, and economical it can be used for general pest control and termite treatments alike. Talstar has no odor and can be used to control over 70 pest insects.

  • Brand: Talstar
  • ASIN: B007BFZH46

Tengard SFR 36.8 % Permethrin Insecticide / Termiticide 1.25 Gallon ~~ Kill Termites Fleas Ticks Roaches Ants Mole Crickets Ching Bugs and Many More Pests Used By Many Pros!!

Tengard SFR 36.8 % Permethrin Insecticide / Termiticide

Active Ingredient: Permethrin 36.8% Target pests: Subterranean termites, and a broad range of general and ornamental insect control. ALWAYS READ THE LABEL BEFORE USE!! For use in: Residential, commerical, and recreational areas. Application: Perimeter treatment of lawns, ornamentals, recreation areas and athletic fields. Indoor spot, crack and crevice treatment. Pet safe: when dry Yield: 20-96 gallons

  • Brand: United Abrasives
  • ASIN: B003ORU2PO

Demon Max Insecticide Pint 25.3% Cypermethrin

Demon Max Insecticide Pint 25.3%

Demon MAX has been an industry mainstay with nearly two decades of results. This dual action pre-treatment both kills and repels over 20 pests. In tests, Demon MAX has delivered 90-100% control after 10 years in the soil, even in states with heavy termite pressure.

  • Brand: Demon Max
  • ASIN: B00555SR9Q
  • UPC: 702941250000

Tempo WP Ultra Pest Control Insecticide - 14.8 oz (420 gram) Powder

Tempo WP Ultra Pest Control Insecticide - 14.8

Tempo Ultra WP is a pyrethroid-based insecticide that is highly effective at controlling a broad range of insect pests, especially those found on turf and landscape ornamentals. Tempo Ultra WP provides a fast knockdown and kill and leaves a residual that keeps killing insects for up to 30 days. Tempo WP has a no odor and leaves a clear, almost invisible residue. 420 gram tub. Tempo Ultra WP is a wettable powder concentrate that is mixed with water and applied with a sprayer such as a 1 gallon hand pump sprayer.(sold separately) Once applied according to the label directions, Tempo Ultra WP dries and leaves a residual of active ingredient for pests to contact for 30 to 90 days. The active ingredient in Tempo Ultra WP is Cyfluthrin, a synthetic pyrethroid that attacks the central nervous system of target pests. Though Tempo Ultra WP is tough on insects, it is very gentle on people and pets when used correctly. Tempo Ultra WP Target Pests A wide variety of crawling, flying, and wood-infesting pests for indoor and outdoor applications, as well as insect pests of trees, landscape ornamentals, and residential and commercial lawns; general household pests, pantry and stored product pests, and food processing pests Target Uses of Tempo Ultra WP Tempo Ultra WP is a superior choice among o...

  • Brand: Tempo
  • ASIN: B00530HSPW

Cy-Kick CS Pest Control Insecticide 16 oz Pint Cykick Kill Scorpions Earwigs Centipedes and much more

Cy-Kick CS Pest Control Insecticide 16 oz Pint

CyKick CS is the most popular insecticide to control scorpions around the home. CyKick uses b-cyfluthrin insecticide in a micro-encapsulated particle to provide a 90 day residual control of pests around the home.

  • Brand: Cy-Kick
  • UPC: 631589019604

BASF - 792075 - Cy-Kick CS - Insecticide - 16oz

BASF - 792075 - Cy-Kick CS - Insecticide

Cy-Kick CS Controlled Release InsecticideCy-Kick CS Controlled Release Insecticide is the multi-use insecticide designed for professionals like yourself who want a product that works just as smart as you do. It dishes out 90 days of full-throttle, broad-spectrum killing power, controlling insects inside and outside, on the toughest areas and surfaces. The difference is SmartCap microencapsulation technology that protects cyfluthrin to create a long residual and a mobile lethal dose of this broad-spectrum active ingredient that insects easily pick-up.

  • Brand: BASF
  • ASIN: B002ACMKV8
  • UPC: 804338142209

ExciteR 6% Pyrethrin Pest Control Insecticide Concentrate ~~ Kill Mosquitoes Flies Bees and other flying Insects as well as Fleas Ticks and many more pests

ExciteR 6% Pyrethrin Pest Control Insecticide Concentrate ~~

ExciteR pyrethrin concentrate contains 6% pyrethrins and can be used alone in a fogger or pump sprayer, or as an additive to other insecticides such as cypermethrin for a faster knock-down of insect pests. When used alone, ExciteR does not leave a long residual.

  • Brand: Envincio
  • ASIN: B005CT9IDO

Syngenta 73654 Demand CS Insecticide, 8oz

Syngenta 73654 Demand CS Insecticide,

Lambda-cyhalothrin integrated with micro-encapsulated technology which gives it an unparalleled residual & protection against a long list of insects. Demand cs can be used both indoors & outdoors & has no odor & will not stain surfaces. It will treat more than 30 of the most common insects such as spiders, wasps, flies, fleas, ticks, bed bugs & ants.

  • Brand: Syngenta
  • ASIN: B002Y6BC1O

Niban Granular Pest Control Insecticide Bait 4 LB Shaker ~~ Kill Ants, Cockroaches, Crickets (Camel, house, field, and mole) Earwigs, Silverfish, Snails, Slugs Etc..

Niban Granular Pest Control Insecticide Bait 4 LB

DESCRIPTION: NIBAN 4lb Shaker. Niban is a weather / moisture resistant Boric Acid based interior / exterior bait labeled for Ants (argentine, carpenter, thief, little black ants, pavement, odorous house, and pharoah), Cockroaches, Crickets, Silverfish, Snails and Slugs. 4 lb. shaker. USE: Niban comes in a tip and pour bottle for easy application. We recommend applying the granules with a hand spreader for applications in large areas. Can be applied indoors and outdoors. For outdoors: apply where ants forage or in a 2-4 foot band around your home. Can be applied on lawns and in gardens. Indoors: Spread in attics, cellars, crawl spaces, cracks and crevices. Niban's weatherized granules don't degrade from heat or sunlight and will last through four inches of rain. Niban is the one bait that will continue to work because Niban has no known resistance and is virutally odorless. Niban kills the micro organisms in the insect's stomach and blocks enzyme production causing starvation. And since it affects none of the insect's major systems, they can't develop resistance. Be careful of children and pets. 1 cup treats approx. 100 sq.ft. DO NOT apply residual insecticides or sprays near baits as that will deter pests from taking the bait. Always read the label!

  • Brand: Niban
  • ASIN: B005F5PRJE
  • UPC: 616609333014

Acecap 75-Pack Systemic Insecticide Tree Implants for Control of Tree Pests, 3/8-Inch

Acecap 75-Pack Systemic Insecticide Tree Implants for Control

Acecap 3/8" systemic insecticide tree implants contain 98.9% Acephate for control of many tree pests including aphids, borers (including Emerald Ash Borer), gypsy moths, bagworms, webworms, budworms, cone worms, maple worms, oak worms, cankerworms, casebearer, citrus blackfly, tent caterpillar, elm leaf beetle larvae, honey locust mite, lace bug, leaf folder, leaf miner, Nantucket pine tip moth larvae, pine needle miner, scale (crawlers), thrips, whitefly, wooly adelgid and Zimmerman pine moth. One treatment provides season-long pest control in deciduous trees and up to two years control in evergreen trees. For use in ornamental trees only, with a diameter of at least 3 Inch. Not for use in edible fruit and nut trees or flowering crabapple trees. These small plastic implants contain dry-powder chemical that is double-encapsulated, meaning no exposure to the applicator or the environment. Acecaps are easily installed by tapping the implants with a hammer and bolt or dowel rod into pre-drilled 3/8" diameter holes in the lower tree trunk at 4 to 6 inch spacing. The cartridge head securely plugs the small wound made to the tree trunk and the active layer of cambium will soon grow over and close the implant site. Under normal moisture conditions, the chemical will move throughout the ...

  • Brand: ACE
  • ASIN: B00AZO7G7G
  • UPC: 012162010759

Control Solutions 82003599 Taurus SC Termiticide/Insecticide

Control Solutions 82003599 Taurus SC

Taurus SC termiticide/insecticide contains 9.1% Fipronil. Available in 20 fl.Oz/ 78 fl.Oz/ 2.5 gallon. Effective immediately, The Taurus SC use Directions includeup to four (4) applicationsper year at The 0.03% dilution rate for outside surfaces & along the foundation perimeter of listed structures.

  • Color: Na
  • Brand: Control Solutions
  • ASIN: B0058DH4R6
  • UPC: 072693035997

Bayer - 4031982 - Suspend SC -Insecticide - 16oz

Bayer - 4031982 - Suspend SC -Insecticide -

Suspend® SCSuspend SC is an advanced-generation pyrethroid that fights more than 50 pests. It works at remarkably low concentrations and provides effective knockdown with a long residual. It also has a flexible label that allows for application in food service areas.Flexible label means it can go places many competitors can’tBroad-spectrum control of more than 50 nuisance pestsWorks at low and high concentrationsProven bed bug controlNo odorNo visible residueWorks on porous surfacesPests controlledAnts, bedbugs, cockroaches, fleas, flour beetles, grain borers, lice, mosquitoes, scorpions, spiders, ticks, wasps, yellow jackets

  • Brand: Bayer
  • ASIN: B002Y57MGE
  • UPC: 785740119389

Easy-to-Use Pest Control Bulb Duster - Evenly Dispenses Pesticide to Get Rid of Bugs & Pests

Easy-to-Use Pest Control Bulb Duster - Evenly Dispenses

Get Rid of Ants, Bed Bugs, Bees, Wasps & Other Insects and BugsNo matter what pests you're trying to get rid of, this Pest Duster can do the job. Precisely and evenly sprays insecticides and pesticides like Diatomaceous Earth, Pyganic Drione, Delta, Granule Baits, and many more!Includes Funnel & Various Flexible TipsThis Pest Control Duster includes a funnel to make refilling quick and easy. Comes with two sizes of tips-- one for dusts and powders, and one for granules. Also includes an extender tip to reach all hard to reach places including cracks, corners, crevices and voids. All three tips are extremely flexible, making them easy to use in a variety of locations.Don't Waste Time & Money on a Complicated Bug DusterUnlike other pesticide dusters that are hard to compress and lack instructions, our dispenser was designed for ease of use. The bulb compress easily and sprays evenly. Instructions included are clear and simple. Makes great Christmas gifts.Durable & EffectiveSafe to Use Around Electrical DevicesWe've designed out pest control duster to be safe to use around electrical devices and fixtures. It's made of plastic and won't conduct electricity, keeping you protected.Our Pest Control Duster was built to last and help you get rid of bugs quickly. We're confident you'll lov...

  • Color: With Flexible Plastic Tips
  • Brand: Punchau
  • ASIN: B014V9RIFK

advion 4 Tubes and 4 Plungers Cockroach German Roach Pest Control Insecticide Bait Gel, Kill German, American, Australian, Smoky, Brown

advion 4 Tubes and 4 Plungers Cockroach German

Advion cockroach gel, from syngenta, is the most popular german roach bait on the market. The roach poison in advion, indoxacarb, is safe for use in even the most sensitive of application sites. When used in combination with cockroach taps advion will exterminate all cockroach infestation. Watch our video on how to get rid of roaches below.

  • Brand: advion
  • ASIN: B00730QW70
  • UPC: 094922545770
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