The Only Way to Cross: The Golden Era of the great Atlantic express liners---from the Mauretania to the France and the Queen Elizabeth 2

The Only Way to Cross: The Golden Era

Though we call them luxury liners, they are more accurately described as express liners - splendid, glittering steamships connecting the old world and new across the North Atlantic. Long before jets (and jet lag), these floating superlatives thundered on bruising schedule across the world's most dangerous ocean. The Only Way to Cross transports readers to that bygone maritime era, when dozens of liners steamed in and out of New York, accommodating the rich on lavish upper decks and hordes of immigrants deep within their holds. For those in first class, comfort, luxury, and privilege were endemic. Armchair travelers will relish anecdotes about the famous and infamous, the rich and eccentric. Royalty, financial barons, con artists, crooked gamblers, and stowaways rub shoulders within these evocative pages. But all is not rarified glitz. Beneath paneled veneer lies reassuring steel. Maxtone-Graham documents not only the vessels' engineering and architectural marvels, but also the perilous storms and fogs as well as the lives of the liners' permanent inhabitants; we encounter stewards, sailors, stokers, and the gruff, austere warmth of their masters on the bridge. The pages are immeasurable enriched by 200 archival photographs.

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QE2 - Queen Elizabeth 2: 1967-2008 (Owners' Workshop Manual)

QE2 - Queen Elizabeth 2: 1967-2008 (Owners' Workshop

Queen Elizabeth 2 is probably the most famous liner in the world and was one of the last great transatlantic liners. QE2 - as she is more commonly known - was a global ambassador for both Cunard and Britain. She sailed nearly 6 million miles and carried 2½ million passengers in style, comfort and luxury. QE2 was launched in 1967 and made her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York on 2 May 1969. During almost 40 years of service QE2 undertook regular world cruises and latterly operated mainly as a cruise ship, sailing out of Southampton. At 70,327 tons and 963ft long with a top speed of 32 1/2 kts, she is also one of the fastest and grandest passenger vessels ever built. In 2008 QE2 was sold by Cunard to Istithmar (the investment arm of Dubai World) for conversion to a floating hotel. However, the fulfilment of this plan and indeed the future of the liner is now uncertain owing to the world economic situation.

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Ocean Liners Past and Present: "Queen Elizabeth II" (Ocean Liners Past and Present) (Ocean Liners Past & Present)

Ocean Liners Past and Present: "Queen Elizabeth II"

Rare book

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The New Cunard Queens: Queen Elizabeth 2, Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria

The New Cunard Queens: Queen Elizabeth 2, Queen

A lavish tribute to the world's bestknown shipping line, this beautifully illustrated book takes an intriguing look at three famous cruise liners: the legendary Queen Elizabeth 2, which, when launched in 1967, was considered the last of the great ocean liners; Queen Mary, which entered service in 2004 as the largest and most expensive passenger ship ever built; and Queen Victoria, launched in December 2007 for exclusive cruises out of Southampton. With an entertaining mixture of maritime history and contemporary analysis, the author tells the story of Queen Elizabeth 2, the Queen Mary 2's first years, and the conception, building, and maiden voyage of Queen Victoria.

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RMS Queen Elizabeth 2: The Last Great Liner

RMS Queen Elizabeth 2: The Last Great

Since 1969, Queen Elizabeth 2 has sailed over 3 million miles, been a troopship in the Falklands War, and had her main engines changed from steam to diesel. She was the last great ocean liner and was the last real ship of state ever built. She was born in a time when the jet and air travel had stolen most of the passenger trade across the Atlantic, and was designed to cruise as much as brave the North Atlantic in all seasons. She is still a familiar sight in major ports around the world, and has had many fans over the years.

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Queen Elizabeth 2: Sailing into the Next Millennium (Ocean Liners Past and Present) (Maritime Collection)

Queen Elizabeth 2: Sailing into the Next Millennium

This book looks at the year history of the Q E2, Cunard''s superliner, from her launch in 1967 to the pres ent day. It includes photographs from before and after each of the liner''s refits. '

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QUEEN ELIZABETH II: 10TH ANNIVERSARY WORLD CRUISE: 1980 (two,2,10th,ship,steam,ocean,liner)


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The Golden Age of the Ocean Liner Hasn't Ended (1996 Queen Elizabeth 2 Sailing Schedules)

The Golden Age of the Ocean Liner Hasn't

Large, 76 page, softcover brochure, with information on QE2 itineraries for 1996, with color photos throughout.


The Great Passenger Ships of the World

The Great Passenger Ships of the

The eighth edition of the “Kludas” guide to passenger ships is once again a highly reliable reference work – an absolute must-have for fans of ships and cruises! Passenger ships from across the world are racking up superlatives at an incredible rate – ever bigger, ever more spectacular, ever more luxurious – and so around 80 “giants” over 10,000 GT have been added since the last edition in 2010. This edition presents 858 ships with updated histories, technical details and predominantly new photos. A book that perfectly combines reliable information with stunning visuals!

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QE2: The Cunard Line Flagship, Queen Elizabeth II

QE2: The Cunard Line Flagship, Queen Elizabeth

She is 963 feet long, weighs over 67,000 tons, has three swimming pools, 22 elevators, and a crew of 900. She can move through the water at over 35 miles per hour and is the last of the great transatlantic liners. Approaching her 30th birthday, she is a legend, the sole survivor of a bygone era, but she is thriving. This new edition of the most thorough book on the legendary Queen Elizabeth II includes the refit of the mid-1990s and many new photographs of interiors and details. Captain Ronald Warwick begins with the colorful history of the Cunard Line. He continues with the construction and launching of QE2 and provides an engrossing narrative of the ship's colorful history, including her service in the Falklands war, her various mishaps, the recent sale of Cunard to Carnival, and the new owners' plans for the future. The final chapter of the book is a deck-by-deck guide with photographs of all of the ship's public areas as well as those not seen by passengers: the engine room, kitchens, and areas limited to officers and crew.

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