Ross 15720 039044157203 (Multi Netting for Use Around Yard and Garden), 14 feet x 45 feet, Black

Ross 15720 039044157203 (Multi Netting for Use Around

Ross Garden Netting protect ripening garden crops from birds and other animals. As crops begin to ripen, simply drape garden netting over plants, bushes or vines. Secure with garden stakes or heavy objects. Fold back garden netting for easy harvest. Ross Garden Netting contains inhibitors that prevent ultraviolet sun rays from damaging the netting. It is made of tough, durable polypropylene and is reusable year after year. Netting will not interfere with normal plant growth. Other popular uses for Ross netting products are: temporary fencing, newly seeded lawn protection, new planting protection, compost bin fencing, winter wrap, and hillside erosion control.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Ross
  • ASIN: B000HI3BG0
  • UPC: 039044157203

Bird Netting [Heavy Duty] Protect Plants and Fruit Trees - Extra Strong Garden Net is Easy to Use, Doesn't Tangle and Reusable - Lasting Protection Against Birds, Deer and Other Pests (7.5x65 Foot)

Bird Netting [Heavy Duty] Protect Plants and Fruit

PROTECT YOUR BOUNTY FROM HUNGRY BIRDS Flying and furry thieves ransacking your crops is one of summer's biggest gardening headaches. Extra strong Garden Netting from De-Bird is your most reliable defense against common garden pests of the feathered and four-legged variety. HOW PROTECTIVE NETTING WILL KEEP BIRDS OFF YOUR FRUIT TREES AND OTHER CROPS Don't let your gardening efforts go to waste. Instead of shoo-ing away pests and throwing your hands up in the air, throw up some nets instead. Like a fence, De-Bird Garden Netting is an effective barrier that will repel most household birds, pigeons, woodpeckers, grackles, blackbirds, seagulls, ducks, herons, crows, ravens and more. It's also an effective barrier against deer, foxes and other rodents and critters. While our netting won't help you to grow better fruits, berries and veggies, it will help you keep the ones you produce. Netting measures 7.55 foot x 65 foot (2.3 meters x20 meters). THE DE-BIRD DIFFERENCE Our goal is to help gardeners and homeowners solve their bird control problems simply and safely by creating better quality bird proofing solutions and providing unmatched customer service. We use the most durable materials and construction methods available to ensure our bird repellent products are up to the job. Our ...

  • Brand: De-Bird
  • UPC: 654391793654

GREENSCAPES Wildlife Netting, 7 by 100-Feet

GREENSCAPES Wildlife Netting, 7 by

Protect your plants enjoy their beauty. Greenscapes Wildlife netting will help keep animals out of your garden leaving you with vegetables to harvest.

  • Color: Original Version
  • Brand: Greenscapes
  • ASIN: B00LK2S8TC
  • UPC: 085972008711

Easy Gardener 6050 Shrubs from Animals 7 x 100 feet DeerBlock Deer Netting and Fencing (Reusable Protection for Trees and, 7 ft ft, Black

Easy Gardener 6050 Shrubs from Animals 7 x

Deer fence netting protects crops and property from deer and other animals. Comes in an easy-to-use roll and can be set up as a fence, plant cover or border. Features a strong, yet lightweight material that will not rust, rot or corrode like metal or wood. The black deer netting mesh design blends into the surroundings and attaches easily to trees and posts. For deer fencing: place posts 6' - 8' apart around perimeter of area to be fenced. Stretch DeerBlock from post to post tying or stapling the mesh securely to each post. For plant protection: drape Deerblock over shrubs, plantings, etc. Gather at base and tie or secure edges with heavy objects.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Easy Gardener
  • ASIN: B00004RA0N
  • UPC: 716080034339

BirdBlock FBA_602 Reusable Mesh Netting Bird Protection, 14 feet, feet x 45 feet, Black

BirdBlock FBA_602 Reusable Mesh Netting Bird Protection, 14

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: BirdBlock
  • ASIN: B00004RA0O
  • UPC: 767615504773

boknight 25' X 50' Net Netting for Bird Poultry Aviary Game Pens New 1" Square Mesh Size (25' x 50'-1'')

boknight 25' X 50' Net Netting for Bird

Description This bird net is suitable to raising any type of Poultry, pond netting, garden barrier; protects your fruit/tree/crops from bird intruders, Such as sparrows and crows. At the same time, you don't need to worry about the hawk will snatch your chicken Function 1)It is effective to prevents birds from eating your vegetation, fruits and crops 2) It is strong enough to prevent larger animals like deer, coyotes, and dogs, eagle 3) It is ideal protection for vineyards, orchards and other agricultural concerns 4) It is easy to install and trim to desired size for various applications 5) It enables light and moisture to reach fruit and crops Features Color: Black  Material: Made of Nylon Multifilament Size: 25"x 50" overall size Mesh Size: 1 " x 1 "  G.W.:1.7kg/3.7lbs Package Content 1 x Bird Net Note The sizes may be slightly different because of different measure procedure and tools 

  • Brand: boknight
  • UPC: 728120564607

Poyee Bird Netting for Garden-13 Ft x 26 Ft, 0.4 Inch Mesh, Nylon Garden Netting Protect Fruit and Vegetables from Birds and Animals,Green

Poyee Bird Netting for Garden-13 Ft x 26

DescriptionThe garden netting is used to protect your plants been eaten by birds and other animals. It is designed to stand for cold winter and hot summer and easily to install. It will not interfere the normal growth of your plants and easily removed when harvest. Usage directionWhen using the net please fix the width first and then the length.Because the mesh is in diamond shape. If net length is stretched and fixed first, mesh width will be smaller, which may lead to insufficient width. Function1.The garden bird netting protects fruit and vegetables from birds and animals.2.Polypropylene net is easily cut to size and can be installed in minutes.3.Designed to stand up to cold winters and hot summers.4.Improves plant health by providing an increase in air circulation and sunlight.5.Economical way to improve your harvest. FeaturesColor:Green Material: polyethyleneSize:  13 Ft * 26 Ft (4 M* 8 M )Mesh Size:  0.4 IN (1 CM)Package Content:1 x Net NoteThe sizes may be slightly different because of different measure procedure and tools.Start growing perfect plants today and Click "Add to Cart" now.

  • Color: 13 Ft x 26 Ft, 0.4 Inch Mesh
  • Brand: Poyee
  • UPC: 703363879435

PHYEX Heavy Duty Anti Bird Protection Netting, Bird Netting Mesh, Plastic Bird net, Deer Fence 6.8feet x 32feet

PHYEX Heavy Duty Anti Bird Protection Netting, Bird

Why Phyex Extruded Polypropylene Net Be the Best Garden Bird Netting? Made from polypropylene by extrusion process and stretch technology. Net hole size well-distributed at two direction. Specification: Unit weight: 16g/m2 Width: 6.8feet Length: 13feet Advantage: Works on Other Animals: repels anything from birds to deer. Lasts for decades: Durable and weatherproof. Prevent birds from eating fruit or crops or attacking fish in ponds. Highly Effective: Physical barriers like netting are the most effective way to keep birds away. Easy Installation: Straightforward, one-time installation, ideal for fruit cages. Nearly invisible: Netting is barely visible at a distance, ideal for ornamental koi carp ponds.

  • Brand: PHYEX

Industrial Netting OV7822-42x100 Polypropylene Rabbit Pest Exclusion Net, 1/4" Mesh, 100' Length x 3-1/2' Width, Black

Industrial Netting OV7822-42x100 Polypropylene Rabbit Pest Exclusion Net,

Our plastic garden net meets a diverse range of needs. Durable yet lightweight netting supports flowering vines, plants and garden vegetables when used as a trellis net. Industrial Netting also offers heavier, more rigid netting that is ideal for decorative and protective borders. In addition, our bird / beetle netting is perfect for protecting raspberries, blueberries, grapes and strawberries from birds and beetles. It is also ideal as overhead water garden and pond protection.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Industrial Netting
  • ASIN: B009VOHC48

Abba Patio Snow Fencing, Safety Netting Recyclable Plastic Barrier Environmental Protection, 4 x 100' Feet, Dark Green

Abba Patio Snow Fencing, Safety Netting Recyclable Plastic

The Abba Patio Guardian Safety Netting is made from recyclable plastic material, makes your life more environmental protection and healthy. This safety net is suited for use around utility work, construction sites, or in crowd-control applications. It's a highly noticeable warning barrier for crowd control use at sporting events, festivals and other social gatherings. Great for protecting your instant skirting around gardens, seeded lawns, newly laid concrete sidewalks, pool, or freshly painted surfaces form toddlers. This durable netting is perfect unit for those who lack the time or funds for building a traditional fence. Just as simple to remove, roll up, and stow away for future use. Specification - Brand: Abba Patio - Overall size: 4 x 100 Ft - Mesh size: 1. 7 x 1. 7 inch - Folding size: 47. 24 x 5. 51 inch - Weight: 10. 58 Ibs - Color: Dark Green - Materials: Recycled PE About Abba Patio Abba Patio, a top designer and manufacturer of high quality gardening products, from patio Umbrellas, Canopies, Awnings to Garden Furniture sets. Each piece is sleekly designed, rigorously tested for durability, and assembly instructions have been standardized for simplicity from start to finish. This classic style and reliable craftsmanship will weather ever-changing trends and regular use...

  • Color: Dark Green
  • Brand: Abba Patio
  • ASIN: B079FZ1YT8
  • UPC: 842880127503
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