Progressive Metal Guitar: An Advanced Guide to Modern Metal Guitar (Heavy Metal Guitar)

Progressive Metal Guitar: An Advanced Guide to Modern

Master Advanced Progressive Metal Guitar Learn cutting-edge techniques to dominate the guitar Build cross rhythms and odd times in the style of Meshuggah Understand and apply advanced techniques to harmonise two guitars Use exotic scales to wow your audience Learn scale substitutions to maximise your licksDo you listen to today’s advanced metal guitarists and wish you could use and understand their cutting edge approach to playing the guitar?Are you stuck using the same old approaches to shred guitar?Would you like to build complete freedom to play anything, anywhere on the guitar with perfect technique?Progressive Metal Guitar will help you dominate the guitar in the style of the most cutting-edge bands and guitarists of the Progressive Heavy Metal genre. You will learn the tips, tricks, techniques and approaches of the world’s best guitarists and the best way to apply them to create exciting dynamic solos and music.Progressive Metal Guitar Contains: Extensive chapters on Picking, Legato, Tapping and Sweep Picking with hundreds of notated examples Whole sections devoted to Cross Rhythms, Odd Meters and Odd Groupings with detailed instructions on how to use each approach Five full demo solos with bar-by-bar breakdowns. Each solo is based on the specific techniques of each cha...

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Heavy Metal Rhythm Guitar: The Essential Guide to Heavy Metal Rock Guitar (Learn Heavy Metal Guitar) (Volume 1)

Heavy Metal Rhythm Guitar: The Essential Guide to

The Essential Guide to Heavy Metal Rhythm GuitarHeavy Metal Rhythm Guitar teaches the most important concepts, approaches and techniques used in heavy metal rhythm guitar Learn Metal Guitar by Studying Real MusicStarting with the roots of heavy metal, the essential rhythm skills are broken down step-by-step, to clearly show how authentic metal is constructed.Not Just Theory and Technical Exercises - Real Guitar Riffs you can UseMany guides simply show you how to build technique. Heavy Metal Rhythm Guitar illustrates the musical components of metal, such as power chords, single string lines, displacement, odd time signatures and much more with real musical examples to help you explore your creativity.Over 100 Notated Musical Examples with Audio to Download for FreeAfter a brief rhythm primer, every one of the 140 notated, musical examples teaches you something new about Heavy Metal Rhythm Guitar.Metal Rhythm Guitar examines the guitar playing at the roots of metal in the mid-1960s, such as Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple, and the New Wave of British Heavy Metal bands of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s like Judas Priest, Saxon and Iron Maiden. The thrash metal of bands like Metallica and Slayer are covered, along with bands like Death, Pantera and Meshuggah who progressed Heavy Meta...

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Ultimate Shred Machine: Shred Guitar: The ultimate guide to picking, tapping and sweeping (Play Rock Guitar)

Ultimate Shred Machine: Shred Guitar: The ultimate guide

The ultimate guide to mastering shred guitar technique with Chris Zoupa Forget vanilla ‘safe space’ guides and make way for the Ultimate Shred Machine – the ultimate guide to shred guitar picking, tapping and sweeping!In this no-nonsense guide to shred guitar, seasoned teacher and YouTube sensation Chris Zoupa cuts through the mystery and misinformation that shrouds guitar technique, and expertly guides you through the essential skills that’ll super-charge your rock guitar playing.Drawing from a rich tapestry of shred guitar techniques, and the styles of the players who have made them famous, Ultimate Shred Machine is a solid foundation of virtuoso guitar technique and picks up where other guitar methods stop. What you’ll learn:How to play flawless shred guitar, taught in an easy-to-follow mannerThe secrets of fast alternate picking guitar techniqueHow to sweep-pick arpeggios the right way and avoid common mistakesLegato guitar technique in the styles of Satriani, Govan and GilbertExotic scale runs in the styles of Malmsteen, Skolnick and LaihoNeo-classical metal guitar exercises and licksSimple to advanced guitar tapping techniquesOver 100 exercises and guitar licks with FREE supporting audio to downloadGreat tips on guitar tone and the use of distortion Bonus 1: Le...

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Neoclassical Speed Strategies for Guitar

Neoclassical Speed Strategies for

Master the Ultimate Neo-Classical Guitar Speed-Picking system• A definitive study of speed techniques and biomechanics for shred guitar• A systematic guide to fast picking and string-change strategies• Master the 9 principles of speed-picking as they’re dissected, analysed and applied• Complete technical development through over 90 real-life musical examples and "In the Style of" Licks• 18 original Neo-Classical studies to build guitar technique and consolidate every essential speed-picking principle Neoclassical Speed Strategies for GuitarDo you struggle to overcome the issues affecting your true speed potential?Do you need an authentic method to emulate the picking style of Neo-Classical guitar masters like Yngwie Malmsteen and Ritchie Blackmore?Do you want to build flawless picking technique on guitar?Do you want to master a system built on innovative solutions to common problems?Are you worried that you may not be reaching your true potential? Neoclassical Speed Strategies for Guitar is the result of 27 years studying the Neoclassical guitar styles of one of the most influential pickers in guitar history. These principles will help you develop perfect guitar technique for any style.You’ll master picking biomechanics, technique, theor...

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The Heavy Metal Guitar Bible: The Complete Guide to Modern Heavy Metal Guitar

The Heavy Metal Guitar Bible: The Complete Guide

Heavy Metal Guitar Bible Three Best-selling Heavy Metal Guitar books in one 277 page volume! Heavy Metal Rhythm Guitar Heavy Metal Lead Guitar Progressive Metal Guitar The three books are filled with over 360 musical examples. Every concept and technique is demonstrated with stylistic licks and riffs - No mindless exercises! Throughout, creativity and understanding is prioritized to you with the knowledge and confidence to get playing immediately Audio is included for all the 360+ examples, including nine extended solo studies and backing tracks. The first two books provide an easy-to follow-method for learning heavy metal guitar from the ground up. For the beginner, with the fundamentals in place, each book starts from the classic rock influences of Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin, before charting a course through metal's varied development. In Heavy Metal Rhythm Guitar we cover: Developing rhythm and picking hand dexterity Essential metal scales, approached in a creative and common-sense way How to construct great riffs Harmonics, Drop-D tuning and odd time signatures Getting a Great Tone In Heavy Metal Lead Guitar we cover: Playing more melodically Build technique, using musical extracts How to view the fretboard as a whole Using the whammy bar creatively Four solo studies i...

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Heavy Metal Lead Guitar: An Introduction to Heavy Metal Soloing for Guitar (Learn Heavy Metal Guitar) (Volume 2)

Heavy Metal Lead Guitar: An Introduction to Heavy

Easily Master Metal Lead Guitar SoloingOver 100 pages crammed full of essential modern licks, techniques and full solos.Covers Heavy Metal and Rock Guitar Soloing in the Styles of Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Metallica, Bon Jovi, Extreme, Megadeth and many more...130 Recorded Audio Examples in Standard Notation and Tab Hear what you're playing! Every example is recorded at the highest quality and the audio is available to download for free from - no more lost CDs! Build Great Modern Guitar Technique While Learning Exciting, Usable Vocabulary Metal and rock guitar soloing books often focus only on building technique. While this is important, it is essential to build technique in the context of real musical. Heavy Metal Lead Guitar teaches you all the essential techniques the modern guitarist must master, but throughout the book each technique is rooted in hundreds of relevant musical examples in the style of your favourite guitarists.There are also full, authentic solo studies that piece together each technique into a usable, impressive song.Learn to be Creative Heavy Metal Lead Guitar goes way beyond technique and licks: it actually teaches you to be creative and musical when you soloing. Throughout, advice is given on phrasing, context, melody, dynam...

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Rock Guitar Mode Mastery: A Guide to Learning and Applying the Modes to Rock and Shred Metal Guitar with Chris Zoupa (Play Rock Guitar)

Rock Guitar Mode Mastery: A Guide to Learning

An explosive guide to the modes for rock and metal guitar. It’s time to shred!In Rock Guitar Mode Mastery YouTube legend Chris Zoupa presents his guide to the modes and shows how to creatively apply them to rock and shred metal guitar. A modal approach has resulted in some of the most iconic rock / metal tracks and guitar solos of all time. Yet, for many players, the modes are still shrouded in mystery.This book enables you to get right inside the music, understand how those rock and metal guitar parts are constructed, and begin to create your own. Chris Zoupa’s no-nonsense, common sense guide shows us how to use each mode in its correct context. But, throughout this book, the focus is on making great music, not simply acquiring knowledge.Each chapter is presented in 4 parts:1. Find the sound of the mode (what makes it different; sample songs to listen to)2. Play the scale in multiple positions and learn the chords of the mode3. Scale, pentatonic and arpeggio ideas to use with the mode4. Learn a collection of creative, non-clichéd licks as a springboard to creating your own ideasWhat you’ll learn:How to use the modes effectively for rock and shred metal guitarA clear guide that cuts through the confusion many have about modal guitar playingScales, pentatonic patterns and a...

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Metal Guitar Method Book with DVD

Metal Guitar Method Book with

The Metal Guitar Method Book and DVD by Matthias Young guides the beginning student on a journey through the art and technique of metal guitar. This comprehensive method starts with the basics like proper playing position and reading tab and then progresses to power chords, playing scales, sweep picking, drop tuning, and finger tapping. Through the course of learning to play 24 original songs, Matthias will teach you the concepts and techniques that every metal guitar god uses. The 96 page book also contains a DVD with over two hours of video instruction. Additional bonus videos and jam tracks are available as free downloads.

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Metal Rhythm Guitar Vol. 1 (Troy Stetina)

Metal Rhythm Guitar Vol. 1 (Troy

(Stylistic Method). Because rhythm and timing lie at the foundation of everything you play, its importance can't be underestimated. This series will give you that solid foundation you need. Starts with simple upbeat rhythms for the beginner and moves step by step into advanced syncopations - all demonstrated with seriously heavy metal examples that have practical applications to today's styles. Tablature. Music and examples demonstrated on accompanying online audio.

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Electric Guitar For Beginners: How to Play Heavy Metal

Electric Guitar For Beginners: How to Play Heavy

Learn how to play metal guitar today with this essential beginner's guide. Whether you dream of playing classics from the likes of Iron Maiden and Metallica or you're a hardcore head banger who jams out to Slipknot, with this beginner's book becoming a heavy metal guitarist can become a reality. From the essential basic techniques to rocking out with metal riffs, this extensive book takes you step by step through playing metal guitar. Whether you're a complete beginner or an established player, this guide to has technique tutorials for players of all abilities. With chord diagrams, full tabs, exercises and top tips to becoming the best possible metal guitarist, there is no excuse to not become the musician you've always dreamed of being. What's more is that this book includes a huge range of easy riffs and solos to try out. - No Former Knowledge of Music Required - Beginner's Guide - Step By Step Exercises - Huge Range of Easy Riffs Get this book today!

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