Apera Instruments PC60 Premium 5-in-1 Waterproof pH/Conductivity/TDS/Salinity/Temp. Multi-Parameter Pocket Tester, Replaceable Probe

Apera Instruments PC60 Premium 5-in-1 Waterproof pH/Conductivity/TDS/Salinity/Temp. Multi-Parameter

The Apera Instruments PC60 Multi-parameter Tester simply tests pH, EC, TDS, Salinity &Temperature in an ACCURATE, QUICK & Professional manner for all kinds of regular water solutions such as hydroponics, aquaculture, pools& spas, tap/drinking water, water treatment, cooling towers, etc. The multi-parameter probe is replaceable. 1 to 3 points of Auto Calibration and 0 to 50˚C Auto Temperature Compensation (ATC), ±0.01 pH, ±1% F.S, 0.5˚C accuracy with -2.00 to 16.00 pH & 0 to 20.00 mS/cm measuring range, auto recognition and reminders of stable values improves consistency, saving you the trouble of guessing when to manually hold measurement (auto hold function available). Easy menu setting, customizing your tester’s functions according to your needs. Smart self-diagnosis, warning of out-of-range measurement and incorrect calibrations. IP67 waterproof and dustproof, floating on water so you don’t have to worry if it falls into water by accident. Up to 2000 hours' continuous operation (without backlit) powered by AAA batteries (with low power warning and auto power off in 8 min if no operation). Comes with a complete kit of premixed calibration solutions (4.00 and 7.00), soaking solutions (3M KCL), calibration bottles, AAA batteries, and a lanyard all in a portable carrying ...

  • Brand: Apera Instruments, LLC
  • UPC: 858718006094

Bluelab Combo Meter Plus - Handheld Digital Hydroponic Nutrient and pH Meter for Measuring pH Levels, Conductivity & Temperature in Soil & Plants - Accurate pH Measurements - Bonus Carry Case Included

Bluelab Combo Meter Plus - Handheld Digital Hydroponic

HELP YOUR PLANTS GROW - Fast, reliable and versatile: Combo Meter Plus means you will be able to measure more and build a better understanding of your complete growing system. The multimedia Leap pH probe can be used to measure nutrient solution and directly in the rootzone in a range of growing substrates including soil, rockwool, coco coir and peat. PLANT HEALTH IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND - Manage, control & monitor your plant health & performance. The Bluelab Combo Meter Plus device will fit in the palm of your hand which will allow you to spot check wherever you are! The backlit, easy-to-read display and 2m/6' cables give you the ability to measure in places previously inaccessible. Get answers at your fingertips. SIMPLE & EASY TO USE - This device is all you need for simple, reliable nutrient solution and root zone management. Featuring a detachable pH probe with simple, 2-point calibration makes for ease maintenance. Get up and running fast. Quick and intuitive to use with simple one button presses to change between measurements. The Bluelab Combo Meter Plus a simple quick start guide to help you get started fast. 3 IN 1 NUTRIENT SOLUTION MEASUREMENT - Measures three key parameters to ensure your nutrient solution is at the right level and available to your plants. This 3 in ...

  • Brand: Bluelab

Apera Instruments SX823-B Portable Multi-Parameter Meter (pH/EC/TDS/Temp.), Accuracy: ±0.01 pH; ±1% F.S, Testing pH/Conductivity/TDS/Temperature simultaneously

Apera Instruments SX823-B Portable Multi-Parameter Meter (pH/EC/TDS/Temp.), Accuracy:

The Apera Instruments SX823-B Portable Multi-Parameter Meter measures pH /conductivity/TDS/temperature simultaneously, with easy display switch among pH (ORP)/Conductivity/TDS (ORP electrode not included). Accuracy: ±0.01 pH; ±1% F.S; ±0.5˚C. Range: -2.00-19.00 pH; Conductivity: 0 to 200 mS/cm (divided into five ranges): (0.00 to 19.99) μS/cm, (20.0 to 199.9) μS/cm, (200 to 1999) μS/cm, (2.00 to 19.99) mS/cm, (20.0 to 199.9) mS/cm; TDS: (0 to 100) g/L. This meter features auto calibration with auto buffer recognition (1-3 points), auto temperature compensation (0-100˚C). High accuracy and consistency, and quick response time thanks to the digital filter technology and auto stable readings recognition (adjustable stable criterion and optional auto-hold function). Plenty of intelligent functions such as indications of completed calibrations, self-Diagnosis of out-of range value and electrode invalidation, auto power-off, easy parameter setup, etc. Reliable structure design: large LCD screen with white backlight, foldable stand allows use as a benchtop meter, soft silicon case gives you a nice grip, IP57 waterproof and dustproof, great for field use. What's in the box: a SX823-B meter, 1 piece of Sanxin 3-in-1 pH Electrode, 1 piece of Sanxin Conductivity Electrode, 4 bottles...

  • Brand: Apera Instruments, LLC
  • ASIN: B01F34Y7JM
  • UPC: 858718006285

Hanna Combo pH/EC/TDS/C/PPM Tester HI98129

Hanna Combo pH/EC/TDS/C/PPM Tester

The Hanna Instruments HI 98129 is a multi-parameter tester that measures pH, electro-conductivity (EC), total dissolved solids (TDS), and temperature, and features automatic temperature compensation (ATC), an LCD screen, automatic shut-off, and a waterproof body that floats in water. The tester automatically compensates for the effects of temperature when taking pH and EC/TDS readings, so additional measurements and manual temperature entries are unnecessary. The HI 98129 meter has a replaceable pH electrode with an extendable cloth junction, and an EC/TDS graphite electrode that is resistant to salts and other corrosives. These features extend the life of the meter by allowing for replacement of the electrodes. Calibration is automatic at one or two points, with two sets of memorized buffer values (pH 4.01/7.01/10.01 or 4.01/6.86/9.18). The EC/TDS conversion factor and temperature compensation coefficient (&Beta) is user-selectable. The tester functions in temperatures of 0.0 to 60.0 degrees C/32.0 to 140.0 degrees F (+ or - 0.5 degrees C/1 degree F), and has a range of pH 0.0 to 14.0 (+ or - 0.05 pH). EC range is 0 to 3999 uS/cm, TDS range is 0 to 2000 ppm (+ or - 2% F.S), with respective resolutions 1 uS/cm and 1 ppm. At 3.5 ounces and 8.3 x 2.7 x 1.3 inches (H x W x D), th...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Hanna Instruments
  • ASIN: B002ZG8L58
  • UPC: 799331544443

Milwaukee Instruments 716690 ph Controller

Milwaukee Instruments 716690 ph

Professional pH controller especially designed for use with hydroponic systems and aquariums. Range: 0.0 to 14.0, 2 point manual calibration and Accuracy: 0.2 pH. Set Point Range: 5.5 to 9.5 pH, LED visual alarm active & power plug socket for dosing turned on when reading is higher or lower (user select) than the set point. Supplied with 12V DC power adapter, MA911B/2 double junction pH probe, 20 ml pH 7.01 calibration solution and screwdriver for calibration. Unit comes with mounting kit and probe holder.

  • Color: N/A
  • Brand: Milwaukee
  • ASIN: B00I47XIX2
  • UPC: 810666004225

Tongbao AZ86031 Water Quality Meter Dissolved Oxygen Tester PH Meter PH Conductivity Salinity Temperature Meter

Tongbao AZ86031 Water Quality Meter Dissolved Oxygen Tester

Specifications:  pH range:2.00~12.00 pH accuracy:+/-0.1 pH resolution:0.01 Cond. range :0~199.9, 0~1999uS/cm;0~19.99, 0~69.9mS/cm Cond. accuracy:+/-1% F.S +/- 1 digit Cond. resolution:0.1uS/cm, 1uS/cm;0.01mS/cm, 0.1mS/cm Salinity range :0~10.00ppt; 0~42.0ppt(SEA WATER)  Salinity accuracy:+/-1% F.S +/- 1 digit Salinity resolution :0.01 ppt, 0.1ppt D.O. range:0.0~199.9% (0.0~30.0mg/L)  D.O. accuracy:+/-3% of F.S. +1 digit D.O resolution :0.1 Temp. range:0~60.0 C Temp. accuracy:+/-0.5 C Temp. resolution:0.1 Compatible probe:PH PROBE, COND. PROBE AND D.O. PROBE COULD BE ALL USED ON ONE METER AT THE SAME TIME LCD size(mm):32.5(H)x54(W)  Operating temp.&RH% :0~50 C, Humidity < 80% Storage temp.&RH% : 0~60 C, Humidity < 90% Dimension(mm):169(L)x78.3(W)x43.4(H)  Weight:200g Power:6PCS AAA Batteries ( NO BATTERY INCLUDED ) Standard Configurations: 1*Meter 1*Manual 1*Carry case 1*PH probe 1*Cond. Probe 1*D.O.Probe 1*D.O. Electrolyte 2* Membrane set 2*Cable clip Liquid is forbidden on the air shipment so there is no pH calibration liquid and Cond. liquid.

  • Brand: Tongbao
  • ASIN: B07JL6L5HH
  • UPC: 783761045854

Apera Instruments AI523 PC800 Laboratory Benchtop pH/Conductivity/TDS/Salinity/Resistivity/Temp. Multiparameter Meter Kit, 0.01 pH/1% F.S Accuracy, BNC connector

Apera Instruments AI523 PC800 Laboratory Benchtop pH/Conductivity/TDS/Salinity/Resistivity/Temp. Multiparameter

The Apera Instruments PC800 Laboratory Benchtop Meter provides reliable pH and conductivity measurements for general water solutions for scientific research and quality control with various intelligent functions and a durable structure. Equipped with Apera’s quality 3-in-1 pH electrode (201T-F) and BPB conductivity electrode (2301T-F), the meter measures pH, conductivity/TDS/salinity/resistivity, and temperature in a stable and accurate manner. ORP (Redox) measuring mode available (ORP electrode 201Pt-C sold separately). Accuracy: ±0.01 pH±1 digit/±1% of F.S ±1 digit; Range: -2.00-19.99 pH/0-200.0mS; 0 – 100˚C Auto. Temp. Compensation for pH, 0 – 50˚C ATC for conductivity. Standard BNC connector, compatible with all LabSen Professional pH Electrodes. Intelligent Functions: Quick & Easy 1 to 4 Points Auto Calibration. The Self-Diagnosis helps you conduct proper calibrations and monitor the condition of your pH probe with electrode’s slope data display. The large LCD displays pH/Conductivity/TDS/Salinity/Resistivity and temperature simultaneously along with icons of stable readings and finished calibrations.GLP Data management (500 groups of data storage), USB data output and PC software support. Auto. timing data logging mode and auto. calibration reminder function a...

  • Brand: Apera Instruments, LLC
  • ASIN: B0756SJDWW
  • UPC: 858718006209

Hanna Instruments HI 98130 Waterproof pH/Conductivity/TDS Tester with ATC, High Range

Hanna Instruments HI 98130 Waterproof pH/Conductivity/TDS Tester with

The Hanna Instruments HI 98130 waterproof floating tester displays pH, high-range conductivity (EC) and total dissolved solids (TDS) with Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) on a dual-level LCD display for hydroponics, agricultural, and water quality testing applications. The meter provides automatic 2-point pH calibration and automatic 1-point calibration for EC and TDS. The HI 73127 pH electrode is replaceable, and has a stainless steel snap-in connector that prevents bent or broken pins. The pH electrode cloth junction is renewable and can be pulled out further when the electrode is soiled to extend the life of the electrode. The conductivity electrode is made from graphite, which eliminates contamination from salt deposits in the solution being tested. The exposed temperature sensor provides quick response and accurate, ATC readings.The tester has a number of power management features, including the percentage of remaining battery power displayed at startup, automatic shut-off after eight minutes of inactivity, and a battery error prevention system that alerts the user when battery is low to avoid issues with parameter readings. The tester comes with a pH electrode, electrode removal tool, and four 1.5V batteries.SpecificationspH range0.00 to 14.00 pHpH accuracy+ or – ...

  • Brand: Hanna Instruments
  • ASIN: B0085WV46O

Milwaukee Instruments MW801 Standard Portable pH/Conductivity/Tds Combination Meter, 0 Degree C to 50 Degree C Temperature Range, 0.1 pH Resolution

Milwaukee Instruments MW801 Standard Portable pH/Conductivity/Tds Combination Meter,

3 meters in 1! This meter allows you to measure pH, EC (conductivity) and TDS with just one instrument and one single probe! The MW801 with a Conductivity range that goes up to 1990 µS/cm and TDS range that goes up to 1990 ppm is an ideal tool for drinking water measurements. MW801 is supplied complete with SE600 combination pH/EC/TDS probe, 20 mL sachet pH 7.01 buffer solution, 20 mL 1413 µS/cm sachet of calibration solution, 20 mL 1382 ppm sachet of calibration solution, 9V battery and instructions.

  • Brand: Milwaukee
  • ASIN: B002P304WY
  • UPC: 810666003815

TES 1381K Conductivity & pH/ORP Meter

TES 1381K Conductivity & pH/ORP

TES 1381K Conductivity & pH/ORP Meter, this compact handhedl meter enables you to carry out pH/ORP and conductivity measurements rapidly and reliably. The meter provides the maximum degree of operating comfort, reliability and measuring certainty for all applications. Specifications ●Measurement range: -pH :-9 to 23 pH -mV :0 to ±1999.9 mV -Temp :-10 to 200°C (-14 to 392°F) ●Resolution: -pH :0.001 pH -mV :0 .1 mV -Temp :0.1 ℃ ( 0.1℉) ●Accuracy: -pH :± 0.01 pH -mV :±(0.1%reading+1d) -Temp :± 0.5 ℃ ( ±0.9 ℉) ●Display:4-1/2 digital LCD display ●Applications:Stains, Lotion, Chemical, Brew, Bacteriology, Filthy water, Pulp, Pharmacy, Ferment, Electroplate, Drink, Aquaculture etc. ●Power:"AA"-1.5V x 6 ●Battery life:Approx. 200hrs ●Size: 187(L)x73(W)x50(H)mm & Approx. 380g ●Accessories: pH electrode, Conductivity electrode, Temperature probe, pH 4 and pH 7 buffer solution, 1413 μS/cm solution, Carrying case, Instruction manual, Software, Batteries, USB Cable. ●Optional Accessories:AC adaptor (IN-OUT Isolated type, output DC9V 100mA) ! Notice !*If you need to purchase additional accessories please contact us.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: TES
  • ASIN: B01CHW01D4
  • UPC: 707918224008
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