La Crosse Technology WT-3143A-INT 14-Inch Atomic Wall Clock, Black

La Crosse Technology WT-3143A-INT 14-Inch Atomic Wall Clock,

This Atomic 14" Wall Clock is simple yet functional piece. This round clock is numbered and has Arabic numerals in bold black finish for better visibility. The dial has an aged off-white finish that gives it a classic touch. The clock has simple tapered style black hour, minute, and second's hands. This clock also has other advanced features that add to its simplistic looks.This clock is radio controlled and gives you the perfect time. This wall clock is atomic and automatically sets to the exact time. This clock is accurate to each second so that you are never late. This wall clock has four-time zone setting and automatically updates for daylight savings time with an On and Off option. You can easily set the time zone after receiving the signal, which you receive by pressing the time zone button. This wall clock also includes a manual reset button. This Atomic 14" Wall Clock works on atomic operating mechanism and requires one AA battery which is not included. Plus, a bonus with additional battery compartments (2 AA alkaline) to extend its operating power up to 3 years. This elegant wall clock can be mounted on any dry wall of your home or office.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: La Crosse Technology
  • ASIN: B0002WZRJK
  • UPC: 724744427403

La Crosse Technology WT-3122A 12.5 Inch Cherry Wood Atomic Analog Clock, 12.5", Walnut

La Crosse Technology WT-3122A 12.5 Inch Cherry Wood

La Crosse Technology WT-3122A 12 1/2-Inch Wood Atomic Analog Clock With perfect time, a wood-finish frame, and completely wireless, this self-setting wall clock from La Crosse Technology is as reliable as it is handsome. A 12-inch diameter face makes this wall clock easy to read from a distance. The clock is equipped with a receiver that picks up signals from the U. S. Atomic Clock, automatically setting itself to exact time accurate to the second. A manual override setting lets you set date and time yourself for areas where Daylight Savings Time doesn't apply. The clock comes with 4 time zone settings. Easy to operate, the clock requires just one "AA" alkaline battery. A white dial and a wide, solid wood surround with a beautiful walnut finish dresses up any home, office, or classroom. Classically elegant, this analog atomic wall clock is perfect both for the executive or professional office and for the home. You'll know when the battery needs changing with this clock's low-battery mechanism: the second hand begins jumping 2 seconds at a time. That'll only happen about once per year. 12.5 inch Cherry wood finish Self setting Atomic time Convenient self-setting time to Universal time by a WWVB radio signal. Stretches 2,000 mile radius from Fort Collins, CO updating your...

  • Color: Cherry Walnut
  • Brand: La Crosse Technology
  • ASIN: B0001PG238
  • UPC: 757456985480

The Ultimate Wall Clock - Atomic Wall Clock, Large, Silent, Analog, Battery Operated, Easy to Read

The Ultimate Wall Clock - Atomic Wall Clock,

THE ULTIMATE WALL CLOCK is the best wall clock you will ever own. We've thought of everything! Our atomic wall clock automatically sets itself. Based on the same typeface used on highway signs, our large wall clock is easy to read from long distances, day or night. The clear polycarbonate lens on our silent wall clock provides easy viewing from the widest angle. Need a battery or a hook to hang the wall clock? No problem! We've included a super alkaline AA battery and an easy to hang invisible hook.

  • Brand: The Ultimate Wall Clock
  • UPC: 657258447813

La Crosse Technology Atomic Analog Wall Clock, 10", Silver

La Crosse Technology Atomic Analog Wall Clock, 10",

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: La Crosse Technology
  • UPC: 689751750893

Sharp Atomic Analog Wall Clock - 14" Silver Brushed Finish - Sets Automatically - Easy to Read - SPC971

Sharp Atomic Analog Wall Clock - 14" Silver

Keep track of time with the utmost precision with this attractive atomic analog wall clock from Sharp! Remove the yearly hassle of changing your clock for daylight saving time with the Sharp 14 in. atomic wall clock. Its features include Self-setting time based on your desired time zone, an attractive silver brushed frame and large numbers for easy viewing. The unit requires 1 AA battery. By radio communication with its built-in antenna, the clock regularly updates the hour, minute, and second of the day for continued accuracy from its source, the United States Atomic Clock in Boulder, Colorado. Additionally, the clock adjusts automatically for daylight savings time in the spring and fall.

  • Color: Silver brushed metal case
  • Brand: Sharp
  • ASIN: B013CSCB1W
  • UPC: 049353882765

La Crosse Technology WT-3102B 10-Inch WWVB Self-Set Analog Wall Clock and Automatic DST Reset

La Crosse Technology WT-3102B 10-Inch WWVB Self-Set Analog

Special Instructions: Use alkaline batteries. First put the batteries into the clock and let the hands spin to 12, 4 or 8. Then waiting for it to get the signal. Once gets the signal it will be set to Pacific time. If you are not in Pacific time, hold the time zone button 3 to 5 seconds for the clock to correct itself. Keep the perfect, most accurate time with this stylish 10" atomic wall clock. It uses one "AA" battery and is very simple to use - simply insert the battery and press your time zone button, then hang on the wall.

  • Color: Black/Silver
  • Brand: La Crosse Technology
  • ASIN: B00077AA4W
  • UPC: 757456985411

Lorell LLR60996 Radio Controlled Arabic Numeral Analog Wall Clock, Daylight Saving Radio-controlled, 12-Inches,Silver

Lorell LLR60996 Radio Controlled Arabic Numeral Analog

Round wall clock is radio-controlled so the setting is modified each day to that of the atomic clock, accurate to one second per million years. The clock automatically adjusts to Daylight Saving Time and designed to work in the continental United States. Design also features an easy-to-read white dial, black Arabic numerals, red second hand sweep and ABS plastic cover. Clock runs on one AA battery (sold separately).

  • Color: SILVER
  • Brand: Lorell
  • ASIN: B0033URK02
  • UPC: 641438604486

La Crosse Technology 16 Inch Stainless Steel Atomic Clock - White Dial 16" Metal Frame

La Crosse Technology 16 Inch Stainless Steel Atomic

Modern technology featured in a stylish, brushed aluminum 16 In. wide frame, this clock has appeal. Movement sets itself to the accurate, atomic time and automatically adjusts your desired time zone selection. Solid metal construction with its 2 In. deep frame and white dial with large standard Arabic black numbers. Resets twice, yearly, for daylight saving time, saving you the nuisance & precious time to adjust clock hands every time. Wall mount and free from cords as it's a simple one battery operation. Add additional AA batteries (optional compartment) to extend clock's battery life.

  • Color: Metal Frame
  • Brand: La Crosse Technology
  • ASIN: B0009VCBBG
  • UPC: 882556258513

La Crosse Technology WT-3144S 14 Inch Atomic Analog Silver Wall Clock

La Crosse Technology WT-3144S 14 Inch Atomic Analog

A classic round silhouette gives this chic wall clock a classic look while its silver-hued finish adds a shimmering touch. Use it in the home office to complement clean-lined furniture or add it to the den for contemporary appeal. Atomic accurate time and will automatic reset the clock for Daylight savings. Battery operated and requires (not included) one AA alkaline battery.

  • Color: _
  • Brand: La Crosse Technology
  • ASIN: B0097C42I8
  • UPC: 757456081717

Ambient Weather RC-1200WS 12" Atomic Radio Controlled Wall Clock, White/Silver

Ambient Weather RC-1200WS 12" Atomic Radio Controlled Wall

The Ambient Weather RC-1200WS turns an ordinary wall clock into an extraordinary, accurate time piece with the radio controlled time. The clock automatically synchronizes the time several times a day based on a radio signal from Fort Collins, CO (WWVB). The Radio Controlled Clock never needs resetting and is accurate to the second. The clock automatically adjusts for daylight savings time and your time zone. An override daylight savings time feature is available for residents in Arizona. The reception attempt for the daily automatic synchronization with the radio time is performed several times a day. One successful synchronization per day is sufficient to accurately set the clock to the second. Includes four time zone settings (Pacific, Mountain, Central and Eastern). The movement is nearly silent due to the ultra-lightweight hands. The lightweight hands also extend the battery life, reducing the motor workload. Features: 12" Diameter Atomic time with manual override Four Time Zone Settings (Pacific, Mountain, Central and Eastern) Automatically updates for daylight saving time (on/off override switch) Manual Reset Button Accurate to the split second Silent movement Battery Power: 1 x AA (not included)

  • Color: White / Silver
  • Brand: Generic
  • ASIN: B013YN1BPW
  • UPC: 816982016409
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